Tyler, Lynn - Be With Us (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Tyler, Lynn - Be With Us (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Be with Us

Lindsay, a conservative librarian, has always fantasized about being with two men who love her and each other. Much to her dismay, two hot men walk into the Toronto library where she works, eager to make that fantasy come true. But, wary of the scandal a ménage relationship would bring, Lindsay sends them away.


After being convinced to give them a chance, Lindsay begins to realize how close to reality her fantasy is, until a reminder of her painful past surfaces and her fears take over.


Will Lindsay have the courage to seize what she wants, or will she let her past dictate her future?


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
32,394 words


Lynn Tyler


Siren Publishing, Inc.


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Copyright © 2011

Chapter 1

“Woo-hoo! Lindsay, honey, two of the hottest men I have ever seen in my life are checking you out!” Marla whispered excitedly, practically vibrating with enthusiasm.

Lindsay smiled at her friend’s exuberance and glanced up from the stack of books she was processing. The two men in question were both tall and sexy as sin.

The man on the right, hereby known as Mr. Sexy Number One, was of Asian descent and classically handsome. He wore gray pinstriped slacks and a white dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the top to reveal a delicious stretch of throat. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his arms were crossed over his chest as he leaned back against one of the shelves. His smile spoke of a confidence that bordered on arrogance. Far from being put off, however, Lindsay found herself intrigued. She wanted to figure out what made him tick.

Mr. Sexy Number Two, whom she had met several times in the past few weeks, stood next to him, wearing a pair of worn jeans that molded his thighs lovingly and a green T-shirt that she knew exactly matched the color of his eyes. Eyes that were such a startling green she wondered if he wore colored contact lenses. His blond hair glinting in the florescent lights, he leaned close to the first guy and whispered something in his ear.

Mr. Sexy Number One turned his head so that their lips were nearly brushing. Instead of pulling away, he answered his blond companion before nodding his head.

Phew. Was it getting hot in here, or were her hormones suddenly on high alert? One hot man was great, but two hot men together? Way past great and into help-me-Jesus territory. Restraining the urge to fan herself, Lindsay turned to her friend. “I don’t know what they were staring at, but it wasn’t me.”

Marla made a tutting noise with her tongue and stared at her disbelievingly. “Girl, are you out of your mind?” she squawked. “The blond has been in here every day for the last three weeks mooning over you.”

Lindsay let out a little giggle, amused by her friend’s enthusiasm. Liam, as he’d introduced himself,
been in every day and he always just
to be in her line. He’d even flirted a little with her. She had been fantasizing about him for days now, specifically about how those green eyes would look in the throes of an orgasm. Would they sparkle or would they darken?

Marla sucked in a breath and let it out between her teeth in a little whistle. “Those two are looking at you like you’re an ice cream sundae that they can’t wait to dip their spoons in.”

“Marla!” Lindsay gasped, mortified to feel her cheeks heating. God, Marla could say the most outrageous things. She never failed to make Lindsay smile though, and Lindsay had to cover her mouth to hide her scandalized grin.

“What?” Marla asked innocently. “Honey, with the way those two are looking at you, you could choose between Mr. Scorching and Mr. Tall Drink of Cool Water right now and take either of them home with you tonight.”

Smiling brightly at the patron who stepped up to the counter, she began checking out the books as she leaned over to whisper in her friend’s ear. “Why can’t I have both?” she asked, smiling again at woman she was serving. “I think a tall glass of cool water always tastes better after being scorched, don’t you?”

The sound of multiple books hitting the floor drew her attention to Marla, and she giggled at the slack-jawed look Marla was aiming her way. It wasn’t often Marla was struck speechless, and Lindsay relished her own cleverness. The thing was, Lindsay wasn’t actually being particularly clever. Two gorgeous men making out in front of her was something she had long fantasized about. Having a threesome with two hot men ranked even higher on the heat meter.

The thought of doing the deed with these two men had her clit humming and her panties wet. If she thought about her fantasy men much longer, she would have to sit in the pile of fresh snow building up outside just to cool down. But then she would be forced to admit that winter in southern Ontario did have some benefits, and really, what kind of Canadian would she be if she didn’t complain about the weather?

“I hate to burst your bubble, Marl, but I’m not exactly the kind of girl hot men check out. I’m short, ten pounds overweight, wear glasses and I’m a librarian,” she said mournfully.

Whirling around and plugging her hands on her hips, Marla glared at her. “You are petite and curvy. Men love that. The only thing holding you back from Mr. Hot and Mr. Hotter is you!”

She glanced back over at the two men, and her pleased grin faded. Her initial impression was proven right when the blond put his arm around the other man’s waist, still whispering away, his lips actually brushing they guy’s ear. And from the guy’s expression, the bulge in his pants wasn’t from staring at her.

“If only you were right, Marl,” Lindsay said ruefully. “But I’m sad to say that, in this case, it doesn’t matter. It looks like they’re gay.”

The two women glanced back at the men and sighed. The blond was now toying with the other guy’s fingers absently.

Marla moaned dramatically. “Why are all the good ones either taken or gay?”

“How do you know they’re good?” Lindsay asked with a small smile.

Marla shot her an incredulous look. “Honey, when they are as hot as that, how can they be anything but good?”

Giggling under her breath, Lindsay watched the two men out of the corner of her eye. They were certainly staring at something in this direction, but given the way they were holding each other, it wasn’t her.

An image of entwining her limbs around both men stormed her brain and left her breathless. God. What would it be like to have two men in her bed, ready to fulfill her every fantasy?

Turning her attention to the next patron’s stack of books, she forced her mind away from her steamy thoughts and stretched out her shoulders. At least she would have some faces to put on the men in her imagination when she masturbated tonight. She made a mental note to put fresh batteries in her vibrator when she got home.

* * * *

Liam glanced over at his partner, Nick, pleased to see Nick’s fascination with the petite librarian. What he wouldn’t give to see her between the two of them. He could picture it now. The three of them would make love on a nest of pillows in front of the fireplace. The flames would cast the most intriguing shadows on her curvy little body, and he and Nick would spend hours chasing those shadows with their tongues. “See,
! I told you she was perfect.”

Nick rolled his shoulders and leaned casually against a bookshelf. “Have you even spoken with her?” he questioned, though he didn’t take his eyes off the brunette.

,” Liam admitted, licking his lips as Nick rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned his shirt at the throat. God, he loved it when Nick adopted this look. His supposedly straight-laced lover was showing just a hint of his wild side. No one would ever guess that Nick-the-lawyer was a closet bad boy with both his nipples pierced and Liam’s name tattooed on his hip. It was just too bad it was winter and Nick would have to cover up again before they went outside. Although it did mean that Liam would get to strip him to his skin when they got home, and there was nothing he liked to do more. It was like unwrapping a present, only better.

Nick crossed his arms over his chest, the movement serving to emphasize his biceps and pulling his shirt a little tighter against his pecks. “So why do you think she’s perfect for us? What’s the basis of your conclusion?”

A rush of heat flooded his face, and Liam cursed his fair genes. “I’ve seen her around the library,” he mumbled, reluctant to admit that he had increased his trips to the library simply to talk to her. It was pathetic, really. He made excuses to approach her constantly, asking if the newest releases had come in yet or requesting books to be put on hold. Of course, Nick, being the lawyer that he was, would see right through his lame attempt to beat around the bush. He was going to try beating that bush anyway. “Her name is Lindsay. Nick, she’s so nice and just a little shy. She never has a bad word for anyone, but she can sweet talk anyone into anything, even the really irritating people. She’s exactly what we’ve been looking for. She’s sweet with a core of pure steel.”

An incredulous look crossed Nick’s handsome face. “God, Lee. Am I going to have to defend you when she accuses you of stalking her?”

Liam smiled contritely. As usual, Nick had him figured out before long. But he hadn’t stalked her. Not really. “At least I didn’t follow her home,” he protested lightly. “Besides. You’re a lawyer for the Crown, not a defense lawyer, dumb ass.”

He squirmed slightly when Nick turned his head to look him directly in the face. Their lips were so close they were nearly touching. Damn it. Nick knew that just barely brushing his lips would drive him wild. There was little his partner of five years didn’t know about him. His dick hardened instantly.

“You’re right. Maybe I’ll just visit you in prison then. I’ve heard that conjugal visits can be pretty hot,” Nick replied with a smug half smile.

Liam’s hard-on buzzed happily as he felt Nick’s warm breath bathe his mouth. Fuck. He was so turned on he ached, and there wasn’t even a chance for a quickie any time soon. And the faint scent of Nick’s spicy aftershave wasn’t helping. All he wanted to do was bury his face in the crook of Nick’s neck and lick along the strong column of his throat. He was so horny for his partner you’d think he hadn’t come in a week.

But two could play at that game.

He waited until Nick had turned back to gaze at the pretty librarian. Slipping his arm around Nick’s waist, he leaned forward and put his lips directly against Nick’s ear. The shiver that raced through his lover’s body sent a shaft of satisfaction through Liam. Nick never could resist having his ear nibbled on. Liam’s lips brushing against it was sure to make Nick pant. Good. Liam wasn’t about to suffer on his own.

“Look at her, Nicky,” Liam said, reaching across Nick’s front to play with the fingers on the opposite hand. And if his arm accidentally caressed Nick’s dick, oh well. “Can’t you just see her naked between us?”

A whoosh of warm air rushed over Liam’s arm as Nick exhaled forcefully. Nick’s erection pressed harder against his forearm and Liam rubbed against him, just to torment him a little. “Think of that pretty little mouth wrapped around your dick while I’m in her pussy,” he whispered, letting his lips brush directly against Nick’s ear. He couldn’t resist nipping lightly on the lobe, chuckling at Nick’s breathless groan. Thank god Nick’s sex drive was as healthy as his own. He couldn’t wait to get home and get his hands on Nick’s bare skin. He leaned closer to Nick, practically nuzzling into him, and brushed a speck of “dust,” off his chest, flicking and tugging on the nipple ring with his fingernail.

“Stop that, you jackass,” Nick murmured, squirming restlessly. Nick’s nipples were exquisitely sensitive. The one time Liam had managed to get Nick tied to their bed, he’d played with those little gold rings until Nick had been desperate. One stroke of Liam’s fist on his dick and Nick had shot like a fire hose. “You’re going to get us arrested for public indecency.” The slight smile on his face contradicted his grumpy tone.

“That’s Mr. Jackass to you,” Liam answered with a cheeky grin. “You’d get us off in a heartbeat anyway.”

He released Nick and leaned back against the shelf again. “Seriously though,” Liam said. “What do you think?”

“I think you should hurry up and ask her out. I need to get out of this library. Books make me itch,” Nick answered, scratching at his wrist.

Liam perked up even more. “Yeah? You think she could be the one, too?”

Nick tossed him an irritated look and scratched his hard abdomen. “You know I don’t say anything I don’t mean. But for the record, I find her intriguing if only for your intense interest in her. Now go and ask her out. Seriously, dude. I think I’m breaking out in a rash.”

Shaking his head at his lover’s insistence that he was allergic to books and libraries, Liam pushed himself upright. “
, Nick. How did you get through law school?”

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