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Chemical [se]X

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Chemical [se]X










Edited by Oleander Plume


No one reads intros…but I’m writing one anyway.


About a year ago, I penned a short story called “Chemical [se]X” for a submission call. Once I found out the story didn’t make the cut, I posted it in the “free reads” section of my blog. The smutty tale about aphrodisiac chocolates and the horny scientists who created them was a big hit and garnered over 900 reads. Then the idea hit me.

What if I wrote a sequel to the story and put it on my blog as a “thank you” to all my readers?

But the idea grew.

What if I wrote a bunch of sequels to the story, put them in a book, and self-published?

Then the dream got even loftier.

What if I asked some of my author friends to write a story based on “Chemical [se]X,” and publish the entire collection in anthology form?

“Yes!” my heart shouted. But my brain responded back with, “What, are you crazy? You don’t know one damn thing about publishing a book.” Which was true. However, the idea wormed itself deep inside my subconscious and refused to budge. My brain threw up its hands and said, “Nobody ever listens to me anyway, so you might as well just go ahead. Idiot.”

Before proceeding, I decided I needed advice from a writer friend (or possibly medication). I approached Exhibit A first, ending my email with, “Would you be interested? Or is this the stupidest idea you’ve ever heard in your life?”

He responded with “Not stupid at all. Count me in.”

In the end, I asked 13 writers if they would like to contribute a story. To my complete surprise, 12 of them agreed. Enthusiastically agreed. To say I was thrilled would be the biggest understatement in the history of mankind.

The book you are reading right now was a group effort, a labor of love, and a hell of a lot of fun to put together. Each writer not only pitched in and helped me get this thing off the ground, but penned a story that completely blew me away. The fact that I was able to work with such an amazingly talented group of people will thrill me for the rest of my life.

Special thanks and big sloppy kisses to:
Annabeth Leong, C. E. Hansen, Dario Dalla Lasta, Ella Dawson, Exhibit A, F. Leonora Solomon, Jacob Louder, Jade A. Waters, L. Maretta, Malin James, Tabitha Rayne,
Tamsin Flowers.

Extra thanks and bear hugs to
Jacob Louder
Here Booky Booky
for putting together a delicious, sexy, and downright lick-able cover. I’m still drooling over it, in fact.

I am proud to present this collection of sex-a-licious erotic stories to you. I hope reading this collection brings you joy, makes you laugh, and, most of all, turns you on. Each story was inspired by my original short, “Chemical [se]X,” and each one is a smokin’ hot read. Enjoy!



Oleander Plume


PS: Thank you for purchasing this book. You’re awesome and I want to kiss you. Right on the lips.


Chemical (se)X

Oleander Plume


The morning was like a slow boat ride to hell. First, the last slice of whole wheat burnt to a crisp when the toaster jammed. The acrid smoke that followed caused my eyes to water profusely, making my mascara run down to my chin. As I dug in my closet for an appropriate work ensemble, I realized that I had never bothered to stop at the dry cleaner. The only thing I had left to wear was a plaid wool skirt that was languishing in the back of my closet. To further the indignity, I had neglected to shave my legs, and was forced to wear argyle knee socks.

Undaunted, I stuffed my feet into worn penny loafers, grabbed my briefcase and headed out the door. As I drove, I happened to catch a glimpse of my face in the rear view and almost screamed in terror. I wet a tissue with spit, then scrubbed at the black rivulets that were dried upon my cheeks. Once I parked my vehicle, I was officially twenty minutes late.


With the handles of my briefcase clutched between my teeth, I struggled into my lab coat while I sprinted to the front door of our building. After seeing myself reflected in the wall of the mirrored elevator, I realized two things. One, I looked like I was going to a Halloween party dressed as a nerd, and two, my hair looked like a rats nest. I quickly twisted the mass of dirty blonde snarls into a knot, which I then secured with a pencil I managed to find on the floor of the elevator. Sure, it had strange teeth marks on one end, but at that moment, I didn’t care. I was completely frazzled and out of breath as I pushed open the steel door that led to my lab.

“Sorry I’m late, Wyatt, you won’t believe the traffic out…”

“Good morning, Jane. We’re so glad you decided to grace us with your presence.”

“Ben! Um, you’re here, what a nice surprise.”

The CEO of our company, Ben Reynolds, was sitting in my chair, which I didn’t expect. My lab partner, Wyatt Henderson, smirked at my outfit, which I did expect. I stuck my tongue out at him when Ben wasn’t looking.

“So, what did I miss?”

Ben was holding a small plastic tub in his hand that appeared to be filled with a dried herb of some sort. At first, I thought it might be pot, then laughed at myself. My ultra conservative Republican boss wouldn’t be caught dead carrying around a tub of marijuana.

“Sit down, Jane, and I’ll get you both up to speed.” He cleared his throat, then pulled an envelope out of his suit jacket. “I received this letter about two weeks ago from my brother Brent. He’s an archeologist, or a botanist, or some nonsense. Anyway, he left on a trip to the Brazilian rain forest about ten months ago. No one had seen or heard from him since. Until this letter arrived.”

“Brent wrote to tell me that he had just discovered an unknown tribe living deep in the jungle, completely untouched by civilization. He said that he was amazed by their lascivious behavior. Here, let me read this part out loud so you get a better idea.”

“The tribe spends most of the day hunting and gathering food, taking care of offspring, etc., just as one would expect. Once the sun goes down, and the children are put to bed, most of the adults meet in a large hut. First they drink a special tea. Soon after they are filled with wild lust and begin to have sex in the most amazing ways. Men with men, women with women, women with men, anything goes. I am beginning to understand why they are all so happy and peaceful.”

Ben took off his glasses, and picked up the container. “He went on to say that the tribe grew a secret plant, but didn’t want to share with him. One night after the adults had fallen asleep out of sheer exhaustion, he stole a small quantity of the dried plant, and sent it to me. That is what is in this bowl, a very powerful aphrodisiac.”

Wyatt raised his hand like we were second graders or something.


“Um, this probably sounds stupid, but Viagra has already been invented.”

“This is nothing like Viagra, Wyatt. This herb makes both men and women extremely randy.”

“How randy?” I asked.

“Well, a second letter came two days ago. Consisting of one sentence.” Ben unfolded another piece of paper. I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and wanted to scream as he very slowly put his glasses back on. “It says,
‘Ben, sell all my shit, I’m never coming back’
.” Ben smirked.

“Wow.” Wyatt’s mouth was hanging open.

“Can I see that container?” The contents had a sort of earthy yet minty aroma. “I have an idea already. We boil this down, make an extract, then add it to chocolate. Viola, aphrodisiac truffles.”

Ben grinned at me, which was a nice change of pace from his usual glare. “That’s why you’re on the team, Jane. Always thinking.” Ben turned his stare to my lab partner. “Wyatt, you’ll be Jane’s assistant on this.”

“What? Assistant? Me?”

I gave myself a mental high five. Wyatt, the little toadie. He was usually the star. Not today, little toad, not today.

“Incidentally, there were seeds mixed in with the samples my brother sent to me. I have given them to the hydroponics lab. After two days, we already have seedlings. A caveat, people. This project gets top priority, understand? If successful, this could put the Acme Confectionery and Drain Cleaner Company on the map. Shelve everything else.”

“What about the Crackly Crunch bar?” Wyatt looked like he might cry. He’d been working on that stupid candy bar for months, and it still tasted like a dog’s patoot.

“Wyatt, don’t be dense. If this works, we’ll be rolling in money. Rolling in it!”

“You mean, you’ll be rolling in it,” I said.

Ben gave me a sly smile. “Remember, Jane, you’re not just an employee, you’re a shareholder.”

“Oh, right.” I began to tingle inside. Then, I mentally spent the money. Clothes, a whole walk in closet full. And a butler. A hot, sexy, muscular butler. With long hair and tattoos. I rubbed my hands together. “Let’s get started.”

“One last thing, this is beyond top secret.”

“All our work is top secret, remember? Like for example, that fried chicken recipe—”

“Shhh! Don’t say that out loud!” Ben gave Wyatt a glare that could have withered a farmer’s field. Wyatt averted his eyes.

“Sorry, Ben.”

“Right. I’ll be back later this afternoon to check on your progress.” Ben looked me up and down. “Interesting attire, Jane. Very, um, collegiate.” He walked out, then stuck his head back in. “Lock this door, and don’t let anyone inside.”

“What about you?” Wyatt asked.

“I have a key.”

“Right.” Wyatt smirked at me again. “Nice socks.”

“Shut up, Wyatt. Start the extraction process right away. I’m going to start gathering up ingredients.”

“This whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, we’re basing all of this on something Ben’s brother told him? What if the guy is nuts? Maybe he just got stoned.”

“Nobody gives up everything because they smoked some good weed.” I sifted through bottles of flavorings while Wyatt set up his equipment. “What goes good with mint besides the obvious?”

“Chocolate goes good with mint.”

I rolled my eyes. “That was the obvious part.” Further search of the pantry turned up a large bag of white chocolate chunks. “I’m going to try a batch with these, too.”

“Why? Nobody likes white chocolate, people only eat it when there’s no real chocolate around.”

“I beg to differ. White chocolate allows the taste of the cocoa butter to come through, it’s subtle, but delicious. Besides, we can dye it pink. Pink truffles would be sexy.”

“Yeah, and we can put them in a twat shaped mold.” Wyatt wagged his eyebrows up and down.

“You’re a pig.”

“Hey, you’re the one that wants to dye it pink. We can make cock shaped candy, too. Hell, we can make cock shaped truffles that have a marshmallow center.”

I tapped my finger against my bottom lip. “You might be onto something there, Wyatt. I’m starting to like the idea of you being my assistant.”

Wyatt hunched over his station and pouted. “This is just great. I have a PHD in science, and I’m making Spanish fly. Fuck my life.”

“Cheer up, Wyatt, if this works, you might finally get a date.”

“Bitch.” Wyatt muttered, but I heard it.

“What did you say?”

“Itch. I have an itch.” He scratched his balls with a beaker stirrer.

I have to mention, Wyatt spends 90% of the day fiddling with his male parts. He’s either scratching or adjusting, or rubbing them up against something like a rutting buck. He’s in his late twenties, unmarried, and I’m fairly certain he collects comic books. Or porn. Or a combination of the two.

After about an hour, the scent of grass and mint hung heavily in the room. The odor was making my head swim, so I took a break and drank some cold water. That’s about the time I noticed the tickle. Confession: I hadn’t had sex in almost two years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude. I like sex, and I had a few decent offers, I just didn’t have the drive. At twenty-eight, my lady parts seemed to have shriveled up. Until that moment.

The tickle started in my clit, then radiated out. It made me squirm in my chair and I started to perspire. Wyatt seemed unaffected, and was altering between fiddling with his junk and taking notes.

“Does it feel hot in here to you?”

“Nope.” Wyatt bit the end of his pencil. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. He was hunched over in his chair and for the first time, I noticed that his shoulders were quite broad, even under his baggy lab coat.

“How much longer until the extract is ready?”

Wyatt glanced at his watch. I noticed that his bottom lip was very pink and pouty. The urge to nibble on it was overwhelming. “Ten minutes? Give or take.”

BOOK: Chemical [se]X
13.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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