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Wild Renegade




Andria Large


book is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are
the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any
resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead is purely


Renegade (Renegade #2)

© 2014 by Andria Large.

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Edited by: Megan

Cover Design by: Andria Large


First Edition, 2014

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Sweet Renegade

The idea is to write it so that
people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.


~ Maya Angelou



Ace Vaughn


bad boy, the wild one - that’s what they call me. I guess it suits me. I work
hard, but I party harder. I mean, I’m single, so why not? I like clubbing,
drinking, and banging random women. Unfortunately, I sometimes hook up with the
wrong chicks. Like the ones who gets attached after a romp in the sack, but
sometimes that just comes with the territory. I never really thought that one
would actually cause so many problems. How do I keep the one I love safe when a
former one night stand falls off the crazy train and lands in


Nicole Gionelli


I finally get the job of my dreams as a backup dancer for Renegade for
their world tour. It means that I’m going to be away from my friends and family
for about a year, but they understand how important this is to me. I meet
Renegade on the first day at the dance studio. I knew these guys were
attractive, but seeing them in person is a whole different story. Hello! I know
I need to remain professional, but damn, it is hard when two of the guys start
vying for my attention. Who do I choose? Do I really want to get pushed into
the spotlight by dating a member of Renegade? I’m not so sure. But if I do,
what are my chances of taming the Wild Renegade? 






knock on the front door of my best friend's house. I haven't seen her in a
couple of weeks and I have big news to share with her. I only wait a few
moments before one of the most gorgeous men that I've ever laid eyes on answers
the door. Of course, he is my bestie's husband and completely off limits.


"Well, well, well, if it isn't
Nicole Gionelli. So nice of you to finally come and visit us again," he
says sarcastically. He is the king of sarcasm.


"Dude, I was just here a couple of weeks
ago," I mutter as I push past his huge six foot four inch frame.


"Weeks shmeeks, Mikey has doubled in
size in those two weeks!"


roll my eyes at the man following me from over my shoulder. "I've been
really busy, Sebastian, give me a break," I say.


gives me a bored look. "Doing what?"


"I've had an audition and about a
million and one call backs," I say, shoving my hands on my hips in


leave her alone," I hear my best friend, Raelynn, say as she comes down
the stairs with their son, Michael, in her arms.


shit! He did grow over the last two weeks! Raelynn smiles and gives me a one
armed hug.


she says.




hair is getting long," Raelynn notices and tugs on the end.


touch my dark hair that has now grown down to my shoulders. It used to be
short, like up to my chin, short. "Yeah, I felt like letting it grow out; I've
had it short for so long, I needed a change," I reply and put my arms out
for Mikey, who is two years old now, but he shies away and hugs Raelynn


he doesn't even know who you are anymore," Sebastian huffs.


and I both shoot him a dirty look.


what? You think looking at me like that hurts my feelings or something?"
he scoffs and crosses his muscled arms over his chest.


shakes her head at her husband then starts for the kitchen. I follow, and
unfortunately, so
Sebastian. No matter how good
looking the man is, there is no way in hell that I could or would ever live
with him. I don't know how Raelynn does it. I'm not going to lie, when I first
met him, I had hoped that I would get the chance to get him into bed because
! The man is just...WOW...with his
blonde hair and bright green eyes, his scruffy jaw and bang-able body. Now that
I know him, though? No thanks! Raelynn can have him. Sebastian and I just don't
mesh well.


how did the audition go? I heard you say that you got some call backs?"
Raelynn asks as she sticks Michael in his booster chair.


and I got the job!" I exclaim.


blonde head whips around to stare at me in shock. She knew what job I was going
for. Her mouth drops open and her eyes widen. "You got the job?" she


grin and nod.


squeals and comes running to me. She throws her arms around my neck, which
makes me have to bend down because she's a lot shorter than I am. I hug her
back and laugh.


my god, I'm so happy for you!" she cries.


tell me what job you're talking about?"
Sebastian asks dryly.


lets me go and turns to her husband. "Nicole is going to be a backup
dancer for Renegade!"


blinks at her, not having a clue what she is talking about.


biggest boy band out there
right now.
I'm gonna be going on
tour with them and dancing on stage during the concerts," I inform him.


Sebastian replies, finally understanding whom I'm talking about. "Ahhhh!
Like OMG! They are like so effing hot! They make me want to like throw my
panties at them!" Sebastian shrieks in a valley girl voice that he does
way too well, while running around the kitchen table like a girl, arms


of course, thinks it's hysterical and is cracking up as he watches his father
running around like a complete dumbass. I send Raelynn a sideways glance and
she just shakes her head at me. She knows her husband is a weirdo.


when are you leaving?" Raelynn asks, ignoring Sebastian who is now
actually singing one of Renegade's most popular songs and doing the dance moves
from the music video.


gape at him. "How the hell does he know that?" I whisper to Raelynn.


likes them and watches their music videos, so whenever we go to Henry and
Claire's, it's usually on," Raelynn chuckles.


is Sebastian's older brother and Adalyn is his daughter. Raelynn and Henry's
wife, Claire, were pregnant at the same time and actually had their babies on
the same day. Although, Michael's birth was completely insane! Raelynn couldn't
make it to the hospital in time and had Mikey in the car with Sebastian playing


Adalyn is only two years old," I say in confusion.


shrugs. "I know."


shake my head and focus back on Raelynn. "I'm leaving tonight." I frown,
knowing it’s really short notice.


frowns also. "How long will you be gone for?"


have to rehearse for a month before the tour. The U.S. tour is six months, we
then have a month break before the World tour, which is another six
months," I tell her.


man, that's really long!" Raelynn pouts.


know, but it's going to be so worth it and awesome for building my
resume," I remind her.


gonna miss you." Raelynn sniffs and hugs me.


stay for about an hour, we talk some more about the tour and say our goodbyes
before I head home to do some packing. I already talked to my landlord –
who’s pretty cool - about being gone, and he didn't have any problem with it.
He even said that he would keep an eye on
my apartment for me.
I set up my
rent to come right out of my checking account every month, so I don't have to
worry about it being late. My mom is going to take care of all of my other
mail, which I am having forwarded to her house.


night, my parents, Elena and Gaetano – who goes by ‘Guy’ – and my
younger sister, Gina, drive me to the train station where I am going to catch
the train up to New York. That is where the month of rehearsals
taking place. That is also where I'm going to be living out
of a hotel room for a month. Ugh, so not looking forward to that! I check into
my hotel room by 11:00 pm and get settled in. I take a shower, dry my hair, and
go to bed. I need to be well rested for tomorrow.


starts at 8:00 am. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. The choreographer,
Kara, already emailed me all of the info I need regarding where to go and which
studio number to meet in. I wear my standard black leggings, tank top, and a
baggy t-shirt that hangs off one shoulder. I put my dance shoes in a small
duffle bag along with a towel and a water bottle then head out the door.




sitting on the floor in the dance studio, stretching out my legs to get ready
for all of the shit we have to do today. When I signed up to be part of this
group, it certainly was not for the dancing. Four of the female dancers are
huddled in one corner, gossiping while they stretch. They all know each other
from working together in the past. I roll my eyes to myself. I can already tell
that they are the biggest bunch of catty, bitchy, shit-talking women that I
will ever come in contact with. I kinda feel bad for the last girl coming in because
they are already talking shit on her, apparently having met her at the
auditions and not liking her.


My band mate and one of my best friends,
Beau Kennedy, is a few feet in front of me doing push-ups with his trademark
cowboy hat on. Beau is very into his fitness. He is the biggest, muscle wise,
out of all of us. Beau, our resident southern boy, is also the youngest out of
the five of us at 23.


Fitzgerald, or "Fitz" as I like to call him, is resting his back
against the mirrored wall while talking quietly on his cell phone. Roland is
the oldest and most responsible out of the group at 28. He is always the voice
of reason and does his best to keep the peace. Not that we all don't get along
for the most part, but we've definitely had our fights being best friends and
band mates for over ten years.


Davenport, 26, is sitting with Everett Stone, 24, the two of them looking at something
on Everett's iPad mini and laughing hysterically. Dean is the only
blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy in the group, which gives him a huge fan base. The
girls absolutely go crazy over him. At first, he loved it and thought he was the
shit; now, though, he is so over it and gets annoyed with all of the extra
attention that he gets.


is the quietest and softest spoken out of all of us. He talks so softly
sometimes that I can't hear a damn word he says. He and Beau also have this
baby-face thing going for them. They are the youngest two of the group and they
usually keep their faces clean-shaven, unlike the rest of us.


about me, you ask? My name is Ace Vaughn. I'm 26, love long walks on the beach
and sunsets.
Yeah, right. I
smoke, I drink, and I'm covered in tattoos. I'm often called the bad boy or
wild one of the group because you know the media loves to label each one of us
with their stereotypical profiles of boy bands. The baby, the hot one, the old
one, the bad boy, and the shy one. Assholes, every single one of them.


door to the studio opens - distracting me from my thoughts of punching every paparazzi
in their face - and in walks the most gorgeous woman that I have ever laid eyes
on. I've seen tons and tons of women, and I seriously have never seen one more
beautiful than this one in my life. She has shoulder length dark brown hair,
which is poker straight and silky looking. She has a heart shaped face and
sultry eyes that are so dark that they look almost black. Her lips are pouty
and bow shaped with the bottom being slightly bigger than the top. She is tall
for a woman, and thin but toned; she definitely has a dancer’s body. Her skin
is a natural olive color, making me wonder if I'm right in thinking that she's
Italian. A few of the male dancers come in behind her.


looks around, taking everything in, glancing at the other women, who are
staring at her.
Their expressions are
pretty much saying, "Don't come over here." My lip curls up in
disgust all on its own. And to think that I've slept with one of them.
God, what was I thinking? Of course, the
one that I slept with is the bitchiest of all of them. Hillary is her name and
she thinks that since I fucked her once that she has some kind of rights to me.
She's warned all of the other girls not to even think about getting anywhere
near me. Not like I would make that mistake again anyway.


newbie frowns then glances at the other guys, who aren't paying attention. Her
eyes finally land on me.
When she
sees that I'm watching her, she blushes and smiles hesitantly. I get up off my
ass and start over to her. When I get close enough, I stick my hand out and
introduce myself.


I'm Ace Vaughn," I say.


woman smiles wider and more confidently. She slips her soft hand into mine.
"I'm Nicole Gionelli.
Nice to
meet you, Ace."


smile. "Italian, huh?"


grins wryly. "Not at all," she replies sarcastically.


chuckle. I like her already.


on in, let me introduce you to the rest of the guys," I say, taking her
hand and tugging her farther into the room. She comes willingly as we walk over
to Roland, who is just hanging up his phone.

BOOK: Wild Renegade
2.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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