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Authors: Catherine Rose

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Feeding Dragons (4 page)

BOOK: Feeding Dragons
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My eyebrows went up at
this. He continued on, “A couple of times I woke up as they
were…um…retreating back into me.” His face took on an oddly
embarrassed cast and I realized he must have been having erotic
dreams and the tentacles things had taken care of business. Ok at
least now I knew the damn things wouldn’t start chewing on me and
accidently bite off a hunk of flesh. Creepy? Weird? Yes and yes but
there was no ignoring how those things had ripped me into an
out-of-body experience that I would gladly have again. I gave a
little shake all over like a wet cat just out of the rain and
waited for him to begin again.

With a gentle squeeze of
his hands on my thighs he seated himself fully and deeply inside
me, filling me more than I had ever experienced. I was vaguely
aware that the little bastards were glued to the glass, but I no
longer cared earlier inhibitions seemed to have vanished in the
heat of brute lust. Never had I felt so free.


I lay there limp and
passive letting the power of his drive sweep over me. I knew better
than to fight but at the same time I was still aware of the eyes at
the glass. Why are they still there? Did they expect me to fight?
Did they expect me to die? Trying to block them out I twisted my
head away and stretched my arms above my head. I could feel my ass
starting to cramp from this bizarre dentist chair-fuck bed combo
thing he had going on. I grimaced as a muscle protested in my lower
back causing my left leg to draw away from him. He kept right on
striking home without noticing that I about to get pissy since he
appeared fascinated by the sight of his mutant cock doing its magic
disappearing act into me with every stroke.


I got nothing. He didn’t
look up. He didn’t slow down. He just got on with the fucking. I
drew my left leg further back and thumped him on the chest with my
foot, “Hey! You! My ass is killing me from this contraption you got
me on. I’m gonna cramp up and then I won’t be worth a

He snapped out of his sex
induced fugue and slowed the pace of his hips but of course he
never truly stopped.

just drew back and forth dragging the sensations out like a
swordsman lovingly pulling out a treasured blade from a scabbard.
Drawing it slowly an inch at time to focus on the exquisite
craftsmanship of the blade. At that point I was tingling right up
to my scalp from the sheer overwhelming sensations he was causing
within my body but I had to move. This table was killing me.

“I’ve got to get off this
thing before my back spasms…” I thought to add, “..please..” at the
last second. I wasn’t sure what he would do but to my shock he
withdrew completely. Patting my midsection with a touch that
stunned me he bowed over me and placed a gentle kiss on my
bellybutton. He searched my eyes and must have found what he was
looking for; in a hopeful voice he said, “A little bite can be fun.
A smidge of pain can take you to levels of pleasure you never
imagined but I will do my best to never hurt you out of anger. Ok?”
He drifted to my side and scooped me up like a puppy and cradled me
to his chest. “I have to admit….if you let yourself truly go I bet
you fuck like a demon.”

My head rolled back and I
barked out a laugh, “Demon…huh?”

We turned as one to the
soft click over the loudspeakers and heard one of the men behind
the looking glass called out reprovingly, “You must complete the
act. You are wasting valuable time.” The shortest one of the insane
quartet straightened up and glared at us. His face expressed a deep
and abiding cynicism of a man who had found the dark side of
humanity and reveled in it. He leaned forward once again. We heard
the soft click and he spoke in rapid Japanese. I don’t know what he
said but whatever it was I could feel
go still and suddenly he felt
heavy against me.

Still holding onto me he
rushed forward without warning and slammed one clawed hand at the
shatterproof glass. The four lab coats twitched back away from the
glass. Their faces streaked with alarm as it must have occurred to
them he could break through if he got angry enough. Once again the
smallest of the mad men just had to take the extra step. He smiled
and wagged his finger back and forth as if to say, ‘ha-ha bad boy
you won’t get out that way.’ My eyes widened because now I was
wondering if
would forget I was here and I would end up girl hamburger on
the floor because those idiots pissed him off. Easy for them to
twist him up without worry cause they were on the other side while
I was trapped in here with a man-thing going into a full blown
psychotic rage.

He slowly pounded his open
palm against the glass while I watched breathlessly completely
freaked out but afraid to make a peep. Every few hits he would flex
those human yet overly large alien looking fingers digging his
claws in testing the glass. The sound was awful; a low scratching
then a hard thud over and over as he seemed to forget anything but
his dark thoughts. I was nearly hyperventilating because it seemed
he was shifting further away from human and I was not sure just how
far the transformation could go. I was shaking and my skin felt
like it was vibrating from fear.

He seemed to remember I was
there and glanced down at me. Fuck I hoped he wasn’t hungry. Ridges
appeared on his forehead and his pupils lengthened; black and
fathomless. His neck thickened as I watched and I just couldn’t
take it. I closed my eyes hoping he wouldn’t kill me. A soft
pleading male voice echoed through the room. I recognized the tone
and cadence. It was
Kobayashi. In soothing
tones he spoke only in Japanese but whatever he said it was enough
to get the dragons’ attention. His weird eyes flicked over my face
then back up the glass. I noticed he focused on Kobayashi with an
intensity that had me thinking none of us would survive what he
might truly become if he ever got all the way over the

And oh my God! Wisps of
smoke rolled out of his nostrils and mouth as he screamed his

With eyes that
spoke volumes of loss and pain Kobayashi put his
hand up against the glass to settle opposite
Ryūjin’s. He leaned forward eyes locked onto the creature
before him and whispered frantically into the microphone. I don’t
know what he said but slowly with each beat of my rampaging heart I
saw him morph slowly back. Not all the way of course. Although that
would have been nice for me if all the freaky stuff receded; I
guess I wasn’t getting anything I wanted today. I wiggled in his
arms and he looked down at me as if surprised I was there. His eyes
were still a Twilight Zone shape but at least the pupils were round
again and the ridges on his forehead were receding. He stared into
me with a look I had no words to describe. It was something that
was beyond my ability to understand then he mumbled,

I couldn’t think of
anything to say.



DRAINED, I collapsed on the
bed, eyes shut as I came down from the aftershocks after having
survived that freak out thing he had. I was stunned to still be
alive. Apparently he was not because he rolled me onto my back as I
became aware of his shaft, still rigid and thick, pressing against
my hip. Opening my eyes in surprise, I felt him slide inside me
again, this time more gently. It didn't seem possible that I could
take anymore, but as he slowly rolled his hips into me, I felt
every delicious inch of him, and let myself be taken over for the
second time.

Moving with a slow
precision he thrust himself fully inside me before withdrawing
almost completely driving out my fear and uncertainty. I reached
down and lightly flicked my swollen clit, seeming pleased at my
sudden intake of breath he groaned into my neck and bit down on the
tense muscle of my shoulder. I felt his hard length deep inside me
once again before his dick pulled out completely. “Ride me,” he

I rolled onto my knees and
looked down into his mostly human face. Grazing his cheek with my
fingertips I said, “I’ll do more than that… might be my last
chance to do anything ever again.” I gave him a smile filled with
sin and lowered my mouth to take him in. I ran my tongue in broad
strokes over his ridged flesh licking and kissing him while I
listened to the shift in his breathing signaling his enjoyment. I
continued to draw on him while cupping his balls. He thrust his
hips up to meet me and I could hear his breath began to rasp out of
him desperately. “Ride me,” he begged. As suddenly as I had begun
my mouth stopped. I reared up and lowered my hips down to meet his
rigid, throbbing cock. Slowly easing into me his strong, muscular
hands slid over my bottom and up my back, lifting my torso up to
him, forcing me to ride astride his hips. Seething on the platform
as my legs wrapped around his back; Ryūjin’s hands gripped my ass
to guide my pussy up and down his slick alien cock. Finding myself
staring into his tumultuous eyes and considering the secrets they
concealed, I reveled in the fullness of him inside me. Enjoying the
view and ride, even the slightest move stirred me from deep within.
I let my hands explore his broad chest, tracing across the fine
hairs of his pectoral muscles that twitched under my touch. I
grinned with the knowledge that for the moment I was in charge and
moved my fingers around to his muscular back, letting my nails
lightly scratch down his ridged spine. Emboldened by the moan this
evoked, I began to move my hips in a deeper rhythm with his bending
my neck to kiss along his heavy jaw line and down the tensed
muscles in his neck.

With a dark growl, he
buried his fists in my hair, jerking my head slightly back to take
my mouth in a commanding kiss. His tongue plunged inside my mouth,
allowing me to taste myself on him, a sensation that ignited a new
boldness inside of me. My tongue met his, just as my hips met his,
thrust for thrust. Brazen with passion, I rose up allowing just the
tip to remain inside. I paused for a moment searching his face,
bathing in the raw sexuality of this powerful drama playing out
between the two of us. Slowly I arched back, causing my full
breasts to rise up before I swiftly dropped down, burying him to
the hilt drawing a joyful scream from my own mouth. I repeated the
slow ascent loving the vast fullness deep inside me and watching
his face shift in facets of sexual joy.

I became
momentarily distracted as I caught sight of the audience that
remained behind the glass but with a cruel satisfaction I noted
they had moved to one side to maintain a clear view of us fucking
like animals before them. I was under observation as I rode this
magnificent man, and I couldn't have imagined the pure,
unadulterated pleasure that I felt. Oddly I was even more worked up
because I knew they were watching and could nothing but watch as I
sought my next orgasm.

My eyes
fluttered down and found him regarding me with hot desire as his
hips began to buck beneath me. His rhythm started slow as I rocked
me above him, caressing the underside of my breasts as they bounced
along with his thrusts. I began to build momentum, and I had no
other choice but to ride his hard flesh in time with his needs,
allowing him to control my mounting tension, even from below. As
his hips reached a frantic pace he reached down to press on my
swollen clit.


The mere pressure from his
fingers was enough to trigger the explosion that had been gathering
and building deep inside me.
Still I knew I
shouldn't like it, knew I was being brutally taken against my will.
I had not signed up for this but I was making the most of a very
bad situation and had no doubt that I was being marked
forever-more. I knew it and felt full of fear and pleasure. My head
thrashed from side to side, and I bit my lips against the
increasing pleasure I was feeling with each deeper stroke of his
hotly rampaging cock. I fought against the itching urge in my hips
to pump them lewdly back and forth. The more I tried not to think
of it, the more I enjoyed it.

There was something so thrilling about
being so helpless while being fucked! I shuddered and my mouth fell
open as I gave out a half-cry, half moan. The cry ended in a deep
moan, a moan as rich and deep as a cello; he grinned triumphantly
as he saw my face and began fucking me harder and

I went crazy, fucking insanely, his
thick, wetly glistening cock slamming mercilessly in and out of my
hideously stressed pussy his balls slapping rhythmically against my
thrashing, softly fleshed buttocks. He fucked me with all his might
lifting my hips up and slamming me down again, ramming all the way
into me. His mushroom shaped head slamming into my cervix. It felt
as if all restraining bonds of society had burst inside me. I threw
back my head and thrust my nakedly straining breasts up at his
face, all the while wantonly pumping my hips up and down. I was a
writhing animal curling my legs and arms around his hard body in an
effort to take all the cock he could offer.

My mouth was sagging open, my eyes were
screwed shut and I moaned with an obscene delight as I tried to
grip his hotly plunging shaft hard with my pussy muscles. I saw his
eyes squint with delight. Feeling strangely proud of myself I
grinned savagely at him and then our needy mouths locked together
while I ground my hips up into his groin and rubbed my breasts
against his chest. I wanted all of him in me, every last single

BOOK: Feeding Dragons
13.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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