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“Monica just pull in there and let’s get this over with.” I say pointing to a little market we just drove past.


              “No. I have to go to Mama’s Market. That is the only place I like to shop. You know this.” Monica frustratingly says.


              “Yes I am aware.  You are weird about your grocery store.” I say rolling my eyes


              “I am not weird.”  She sighs “Look ok, I get it. I could shop at the big box stores and get my groceries just like everyone else. But Haylee I want specific items and unless I get them my food just doesn’t taste the way I want it.”


              “Yes I know. You have told me several times before. You like your food spicy with just the right spices.  And the only place that carries your special candy and drinks is Mama’s.”


              “Damn right.” She yells. We both burst out laughing.  This girl cracks me up. Even when I am annoyed, sad or even pissed she can always make me laugh.


              The rest of the way to Mama’s we sit in silence just listening to the radio.  I know every time Monica says she is going grocery shopping she is headed to Mama’s. I agree with her on the food. It does taste way better with her ingredients from Mama’s.  When we first moved in together she tried buying everything from different stores close to our apartment but she always complained that it just never tasted right.  Always said it was missing her Mom’s secret spices.  Monica’s mom is originally from Tijuana, Mexico.  And Monica grew up eating authentic Mexican food.  So when she says something is missing she means the spices her mom uses.  Which is why Monica finally gave in and just started driving the 45 minutes it takes to get to Mama’s on the south side of San Diego.  Mama’s is a very small great little market.  Monica can find everything she wants or needs at that one little store.  And the owner Mama Rosa is fantastic.  She speaks some English and when we go in there she always tells me I am too skinny.  Says American girls are always too skinny.  I laugh the entire time we are in there.  Great little lady.  But one reason I don’t like going is I don’t speak Spanish very well.  I know little one word greetings but I can’t hold a conversation with anyone. So when we go in there most of the time I have no idea what anyone is saying.  Thankfully Monica does all the speaking for me.  But my main problem with going there is it isn’t in a very good part of the city.  Which is why we only go during the day.  We never go once the sun sets.  There is just way too much crime, gang activity and just over all a bad place to be sometimes.  But Monica just tells me to put my big girl panties on and nothing will happen. 


When we pull into the little parking lot Monica parks next to a row of bikes.  Big motorcycles. There have to be at least 10 bikes all lined up in a row with one man sitting outside.  If I honestly gave my opinion, he looks scary as hell.  He is dressed in all black, a leather vest with a scary looking skull on the back with bright red letters that say El Diablo’s MC.  He just stares at Monica and I.  Whenever we have come in the past normally it’s just little old ladies or some little kids walking around with us.  But the idea of shopping with some biker gang in there scares the shit out of me. 


              “Monica I don’t know if this is a good idea.”  I say staring right at the biker who hasn’t taken his eyes off us since we pulled in.


              Monica turns and looks at him.  She shrugs her shoulders. “Just ignore him.”  As if it is no big deal this scary guy is watching us.  She must see that didn’t help calm me too much.  “Look Haylee I grew up around this.  As long as you keep to yourself you will be just fine.  Just don’t look at him.”


              “Kind of hard when he is staring right at us.” I say a little shaky.  I hate how scared I am and now I can’t hide it but let’s be honest, he is a gang member. 


              “It’s just the way they are.  Seriously just ignore him and let’s go.”  She says a little frustrating.  This may be something normal for her but not for me.  “I am craving some Pulparindo really bad.  I haven’t had any in weeks.  So get that ass out of this car and let’s get going.” When I don’t budge she turns and looks at the man sitting on his bike still just watching us.  “Of course if you want you can stay out here with him alone.  I am sure he would love some one on one time with your sexy little ass.”  She says with a huge smirk on her face.  She knows damn well I would rather not be alone with biker boy.


“Bitch.” I say as I am getting out of the car.  Monica laughs.  Yeah I am sticking with my word.  She can be a huge bitch sometimes.  But I love her dearly.


As we walk past biker boy I see his vest says Prospect.  I have learned from watching certain television shows that means he is the lowest ranking man in the group.  Probably stuck out with the bikes to guard them while all the others are inside.  When we get right in front of the man he says something to us but we keep walking past.  We both do a really good job at ignoring him and making no contact.  Just walk by as if he doesn’t even exist and everything will be fine.  Well that was the plan until he says something to us that stops Monica in her tracks.  I have no clue what he just said because he said it in Spanish. But whatever it was has pissed her off something fierce.  She turns and storms right up into his face and just starts screaming at him in Spanish.  I stand there frozen in my spot.  I can’t believe she is in his face yelling at him.  This little tiny woman screaming in the face of a big scary biker.  I have no clue what the hell she is saying but whatever it is prospect is enjoying it a lot.  She walked right into his trap.


Finally coming out of my trance. I try grabbing her by the arm to pull her away from him “Monica what the hell are you doing.  Stop before you piss him off.”


He says something else and she starts smacking him all over his body.  I begin to shake out of fear.  This can’t be good.  I can see the headlines now Two tiny little woman found in garbage bags in a dumpster on 5
avenue.  I have to get her to stop before the other bikers come out and see her hitting him.  While grabbing her arm trying to get her to stop the prospect accidentally bumps into me and I go flying into the ground.  Once I hit the ground I let out a scream from the pain on my elbow.  Monica turns and sees me on the ground.  “Haylee oh my god.”  She rushes over to me.  “Your bleeding.”  She points to my elbow and tried helping me up off the ground.


“Yeah well that can happen when your pushed to the ground.” I say holding my elbow.  I know it isn’t that bad of a cut but others wouldn’t know that by all the blood on my arm.


“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to knock you down.  I really am sorry. Come here and let me help you clean that up.”  Prospect comes over alongside Monica and helps me up. Pulling me over to a bike to lean against.  When I am settled against it he pulls out a little bag with all sorts of medical supplies in it. He goes to grab my arm but I pull away. Sensing my hesitation, he turns and hands Monica the supplies and she starts to help bandage me up.  I just look between the two of them.  Honestly this is the strangest situation I have ever been in.  One minute my friend is in the face of a big biker guy yelling at him, next I am flung onto the ground and then he goes all sweet on both of us and helps stitch me up.  I just stand there in shock. So confused by this entire situation. But I don’t have long to digest any of this because from behind me a deep masculine voice growls “What the fuck is going on here.”  I jump up off the bike and turn around.  When I do I am faced with a huge man.  A lot bigger than prospect.  Slowly I scan up noticing his vest says Toni and Sergeant at arms over the right breast.  When I continue to scan up my eyes lock onto the darkest almost blackest eyes I have ever seen in my life.  Something about them throws me off balance and I wobble a little. Toni reaches out and grabs a hold of my arm to balance me. When he does I wince in pain since the elbow he grabs is the one I just cut opened. He looks down at my arm and then back up at prospect. He points at the prospect and says “You.  What the fuck did you do?”


I turn to see the prospect go white.  “It was an accident. I swear Toni.  I didn’t mean to knock her down.”


“But you knocked her down.”   He growls. The prospect slowly shakes his head yes.  Before I can register what is going on Toni punches the prospect in the face knocking him to the ground.  The crack noise his jaw makes was the nasties sound I have ever heard in my life.  Definitely something I will remember for a long time.


“FUCK!” The prospect yells. Monica just starts laughing. He turns and looks at Monica “Are you happy Monica.  Are we even now?” He says while wiping blood away from his mouth.


“Oh Bambi we are far from even.”  She says laughing.


“I am sorry but do you two know each other?”  Toni asks. Sounding a little annoyed with this situation.  I am right there with him.


“Oh yeah.  He is my cousin.  Our moms are sisters.” She says while still laughing at the man on the ground.


              “Are you serious Monica.”  I say a little louder than I planned it to come out.  But I am pissed. “If he is your cousin what was with all the fighting.  Damn Monica.  I thought you were going to get us both killed.”  I say rubbing my hands through my hair.


              Monica and her cousin both start laughing.  “I knew who he was the second I pulled up.  I was just fucking with you Haylee.  You have to loosen up.  Your always to tense.  And we were fighting because last week while at my Mama and dad’s house for family dinner he was an asshole to his mom.  And we have been fighting ever since.  It just continued on here.”


              “Yeah well you could have told me.  I wouldn’t have tried to stop you if I would have known you actually knew him.”


              Prospect gets up off the ground and looks at Toni “Honestly Toni. I didn’t mean to push the lady.  I was messing with Monica and I guess I got a little rough and she got pushed.”


              “I get it. But Bambi, you need to apologies to the lady.”  Toni says with a smirk.


              Prospect turns and gives Monica the direst look ever before turning and looking at me.  “I am very sorry.  I did not mean to hurt you and I would never hurt someone so beautiful in my life.  Someone like you needs to be cherished not thrown around.” He says grabbing my hand and planting a small kiss on it.  I chuckle at his grand gesture but Toni pushes him back.


              “That’s enough. I said apologies not try and fuck her right here on my bike.”


              Pushing away from the bike I turn towards Toni “Oh my god. I am so sorry.  I didn’t mean to touch your bike.  I honestly thought it was his bike with the way he walked over to it and got the supplies out of it.”


              Toni leans down and whispers in my ear “Don’t ever apologies for being on my bike.  Anytime you want on my bike the seat is yours.”  I have to look away to hide the blush that is creeping up my neck and face.  I am sure he can see it because I can feel it.  Luckily something else is on his mind and he ignores my reaction to him.  “I do have one quick question for you. Monica is it?”  Monica shakes her head yes.  “Great. Monica can you please explain to me why you call prospect here Bambi?”  


              Monica gets a huge grin on her face.  When she opens her mouth to speak prospect interrupts her. “Monica please don’t.”  Her cousin begs from beside her.  Toni looks up at him with a look of shut the fuck up.  And prospect does instantly.


              “Oh that would be my pleasure Toni.  See when Jose and I were younger he cried all the time.  And I mean all the time.  I honestly still to this day don’t know why he cried so much but every single time we were around each other he would cry his ass off.  Finally, one day my mama finally looked at him and said he was so small and weak like little Bambi, which by the way was his favorite movie, they just started to call him that.  Little Bambi.  And well it just kind of stuck so at family events or gatherings everyone calls him Bambi.”  She turns and looks right at her cousin. “Which was why we were fighting. Last week at family dinner he yelled at everyone that he is a man and in a gang now that we all needed to stop calling him that pussy ass name. And then Bambi here stormed out without even saying by to his own Mama and upset her.  Not even considering how disrespectful it was to my own Mama and daddy to just walk out of their house after being an asshole.”  Monica says getting frustrated again with her cousin.


              “Oh Bambi.  That was not nice.” Toni says with a smirk on his face.


              “Who are you calling Bambi.  And holy shit who are these gorgeous ladies standing before us.”  We all turn towards the voice coming behind us.  I stand frozen in place.  When I turn around I am confronted with several bikers. All wearing the same vests and look just as menacing as the man right in front of me.

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