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BOOK: Discipline (Scott & Mariana)

“You seem occupied,” Tiana walked into the kitchen.

Kieran turned and smiled at her. “
A little.”

Tiana kissed him and walked over to the pantry. “What’s on your mind? Tell me while I’ll make us breakfast.”

“You didn’t want to get on top last night,” Kieran revealed.

Tiana dropped the box of steel-cut oatmeal she was holding and it spilled over the floor.
He noticed that?
With all of the position changes, tangled sheets, and orgasms, Tiana didn’t think too much of it. “Uh-huh.”

“Is there a reason why?”

Great, now he wanted an explanation on top of noticing
what she did. Why was it that the movies always had the morning after be so romantic and beautiful instead of the harsh reality of bullshit and bad breath?

She was about to get a broom to sweep the mess when Kieran beat her to the punch. “Allow me,” he offered as he began to

Tiana looked down at him sweeping her floor. He was quiet and still waiting for an answer from her.
She finally conceded and came clean.
"I don't know how to ride," Tiana admitted.
Kieran cleaned up the floor and walked over to the trash can.
"You don't know how to ride?"
He emptied out the
dust pan.
"Ride...ride..." Tiana felt her cheeks were on fire with embarrassment. "I don't know how to ride your penis."
A slow smile formed on Kieran's lips.
He put away the broom and dust pan before proceeding to wash his hands at the kitchen sink.
"Okay, um, Tiana, if you're going to talk dirty to me, you need to cut out the medical jargon."
Was it possible to become more embarrassed? Tiana thought so. She wanted to crawl underneath the deepest rock and stay there. "I never really talked dirty before."
"You just need to practice and let it roll off your tongue," Kieran approached her and snaked an arm around her waist. His lips lightly nibbled her ear while a free hand caressed her neck. "I can't wait to taste your pussy again. I love how tight you felt around my cock. And you got so wet for me. I'm going to fuck you so hard, you're going to have bragging rights."
Tiana's tongue darted out to quickly moisten her lips. Kieran didn't just whet her appetite, he created a heat between her thighs that slowly spread throughout her body. She felt her pussy contract in anticipation. She swallowed a few times and let out a breath. "Um, that's nice..."
"Mmm..." Kieran moaned as his hands climbed up to Tiana's breasts. He softly squeezed them as he continued. "You want to give me that pussy again, don't you, baby?"
"Whew..." Tiana breathed. If she concentrated enough, she could possibly make the involuntary contractions her pussy was making to suddenly stop.
She felt this uncontrollable urge
to suck
slow and hard, savoring his mushroom tip and gently tonguing his slit.
"I think I need a glass of water. Aren't you thirsty? I'm thirsty."

“Say it, Tiana,” Kieran kept squeezing Tiana’s breasts as he softly kissed her neck, “tell me how much you want me.”

Tiana closed her eyes and leaned into Kieran’s body. “Yes….yes, baby.”

“Say it, Tiana,” Kieran whispered as he softly kissed her neck, “tell me how much you want me.”

Tiana took a few more breaths. Her lips slightly parted as a moan escaped. She was no longer aroused. She was just horny and she wanted to fuck. No soft love-making, no sweet kisses and romantic music. There was no time for that shit. She wanted to be bent over the kitchen counter as she held onto anything that was nailed down.

“I want you to fuck me, baby,” the words flowed out of her mouth, “I want you buried deep inside me.”

Kieran pulled Tiana’s top over her head and kissed the back of her neck, before trailing his lips down her bare back to the beginning of her pajama shorts. He slowly slid them off her waist and down her legs, kissing her ass and the back of her legs as he did it. He stood back up and bent Tiana over the counter. He spread her legs with his. “Don’t move,” he whispered to her before he left.

Tiana caught herself in the reflection of her glass door refrigerator.  She never thought she would be so raw…so sexy. Kieran brought out a side in Tiana that was beyond freaky. She didn’t know what it was, to be honest. All she knew was she liked it and couldn’t get enough of it.

Kieran returned a short time later and quickly undressed. He tore open the condom wrapper and quickly slipped it on his hard cock. He stood directly behind Tiana and slid inside her, emitting a sharp breath from them both. “Steady, baby,” Kieran moaned to her as she adjusted to his size. “Steady.”

Tiana nodded as she gripped the counter harder. Kieran slowly began to move inside her and her pussy welcomed him with each stroke he gave her. His cock felt so thick, so wonderful, and there was no doubt she was addicted to him already. It seemed with each movement he made, the wetter she became and she gripped him like a tight fist.

“Fuck, Tiana…” Kieran moaned as he moved faster inside her, his balls tickling her wet slit, “do you not know what you do to me, baby? Do you not know?”

Tiana adjusted her position a little, standing up as Kieran drove inside her. He had one hand firmly on her waist while the other one squeezed her breasts. She loved the way he filled her, her walls accommodating and pleasing him, encouraging him to fuck her faster, deeper, and forever. “Kieran, fuck me,” Tiana begged him.

Kieran drove deeper and faster inside Tiana and she could no longer keep quiet. She used to be a silent lover, murmuring and whispering because it wasn’t polite or ladylike. Deep, voracious moans escaped her lips. They started at the pit of her stomach and traveled until she could no longer contain them.

Kieran wanted fuck Tiana more but his orgasm was approaching soon. “Are you about to cum, baby? I don’t know how much longer I can hold it off.”

“Cum, baby,” Tiana panted, “worry about me later.”

Kieran held onto Tiana’s hips as he came inside her, her pussy clenching and milking his cock. “Fuck, baby,” he moaned as he kissed her sweat-covered back. He eased out of her and disposed of the condom. He then turned to Tiana and smiled. “Sit on the counter.”

Tiana briefly looked back at the counter and then to Kieran. “I’m naked and wet, Kieran. I’m not sitting on the counter.”

“Sit on it,” he demanded, “I’m not repeating it.”

Tiana was taken aback by Kieran’s change in his voice. He demanded her to do something. But what confused her was she was
turned on
by it. She never had a man take charge like that before. Kieran was turning her out with each passing day.

Tiana sat on the counter and waited for his next instruction. Kieran walked over to her and kissed her lips, playing with her tongue. He then moved down to her breasts, with the dark cherry rosebuds as full attention. He licked and nibbled on them before he made his way to her heat. Her folds were still glistening and he could smell how intoxicating she was.  Her clit was peeking out through the folds, begging to be licked and played with.

“Place your legs on my shoulders, baby,” Kieran instructed as Tiana complied. “Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

Kieran dipped his head to Tiana’s pussy and began to lick it. Her pearl rolled around his tongue while a free hand spread her folds for easier access. His tongue was quick, making flicking motions on her clit.

Tiana squirmed and writhed beneath Kieran, wanting to ride his tongue. Her pussy began to contract again and Tiana knew she was going to cum. Her pussy was so hungry, so greedy for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, his hands…all of Kieran. Kieran’s cock filled her to the brink and now his tongue was going to send her over the edge.  Her legs began to shake and the orgasm soon spread from her thighs to her belly to her chest to her face.

She screamed Kieran’s name and pushed him away from her satisfied pussy. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and for a brief moment, Tiana forgot where she was.

Kieran picked up Tiana and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He placed her on the bed and covered her with the sheets. He then joined her.

He’ll teach her how to ride later that night. 



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