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Wild Nights (Hell’s Highway MC)

The Novel

With permission granted, based on the original short story, Wild Nights, by Ellery Stark


Blakeley Wilde



Text copyright 2014 Ellery Stark and Monica Overbay.

All rights reserved.




The characters and events portrayed in this book are purely a work of fiction and used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.



This short story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for persons over the age of 18 only. By downloading and viewing this book, you are stating that you are of legal age. All of the characters involved in the sexual situations of this story are intended to be at least 18 years old or older, whether they are described as such or not.





Molly has just met Blaze, a member of the Hell's Highway Motorcycle Club, at a seedy little biker bar in Tulsa. He's unlike anyone she's ever met before: a sexy mess of tattoos, muscles, leather, and attitude. When he showers her with the attention she's been so desperately craving, Molly can't see the harm in accompanying him to a motel room for a little bit of fun. But she soon finds that "sexually aggressive" doesn't even begin to describe Blaze, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Her innocent night of fun soon becomes a twisted nightmare with unimaginable consequences.


WARNING! This novel contains mature themes and is not intended for readers under 18.



























PREVIEW of RIDING FREE by Ellery Stark and Blakeley Wilde





For anyone who’s ever given crazy a chance…



For readers who aren’t afraid to take a magical journey with us.









“Come on in,” I whispered as I opened the screen door to my seedy motel room. “Be quiet. My co-workers are asleep next door.”

Blaze flashed a crooked smile and tip toed inside. He slipped his muscled and tatted arms around my waist and with minimal effort spun me around to face him. He pushed his mouth onto mine, but I pushed him away leaving a mix of whiskey and menthol cigarettes on my tongue.

“Hold on,” I said.

An hour earlier, we had met at the biker bar across the street from where my co-workers and I were staying. Tess, Raquel, and I were all hairstylists in town for a tradeshow. A little procrastination on my part left us with very few options as far as hotels went. We were stuck with picking from various rats nests or having to break the bank with a credit card busting five star hotel. Not wanting to shell out $400 per night for a room, we ended up at a sketchy little hole-in-the-wall by the airport for a fraction of the price of the nicer place. As long as it was bedbug free, we all decided we’d live with it. Besides, we were only in town for a couple of days.

Blaze wasn’t the kind of guy I’d typically go for, but I was pretty sure I would never return to Tulsa, Oklahoma for any reason ever again. I was also fresh off a breakup and craving some sort of man’s touch or at least attention of some sort. Blaze was a biker who rode with the Hell’s Highway motorcycle club. They seemed pretty rough around the edges and a little scary, but this was going to be a quick, one night thing plus I was drunk, so I didn’t care.

Earlier in the evening, Tess, Raquel and I headed to our respective rooms after dinner. By about 9:00 p.m., I was wide awake and feeling a little adventurous. I buzzed the girls and asked if they wanted to go across the street to the biker bar to get a drink. Both declined to my dismay, but it didn’t deter me from going anyway.

After teasing my long blonde hair and ironing in some lose waves, I slicked on some cherry red lip gloss and added an extra coat of mascara to my curly lashes to make my green eyes pop. I slipped on a black push up bra and some tight skinny jeans and a low cut, black, silk blouse. I slid on my nude wedges for some extra height and was out the door.

If my ex saw me now, he’d probably think I looked like a gussied up whore. He’d probably tell me I was begging to get fucked like a little slut. He was so prude for a guy. He should’ve thanked his lucky stars he was with a girl who loved sex as much as I did.

From the minute I walked into the smoke-filled dive filled with drunk men in head to toe denim and leather, I could tell that a man in the corner in a black, leather jacket had honed in on me. I tried to pretend not to notice his eyes following me from across the room. He stood by the pool table, leaning against it with his pool stick in one hand and his other hand bracing himself on the table. His eyes didn’t leave me for even a split second. I found an empty stool by the bar and ordered myself a vodka cranberry and made it a double.

Ten minutes later, no one had even so much as said hello to me, and I was feeling rather foolish.

“Miss, would you like another drink?” The husky, balding bartender asked, wiping sweat from his brow with the same towel he had just used to wipe down the bar area in front of him.

“No, thanks. I’ll be going shortly,” I replied. I felt like such a loser. Maybe I looked like I was trying too hard.

“If I bought you a drink, would you stay?” the mysterious man from across the room was now standing behind me. I could feel the vibration of his words down the back of my neck. He was as close to my body as he could be without actually touching me.

Startled, I jumped, nearly knocking over my empty glass.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he smiled. His grin was almost devilish. There was something behind those dark eyes, but I couldn’t quite pin it down.

“Maybe,” I replied. I suddenly went from feeling like a loser to feeling slightly adventurous. This was what I came here for after all. I just wanted a little attention.

The bartender gave me another vodka cranberry, making it a double again, and I drank up.

“I’m Molly,” I said. “Thanks for the drink, stranger.”

“I’m Blaze,” he said, his eyes never leaving mine. He was so intense, and his face was tanned and a little weathered from hours spent riding his bike on the open road. “Not from around here, are you?”

“No, I’m from Seattle,” I lied. He didn’t need to know I was really from St Louis.

“What brings you in here tonight all by yourself?” he asked. “This is kind of a dangerous place for a girl to come to all alone.”

I debated in my mind on whether or not I should tell the truth. I just wanted some attention and maybe a little physical action if it were to go that far.

“So?” he was getting impatient.

I just shrugged and winked. I chose to leave it up for interpretation.

“I see,” he said, flashing a million dollar smile. His teeth were flawless and his full lips framed them perfectly.

I noticed many of the guys at the bar wore matching leather jackets with “Hell’s Highway” embroidered on the backs. They each had names on the fronts and various patches on the sleeves. Blaze’s jacket looked like some of the other guys’ jackets, but it was missing the insignia. Still, he was clearly with them.

Blaze must be in their motorcycle gang, I thought. It was oddly arousing.

I took a sip from my glass and gave him a once over. He was wearing tight, slim cut dark denim jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt and a black, leather motorcycle jacket. His dark hair was messy and tousled. He could’ve used a haircut, but as a hairstylist I tend to think that about everyone I meet. He could definitely pull off the mussed hair look though. I saw a hint of a tattoo peeking out from his v-neck top and another on the back of his neck.

Blaze tossed back the remainder of his drink, and I noticed another tattoo of some sort on his wrist. The rest of him was so covered up, I couldn’t help but wonder what else was under those layers of clothing.

“Wanna get out of here?” he propositioned me.

It seemed all too easy, and it was what I came there for, so I smiled, stood up, and motioned towards the door. Blaze flashed a two second, cockeyed smile and followed me outside. The moment we got outside, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He pinned me against the brick exterior of the outside of the bar, towering over me, and started kissing my neck. He smelled like leather and a citrus, woodsy cologne. He worked his way to my ear and nibbled it a little before whispering, “I can’t wait to have you.”

I could feel the burn of pleasure stirring in my panties and knew that we had to get somewhere private and fast.

“I’m staying across the street,” I whispered. It was all happening so fast, but those were the best kind of hook ups in my opinion. I hated wasting time on bullshit and games.

  By the time we made it to my room and closed the door behind us, I lifted my top over my head revealing my supple girls just waiting to burst out of my black push-up bra. Blaze looked me up and down and unzipped his pants. He lunged at me like a hungry animal attacking their prey in the wild.

“Wait,” I said.

“What?” He said, pulling my bra straps off my shoulders. He wasn’t stopping.    

    “Maybe this is a bad idea,” I objected. “I’ve never done this before. Fucked a stranger.”

Blaze continued to unhook my bra as he said, “Sex with you could never be wrong.”  

“I don’t even know your last name,” I objected.

“That’s what makes this so hot,” he said, reaching around to the back of my bra.

Within seconds my bra was unhooked and flung across the room. He began unbuttoning my pants. He wanted me. For the first time in months, a man wanted me and wasn’t afraid to go for it. He wasn’t playing any games. I couldn’t help but secretly love the attention. It made me feel hot. Something my ex never did for me.

“Release your inner bad girl tonight, baby,” he said as he kissed my neck. “I promise I’ll make you feel good.”

Just as I was beginning to open up to the idea of just letting go, Blaze pulled back. He didn’t take his eyes off my body for one second as he lifted his shirt up and over his head. He was now fully naked and calculating his next move as he ushered us closer to the bed.

 Naked Blaze was nothing but a glorious mess of tattoos, scars, and pulsing, shifting muscles. He was definitely a stretch from my usual type which only made this even hotter.

I decided to officially throw caution to the wind and unzipped my pants. I was going for the gold. He slid them down and gently pushed me back on the bed. He laid on top of me and kissed my lips, playfully tugging and biting and licking. I felt his cock on top of my pussy and it was all the tease I needed to get even wetter than I was before.

He worked his way from my mouth down to my neck and stopping at my breasts. He sucked one nipple as his hand fondled the opposite breast. As the warmth of his hot breath left my breasts, the chill of the cool motel room air conditioning sent shivers through my body, which only intensified the experience.

He kissed his way down my belly and used his hands to spread my knees.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” I said to him as I noticed where he was headed. My ex never liked to do that, and I got used to not having it.

“Oh, yes I do,” he replied as his head lowered into my lady kingdom.

Within seconds, his tongue was furiously and steadily swirling around my clit and pussy lips. It was the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt in my entire life. He licked it up and down, slow and fast, in and out, for what felt like forever.

“Ah!” I shrieked. It just came out. I quickly covered my mouth with my hands in case any other shrills or shrieks decided to come out. These motel room walls were paper thin and my room was smack dab in the middle of Tess and Raquel’s rooms.

Blaze was really getting into it and had my legs spread so far they were starting to hurt, but I didn’t care.

“I love your pussy,” he said, between licks. “I could stay down here for days.”

Without warning, I began to feel some intense electric waves down below, signaling what I could only assume was an orgasm. I had only had one with my ex, and it was many years ago.

“Oh, my, ahh…” I whispered. “I’m going to-“

Just like that, Blaze stopped.

“Why did you stop?!” I exclaimed.

Blaze repositioned himself on his knees and began rubbing his cock. His eyes were on my pussy the entire time and his devilish grin reappeared.

“I’ve been waiting all night to fuck you,” he said, as he rubbed. He took his other hand and slipped one finger into my sopping wet puss. “The minute I saw you at the bar, I knew I had to have you all to myself.”

BOOK: Wild Nights (Hell's Highway MC)
2.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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