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A Unique Kind of Love















By: Jasmine Rose



Jasmine Rose 2014

ISBN: 978-1-62761-810-6






To my amazing parents, to Luci, Dana and my fans,
without whom I wouldn't have been able to do any of this




You didn’t go.

You stayed.

It caught me by surprise.

I never had somebody stay before.

It was almost like,

You wanted to stay.

I never had anybody want to stay.


It was like you loved me.

I never had anyone love me before.

What’s even stranger is,

It was like you were my best friend.

I never had a best friend before.

Along this twisted path,

I fell in love.

I’ve never fallen in love before.

And my love,

That’s the only thing,

I’ve ever felt certain about in my life.














Two light grocery bags in hand, she followed her Dad to the bright, white family car that caused them many troubles as they struggled to find it in the middle of snow. The girl opened the front seat door and slipped inside the car, completely oblivious to the look her father was giving her.


He sighed. “Lena?” The girl froze because he never called her by her actual name, unless he was serious about something. He always called her
“We talked about this. On the way here, you’d sit in front. On the way back, you’ll sit behind me.”


“Daaad! Please?” Lena pouted and widened her eyes a little. He shook his head and pointed to the back seat. He refused to give in to her, not again. Lena groaned and held out a hand to her dad. He took it and supported her waist as she moved to the backseat. She huffed and put on her seat belt.


“Happy?” she asked.


He gave her a smile. “That’s my girl.”


The car ride was silent, until her Dad put a CD in and played it. Lena grinned and sat up immediately. At the first notes of the song, she made jazz hands. Her ponytail swung as she swayed in her seat to the music.


“Love, love me do. You know, I love you. I’ll always be true,”
They both sang loudly. The Beatles had always been their favorite band, even though Lena’s mom didn’t like them much.


“I love you, Dad!” cried out the girl, her chestnut colored eyes shining in exhilaration and excitement.


Her father laughed. “You know I love you too, Rosie.”


The next seconds were a blur. Between the music, their singing and the momentary happiness; there was a truck that had passed the red light and was heading towards them. Time froze, because this was a moment that would turn the girl’s life upside down.


Lena turned just in time to see the truck inches away from colliding with the car. Her dad noticed as well, and his eyes widened. She screamed. The car lurched and Lena was thrown forward violently, the seatbelt biting into her stomach and knocking the wind out of her. The sound of her Dad calling out her name was the last thing she heard before the world faded away from her.




I could hear a vague sound in the background.


I felt myself crying. For a long moment my upper eyelid seemed glued to the lower one, because I couldn’t open my eyes. When I finally could, they hurt from my tears.


My gaze settled on Mom’s terrified expression, and I watched as her face slowly softened with relief. She wiped the tears on my cheeks, although that didn’t stop them from falling again.


She patted my hand. “Was it a bad dream, honey?” she asked. I took deep breaths to steady myself. I nodded.


“I wish I turned earlier, so I could—I don’t know,” I whispered, watching as the invisible switch clicked in my mom’s mind.


“I wish he was here,” she said.


Me too, Mom
, I thought. 
I miss him too.
How often had I wished that he was still alive, and that I was the one who had died?


I closed my eyes again and felt myself drift away into another dream.




Wonder and Anxiety


“The best is yet to be.”

~Robert Browning~




Lena Rose Winter


Sighing, I laid my head down on the 
grass. I smiled. Stars glimmered and gleamed at me, assisting the moon's job to light up the sky at night.
It seemed to me that there was a snowfall sparkling in outer space and I felt privileged to witness it. Soft, soothing music blasting in my ears, I felt better than I had in a long time. Comfort was something I cherished more than anything. I could feel a slight breeze blow on my neck; it cooled the few beads of sweat that had formed earlier that night.


Mom and I had decided to do a
Welcome to the New Home
barbecue. We’d eaten until our stomachs were begging for a break. It was always a moment that embellished my relationship with her. She went to sleep about an hour ago, the wine easing the process. So I’d been lying here for what; an hour or two? In those moments, I witnessed the sun disappearing and permitting the moon to rise in the sky; it was a never ending cycle.


Except, of course, for people who lived in the North Pole.


I had come close enough once, though. A few years ago, when I was twelve, Mom’s company gave her a post somewhere in Alberta, Canada. We lived there only for about two months, but my, oh my, we had gone there in the middle of January. I still recall fearing that my toes were going to fall off because I couldn’t feel them.


Thank God that this time, we moved into a place that wasn’t too horribly cold,
Albany, NY seemed like a pretty cool place so far. I took a walk around yesterday and there was a gigantic park, Ridgefield, where I was sure to spend more time throughout the year. Myrtle Avenue was a considerably calm street and I was content about the small house we rented for the year. Since it was senior year, Mom promised that we could stay here long enough so I could finish my year and do all of the senior celebrations.

BOOK: A Unique Kind of Love
8.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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