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Wild Instincts: Part 1 (Werewolf Erotic Romance)



Claudia King



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Claudia King



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Wild Instincts



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It was dangerous to
push Cyan too far. And I was starting to make a habit of it.

"Give me one good
reason why I shouldn't be free to go back!" I snapped at my alpha,
staring him down across the fire. The rest of the pack had fallen
silent. They watched us from around the camp, still and

"I'll give you more
than one reason Lyssa," Cyan growled. "You can't control yourself.
You attract attention. You won't even tell your family what you
are. If I let you come and go as you please you're going to hurt
someone. Or yourself, not that you'd care about that."

"I'm not your pet! None
of us are."

"But you
part of my pack," he narrowed his eyes at me. "And what I say

I bit my lip, stifling
the stream of insults I wanted to throw at him. I could see the
threatening feral glint in his eyes. The curling of his lip that
told me he was just barely holding himself back. If I wanted to get
away without a severe punishment, I would shut up right now.

"Maybe I'll find
another pack." I muttered. Cyan's eyes flashed. I'd gone too far.
If I'd been one of the males he'd have leapt across the fire and
had me pinned to the ground in a heartbeat. I was a special case
though. I was Lyssa. With a growing sense of unease, I realised
exactly how he was going to punish me. My alpha didn't lunge or
bare his teeth or shift in front of me and tear me to pieces; he
walked around the fire with a smug smile on his face, knowing he'd
already won.

"And what do you think
another pack would do with a wild bitch like you? Assuming they
ever wanted you in the first place." He said. I grit my teeth,
already feeling my resolve slipping away as he came nearer. The
wolf inside me was waking up at the mere thought of what he was
going to do to me. Her instincts were what ruled my mind. The fiery
heat of anger still burned in my chest, but it was giving way to
another unbidden desire now.


"Get in my tent Lyssa."
Cyan barked. The wolf in me didn't have any choice but to obey, and
I went without another word. The eyes of the pack followed me. I
couldn't meet the gaze of a single one of them. They all knew why
I'd given up so easily. Every wolf had an instinct; some of them
were strong, some of them weak, some helpful, some hindering.
Whatever your instinct turned out to be, it was a primal,
inextricable part of you for the rest of your life. It was
something wild and untamed from the dawn of our history, woken up
again by the wolf inside us. One werewolf might have a powerful
instinct for survival, another to hunt. I'd heard of den mothers
who'd fight to the death to protect offspring that weren't even
theirs. All of us had one instinct that was stronger than any
other. Cyan was our alpha because his was to dominate. He couldn't
accept authority from anyone but himself, and it had led, so I'd
heard, to him forming our pack in the first place. He wasn't in
charge because he was a good leader, he was in charge because he
wouldn't take no for an answer. A wolf as aggressive as him could
easily have been killed in any number of fights soon after he
changed, but Cyan had been big and strong enough to survive. He'd
survived long enough to get a pack of his own under his boot, and I
hated him for it. I stepped into his tent and let the leather flap
fall shut behind me. The strong musky smell of his wolf filled the
air. I sat down on the bedroll and tried to ignore it, but it was
no use. Once the idea was planted in my head I couldn't escape it.
My instinct wouldn't let me.

Cyan made me wait for a
long time, the night wearing on as the rest of our pack climbed
into their tents or slunk off into the woods. He left me with only
my thoughts and the scent of his body in the enclosed space. My
breathing quickened, my skin beginning to glow with warmth. I
clutched at the pendant around my neck, trying to think of other
things, human things. Houses and streets and cars and cities. It
was no good, it was never any good. The wolf inside me was awake,
and she wouldn't sleep until she was sated. When Cyan finally
stepped into the tent I was practically quivering. I smouldered
with desire, running my eyes up his body from the bottom of his
faded jeans to the collar of his hunting jacket. His clothes were
rugged and worn, like him. A short scruff of black stubble always
lined my alpha's chin, making him look older than he was. I'd only
been twenty when I was bitten, and though Cyan was still young he
looked at least a few years older. I caught my gaze lingering on
his chest, a trail of dark hair just visible above the neck of his

"Ready and waiting are
you?" He said, not without a hint of contempt.

I growled at him, but
whether the noise sounded angry or eager I couldn't tell.
was angry, furious that he'd shouted down my
request to go home, furious that he'd humiliated me in front of the
pack by using my greatest weakness against me. In the pack
hierarchy I was somewhere near the bottom. Not because I wasn't
strong or fast or smart. I could hunt as well as anyone, and I
never did anything that might risk the safety of the group. But my
instinct made me weak, and Cyan never missed an opportunity to
remind me of my place by using it against me. If the human in me
saw her worst enemy in Cyan, the wolf saw her most desirable mate.
He put a hand around the back of my neck and my skin prickled
instinctively, hungry for his touch.

"Hurry up and do it." I
hissed. Still his fingertips teased as he knelt down beside me.

"Do you know why I
won't let you away from the pack Lyssa?"

I bared my teeth,
shaking my head impatiently to try and clear the haze of lust.

"Because you need us.
You were so wild you'd have given yourself to the first wolf that
crossed your path when we found you. And you'd have torn apart
anyone who got in your way. How long do you think you'd manage out
there, without us?"

"I don't care," the
need in my voice was obvious now. "Just do it, please."

"See what I mean?
Where's that girl who was standing up to me in front of the

I couldn't argue with
him, but I couldn't tell whether it was because he was right or
because my mind just couldn't focus on anything right now. Was he
actually trying to look out for me as part of his pack? All I saw
in his amber eyes was cruelty and dominance. But the wolf in me
wanted that. She needed it. Most females only went into heat once
ever few weeks. For me, it was almost constant. That was my
instinct, and it was stronger than most. Whenever a male made a
move on me, or whenever I went too long without a partner, the urge
to submit grew and grew until it drove me wild with the need to be
mated. Cyan's rough lips pressed against mine hungrily. No
tenderness. Only passionate lust that mirrored my own. I moaned and
gave in to him, letting his calloused fingertips scrape across my
throat and pull open the buttons of my jacket. Everyone in the camp
would hear my moans before long, and the last human part of me had
time to feel one final moment of humiliation before being consumed
by the wolf's desire. I kissed Cyan back, pushing my tongue into
his mouth and wrapping my arms around his neck. He snarled,
catching my bottom lip between his teeth as I withdrew. I wanted to
feel those teeth on my skin, forcing me, taking me. His fingers
curled around a handful of my chestnut hair and tugged my head
back, exposing my delicate throat. The scratch of his stubble ran
down my neck followed by the warmth of my alpha's mouth. He kissed
the hollow of my throat, hot breath panting against my skin. He was
going to take his time enjoying me. He always did.

"Beg me for it bitch."
He snarled.

"Mate me," I gasped
without hesitation, "please have me, take me, use me." The human
inside me would've been screaming if the wolf hadn't been so
utterly in control by now.

"Who do you belong

"I'm yours, I'm your
good little bitch." I whimpered as he bit my neck.

"Remember that next
time you feel like speaking up in front of the pack." Cyan said,
letting go of me so that he could yank off my jacket. My hands flew
to the hem of my tank top, but I only managed to pull it half way
up before he moved behind me and his arms were around my body
again, trapping my wrists against my sides. He slid a hand over my
bare stomach, his stubble scratching my shoulder now as he pushed
his fingers down the front of my jeans. They were rough, hard
fingers, chapped from years of living in the wild. Every time they
stroked across my sensitive skin it almost felt like the scrape of
claws. A sharp gasp left my lips as he found my clit, torturing my
sticky little bud with his rough fingers until I was squirming in
his grasp. There was no need for him to get me warmed up though,
I'd been ready for a long time. My warm juices coated the inside of
my underwear, my puffy lips swollen with heat.

"I forgot how much of a
slut you are." He growled, pushing a finger inside me. I clutched
at his wrist, trying to force more of his fingers between my eager
folds, but he continued to toy with me. "Imagine if I stopped right
now Lyssa. Imagine if I walked out and left you all alone in the
woods without anyone to satisfy you. How would that make you

could only manage an anguished groan. The idea of him stopping
filled me with panic. What
do? Rush to the nearest tent and force myself on the first male I
could find? Tear my way through the woods in a frenzy, looking for
someone - anyone - who would satisfy me?

"You need me Lyssa.
You're mine." He whispered, and I accepted it. I ignored the part
of me deep down that knew I'd never have been in this position in
the first place if it wasn't for him. He'd planted the seed in my
mind that had grown into this uncontrollable desire. I felt a
finger pressed to my mouth and parted my lips automatically to suck
on it. He knew I was his now. I was putty melting in his hands. The
perfect submissive mate who'd do anything and everything he desired
of her. He pushed me down and I straddled the bedroll on all fours,
inhaling the musky scent of his body again as he yanked down my
jeans and underwear. I heard the sound of his zipper, and felt a
hand running up the small of my back as the tip of his cock brushed
against my dripping folds. When he pushed in I let out my first
truly loud moan. I wondered how many of the others were still
around to hear it. His shaft filled me up, hot and thick and deep.
He spread open my tight cunny wide, like he always did, leaving me
almost painfully full. Once my alpha was all the way inside he
repositioned his hands on my waist, gripping hard, and began to
fuck me. It only took a few strokes before I was comfortable enough
to start pushing back against him, meeting each rough thrust with a
buck of my hips. I was crazy for him, my tongue panting out of my
mouth as he bred me, dominated me, made me his bitch. His thumbs
dug into the small of my back, trapping me in his powerful grip as
he thrust harder, unwilling to let me feel one inch of control. I
could hear Cyan panting as his hips slapped against mine, the
animal sounds of our coupling filling the tent. He pressed a hand
against the back of my neck and forced my face down into the
bedroll. My eyes rolled as I inhaled the scent of the crumpled
covers. An animal's scent. My alpha's scent. I was losing my grip
on coherent thought entirely. All I could focus on was the
sensation of his cock filling my body and his scent filling my
lungs. This was the most basic instinct inside all animals, without
rhyme or reason, to mate and be mated. My mind was trapped in a
fever of feral lust, wanting only to be taken by the powerful male.
It didn't matter what I thought about Cyan, all that mattered was
his strength and dominance. I howled and screeched into the
bedroll, bunching up the covers in my fists as he pounded into me
furiously. His thick cock opened me up over and over again until my
juices were pouring over him in a waterfall of pleasure as I
climaxed. I knew he must have been close too. I never came until my
partners were about to finish. The wolf wouldn't let herself be
satisfied until she knew for sure that a mate was going to give her
his seed. As my orgasm blossomed in my belly I felt Cyan's body
tense and his thrusts come more sharply. I bit down on the bedroll,
screwing my eyes shut as the promise of his semen drove me wild
with ecstasy. Giddy euphoria swam in my head as I ebbed and crested
over and over again, until at long last I felt the weight of my
alpha's body on my back and the slowing of his thrusts. His
guttural growls filled my ear alongside the pant of hot breath. I
was dimly aware of his teeth on my neck again as I clawed my way
back to reality. The wolf was drifting away now that she'd been
satisfied, and Lyssa was rising back to the surface.

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