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Feeding Dragons (3 page)

BOOK: Feeding Dragons
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the only option so

I huffed out a wordless sound of
disgust and he sighed in what I believed was empathy."I can only
tell you the truth as I know it,” he continued. Not that I think
knowing what little facts there are will do for much good you, nor
will it change anything for either of us. There’s nothing for it
but to carry on.”


He stroked fingers that radiated heat
down across my forehead brushing my eyebrows. “I need for you to
try and enjoy this as much as you can.”

I barked out a stunned laugh and in
fury shot back, “Oh really? Well fuck you!”

He loomed over me and pressed his face
close to mine. I watched in sheer pants pissing terror as the
humanity leached from his face. His eyes shifting, melting, the
deep brown in the iris in flux as if inside he was nothing more
than a puddle of molten colors trying to coalesce into something

“Do you see?”

I squished my eyes tight and shook my
head back and forth. I refused to open my eyes to whatever the hell
was going on with him.

A drop of something wet and warm hit my
cheek with a soft splat. My eyes flew open and he was staring down
into my face with an expression I could not read. Yet there it
was….another tear welled up and with agonizing slowness grew then
bubbled along his lashes before breaking free to hit my

“Believe me,” he whispered in a low
tone that had me straining my ears to hear him. He flicked his eyes
to the left then back to me. Seeing the blank look on my face he
jerked his eyes again and raised his eyebrows willing me to get a
clue. I slowly closed my eyes then opened them giving him a flat
stare and the briefest of a nod.

“Understand if you don’t play along
they will kill you. I won’t but they will.”His words made my heart
skip and stutter in my chest like a moth trying to break free of a
child’s hands.

“I know you have no reason to trust me
but you must. Your life depends on it.” His mouth formed the words
and only holding my breath allowed me to hear him for he had
lowered his voice yet again as if in desperation to keep his words
from the dangerous minds behind the glass that watched our every
movement. I wanted so badly to believe he would keep me safe but as
he raised a dark cloth over my head I gasped. He held it
outstretched between clenched fists so I could see it and giving me
a smile that did nothing to allay my fears he said, “I can offer
you this. It might be better especially in the

I felt my eyes water and the tears
trickled down the sides of face running into my ears then dropping
off to where I could I only assume they vanished into the pillow. I
willed him to do the right thing with every ounce of emotion I
could put into my gaze and was not ashamed to hear my voice shake
as I said, “Whatever happens please make the end come quickly…” I
stopped as I caught something wholly inhuman in his gaze. While he
had been stroking and petting my hair I could just catch subtle
sparks of amber and gold flashing within his liquid chocolate stare
but there was something else there now. Something I could not yet
define but my guts twisted and icy fingers clenched my heart as
finally I let myself wonder what he meant by the words ‘becoming

“Are you sure you don’t want to shield
your view?” He paused and rolled his shoulders throwing his weird
eyes elsewhere. I watched as he stiffened and glared with a look
that can only be described as a mixture of hate and despair towards
the lab coats that remained still as plaster dolls behind the
glass. In a voice marked by dread I said, “No.” It wasn’t that I
didn’t really want to be blindfolded but a tiny part of me wondered
if I was unable to make eye contact with him if at some point I
would become unreal to him. If the loss of visual connection would
allow things to progress to the point that I was no longer a person
but just a tool that would then be all the easier to dispose of. I
didn’t want to look but I couldn’t afford not to. He nodded once
and dropped the fabric out my sight. He reached towards me with
fingers that still looked human but trembled slightly. My breath
hitched in my chest as I waited for contact. With infinite slowness
he reached towards my face as I tried to keep from panting in fear.
A gentle touch of wild heat traced its way along my eyebrows then
slowly ran down to my cheekbone lingering for a moment before
descending to my mouth. His thumb wandered across my lips while his
fingers cupped my chin. Holding me still he stared into my eyes
until I grew uneasy with the intensity of his gaze. His mouth
creased into a satisfied grin, “You really do have pretty eyes,” he
smiled. “I’ve never before seen such an usual shade of gray; they
have flashes of silver in them.” I blinked in surprise. Well ok but
really I’d never given it any thought before my eyes looked just
like my dad’s.

He leaned down and blew a hot breath
across my breasts and they hardened in reply. The nipples puckering
and reaching up towards him, I couldn’t help myself. My back arched
in reply to bring them closer to his mouth. Wanting, needing to
feel his lips wrap around them. He lowered his mouth covering her
nipple sucking hard. He pulled and tugged at it with his lips and
tongue until I felt waves of heat rip through me causing my hips to
rock on their own.

“Look how hard your nipples are-just
beautiful.” He reached over and tweaked the other one sighing
softly at my reaction. I could feel the oily wetness seeping out as
he continued to play with me. I felt my pussy lips swell with fire
as he reached down with one hand to tease me, rubbing and stroking
the inside of my thighs then flitting just across the dark curling
hairs. The touch was so gentle and light as to almost be imagined.
I closed my eyes and could hear the breath whistle past my lips as
he drove me onward. My hips began to arch up trying to force his
hand to put some pressure on my aching pussy but he just withdrew
until I dropped back down. It was rapidly approaching the point of
pain as my cunt was twitching and humming with need all the while
he played with me like a cat. Never putting on enough pressure to
take me over the edge-just driving me to the heights then
withdrawing once I was seconds from flying; I couldn’t stand it one
more second. I thrust my hips up and grabbed his hand holding it in
place as I ground against him.

“Do you want more?”

I nodded and rocked my hips
into his palm. I heard a satisfied chuckle and then he retreated
completely. I should have felt ashamed. I should have felt shock at
how I was acting but I gave a mental shrug and told myself I might
die before the day was over and at this point feeling good came
before everything else. I glanced at the window and noticed the
four men were still in position, clipboards in hand as they watched
with dark expressionless faces. At that moment I twisted my head
I couldn’t bear to look. Being
separated by glass walls made them seem less real, less threatening
and strangely the fact that they were watching caused a riot of
emotions to shift as I considered what I was feeling and realized
that it was a combination of shame, terror and a bizarre nudge of
desire. They were ghosts watching this nightmare unfold with
otherworldly detachment. I turned back boldly watched them
expecting they would look away in shame. I waited but realized they
felt nothing. He could rip me to shreds when he was done and they
would do nothing but dispose of whatever was left of my


Squeezing my eyes shut I
begged whatever larger consciousness might be watching over me.
Please God let this be nothing more than a bad sushi induced dream.
Then something hot, wet and firm traced a line along the inside of
my left thigh and flicked the hood of my clit.


between my legs were growing harder to ignore. I felt him bury his
face between my legs hands gripping my ass and lifting me to his
eager mouth. My god his tongue was relentless, pushing, swirling
and lapping at my wetness sending me into a near faint as I pushed
myself towards him. I could feel the heat building, my stomach
clenched as my thighs began to shake and tremble from the internal
pressure swaying to the final moment. I heard him let out a groan
and I felt his fingers seeking out my entrance. I was panting and
incoherent with it all and when he shoved two fingers inside me I
lost it. My body reacted in a primal response as my orgasm
exploded; causing an exquisite release of the tensions I had been
holding inside for too long. I cried out, arching my back as I rode
the waves of seemingly endless pleasure.

As my moans began to
subside, he gently kissed the inside of both of my thighs before
standing to press his full erection against me. I felt him lightly
thump it against my pussy and realized that it seemed much larger
than it should have. His swollen cock pulsed against my clit then
with a growl he sank the head inside me. I gasped as my body
stretched to accommodate him. I had thought for a second he would
give me a moment to accommodate him but sure as I was wrong about
everything else why would I have been right about that? His eyes
met mine. He gave a vicious little grin and with a wink he drove
himself inside. A bellow erupted from my throat as my head snapped
back from the shock of it. I could feel every vein in his cock.
Every ridge sent me spiraling in a frenzy of lust. Yet I was unable
to move. I was gasping and shaking but all I could do was stretch
my arms out over my head and wait for the rest. With exquisite slow
thrusts he rocked back and forth into me but still it was more than
I could bear and I felt myself drying up from the fear of being
ripped in two. Finally he grew still and I waited but nothing
happened. Lifting my head I saw him standing between my raised legs
with his hands on my hips. I glanced down and could hardly believe
that any man was gifted with something so large between his legs.
It defied the odds in length and thickness and there was simply no
way for me to accommodate his girth. I was stretched to the limit
and growing drier by second. He watched me without speaking and
must have realized I could take no more. “I want you to close your
eyes and think of nothing but what you feel. I am doing my best not
to hurt you but if you freeze up it will be inevitable.”

Biting my lip I let my head
thump back into the pillow and willed him to just get it over with.
I felt a warm pressure against the puffy stretched outer lips then
a similar sensation against my clit. I was briefly confused since I
hadn’t felt him withdraw but I was sure I was feeling a tongue
sucking and drawing on my clit causing my ass to lift off the table
to push against him. His hands held me in place while the hot
liquid pressure fluttered and pulled me into a slow gentle wave of
heat. Now I was really confused-what the hell was in my pussy if
his mouth was working me over at the same time? I tipped my chin
down and looked through my lashes to see something that nearly had
me thrashing to escape. Suckers! He had little suckers like an
octopus that ran from his lower abdomen to my lady bits. The
complete freak show aspect was bad enough but what made it so much
was worse was the fact that I was enjoying it. They felt amazing!
The skin still looked human but there were greenish blue veins
running near the surface that pulsed and fluttered as the….as the
what? I mean what were they? Tentacles? Appendages? Extensions?
Extra bits? Did it really matter what he called them? Because oh my
God! They fluttered, licked and pulled with gentle heat. Some kind
of supple movement from just inside them tickled against my skin
with a sensation that was mind-blowing. It made me think of
dandelion fluff, tiny little things pushing, touching and flicking
against my darkest places in a symphony of lust. I looked one more
time (just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things) and I caught a
glimpse of his cock pulling back. Just before he drove it forward I
realized that along with the squirmy things he had grown, his penis
now had violet colored nodules of different sizes running all over
it. Each one rubbed me sending an electric jolt as he pressed back
inside and I thought I would die from the touch. It was all too
much. I could feel an insane amount of pressure building in my
lower abdomen. My pussy was putting out so much lube that I
wondered if I would dehydrate and now I was gasping like a gaffed
fish. Neck bowed, mouth stretched wide I was panting and choking
for air as the pressure built to levels I had never before

I lost control. As I was
thinking of the never ending morphing man tucked between my legs it
happened. An orgasm like no other; I was amazed that my body was
able to ride it out without having a heart attack it was so strong.
If felt like my scalp was on fire and suddenly my boobs itched.
Hold clear fluid gushed out of me and if my bladder hadn’t been
empty I would have thought I’d peed myself in the rush. I was dizzy
and breathless. My aims hung limp off the sides of the platform and
I felt the sweat on my skin chill me as it evaporated in the
sterile room. I could barely form a coherent thought I was so
undone by what had happened. I was boneless, formless and reduced
to complete fearlessness by the experience.


I FINALLY rolled my eyes to
his and stared at him. “You want to know about the extra

I nodded since at this
point speech seemed like too much of an effort. “Well to be honest
I’ve only seen then a few times.”

BOOK: Feeding Dragons
7.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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