Divinity: Transcendence: Book Two (The Divinity Saga)

BOOK: Divinity: Transcendence: Book Two (The Divinity Saga)
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Susan Reid


Copyright © 2013 by Susan Reid

All rights reserved.

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For all of the people and beings, who make the world a more tolerable, loving, peaceful and safer place to live and exist. I dedicate book two to my children, and a high-five to my talented son, Andrew Thomas IV, for his amazing talent and help, in the design of my beautiful covers!


© 2013 by Susan Reid. Absolutely no part of this book as well as its entirety, may be duplicated, copied, shared, used or sold without written permission or notification by the author and owner, Susan Reid. Divinity Transcendence Book Two is the sole work and property of Susan Reid and part of the Divinity Saga. All rights are reserved.














































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plot, places, characters
, Biblical Names, and references, are meant for fictional entertainment and storytelling Purposes  only . Any likenesses to persons LIVING OR DEAD, PLACES, AND Ideas, ARE purely coincidental. However, ANYTHING POSITIVE OR PROFOUND THAT may have been interpreted throughout… was intended.





“. . . In the way of righteousness, there is life; along that path is immortality. . . The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. . . Who alone has immortality? Who dwells in unapproachable light? Whom no one has ever seen or can see? To him be honor and eternal dominion.” (Ecc: 9:5; 1 Tim 6:16; Prov: 12:28)


“We have no knowledge of being chosen. We aren’t in control of that, any more than what we are, or where we originate. We can control who and what we become, by virtue of what we accept; what we allow to happen; what we choose, and ultimately— what we do with what we are given, both in life...and even after death.”

Tier Divine Warrior
Starling Marie Roberts


































All was
still and silent across the desolate fields of ash behind his domain. Celebration had abruptly ceased in the now darkened streets that had once been teeming with excitement, debauchery, and joyous expectations.

Broken bodies, headless corpses, and desecrated body parts of charred and dismembere
d beings, littered the bleached bone streets below. Very soon, they would all return to dust and be carried away in the foul winds. Their remains would settle and forever become part of the dead landscape. They were as meaningless to him now, as they had been in the first place.


Morning Stars’ rampage was powerful and destructive.

His anger held
no boundaries. Male, female, and children alike, had all been slaughtered or obliterated in the blink of an eye.

Flaunting his magnificence
in a miasma of violence, and deadly power is what made him king here. Sometimes it was necessary. This was most definitely—one of those times.

displeasure and frustration was always unleashed upon something or someone else. He needed to kill something.

, since that something was off limits, given universal laws, he resorted to torturing and slaughtering his own demons.

fucked up his plans, but he got what he deserved in the end. He was angry with himself for practically allowing him to do it too. He wondered what he had wanted her for. Could it have been for the same reasons as his? Possibly.

was not here to seek revenge upon though, but Cam`ael was.

hat was so special about him? What had he done to deserve keeping his light? Because he remained obedient, like a fool? Like all of the simple fools that he created upon the Earth?

fell just as he had, along with all of the others in his original disobedience. They all looked to him and sought his protection once they had too, including Cam`ael. Cam`ael’s name is not the one that appears predominately in all of the Holy texts.
name was feared, loathed and revered, but Cam`ael was the one who still held a bit of glory. For that, he hated him with a passion beyond his original hate for


Elohim granted Cam`ael
the opportunity to both feel and give love. The power of that emotion was much stronger than hate, and he knew that well.

Cam`ael had fallen
in love with Starling, and she both accepted and loved him in return. He heard and felt that affirmation in her dying heartbeat. Though he already knew she would not remember him now, much less ever having loved him, the very thought rekindled his rage and hatred for Cam`ael.

Humans, Elohim’s most favored and
loved of all the beings in the universe. They would be the ones who would become his slaves, and be ruled by him and his brethren, or die. He swore that with his newest army and creations, he would challenge and destroy his beloved Divine warriors too.

He smiled to himself. Yes, his newest pr
oject has been doing quite well and he was pleased.

Elohim has not been playing this wager fairly. After all, non-interference was his own law, yet he placed a hand in and helped them—helped Cam`ael. The very thought made him seethe with black power, his teeth

grinding with
renewed dark rage that began to simmer in

once again.             

I am Aba
ddo`nai, Morning Star to those who have known

the longest. I am the almighty, powerful

of the spirit realm, and soon to be—over Earth.

That was the one thing
that he was certain of. No one…not even Elohim would stop him. He hadn’t come

this far to give

There were many ways to destroy
something without touching it directly.

All he had to do was
redirect Cam`ael’s attention and focus, to make him remember what he was—nothing more than a despicable Demon. He wanted him to suffer greatly. If that meant keeping Starling from killing
him just yet, then he would do it. Because without him, he

may not be able to get to her so

she was here with him, he was confident that he would be able to convince her to accept him. Then he could take as long as he needed to figure out why she was

intriguingly different, yet strangely familiar.

He woul
d start with the shield of glory that she had been able to draw upon and surround herself with.

membrane of the light hurt when he touched it. It had nearly brought him to his knees.

No mortal, cho
sen or not, could have ever ignited that kind of aural energy.

Whatever it was,
it was powerful. Something that powerful should not be left out of his sight to wander freely —let alone out of his possession. Her purpose to him had changed, slightly. He needed to claim her now, and it would have to be here in the spirit realm, where there were no rules. She would become careless at some point; he could almost guarantee that.

Love was the greatest weakness…one that could be infiltrated and used against the both of them. He smirked

to himself
again as another thought entered his

elaborately, devious
, dark and evil mind.

“My Sovereign Lord…” The voice was
hesitant, trembling with trepidation, and picking up on his black


Morning Star turned his attention away from the

wide window slowly to face one of his top necromancers,

Though he was a raiser of the dead, one of his

specialties was
fertility and the crossbreeding of both dark fallen and hybrid humans. Lately though, it was between

the fallen and
the chosen that they have been capturing,

while still mortal

—had better be good.” Morning Star replied in a calm whisper of malevolence. It made Lathus shiver and cower where he stood in his long, tattered, dust colored robes. He was obviously attuned to the heat of Morning Star’ power. His black energy continued to spark in the air of his chambers. His great, leathery, char-colored wings were ruffled and splayed. They usually weren’t out, unless he was extremely pissed.

He, like all
of the others, knew better than to disturb Morning Star, unless he specifically called for them. Figuring that his master would want to hear some good news, he took the chance anyway. Morning Star had not

called upon him, yet

us swallowed hard and smiled. He nervously wrung his wart infested, rotten-clawed hands together,

Her will has weakened considerably and a few of her

eggs have been harvested. What would you like

us to do now, your eminence?” He asked.

Morning Star raised a brow
, and his eyes narrowed.

“Have her wounds healed?” He asked.

“Yes, there was no bloodshed, none at all.” The necromancer affirmed, shaking his head fervently.

“Is she conscious?” Morning Star then asked

“Yes, my Lord.” Lathus nodded.

Morning Star paused, and nodded,
clasping his hands behind his back. Telepathically, he called upon the demon soldiers who guarded his newest prisoner, to bring her to


“Thank you, Lathus.” Morning Star smiled.

us’ large, crimson colored eyes went wide with relief.

are most welcome, your magnificence.” he bowed

and began to slink away.

“Oh Lathus, there’s just one more thing…” Morning Star

called out.

Lathus stiffened and swallowed hard.

Protecting himself with magic
, or even running would have been useless. One second, he was standing near the doorway, and in the next, he was jerked forward by an unseen, powerful force. Now, Morning Star’s hand seized him by the throat, pressing hard into his jugular. Lathus’

eet dangled from the stone floor, as Morning Star forced

him to look
up into his calm, beautiful face.

he storm of a raging monster swirled crazily in his aqua,


us’ cry was cut short, as he gagged and choked, struggling for air. He was terrified of Morning Star, because he was enigmatic, and he towered above all of them. He futilely tried to angle his neck in order to keep it

being snapped, given the impossible way that

Star had him bent.

“If you ever enter my chambers uninvited
and unannounced again, I will rip your head off and ensure that you are able to both watch, and— feel every sensation, while I devour your corpse. Do I make myself clear?” Morning Star’s tone was simplistic; yet most definitely, stone cold serious. All Lathus could manage was a tiny, movement of his head in a nod. “Yes, my lord. Forgive

” He rasped in a faint, barely coherent whisper.



athus had been dismissed. He was nothing more than a sniveling, coward who would never forget his place. If he didn’t need him, he would have taken great pleasure in tearing him apart limb from limb slowly for invading his privacy unannounced.

That was his ultimate pet peeve.


It never took his guards long to
follow his orders. They had all been given numerous examples of what can

happen if they
did not move quickly.

She was
bound with magic laden chains, which separately linked each of her wrists, and her ankles together.  The cursed, titanium plated gauntlets covered her forearms and hands, so that she could not wield her weapon. Whatever her essence was, had

been depleted and rendered silent while in captivity.

stood inside a
magically drawn circle that restricted her

and prevented her escape.

he had no other choice but to stand before and face her new master.

She was no longer defiant, angry,
or loathing. Well, maybe loathing, but there was both pleading and surrender in her eyes now. She had finally been broken after days of mental, visual, and physical torture. The powerful scent of her sweat, fear, pain, and hate was inebriating to him.

Her bones had healed. The
bruises were now gone, and the glimmer in her hazel eyes had faded into vacant, dead pools.

Just the
way he wanted her.

He grinned
, examining the distant look in her eyes.

hat’s up girl?” Morning Star spoke first, using the lingo that a girl of her age and background would find the least fearful.

e didn’t respond or blink.

“No hard feelings right? Tru
st me; the worst is over, maybe.” He smiled, as he began to pace and circle around her. “It will all depend on you. As you’ve seen, pain can be very persuasive,”

He stopped
and leaned in close behind her. Her hair was soiled with both her own perspiration and that of demon funk. “And so can pleasure…” His spoke into her hair.

is voice was a sensual whisper that startled her, pushing a pleasurable moan from deep within her throat. Her knees quivered, and her body trembled in response to the thrust of charged, erotic energy that he forced fully into her. Normally, it would be near impossible to seduce a divine warrior, but her will and spirit had already been broken. He smiled with brief satisfaction.

This was going to be too easy, he
then thought with disappointment. He sighed, narrowing his aqua blue eyes at her. “You’ve lasted this long. If you’re still sane when I’m done…I’ll let you go free.” He grinned.

BOOK: Divinity: Transcendence: Book Two (The Divinity Saga)
5.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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