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A Rockstar's Valentine

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons living or dead, businesses and events or locales are entirely coincidental.




I'd like to take this time to thank my family for putting up with me when I write. Especially my partner Daniel, he has to deal with me writing and reading all the time but he's amazing. I dissolve into my own little world but they all allow me to do what I love and I love them even more for that.


I would also like to thank everyone who reads my books, I am achieving my dreams by just writing and publishing my books but when you read them, it just makes it that much more special. 

Also a massive thank you to the blogs and reviewers who share and spread the word for me! I can't forget my Angel's in my Street Team! Thank you to every single on of you in Kell's Angel's, you help me a hell of a lot and we have a lot of fun too!

Thank you to my amazing proof readers who are always on stand by for me at any time. You are all amazing and help bring my book into a finished product.











Chapter 1



"Kendal! You look fucking hot!" I spin around and look at myself from side to side in the mirror to get a better look at myself. I am wearing tighter than tight light wash denim jeans, a black crop top that finishes just above my pierced belly button, my heeled biker boots and I will put on my leather jacket later. I smile at my reflection, Jessica is right. I do look hot tonight. "What are you gonna do with your hair?"


   My hair is a bright red color, not at all my natural color. It's the brightest red I could possibly get it. I work weekends at the hair salon because I'm a trainee hairdresser but I still have a few years at college. So I take full advantage of the work environment. "I'm going to leave it down."


   "Good choice." Jessica gets up from the bed she was sitting on and walks to the guest room door I am using to get ready in at her house. "I'm going to get ready while you do your hair."


   I start on my hair and laugh at her. "No you're not. Sam is in your room, so I know exactly what you will be doing." She gives me a wink and giggles as she walks to her bedroom. Sam, the kinky bastard will have her naked, tied up or bent over for a spanking in only a few minutes of her stepping in that room. Believe me, I've accidentally walked in on them, in my room!


   Jessica and I have been best friends since we were ten years old and we both met Sam when we were twelve. They fell in love when they were teenagers but never acted on it even though it was obvious to everyone! Until six months ago, when they finally admitted their true feelings to each other and have been at it like rabbits ever since. So seeing as Jessica's parents are out, I know for a fact they will have sex even though Jessica's bedroom is next door to the guest room where I am getting ready. Sam and Jessica don't exactly have a vanilla sex life so when I hear a hard slap followed by a loud groan, it doesn't surprise me. I quickly finish my hair and take my make-up down stairs to finish because I don't want to continue to listen to my best friends having sex while I'm getting ready.


   When Jessica and Sam finally appear out of her room and join me downstairs, I have been ready and waiting for half an hour and James and Mark have arrived to meet us. The guys know this spoiled rich kid from their football team and he's throwing a Valentine's Day house party tonight. I didn't want to go but as always, Jessica managed to persuade me to go.


   After a few glasses of Vodka and Coke, we get into our taxi to the house party. It's actually a damn ugly mini bus because there is five of us but whatever. Jessica sits in between me and Sam and holds onto my hand. "I promise I won't leave your side tonight until you find a sexy guy to dance with, maybe even leave with." She wiggles her eyebrows at me and I laugh but the guys don't exactly look too happy and Jessica notices. "Oh no you don't, you guys are gonna let her have some fun! She needs to get her flirt on and maybe more and you will not stop her, got it?" I smile at their answering grunts but I'm nervous. The truth is I haven't had sex.


   Yeah, that's right. I'm still a virgin at eighteen.


   Mark, James and Sam have stopped a few guys from getting too close to me but they're not the only reason for my remaining virginity. I just haven't met anyone worth it to hand over my V card to. I will meet someone and then after talking to them for five minutes I realize I'm talking to another douche bag. They are only after one thing and I know I am too, but I don't look at them like a piece of meat. It's not too much to ask of a guy to notice I have a face and not stare at my tits while he's talking to me. I want to be treated nicely, I want to be in a relationship I just want to meet a good and decent guy but it seems like a tough task. I won't be surprised if I approach James or Mark to help me out! I look over to them near the back and try and hide my shudder. No way! That would be disgusting!


   I just hope I will meet a guy who I won't hate on sight. I really want to have sex. I'm afraid I will die a virgin at this rate.

























Chapter 2



I am guided into a large house under the safety of James' arm. I've been to a few house parties but this is something else!


   As soon as we step in through the door we're surrounded by people jumping around to the sound of the live band playing in the room to the right. The house is absolutely huge! There are five rooms downstairs, not including the kitchen and they are packed full of people having a good time. I poke my head out into the back garden, which is the size of a football pitch and I'm not surprised to see that only a hand full of people are out there because of the typical British February weather.


   Throughout the tour of the house I can hear the band like they're in the same room as me and they sound amazing. So I am gutted when we finally enter the room they were playing in to see the band has stopped playing and now a wannabe teenage DJ has taken over. We decide to stay in this room though because it seems like the main area of the party.


   The guys leave to fetch us some drinks, leaving me and Jessica alone. "See anyone you like?"


   I look to my annoying best friend. "Jess, we just got here."


   "And your point is?"


   I shake my head and laugh. "You just want me to pair off so you can have your wicked way with Sam."


   Jessica just wiggles her eyebrows at me in answer and the guys return with our drinks. I gratefully take mine from Mark and watch as people around us bump and grind against each other. As my drink disappears and dissolves with the others I had back at Jessica's my nerves settle and I finally begin to relax.


   A song begins and Jessica jumps up and down, grabbing onto my hands. "Oh my God! Let's dance!" We leave the guys standing near the wall smiling back at us as we join the crowd of dancers. I take a peek at them as Jessica leads me away and I smile, they're standing side by side, drinks in hand, doing the typical guy head nod to the beat of the music. The song ends and another begins, followed by another, and then another but me and Jessica, we keep on dancing, holding hands and raising them in the air screaming the lyrics to each other. Jessica points a finger at me and shouts over the music. "You need to find yourself a man!"


   I roll my eyes. "I'm having a good enough time as it is."


   "I told you I wouldn't leave your side until you find someone and I promise but I wanna dance with Sam so bad!"


   She pokes out her bottom lip and I laugh. "Go and get your man Jess."


   "But my promise."


   "I didn't tell you to stay with me, I will be fine. I'm a big girl." She kisses me on my cheek and jumps up and down to get Sam's attention. The three of them walk over and begin to dance with us. Jessica and Sam quickly join the bump and grinders while Mark, James and I have a good laugh, as friends do. It's great until I see a couple of girls looking over at James and Mark as we dance so I decide to leave them all to it.
    James grabs my arm and frowns down at me. "Where are you wandering off to?"


    Always being the big brother. "Looking around."


    His frown deepens but I stand my ground, I don't want to be dancing alone while everyone else is paired off. "Come and get me if you need me."


   I nod at James and go towards the make shift bar in the corner of the room, I was going to have a look in the other room but I don't want to lose sight of my friends. I have just poured myself a cup of Vodka and Lemonade when I feel someone stand close to my side. I look around and see a cute guy smiling down at me; he looks very surfer type although there are no surf worthy places around here. "Hey beautiful, I'm Brad." He quirks his eyebrow and grins down at me again.

   Ugh! Did he really just call me beautiful? I'm getting a vibe from Brad and I don't feel like it's a good one either. "I've never seen you here before."


   I try not to laugh at Jessica giving me a thumbs up behind his back while she wiggles her ass against Sam. Instead I take a big gulp from my drink. "Are there a lot of parties here?"


   Brad nods his head and I notice that he didn't take his eyes away from my mouth as I drank. "Yeah. I love having them. My dad gets it, but my mum doesn't like it so he takes her away for the night. Our secret."

   Oh just perfect. I'm talking to the spoilt brat of a party host. He sure does seem full of himself. "Sounds great." Can't he just go out and socialize like a normal person rather than throwing a party? He eyes me over the rim of his drink and I remember he said he hasn't seen me here before. "I came with my friends." I nod towards them dancing and I'm happy to see that Mark and James are now dancing with the girls I caught looking at them. This is why I originally didn't want to come tonight. Obviously Sam and Jess would pair off and James and Mark are great looking guys, they get attention wherever they go so I knew they would pair off too. There's nothing worse to me than being a tag-along.

   "Yeah, James and Mark I know them. They come here a lot." Funny how they forgot to mention that! I carry on talking to Brad and I was right. He is a smug jerk. He boasts about everything his
mummy and daddy
buy him and how he had these girls fighting over him at the last party. All very interesting stuff. Brad has brushed his fingers against as many body parts of mine that he could get away with and he has spent the past fifteen minutes staring at my chest so when he asks me if I want to dance I figure it can't be worse than this, so I let him lead me into the crowd of dancers.


BOOK: A Rockstar's Valentine
7.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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