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Then she felt him stand beside her.  Grabbing her by her hair once again he commanded, “Stand.”  In doing so, Mackenzie felt the object inside her ass shift slightly and a strange
, overpowering sensation rocked through her, causing her to stumble at the feeling.  Holding her hair firmly in one hand and pushing her gently on her shoulder with the other, Sir guided Mackenzie until her knees met soft material.  Having nowhere to go when he continued to push her forward, she found herself bending at the hip once more.

“Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to have you in this position?” he asked as her cheek found a soft but slightly cool surface.  It smelled like leather.  She shook her head slightly and she felt his fingers flex in her hair as he tightened his hold
, as if preparing to yank it.

“No Sir,” she breathed out, more aroused than she had ever felt in her life. 
He has fantasized about this moment?  With me?

“Since the first time I saw you,” he murmured,
answering her thoughts then leaning down to kiss her in the centre of her back.

Oh how she loved the feel of his lips on her, she just wish he would push his tongue into her mouth, that’s what she wanted most.  A kiss on the lips from this handsome, sexy
, kinky and mysterious man with no name.  She had imagined it so many times since she first saw him.  Though this is not the way she pictured them being together, not at all, she still couldn’t help but think about how perfect it was.  How she felt turned on in a way she never thought possible and how she didn’t want it to end.  She felt at home with his hands on her, his body at her back, and being under his command.

He placed a couple more kisses on her back, it was so tender and warm and out of place with his commanding nature.  And then as if he was catching himself and realising where he was and what he had planned for her, he suddenly stood straight and with one hand still tangled in her hair he gave her an almighty slap across the ass with the other.  The sound resonated through the room and the back of Mackenzie’s eyes stung with unshed tears behind her blindfold.  She remained quiet and still, shocked.  Then another, just as hard and loud.  With the third she cried out
in pain.

His hand rubbed her soothingly for a moment before again slapping her with three quick consecutive slaps of even power.  She felt the object in her ass move
marginally and she cried out with the pleasure it caused.  She was on the edge of orgasm and when the next slap hit, he let go of her hair.  His hand came between her legs putting pressure on her clit as he tugged the item free from her ass, causing a massive explosion. An orgasm ripped through her.  It was different to anything she had felt before, powerful, it made her lightheaded and she squeezed her eyes shut under her blindfold as her body shuddered with pleasure.

She felt limp and shaky and whatever she had her body slumped
against was propping her up, without it she knew she would surely fall.  Sir silently, and with what seemed like no effort at all, hoisted her up into his arms.  The feel of his naked torso against her side felt wonderful and had her wishing she no longer wore the blindfold.  She wanted to see him.

He placed her on her side on what felt like a bed.  She pulled her knees up slightly and let out a contented sigh.  She felt tir
ed and that was just from one major orgasm.  She knew that he had more in store for her so she soaked up her moment’s rest, preparing herself for what was to come, even though she had no idea what that it would be.

A loud noise startle
d her and she jumped.  It sounded like a man in pain and someone beating him.  For a moment she was frightened and wondering who else was in the room, but then the beat of a drum took over.  It was persistent and familiar, and it only took her a little while to recognise it was music.  It was coming from a stereo and she recognised the tune.  “Mr. Self Destruct” by Nine Inch Nails blared through speakers, the music seeming to come from every direction.  It engulfed her.  It mesmerized her.  She had always liked this song.  She found it dirty and sexy but never more than she did at this moment - bound and blindfolded in a strange man’s bed, her bra still in place but her panties tight around her thighs leaving her bare.

It was with relief that she felt him undoing the tie that had
held her hands behind her all this time.  She flexed her fingers and bent her wrists, flinging out the dull ache in her hands.  She rolled onto her back and stretched out her body and that’s when he again captured her.  She could feel the weight of him hovering over her body but without the pressure and feel that she really wanted, without the touch she craved.  She wriggled and writhed trying to find some sort of contact, some part of his body.  But without being able to see, and with him holding tightly onto her wrists she was unable to reach him.

She became frustrated and impatient and begged, “Please, give yourself to me.”

“No talking.”

He let go of her wrist with one hand and slapped her face.  Her instinct to fight kicked in and she took advantage of her free hand, flinging it through the air.  She made contact but with which part of his body she couldn’t be sure, all she knew was she felt skin.  He grabbed hold of her hand easily enough and held it high above her head, fiercely against the mattress.  At that moment she hated that he had the advantage of vision, because more than anything she wanted the fight.  She began pushing her legs upwards bending her knees towards him but whatever he was doing he managed to evade her. She couldn’t place exactly where he was only that he had hold of her wrists and then he didn’t, she felt cool metal around first one and then the other.  She knew they were handcuffs, it was the second time she had used those and the feeling was familiar.  She pulled her hands and the metal cut into her painfully. 

Then i
t came to a quieter part of the song and his mouth was at her ear.

“Struggle all you like, you’re not going anywhere
,” he whispered.

She grunted her anger towards him, turning her head in his direction and she heard him chuckle loudly as he pulled away.  It was then, at the sound of his magical
laugh, she knew she didn’t want to be anywhere else.  She felt like home. 
felt like her home.  Like he was the one thing she had been missing.

How strange is that?

It didn’t stop her from fighting him though.  She liked the sound of his laugh and it was with mixed emotion that she heaved her chest upwards hoping to hit him in some way.  She wanted to provoke more laughter and she wanted to have that skin on skin contact with him more than anything right then, but he continued to evade her.  She heard Trent Reznor sing “I am the needle in the vein” and she realised the significance of his song choice.  She felt like she needed him, like he was her drug and she needed a hit.  It overwhelmed her to feel so strongly. 

She felt him gently lift her foot, removing her
shoe and then the same on the other foot.  She was tempted to kick but she didn’t want to damage his beautiful face by being reckless.  She stopped struggling. 
I need him
.  Then he slowly and torturously slid his hands up her legs, reaching her panties and dragging them down, pulling her garters and stockings off with them.  His hands smoothing over her feet with a surprising gentleness.

She felt uncomfortable in the confines of her bra
, the only item of clothing she still had on, and as if reading her mind his hands made their way to her breasts.  She was instantly relieved when he flicked the clasp open swiftly, her breasts spilling out.  She was so glad she had worn an easily accessible front opening, strapless bra today.  She lifted her back slightly so he could pull the material away from her body.  She was now completely naked and laid bare for him.  Only the blindfold and the handcuffs remained. 

The music surrounded her as she waited.  She felt intoxicated, she felt needed and wanted.  She also felt
need and
, in a way that she had never felt before.  And yet he wasn’t touching her.  It was driving her crazy.

The music continued and she became more restless as he remained apart from her.  She needed him.  The song went on and on.  The last strangled moans of the guitar hurting her ears, it was so loud.  And then silence.  Nothing.  She didn’t know where he was in the room, the song had ended and he was playing mind games with her.  She felt frustrated and was about to yell out to him when the music again began to play.  The same song repeated, the beatings of a man at the beginning of the tune making her heart
rate spike with anticipation.

Why i
sn’t he touching me?

Please touch me
, she wanted to beg

then he did, he touched her and her heart sang at the contact.  His hand gently ran up the length of her body, from the arch of her foot, along her calf, the inside of her thigh… he missed the spot she needed him most and moved to her hip instead.  His light fingers trailing along her side before stopping at her breast.  He grabbed a handful and squeezed softly and then she felt his hot lips circling her nipple.  He sucked it into his mouth and bit it gently, causing a bolt of pleasure to run down to her core.  She arched her back on a moan.  His free hand forcefully pushed her hip back against the mattress.  And then he was covering her.  Finally she felt his body on top of hers.  He was naked now and she could feel the hardness of his cock against her thigh.

He was heavy and made it difficult to move, but she tried anyway, she needed that friction between them.
  Again he evaded her.  Trailing kisses down to her stomach, he moved his body to between her legs and then his lips were on her pussy.  His tongue darted out and he licked at her clit.  The huge bolt of pleasure ripped through her and she almost orgasmed immediately.  Of course, he was not going to allow that, she knew without knowing how she knew, that he was going to draw this out as much as possible.  He was enjoying her pleasurable torment, probably as much as she was.

The song ended and another one
began.  Mackenzie recognised it as “Eraser” from the same Nine Inch Nails album she had at home.  His tongue teased as his fingers joined it, moving in and out of her at a leisurely pace.  He brought her to the brink of orgasm and then stopped, and he was gone yet again. She groaned her annoyance.

A moment later, he was pushing his cock into her, slowly and just deep enough to hit that spo
t, to drive her to that peak, but not enough to push her over it.  He fit her perfectly, making her feel just the right amount of fullness.  She felt fantastic.  She felt alive in a whole new way, with him moving inside her, slowly and sensually.  He was drawing so much pleasure from her body that she was trembling in anticipation when he withdrew and again settled his face between her legs.

She felt his breath against her as he took his time working his fingers over her body before inserting his tongue
and evoking a moan from her lips.  He laved at her over and over and over again.  Until she was wild with desire, desperate for release and panting with need.  Her hands wrestled above her head and she wriggled her legs, trying to push him closer, to force him to finish her off, all to no avail.  Still the music continued, the long intro dragging out her pleasure and frustration. 

When the lyrics finally began s
he found herself concentrating on the words as if Sir was speaking them to her directly.  “Need you… dream you… bind you… taste you… fuck you… use you… scar you… break you…”  The words filled her head, increased her pleasure, and still he teased.  He was a planner, his playlist obviously orchestrated to perfection and she wondered just how many women he had had in this exact position, to this same music.

He continued to work his magic, h
is lips to her mound and his hands roaming her body.  He squeezed her thighs, pinched her nipples, ran his fingernails down her torso… everything he could to increase the intensity of what he was doing with his mouth and tongue but not allowing her to fall over that edge that she desperately needed.

“Please sir,” she eventually begged.  She recoiled, waiting for his hand to strike but instead he moved from between her legs
, leaving her bereft.

Eraser” began playing for the second time as she waited for him to touch her.  Suddenly she felt pressure on her thighs, his hands spread her legs wide open and then he pushed something inside her.  She knew it was a vibrator a second later when he switched it on.  It was big and strong and a moment later his finger slipped down the crack of her ass placing just the right amount of pressure for her to lose it.  The orgasm tore through her and she felt as though she almost left her body, her mind somewhere floating above her.  Her senses were overwhelmed by the intensity, her body convulsing in divine pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Once again he removed all contact, taking the vibrator with him as she thrashed about in ecstasy on the bed.
  But he didn’t leave her long this time.  His hand was at her throat and his mouth to her ear.

“I’m going to remove the handcuffs now, but you must promise to do as you’re told.”

“Yes sir.”

He reached above her and she felt the cuffs loosen.  She flexed her hands that had
gone slightly numb but didn’t move them from above her head.  She awaited his instruction.

BOOK: Eraser
4.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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