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Feeding Dragons (5 page)

BOOK: Feeding Dragons
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He gripped me with his claws nearly
breaking the skin, his eyes bulging. He was going to give me the
fucking of his life, a fucking I would never forget. I gathered his
strength, my teeth gritted. Damn, but that’s sight, I thought. I
trembled at his slightest movement, and he knew I was enjoying it.
I could feel the rubbery tightness in my puffy wet lips and the
taut exciting way my erect clitoris stood up when his pubic hair
rubbed against it.

My voice began to waver and rise as I
felt the fucking rhythm increase and I worked to match thrust and
thrust. I could feel his heavy balls slapping wetly against ass. My
pussy juices had seeped down into my anal crevice as I fucked him
with obscene abandon. My voice was low and pleading, "I love it,
fuck me fast.” He gave me a fierce gaze and began to pummel my body
with his.

I was screaming with lust now, and it
seemed his altered hands were everywhere at once, all over my body;
at my hips, my thighs, my nipples, raking across my wildly
thrashing buttocks and splitting my ass-cheeks open while a cruel
outstretched finger stabbed at my puckered little anus!

"Fuck me, please" I moaned, shrieking
with delight and obscene pleasure shuddered through my body as he
stilled and made me wait. "Fuck me!"I demanded his compliance but
he held back for a few seconds. “I’m almost there….he panted, “Are
you ready?”

I kissed him hard for an
answer then he closed his eyes and flipped me over. It was so fast
I didn’t’ have a chance to complain before my mind went blank with
nothing but thoughts of him driving it home.
Panting with desire, I placed my palms against his chest and
gently pushed him back.
I bucked my hips up
to meet him as I felt him tensing above me and his moaning becoming
deeper and more rhythmic; it was only then that I felt my body
suddenly full of a new strength as I arched up beneath him and
began trembling deeply. Then I was fighting him like a game fish
for release before falling back into helpless spasms of searing
ecstasy as another orgasm convulsed me.

That was too much for him and, with a
guttural roar; he came, pumping powerful spurts of his white-hot
cum deep into my cunt, filling me up so that it spurted out all
around his wildly jerking shaft. I lay with my loins and stomach
glistening with cum, completely relaxed, feeling like putty,
feeling there, very there... and a little uncertain about my own


I woke slowly and felt his warmth
against my side. One leg thrown over my thighs and an arm clutching
my breast as he murmured against my neck. His breath hot against my
skin causing chills to ripple through me. In the depths of my
ragged soul there flickered a tiny ray of hope that all hinged on
the flutter of life that was steadily growing inside me. I felt him
stir as his breathing shifted. “No matter what happens….I will
always love you.” His hand caressed the baby that shifted under my
ribs and heated my skin, “Now and forever no matter what the future
brings I will love you…. both of you.”


The End





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BOOK: Feeding Dragons
12.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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