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Chapter 19


watched her sleep
. I should have been sleeping myself. I had a meeting in the morning about a new project I sought out a week ago, but wasn’t sure I wanted now. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in something new, something that would take my attention away from her. I didn’t really want to sleep. I mean, I hadn’t slept as well as I did with her in the bed beside me. But I loved to watch her, loved to see her dreams playing out over her face.

My mom called that morning. She said she could hear something different in my voice. Something more like the old Major, she said. I kind of liked that.

I wondered what Sloane would think if I introduced her to my mom. What she would think if she knew the truth about me. It’d been a long time since I’d even considered introducing someone to my mom, to my family legacy. Not since Anna. But I never got the chance.

Jack knew. But no one else, no one in this part of town, no one who knew me as Major Rutherford, the architect, knew who I really was. Wouldn’t my clients be shocked to realize who they were doing business with?

I wondered what Sloane would think. Would it matter to her? Would she be impressed, intimidated? Or would she see dollar signs? I wasn’t sure. But soon. Soon I’d tell her. And then we’d see how things change.

If they did.

Chapter 20


down on the couch beside Major, snuggling into the side of his body as much out of habit than anything else. My stomach was unhappy despite the fact that the dinner he’d made us—roast beef and red potatoes—went down quite well. I think it was the wine. I set the glass down and lay my head against Major’s shoulder. It might also have been that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Major and I had been together for almost a month now and most nights…well, we didn’t get much sleep. I guess it was finally catching up to me.

“Didn’t Major tell me your dad was a lawyer, Sloane?”

I looked over at Jack. He was a nice enough guy, but I wasn’t sure he liked me all that much. He just showed up a couple of weeks prior and was clearly surprised to find me lounging in the couch. And when he showed up again that night, it was pretty obvious he’d been hoping Major would be alone and willing to go out to the clubs with him. An evening in wasn’t really what he’d been looking for.

“He is,” I said, not really in much of a mood to talk about my dad.

I hadn’t seen him since our ill-fated dinner the past month. But my mom was constantly calling me and talking about wedding plans, trying to get me involved. I just couldn’t get up the enthusiasm. Who wanted to be a part of something that should have happened twenty years ago and would have if not for my mom’s decision to go through with her pregnancy?

With me.

My dad had never wanted me and he made that pretty clear at our last meeting. That’s why he played with my mom’s heart all those years, why he turned her into a woman whose happiness centered on the whims of a man who couldn’t decide what it was he wanted out of life. And now he wanted to marry her. Finally. But how long would that last? And who would be there to pick up the pieces when he decided marriage just wasn’t his thing?

No. I didn’t really want to talk about my dad.

“What firm?” Jack asked.

I tensed a little and I think Major felt it. He slid his arm around me and leaned close, his lips brushing my temple.

“Why don’t you go lay down?”

Our eyes connected, and I just wanted to melt into them as I had since the moment we met. There was just something about him that made me feel like nothing bad could happen when we were together. I kissed him, a soft, heartbreaking kiss, then slipped away, aware of both Major’s and Jack’s eyes on me as I disappeared behind the bedroom door.

I slowly undressed, thinking how far things had come in such a short time. A month ago, I was a silly girl who’d just graduated college and moved out on her own for the first time. My first apartment, my first real job—a dream job that was easier and more difficult than I expected all at the same time—my first steps into independence. And then as I tried to sleep that first night, my neighbor brought home a young woman and the noises they made…I wasn’t a prude. But the images those noises brought to mind were beyond my experience.

That was my introduction to Major.

I thought he keyed my car in retaliation for calling the building manager on him for the nightly noise disturbances. Even called the police on him. But it turned out it was my best friend—the one person I should have been able to trust above all else—who vandalized my new car. So, in the course of a week, I lost my best friend, learned my dad had never wanted me, and began a relationship that was so much more than I’d ever imagined.

A part of me was selfish enough to wish that Jack wasn’t here, that he’d leave us alone. I wanted Major with me, helping me forget how miserable the world was outside of those four walls. Instead, I contented myself by crawling naked into his bed, his lingering scent surrounding me. I pulled his pillow against my chest and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep almost instantly.

Chapter 21


he two of
you spend a lot of time together.”

I turned back around after watching Sloane disappear behind the bedroom door. Jack was sitting on the fireplace hearth, his hands on his knees and his eyes on the floor.

“She’s my girl,” I said. And it felt good on my tongue. I hadn’t really put a definition on my relationship with Sloane until that moment, but it felt good.

Jack tilted his head as he looked up at me. “You haven’t been steady with a girl since Anna.”

“I know.”

Anna and I had spoken more through letters than anything else, but up until that point in my life I’d never felt closer to another human being. And I needed it. My father died when I was a teen, and I became reckless, doing things that left my mom and the courts at their wits end as to what to do with me. That’s how I ended up going into the military. It was either that or jail. In boot camp, I made friends like I’d never had before and met Anna. And it changed my life. But then Anna’s brother died, and I felt responsible for the longest time. Even told Anna it was my fault. She couldn’t look at me after that. I thought my life ended the day she walked away from me. But now? I knew it was war that killed my buddy. And I knew it wasn’t my fault. Sloane helped me see that. It was like a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. For the first time ever I felt optimistic about the future. And that was huge.

“It’s kind of odd since this is the same girl who called the cops on you.”

“That was just a misunderstanding.”

“A pretty serious misunderstanding.”

I sat back and picked up the glass Sloane had abandoned, taking a sip of the rich, smoky red wine. Jack watched me, his eyes darkened with concern.

Jack was one of my oldest friends. We met in primary school and were inseparable all through middle school and high school. He even joined the Navy with me. He’d seen me fall apart after the death of my father, was aware of the grief that drove me to go back to Afghanistan for a second tour. He knew all my secrets. Knew all the mistakes I’d made in my life. The fact that he was concerned was touching but unfounded.

“We worked it out, Jack. It wasn’t really that big of a deal.”

“I was here when the cops came, in case you forgot.”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

“If not for your military service, those cops might have arrested you then and there.”

“But they didn’t. And Sloane found out who was really behind the vandalism.”

“Is she hadn’t? Would the cops have come back?”

“I don’t think so.” I took another sip of the wine. “She only called the police for the insurance.”

Jack stood up, his eyes moving to the closed bedroom door.

“I just don’t want to see you get yourself in trouble over a girl again.”

“I’m a big boy, Jack. I know what I’m doing.”

“I’ve heard that before.” He turned and took a seat beside me on the couch. “Your mom still calls me once a week. Did you know that?”

I hadn’t known that. I glanced at him, not sure if I should be angry or what. I knew my mom used to call him frequently when I first left the Navy. I knew she worried when I wouldn’t call her, wouldn’t drive out to see her. But things had changed. I made a point of contacting her at least once a week. She had no reason to worry about me anymore.

“She wants you to stop pretending you aren’t part of Water—”

“One thing has nothing to do with the other.”

“Doesn’t it? You refusing to acknowledge your family legacy—”

“Enough, Jack.” I stood up, crossed to the breakfast bar to pour more wine into the glass I’d emptied without realizing it. “I have this discussion with my mother once a month. I’m not going to have it with you, too.”

“Does that girl know who you are? How do you know she’s not just using you because of that?”

“Because she doesn’t know.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. Do you really think that’s the only way I can get a girl?”

“That’s not what I meant. I just…the two of you are mortal enemies, and then suddenly she’s hanging on to your every word.” Jack gestured toward the bedroom door. “That makes a person wonder.”

“Well, your suspicion is unfounded. She doesn’t know. But if she did, it wouldn’t matter.”

Jack stood up and took a step toward me, but then he stopped. He looked almost apologetic, but not quite.

“I’m just trying to watch your back.”

I swallowed the last of the wine and set the glass down with a satisfying thud.

“You should probably go now, Jack.”

He nodded as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He looked like he wanted to say something else, but he must have thought better of it. He turned and walked out, slamming the front door with a final punctuation to his argument. I just stood there for a minute, anger burning deep in my belly. I picked up the wine bottle and threw it. It crashed against the fireplace, the tiny amount of wine that was left inside of it bleeding over the stones. And then I felt like a fool because I was the one who’d have to clean it all up.

In the morning.

For now, I wanted to be with Sloane.

I let myself into the bedroom as quietly as I could, not surprised to find her asleep already. She seemed overly exhausted lately. Her job appeared to take a lot out of her. But she was beautiful, her long hair spread out over the pillow, her creamy skin pale against my dark sheets. I undressed quickly and climbed onto the bed behind her, tugging at the sheet to pull it up over my hip. And then my hand on her hip, my palm sliding slowly over her lower belly.

She sighed in her sleep as I nibbled at her shoulder. Her skin was sweet and salty, a combination that brought to mind long afternoons at the beach. My dad used to take me to Galveston quite often when I was kid. We’d walk along the water’s edge and talk about everything and anything, just spending time together away from the stress of his job and the routine of my childhood troubles. Those were some of my most treasured memories.

I wanted to take Sloane there. Walk hand in hand. Talk about nothing.

It would be paradise.

My hand slid further down her belly, following a path that was familiar but still so exciting. I pressed my nakedness against hers, my fingertip finding the top v of her full outer lips. She wiggled her hips a little, her thighs separating just slightly. Even in her sleep she knew what she wanted. She may have thought she was innocent, but she wasn’t. Sloane was a temptress capable of driving me out of my mind.

I slid my hand deep between her legs, cupping her pussy in the palm of my hand. She moaned, her hips moving again. And then I ran my fingers over her lips, parting them ever so slowly, greeted with just enough moisture to tell me she was more than a little aware of what I was doing. I kissed her neck and she rolled toward me, her lips seeking mine.

“Is Jack gone?” she asked after a long, searching kiss.

“He’s gone.”

She ran her hand over my jaw, her thumb dragging itself over my bottom lip.

“I don’t think he likes me.”

There was no self-pity in her voice. Just a statement of fact.

“He’ll come around.”


She reached down and pulled my hand back up against her heat. A dirty smile slipped across her lips even as she moved close to kiss my neck. I shifted so that her lips landed against my chin instead. Then I lower my mouth and grabbed her bottom lip between my teeth, running my tongue slowly over the soft skin there. She sighed, her hand moving between her legs again, pressing the heel of my hand tighter against her clit.

I pulled my hand away and she moaned in soft protest. I pushed her down against the bed, my hand sliding slowly over her throat to the place where the swell of her breasts began. He nipples were hard, sticking up like little flags marking conquered territory. I loved the way they looked, the way they seemed to call out to me. I could almost feel them in my mouth already, could anticipate the way they’d feel when I drew one, then the other, deep inside of me.

I kissed the top of her breasts, kissed the soft, pillowy mound of flesh. But I ignored her nipples in favor of pressing my face against her belly, loving the smell of her perfume and lotion, of her soap, her clothes, the scent of her day. She was so warm and feminine and a million things I couldn’t put into words. I could live right there for the rest of my life, just spend the rest of my days with my face pressed against the beauty of her flesh.

She ran her fingers through my hair and gave me a little push. She wanted me to move on, wanted my tongue against her swollen clit. And, as much as I love tasting every inch of her, I wasn’t in a hurry. I kissed her as I worked my way down, peppering kisses all over her belly, her ribs. Ran my tongue along the outer ridge of her navel. She sighed, her fingers still locked in my hair. But instead of moving further down the length of her body, I moved upward.

We kissed, our tongues dancing, our breath mingling. Her legs moved around my waist and her hips forced my shaft against her silky flower, her body moving just enough to make me wish I was buried deep inside of her. She groaned, and I knew from the depth of the sound, from the fact that it came from deep in her belly, that she was so ready to welcome me. And that drove me so close to the edge that I had to close my eyes and think about work, about measurements and logistics and electrical issues just to maintain control.

“Do you remember the first night I was in my apartment?” she suddenly asked.


“The first time I called the building manager on you? When you had that screamer in here?”

I brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “Sloane…”

“I want you to fuck me like that.”

There was fever in her eyes and color on her cheeks. She touched my face again, her hand moving slowly over my jaw. I liked it when she did that. It was reassuring in some sort of way. Then she reached up and kissed me again, her lips moving very slowly against mine.

“Please,” she whispered.


She shrugged, but a new light came into her eyes. “I want to be the best memories you have. I want to be what you want.”

I groaned as I touched her face. “You already are.”

“Please,” she repeated.

I didn’t know what to do. I barely remembered that girl—some drunk I picked up at a concert. But I knew it wouldn’t have been like this. I rarely fucked girls in the missionary position. I didn’t want to look them in the eyes, didn’t want to make them feel like they mattered to me. They didn’t. But Sloane…she was different. Only a month and already I’d broken all my unspoken rules with her.

I sat back on my knees and lifted her, turned her around. She made a funny sound, something between a giggle and a moan, as I pulled her hips high into the air while pushing her head down against the mattress.

She had a beautiful ass. I loved to watch her walk away from me when she was naked, loved the way her rounded cheeks moved with every step she took. And now…damn, it was so beautiful, the way her crack spread as it disappeared between her thighs and her plump little pussy stuck out just enough to make my balls ache. I grabbed great handfuls of her ass, squeezing the ample flesh between my hands. And then I scooted a little closer, releasing one side to grasp my cock. A little tickle against her cunt and she made a sound that no one could mistake for laughter.

I almost forgot. Again.

Ten years I’d been fucking beautiful women and never once did I forget to use a condom. I was paranoid about the idea of an accidental pregnancy. It was the last thing I needed, the last thing anyone needed. Who wanted a kid they didn’t plan for? But the first time I touched Sloane, protection was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to be inside of her so desperately that it didn’t even cross my consciousness until the next time we lay together. And it had been hit and miss ever since, though I didn’t always mention it to her. I assumed she was on the pill. The one time I asked, she didn’t deny it.

But still. It never hurt to be careful.

I reached over and grabbed a condom from a drawer in the nightstand. She twisted her head and watched as I put it on, the smile of anticipation on her lips that again forced me to close my eyes and think of something else. Once I was firmly in control, I guided the head of my cock against her thick lips, groaning when it slid easily against her opening. I felt her hand against me as she reached under her body and used her fingers as a guide.

She sighed as I buried myself slowly inside of her. I held her hips, forced her to remain still for a minute as I waited not only for her body to adjust to me, but for my thin hold on my reality to strengthen. Her fingers were still there, rubbing against her clit. And that made my head spin. I loved that she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to take it for herself.

I started to move, a little roll and then a slow thrust. And then again. Slowly, methodically. I ran my hand over her ass, over the small of her back. Watched her face, the side I could see, the way her mouth opened as I touched something deep inside of her that sent shivers of pleasure through her body. I liked to imagine I was the only one who’d ever seen her like this, so overwhelmed with pleasure that she couldn’t control her own movements. Logically, I knew I probably wasn’t. But I liked to think I was.

My movements seemed to speed up on their own accord. I couldn’t help myself. It felt so good, I couldn’t put off the inevitable, couldn’t wait for her to keep up. But she was right there with me. Her hand moved away from her clit. Instead, she pushed herself up on her hands and used the leverage to press her hips hard against me, moving with every thrust I offered her.

And we were moving, shaking the bed so that the headboard was banging against the wall. If anyone had been on the other side of that wall, I’m sure they would have had quite a complaint to file with Todd, the building manager. But the other side of that wall was Sloane’s pretty-in-pink bedroom. And she wasn’t complaining.

I knew I was going to come soon, knew I was just seconds ahead of her. And I so wanted to feel the quiver of her muscles that signaled her climax. I pulled her up, wrapped my arms around her as the length of her body pressed back against my chest. I held her breasts in my hands, squeezed them a little harder than I probably should have. My movements slowed, had to because of the way I was holding her, but her moans were just as intense as they had been before. And when my finger brushed against her clit, I thought she might jump out of her skin.

BOOK: Arrogant Neighbor: A Navy SEAL Romance
10.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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