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Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her Book 1)

BOOK: Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her Book 1)
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Becoming Lady Thomas

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Becoming Countess Dumont


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Sixteen Years Old

THE CRICKETS CHIRP IN A melodic cadence as I walk along the edge of the woods behind our house. Father has been asleep for nearly an hour now, which is why I’ve chosen this time to sneak out. My younger sister of three years, whom I share a room with, Ella, was also asleep, which made my breakout possible.

A snap of a twig to the left of me in the dense forest startles me from my thoughts and I pause.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I hiss toward the darkness.

I’m greeted with an eerie silence that causes a shiver to skitter down my spine. Tugging my shawl higher up my shoulders, I continue my trek to the old barn on the edge of the property. I knew this wasn’t a good idea, but I needed to see him. Before he left me for university in London.


“Who’s there?” I demand, my voice quivering.

When I’m met once again with no answer, I grab hold of my dressing gown and begin to trot at a quick pace toward the dark building that hulks at the top of the hill. It won’t be long. Just another few steps.

Suddenly, a cold arm snakes around my waist, and before I can cry out in horror, the accoster’s other hand slaps over my mouth. The scream that was poised to leave my throat stays lodged there as I whimper in fear. But the moment the person inhales me just below my ear, I know.

BOOK: Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her Book 1)
12.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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