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Vagina Insanity



Novel: Vagina Insanity

Author: Niranjan Jha

Publisher: Cromosys Publication

ISBN: 9781476137131

Price: $5.00

Date: January 2012



The day was blessed with no problem to start kissing
her. As her quivering lips touched mine, with the sizzling
sensation piercing in hearts, I inserted my tongue into her mouth.
Within a minute, the kisses tuned into wild hallucinating both of
us to have cockpit crunch. She drew me a little more closely and
wetting around the cheeks began to suck my lips. It was giving me a
terrific feel encouraging me to associate with her more and more. I
put my lips on her throat and then down below the cleavage. She was
getting overwhelmed with joy. I wanted to go a little more down, so
I put her top off and started kissing. A mesmerizing and
exhilarating touch of her breasts was surpassing all the bliss I
had ever felt in my life.

The domino effect was dominating my novice mind
giving un-alcoholic delirium tremens when I saw her bosom bumping
out of the brassiere. With the licit, legitimate and longing
desire, I put my hand to feel the soothing touch of the flesh. The
sleek, silken and smoothly enigmatic shape inside her bra spurred
my phenomena. I supported her with my hand to lie down, and looking
at her appealing figure I slipped down to her bottom. My
mirage-burnt heart desired more and more, and so, I was placing
kisses at every inch of her body. And finally, there came a moment
of pause when I reached her G spot. My hand, as it reached down her
floss, it felt a soft touch of her labia majora while creeping
through her pubic symphysis. From the back, I was still able to see
her butt crack intoxicating me to have action gagnée. Her entire
physic crammed up with impulses was enticing me to go more
ferocious with her. I was at the pre-penetrating feel of ecstasy
and orgasm viewing her dazzling beauty with rampant drive of sex


Seeing no instinct of objection on her face, I
unbuttoned her jeans, and within seconds, she was lying in carpet
in her innerwear. From toe to forehead, she was so gorgeous that I
could not leave any part of her body un-kissed, un-licked or
un-sucked. In no time, the remaining two pieces of her clothes were
also removed. She was there in her full nudity and I was seeing her
complete beautifulness. My kisses on her sensitive spot were still


I pressed her against the wall so that she could bear
the pressure of my body. With my tongue getting closer to her
soaking vagina, and finger reaching over the sensitive clit, I had
a bite on her buttock. Responding back to my raunchiness, she moved
her hands to grip my shoulders as both of her legs were wrapped
around my chest, encouraging me to go deep in oral stimulation. I
knelt over placing my knees on the either side of her legs, and
then, bent down and inserted my entire oral longevity into her
pudendum. She whispered, ‘So much of insanity!’ And I tickled her
saying, ‘Yes, vagina insanity!’



If you like to read fiction, then this is the time to
change your like. The world is full of horrible truths, and this
novel is one of them. It’s a worldwide sensationalizing and
turmoil-creating smash hit thriller based on terribly gruesome
crime that happened in the author’s life. The most torturous and
frightening to humanity! Madness-causing unacceptable burden of
destiny! A rape of masculinity by feminine power!


This novel is a first time venture in writing history
that reveals the heart throbbing incidents the author got
victimized of. Transgressing all limits, it makes you aware of some
criminal activities that took place at some corner of the world and
that were disgraceful in all sense. This book discloses the story
of the illegitimate marriages of his life and the less-legitimate
child he fathered. It narrates his working experience with call
centers where he used to get trained to cheat American customers,
and it also tells how and why 9/11 World Trade Center attack was
staged by Americans themselves and the same activity was copied
while executing Mumbai terror attack of 26/11 which was
orchestrated by Indian politicians Modi and Thackeray. We dare you
to read – you will have blast!


He was willful to leading a sane life but after being
tricked by time he got insane!


The author is the founder of 'Cromosys' – a company
excelling in the fields of education, technology and career
management. He is an international level English, French and
Spanish language trainer working for a period of thirteen years in
several cities of India and the USA. The author is not only
down-to-earth but down-to-grave in observing lives from Pandora of
monkeys to the sanctuary of monks. He has studied all the three
Holy Scriptures that includes the Geeta, the Bible and the Quran.
This book is adapted for a movie in India.


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Chapter One

“The tragedy in life is not death but what we let die
inside of us while we live.” –Norman Cousins


It was Saturday morning eleven a.m. of March 1998. I
was sitting in a car for the first time in my life of twenty years.
The car was speeding hundred kilometers per hour on national
highway 31 that links New Delhi to Assam (India). I was as quiet as
dead – not supposed to move my body for an inch also – just
breathing – and only that much I knew. On the three sides of me,
there were three men sitting, they were criminals…yes, the
criminals who had kidnapped me that morning. All of them were
carrying country guns by default as they were the top-notch
criminals of my village Shirnia, which is in Khagaria district of


The car continued running for hours without letting
me acknowledge the time that was passing. A great fear was creeping
into my heart sweeping everything away. Feeling pale and castrated,
plunged into a quake, I was looking at the three fever-pitch
excited cynicists as helplessly as a hostage, controlling his
code-brown looks at the terrorists. Feeling inner soul slashed and
left to bleed, no healing in vicinity, no solace, no shoulder to
weep on, just with stoned eyes I was searching for a flicker of
light in the deep dungeon of unfathomable depths of life. Dry
mouth, quivering lips, shivering body with a shroud of humiliation,
insult, disrespect and disregard, I was subjected to be a blotch on
the elite society. Almost ten minutes had passed and a world of
more than ten kilometers was left behind. The car was still
running, but then, I could see raindrops falling from the blue
heaven. And in no time, it started raining heavily. The more the
car was speeding ahead, the more the rain was trying to obstruct
the wheels. Nothing was visible on the road; still the driver was
not compromising with the accelerator. That was what he was paid
for. I hadn’t seen that kind of heavy rainfall before. I thought
that was a divine intervention to stop the vehicle and let me go
free. Alas…no way!


I wished the car to collide with another vehicle and
turn out to be a big accident but that also didn’t happen. The
driver, febrile but flabbergasted, working as a henchman of the
three, quite experienced in handling this felony, being a friend of
my brother also did not find good to do anything apart from his
job. They stopped the car at a far-off roadway-hotel where no
customer was visible. Only we five people entered. One of the
kidnappers, who was the father of a student of the school I taught,
ordered me some sweets. Within a minute the sweet was served.


‘Teacher, eat sweet,’ he said.

The second, turning his head towards me opened his

‘We won’t kill you provided you cooperate with


‘Cooperate for what?’
wanted to ask but couldn’t dare to. Hearing his words, I felt like
I was electrocuted and thrown to have a terrifying freefall. All my
hopes had already been withered. The life was slipping away from my
hand like the sand of desert. The tears trickling down my eyes,
getting dried up on my cheeks, mixing with sweat, were making me
feel how cruel the world was.


‘O hell! Take me in your arms; the
world is more hellish than you,’
I thought for a
moment. Losing the equilibrium, my mind had invited the perplexity
hammering my soul asking me a question again and again.


‘Why the fuck they have kidnapped me?’


The third kidnapper who had not opened his mouth yet,
an alpha dog and instigator, placed his hand on the country-gun
hidden in his loincloth to make me feel the presence of the weapon,
and then he looked into my eyes with piercing rays.


‘We have kidnapped you to get you married,’ said he
in just a second.


And then they began to snigger savagely as if
they were the barbarians of primitive era. The owner of the hotel
also heard that, but he gave me an ugly smile, perhaps trying to
say it wasn’t new to the people of Bihar. And why would that be
also? Honesty has no value amidst crime. In those years, Bihar was
being governed by bastards. Even today, rapes, murders, and
carnages are common to the people in the state. The situation
hasn’t got better yet.

Seeing sweets in the plate, I was feeling nausea
coming in waves. My mind was reeling in such a devastating speed as
if I was to be circumscribed to identity crisis. Holding the time
blameworthy, I did everything they ordered. If I wouldn’t, they had
slit my throat in a friction of second or puffed me off firing a
bullet in my sensitive hole. I ate a half piece of the sweet. They
took me back into the car and the driver was signaled to gear up
the move. The shadows larger than life looming over me, the soul
being squeezed and the thoughts being shredded, I was into the dark
streets of the world getting doomed to non-existence.


After an hour I was brought into an unseen village
which I had only heard the name of. It was Marwa, a village in
Bhagalpur district of Bihar which was thirty kilometers from my
village. The moment the car stopped, I noticed a flash mob emerging
from all around to see me as if they were resurrecting from the
Dark Age. The dissuader kidnappers were smart enough to entertain
the crowd. Amid absurd brouhaha, I was taken inside a dark hut and
locked in. Their blasphemous cult degrading their own morality was
perverting my mind to curse, hate, and abhor God and His creation.
Following insular and nonage rituals with associated legislation of
other criminals they started a ceremony which they called a
marriage ceremony. And the time was nearing that I was to be
brought to the home-made altar, an altar where God was to be
worshiped on the ground of humanity being killed.


Being locked inside I was trying to recollect how I
came in the trap of them this morning. I wished that hadn’t
happened. I wished I could revert the time!


“To live is to solve problems, and to solve problems
is to grow intellectually.” –Tom Wujec


Chapter Two

“The life, which is born in grave, is bound to get
complicated, when it starts mounting to the sky.”


I remembered how all that happened in the morning. As
I had woke up to go to school for teaching, I felt a little bit of
pain in body because of regular six days working schedule. It was a
small private school in my village where I taught. Though I wanted
to go but changed my mind and decided to take rest. Anyway,
Saturdays were generally considered casual days for teaching. My
mother, who used to care for me a lot, started preparing breakfast.
Within half an hour she brought me the plate and I was about to
start eating. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. An unexpected


‘Did you not go to school today?’


The man standing at the open door asked. He was a
little polite with his tone than expected. I knew him very well. He
was the father of one of the students of the school, a villager of
mine who is still alive, a top-liner desperado named – Vinay
Mishra. He was a professional killer who had shot down a few men,
beaten up hundreds, and dishonored many families. The man carried a
country-gun all the time. He had been arrested at so many occasions
that he used to treat jails as the house of his second wife.
Anyway, these days, not only Bihar but most of the states of India
are witnessing the nudity of crime, and the impotency and
shamelessness of the Government have made the criminals avowed
enemies of humanity. The aggrandizers, bail bandits, anarchists,
and arrivistes have brought India to the apocalypse which is just
one step behind annihilation. The banana-republic India, begetting
avaricious assassins and unreasonable abolitionist, has become the
asylum of honest citizens. The corrupt politicians enshrine
criminals and let them go astray even if they commit gave-crimes.
You can fathom but you would fail to do anything, because their
profound mitigating behavior with the society protects them a lot.
When any die-hard become the victim of their crime, they imply
their firestorm do-or-die policy. They not only speak out against
perceived injustice; instead, they express a profoundly distorted
view of their perverse and hateful ideologies. Some weak people
scratch and claw their way to get justice from the law-houses, but
they are ultimately defeated. That legacy of defeat is passed on to
future generations – to those young men and increasingly young
women who we see standing on street corners or languishing in their
prisons, without hope or prospects for the future. Their memories
of humiliation and doubt and fear do not go away.

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