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Actions Speak Louder

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Actions Speak Louder

Published by: Rika Lewis

All Rights Reserved

November 2014

  Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. No part of this book; may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of a brief quotation in reviews. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblances to actual events, locales and or organizations, or persons, living or deceased are entirely coincidental.










Good family and friends to me are like stars… You don't always see them, but you know they are always there. I can’t even imagine where I would be today were it not for those handfuls of family and best friends who gave me encouragement to write and a heart full of joy to continue when I wanted to quit. Enjoy!










Actions Speak Louder...and soon he would show her… he just hoped it wasn’t too late.









Chapter one


Could my life get anymore worse? Here I was standing in front of my boyfriend of one year Jaxsin Dane, whom which I had known and loved since I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be the love of my life. As tears sprang into my eyes, the look on my face was one of defeat. Every woman wanted Jaxsin, why would they not? He was the Billionaire Co-founder and CEO of Dane Airways & Yachts worth over $43 billion dollars. On top of that, he bought the Hawaiian Island of Lanai for over $300 million. For the last year, I had begged Jaxsin to spend some time with me and he had ignored me at every turn. He was the one who had begged me to move in with him and all he had talked about was becoming a family and having a baby, and the ironic part was, was that I was still a damn virgin. I can still remember my mother telling me “
Sweetheart when a woman finally decides to have sex whether she’s a virgin or not… she should want to be with a man who’s willing to stick around to love, support and care for you if after having sex resulted in a pregnancy afterwards.

At the age of twenty-five Sullen Landreneau had to be out of her damn mind to stay with a man who loved his job more than he loved her. He stayed late at work then from there every night he and his best friend Evander went to help manage one of their friends nightclubs, which kept him out even later, sometimes until the next morning. To make matter worse he wouldn’t even tell me the name of said nightclub nor the location of it. Which made me wonder what he had to hide? Sullen had grown tired of all Jaxsin’s late night outings with his boys to then come home, shed his smoke, beer, lipstick and perfume filled clothes leaving them on the floor for her to pick up. Once in bed he would turn his back to me and fall straight to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, sometimes he would be already gone. Jaxsin didn’t even have the decency to wake me and certainly not to say,
“Hey babe I’m gone
and certainly not a damn kiss goodbye.
Which brought to question whether or not if Jaxsin was sleeping with someone else? Every bone in her body screamed, “Yes he was.” Jaxsin loved sex… he oozed it and damn if that man could eat the hell out of some pussy! Just thinking about it made my pussy clinch!

Tears fell from my eyes even as I tried my hardest not let them fall as I asked him again to please stay home today and spend some time with me.

              Jaxsin looked at her with a blank stare, turned his head and said, “I’m busy tonight,” maybe some other time okay babe. He saw the tears fall from Sullen’s eyes and it killed him to do this to her, if only he could tell her the reason why he was doing these things, but turned away he did. He opened the refrigerator pulled out a bottle of water closed it and headed towards the front door. Sullen was on his heels right behind him, in fact she had beat him to the front door and held her hands out stopping him. Move out of the way Sullen I’m not in the mood to play games today. I have very important business to attend at work this morning, and I cannot be late because of your antics!

              “No this mofo didn’t!” Antics …did he just say antics? What antics Jaxsin all I wanted to do was spend some time with you and you brush me off as if I’m not here. You don’t want me to work and all I do is sit here day in and day out, at your beckon call being the good girlfriend if you can even call me that! I had lost my damn cool now, and decided enough was enough! “Oh, but I do make a good receptionist, butler, bookkeeper, accountant, maid.” Not mention your personal live in whore which might I add can only suck your dick when you need me to because you damn for sure won’t make love to me… need I go on… now all you can say is that you’re not in the mood for my antics! Fuck you Jaxsin!

              “It was your non-committal ass that asked me to move in with you,” I had a place of my own and was doing just fine without you. It’s been a year and you have yet to ask me to marry you, yet you asked me to spend the rest of my life with you, to give babies. I believe I was the one who said, “Put a ring on it,” and then we could talk about a child, which I might add you fucking agreed to. Again, I say a damn year has rolled around and no Goddamn wedding bells yet, let alone the possibilities of having a child because your ass won’t even fucking have sex with me! What kind of shit is this Jaxsin, talk to me, tell me what’s wrong? Do you not want me anymore? My lips thinned and asked, “Are you sleeping with someone Jaxsin?” I Ran my fingers through my hair gripping it and yelled, “Tell me because if so, I will leave and we can both move the hell on with our lives.”

              Jaxsin dicked his eyebrow, and questioned, “ Where will go Sullen you have no family to run back to.” And as far as you being my “Personal” live in whore that’s just ridiculous because I wouldn’t fucking dare have a whore living with me he shouted! I’m sorry you feel that way and you my dear just called yourself a whore not me. He stepped closer and looked down at her and said, “I don’t associate nor do I make love to whores,” and just because I haven’t
you yet doesn’t mean I don’t care or love you; he yanked her to him and nipped her neck then whispered, are you in need
Amour de ma vie?
Do you need me to pleasure you before I leave to ease your frustrations?

              Oh, that pissed me the hell off even more! I glared at him. If I was the love of your life, why will you not talk to me I yelled! I have always been here for you Jaxsin, why when I need you the most you pull a disappearing act on me! Please tell me the truth if you’re sleeping with someone!
Oh, God had I really resorted to begging him… now ain’t that some shit! How did I allow myself to get to this point?

              With a crestfallen look on his face, he looked away from her and said, “I’m not sleeping with anyone Sullen, I just need you trust me on this.”

How can I trust you Jaxsin when you come home with lipstick and perfume on your clothes and you act as if it is nothing! “Trust you, you say?”  Then explain to me how the damn lipstick got on the collar of your shirt? Just about every night you come home with same color lipstick, explain that to me! I fixed my eyes on him and watched him closely, and then it hit me, “It’s your assistant Kyla isn’t it?

Jaxsin sputtered, are you fucking insane? Damn it Sullen I don’t have time this shit right now I have to go, now move the hell out of my way!

I nodded my head because he obviously thought I was one of those ditzy ass bitches he fuck around with at the club. He could keep spitting that shit if he wanted but I had fucking had it! I didn’t have to stay here with Jaxsin, I needed a reason to get my shit together anyway, and Jaxsin just gave me one to many. I had always wanted him but he kept taking fucking me over and taking me for granted and I was tired of loving a man that obviously didn’t want me anymore. I walked around his ass and didn’t even look back this time because if I did I was afraid I would stay and by the sound of their conversation, staying was not an option if he wouldn’t talk to me.







Chapter Two


I turned to head up the stairs after Sullen but his cell phone started to ring. He yanked his cell phone from his pocket, glared at the screen and groaned. It was his assistant Kyla. “Damn it!”
Bad fucking timing
, Speak of the devil…he tapped his earpiece and bellowed out, “What is it? Jaxsin looked towards the stairs and all he wanted to do was shake the shit out of Sullen and make her realize how much he wanted and loved her. Hell she should already know! He gripped his phone tighter wanting to hurl the damn thing at the fucking wall!

Well, morning too you to boss Kyla said, in a radiant voice as she wondered what had crawled up his ass this morning.
Huh… probably that black bitch of a whore he lives with. That pickaninny doesn’t know what to do with a wealth fine ass white man like Jax she thought to herself.
She had tried to come on to him a time or two but each of her advancements was unsuccessful because for one he was with that whinny ass tar baby Sullen and he would never intentionally hurt her so he says, and two Jax told me that I was simply not his type, but I begged to differ on that. I was the epitome of what a real model wish they could look like. I am the tall, sexy true blonde-haired bombshell and fuck what you heard…I was no dumb ass ditzy blond! “Do I flaunt my shit like I’m every man’s dream?” You damn right I do! I work my ass off so I can have the finer things in life. “Am I a little shallow,” Hell yes and I don’t give a shit! I know what it’s like not have the things you want, “I was that poor trailer park kid growing up and now I would fuck whoever I needed to in order stay on top.” I will never go back to go back to being trailer trash again. Clearing my throat, I asked Jax if he wanted me to get started with the introduction until he arrived.

No, Jaxsin said, annoyed that she even asked. He pinched the bridge of his nose and looked towards the stairs again at the woman who was stomping up them. He was sexually frustrated himself. Sullen knew he wanted her he just couldn’t fuck her senseless until her damn birthday! Sullen was a five-foot two-inch sexy caramel latte black beauty with silky sandy brown hair, bluish-grey eyes that seemed to look right through him, and a body that could make a blind man see and a head banging ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. Damn! Sullen’s ass was firm yet soft and supple enough for him to spank to get that delicious sound he loved to hear as his hand lands on that ass. Fuck! His dick was getting hard now just watching Sullen’s sassy, sweet, ass walk up those said stairs. He gritted his teeth. His dominant side wanted out for Sullen’s disobedience and retribution would be his when he came home tonight.

I had a lot going on and I couldn’t… no, wouldn’t allow Sullen to worry until it was absolutely necessary. I hated the way I had been treating Sullen, but I had to keep her at arm’s length until she turned twenty-six, thus the reasons why I stayed out so late. I had to keep his damn hands off her so I worked myself to exhaustion so I could come home, shower and go straight to bed. Once I settled my issues, nothing would be able to keep him from taking her. I knew how strongly Sullen felt about family and that had meant everything to her. I took a deep breath and let it out. Sullen was sweet, very smart, innocent and still a virgin and she was all mine damn it! “Fuck, he mumbled, turning towards the door to leave. Kyla try to keep them occupied until I get there he said, hanging up not giving her chance to say anything more.

I had a pissed off his virgin girlfriend, an assistant that couldn’t keep her hands to herself and indignant greedy ass board members that wouldn’t stay the hell out of his business, no thanks to the bullshit his father had placed in his living will before he passed away; which was the big fucking issue at hand. Then I had the horny ass women at the club vying for his and Vander’s attention at night, which we turned down without question every night. However, one of my problems would was over. Kyla knew what she was doing and it didn’t grade well with him. I wanted Sullen and by all that was holy, he would make it up to her by any means necessary starting with firing Kyla ass! Now that Sullen found out about Kyla’s advancements, she would never believe or trust him again, although if Sullen were to ever find out about the club all trust would definitely be gone.

BOOK: Actions Speak Louder
7.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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