Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy SEAL Romance

BOOK: Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy SEAL Romance
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Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy Seal Romance
Kira Ward

© 2016 by Kira Ward

All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1


he music pulsed
through me with a vibration that made my balls tingle. The bass was really intense. I loved it. I loved the bodies writhing around me, the singer’s voice drowning out everything but that bass beat and the words of his song. There is something intensely invigorating about being at a live concert, sucked into a crowd all focused on the same thing for the two hours or however long the music plays.

I lifted my arms and moved with the music, almost laughing when a hot girl dressed in little more than a t-shirt and jeans pressed her body up against me like we’ve known each other for years. I took advantage of the situation, pulling her tight against me with one hand on her hip, the other sliding up over her belly. She had a ring in her belly. That made me wonder what else on her body might be pierced.

Did I mention I love concerts?

I was supposed to come to this thing with my friend, Jack. But he backed out at the last minute. Fucking lawyers and their sense of duty. I was a little annoyed, but now I was kind of glad he hadn’t come. This was supposed to be a night for blowing off steam, but now it was beginning to look like I was going to be able to blow off more than that. Or get blown.

The songs changed, but the girl didn’t seem to notice. I slid my hand further up her belly, letting my fingers dance over her ribs before pushing my luck and brushing them against the underside of her bare breasts. Not only did she not push my hand away, but she reached up and shoved my hand up over her breast so that it was resting nicely in my palm. A perfect handful. Someone told me once that a champagne glass full was the perfect sized breast. Personally, I like a little more, some cushion, but a handful is nothing to balk at, either. I have big hands.

I bent close and nibbled at the side of her neck, taking full advantage of her willingness. There is nothing quite as erotic as the feel of a woman’s hard nipple against the palm of my hand. That mixed with the beat of the music and I was flying away, moving on to a new plane of existence. But then I opened my eyes and found myself looking at a more beautiful sight. Another girl, dressed in a teeny skirt and deliciously tight blouse, standing kind of off to the side, swaying to the music, her eyes closed, her hands moving sensuously over her own body. Fuck, she was hot! I love the shy ones, love drawing them out and making them scream. And this one, damn… she looked perfect!

I grabbed the hand of the girl I was holding and spun her around in a quick, graceful little dance move, then walked away while she was still spinning into the crowd.

The shy girl didn’t even see me coming. She stiffened when I took her hips and pulled her into me, stepping seamlessly into her solitary dance. But she didn’t try to pull away, didn’t object to what I was doing. That gave me courage. I held her close and just danced for a little bit, winning over her trust. The songs changed maybe twice, three times, before I let my hands wander. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to like it when I grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her hip hard against my growing cock. She looked up at me, a shy smile on her lips, and I knew I could do anything I wanted and she’d be more than happy to follow along.

I was almost glad Jack had decided to back out on me. I’d been working damn hard lately. I deserved this little break.

She rose up on her tip toes and kissed the center of my bottom lip. I buried my fingers in her hair and moved her neck out of the way, nibbling at the sensitive skin there under her ear. She groaned, her hips moving up against me in a nice promise of what was to come. I pressed my hand under her skirt, loving that she was wearing a pair of panties that were sunk so far up her ass that she might as well had nothing on those firm ass cheeks. And the tightness of the panties helped press my fingers tighter against her fat outer lips once I reached them.

She rotated her hips. Despite her shyness, she clearly knew what she wanted. My fingertip brushed her clit and she shivered, another moan slipping from between her lips. I turned her around so that I could have more access. Reaching from behind was okay, but not as mutually satisfying as having her ass pressed against my erection while my fingers worked their magic. She looked like she was really into the music, the way her body writhed against mine. But the low moans and the occasional gasp made it clear to me, and maybe those closest to us, that there was definitely something else going on.

I nibbled at her neck, my eyes closed, the music and her body taking me to a place I hadn’t been in longer than I cared to think about. Work was…well, work is work. And mine had its peaks and valleys. I’d just come down from a massive peak and it was finally time to sit back and enjoy some off time. This, I hoped, was just the beginning.

I almost didn’t notice the concert winding down. The crowd launched into a screaming demand for an encore, and the band came back out, their heavy metal sounds launching the crowd into a frenzy as they began playing an old classic—if you could call a song that was five years old a classic—that had launched their careers. I hummed the words against the girl’s neck, but I’m not sure she noticed. She was moving into a frenzy of her own as my finger quickly brought her to climax.

I held tight to her when the concert was over, dragging her out of the venue to my old truck parked in the lot. Traffic was insanely crazy and it crossed my mind to just pull over, satisfy the raging need that was making my balls ache. But then she moved up next to me on the wide bench seat and unzipped my ripped jeans, tugging my impressive cock out of my pants with a hungry lick of her lips.

Shit, this girl knows what she’s doing!

She took my cock into her mouth and swallowed it like it was the best tasting sausage she’d ever had. I nearly rammed my truck into the back of a Mercedes that stopped short in front of us. But I caught myself just in time, thank god. With all the time and effort I’d put into this truck, it would have been a disaster. This truck meant more to me than any fucking blowjob or loose girls giving them to me.

I was on the edge when we finally broke loose of traffic. I sped through side streets, making the fifteen-minute drive to my apartment in about five.

She was giggling as we made our way up the stairs, making far too much noise for the hour. But when did I ever care about disturbing the neighbors? Old Mrs. Watson on the right side of me was so deaf that a fog horn going off right outside her bedroom door wouldn’t register. And the apartment to the left had been empty since I moved in nearly a year ago. So I made no effort to shut her up. My thoughts were solely on the orgasm I denied myself by shoving her off my lap when we pulled into the parking lot.

I shoved her up against the door when we reached it, sliding a hand over her hip as I struggled to get the key in the lock. She peppered my neck with kisses, biting a little too hard when she tried to nibble at my shoulder. I pushed her head back a little harder than I should have, knocking the back of her head against the solid wood of the door resolutely enough to cause a stunned look to come into her eyes. Then I kissed her, letting her feel my hunger. After a second, she responded, everything clearly forgiven.

The lock finally decided to cooperate, and we fell into the apartment, knocking over an ancient umbrella stand a friend gave me that sent its contents clattering over the tile floor. I thought I heard a responding bang on the far wall, but I was a little busy pushing shy girl up against the other side of the door and tugging her panties out of that tight crack in her gorgeous ass. She tried to reestablish our kiss, but I’m not really a kissing sort of guy. It works well to shut a girl up, or soothe hurt feelings, but that was about as far as I was willing to go. There were other things I was more interested in doing with my mouth.

The panties began to give. She did a little dance and they slid slowly down her thin thighs. Fucking beautiful! But the condoms were in the bedroom, and it hadn’t crossed my mind to put one on my pocket before I left that evening. And I wasn’t taking any chances. As ready as I was, the reality of fucking some strange girl without a condom was still not something I was willing to do. I had too much to lose should I knock some money hungry bitch up. And I didn’t have time for an STD.

Yes, mom, I did listen in health class.

I picked her up, let her wrap her legs around my waist, and carried her to the bedroom. She fell hard onto the mattress and began to laugh again. I ignored her, stripping out of my t-shirt as I walked around to the bedside table and grabbed a rubber package out of the waiting box. When I turned back to her, she was pushing her skirt down over her full hips, kicking off her shoes at the same time.

I loved an eager girl.

I climbed onto the bed with my knees and helped her off with the skirt. Then I flipped her around, pressing her up against the headboard so that she was up on her knees too. It took a second to get my jeans out of the way and to slide the condom on, but then I had her impaled, my cock sliding easily into her well-lubricated cunt. She cried out, and I smiled. I knew she’d be a screamer.

I moved slowly at first, letting her get used to my girth. But she was wiggling her little ass so enthusiastically that caution went flying out the window. I lifted her arms, pinned them under my hands against the wall as I thrust roughly inside of her, my hips moving like a jackhammer. The headboard was a little loose, and it slammed against the wall, making more noise than the girl’s steady, low moan.

I thought I heard another knock on the wall, but I couldn’t be sure if it was that or the headboard. And I really didn’t care. My balls were drawing up, and I knew I was on the verge. I increased my speed, shoving myself so deep inside of her that I was a little awed that her slight body was taking it without at least a little discomfort. But her moans were rising in pitch, and I knew she was close too. She began to scream just before my balls released the first of a seriously intense orgasm. I rolled my head back, my eyes on the ceiling as I bit down on my lip, and let the pain and pleasure dance through me, my cock as deep inside her vibrating cunt as I could get it.

When it was over, she turned into jelly in my arms. I pulled back and let her fall into a ball against my pillows. She closed her eyes and sighed, clearly content to rest there for a while. I hoped she wasn’t planning on falling asleep. I wasn’t a sleepover kind of a guy either.

But then she peeked at me and smiled.

Well, maybe she could stay just a little while longer…

Chapter 2


couldn’t believe it
! My first night in my new apartment and the neighbor has to make so much noise that I couldn’t sleep even if nerves hadn’t already kept me awake. The pounding on the wall was just the final insult after the laughter in the hallway and whatever the clatter was that came just before the door slammed. Were the walls made of paper or something? And I knew if I could hear that girl screaming so clearly that they could hear me banging on the wall.

I hoped they didn’t indulge in this sort of behavior every night.

I knew almost nothing about my neighbors. I ran into the old lady in apartment A and she told me there was a young man living in the apartment next to hers, B. The noisy one. But that was all I knew. Except that he liked noisy sex, which was not that great for me.

Not that I’m a prude or anything. But I hadn’t just put more money than I’d ever had in my possession at one time down on an apartment so I could be treated to a porno movie soundtrack every night.

The girl cried out again, and I’d had just about enough. I got up and went to the living room where I’d left my cellphone on the charger. I called the number the building manager had given me and left a message that was likely ruder than it should have been.

“Just tell him to keep it down,” I said as I disconnected the call, hoping I hadn’t just made an enemy of my neighbor or the building manager. That would be a really great way to start my new life off with.

My mom thought I should stay home for another year. She said that I could save up money, buy myself a nicer place to live. But I’d lived at home all through college while all my friends were having the time of their lives in the dorms or in apartments where they lived four or five in tiny two-bedroom apartments. It sounded crowded, but to hear them talk, it was like living at away camp all year round.

I wanted independence. I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Like this. I was fixing a cup of tea in the middle of the night, and I didn’t have to worry about waking my mom or getting a lecture about caffeine keeping me up all night. I knew I needed my rest before I started my new job the next day. But that knowledge didn’t make my brain switch off and allow me to get those good hours of sleep.

As I waited for the water to heat in the microwave, I found myself thinking about my new neighbor. I wondered what he looked like. Was that girl his steady girl, or was she just a one-night stand? It seemed like everyone I knew had indulged in a few one-night stands. I never had. I told myself it was because of my mom—because I looked at her and I could see the toll a one-night stand takes on a woman. I mean, it wasn’t like my dad wasn’t in the picture completely. He took care of us, paid for my college tuition and gave my mom money whenever she came up short. But he’d never been interested in being a father or a husband, despite the fact that his on again, off again relationship with my mom had resulted in me. And that hurt my mom. She’d never been able to move on to another relationship because she’d spent the past twenty years hoping he would eventually change his mind. And it didn’t help that he still, from time to time, let her think that he had.

I swore I would never let that happen to me. I wasn’t going to fall in love with a guy who wouldn’t, or couldn’t, love me back. So I was very careful about the guys I went out with. Only twice had I been close enough to a guy to even think about sex, let alone allow things to progress to that point. The first had been Kyle, this guy in high school. He was an outsider, the kind of guy people rarely noticed even when they were in the same room with him. He and I were a lot alike in that way. We kind of gravitated toward each other and by the time we were seniors, we were best friends. It only seemed natural that he’d be the one I’d give my virginity to.

And then, in college, I had something of a whirlwind romance with this other guy, Philip. He was a TA—teaching assistant—for one of my English courses. We went out for weeks before I finally caved to his overtures. And it was…sweet. I learned a lot from Philip, but I think we both kind of knew that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I was almost relieved when he told me that he’d been offered a position to teach at a small college in Colorado.

I wasn’t going to be that girl who let a man define her. I was going to be whoever I wanted, and any man who came into my life was going to have to support that. I wouldn’t be like my mom. I wouldn’t live my life waiting with baited breath for a man to stop putting his career first, to decide that he wanted the family he already had. I wouldn’t let a man influence my decisions or keep me strapped to the same job, the same routines for the rest of my life.

I wouldn’t be my mom.

I took my tea and went back to my bedroom, weaving in and out of stacked boxes. You never realize how much stuff you have until you put it all in boxes. All this stuff that once fit inside my little bedroom back home suddenly filled an entire apartment. That excited me a little.

My apartment. I had my own apartment.

I settled on the bed, the only piece of furniture that I’d bothered to do anything with that day, and let my dreams of the future play out in my head. I had a good job at a small publishing company downtown, reading and editing manuscripts that had been given a contract for publication. It was my dream job, and I couldn’t believe I got it right out of the gate. I’d thought I would have to work as an English teacher for a while until I could get my foot through the publishing door. But this had been Philip’s parting gift. He was friendly with the owner of the company and got me an interview. I liked to think that I got the actual job myself with my stellar interviewing skills, but I’m not sure. Either way, I had my dream job and I was going rock it when I started in the morning.

If I could get some sleep.

But even as that thought crossed my mind, the porno soundtrack began again.

Did that guy never sleep?

BOOK: Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy SEAL Romance
5.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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