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“That was years ago. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big boy now. In fact, I want to show you just how big. I want you, and I know you want me too.”

She couldn’t deny that. And yes, she’d heard stories about cougars, women who fucked young guys with no strings attached. She was on vacation to boot so this would just be a very short fling. But then again, this wasn’t just any young guy. He was Julie’s son. How would she feel if she had a son and Julie had sex with him? Pissed as hell most likely. However, Maggie had needs…

“Okay, but how about we just fool around, you know, touchy feely kinda stuff but no intercourse?”

“Is that what I’m going to have to settle for?”

Maggie nodded.

“Okay, let’s get you out of the T-shirt so I can touchy feely and also see those breasts again.” He lifted it over her head and threw it over the back of the couch.

He ran both his hands over her breasts, barely coming in contact with her nipples but all the same, they hardened within seconds. Maggie tipped her head back, allowing Jon to take her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it as she ran her hands through his hair.

She felt like a real woman again. He playfully nipped at her breast while flicking the other nipple. They couldn’t get any harder. She was sure of it.

Next he kissed her belly while easing his hand under her skirt. He inched it up her thigh, causing her pussy to feel like it had its own heartbeat. He pushed her panties aside, letting his fingers get lost in her pubic hair. His finger eventually came to rest on her clit. The last guy she’d had sex with hadn’t even known where to find it.

He tapped on it with his thumb, looking up at her while he did so.

She bit her lip as he rubbed it back and forth. Maggie was lucky that orgasms had always come easy for her. However, her first one of the night took her by surprise. Just six small passes across the clit and she enjoyed a mini climax.

He pulled at her panties until they ripped. He dragged what was left of them down her legs and tossed the shredded material over the top of the couch.

That caught her completely off guard, but was really turning her on like never before. A young man taking control of the whole sex thing. He pushed her knees apart, drove his hand up under her skirt and wasted no time in plunging two fingers inside her pussy. Shit, he was taking her over the edge. She’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a man bring pleasure to her like this. It not only made her sex tingle but her legs and belly too. She was already at the point where she’d have a tough time telling him they’d gone too far.

She should have told him that this touchy feely thing was only for her breasts. Maybe she’d touch his cock and play with it for a while and that’s as far as things could go but it was too late. Jon was going to town on her pussy and fuck, she liked it. He thrust his fingers into her, using his long middle finger to find her sweet spot.

God, an orgasm was building already. Shit, this was so wrong. She had her legs spread and her best friend’s son’s fingers were inside her, turning her on. She couldn’t let him take her all the way. She’d fight it.

“Maggie, I know you’re close to climaxing, your pussy is almost squeezing the life out of my fingers. Just relax and let me take you where you want to go.”

His fingers fucked her harder. She cried out and dropped her head back until it was resting on the couch. She’d never witnessed lights dancing in front of her eyes before. Was it because she hadn’t been with a guy for a while, or was it because Jon was younger and the whole thing turned her on so very much?

She couldn’t help herself. She was going to enjoy what was coming her way. She relaxed her legs but clenched his fingers with her pussy and waited for the lights she’d seen seconds ago to grow brighter and dance more wildly. She took a deep breath when her climax took over. It was the most incredible orgasm she’d ever had with a guy just using his fingers. Maggie breathed deeply, still not being able to believe what had just happened. She’d tried to fight it, attempted to resist her passion, really she had.

Jon tugged on her skirt. “I’m not done with you yet.”

What was he going to do next? He knew intercourse was off limits.

He removed her skirt, lifted her legs until the soles of her feet were flat on the couch and then placed his hands on her knees and forcing them apart.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy. Did he like what he saw? Had he suddenly realised that an older woman who’d had three kids didn’t have as great-looking pussy as a twenty-year-old?

He ran his finger along a trail from her clit all the way to her anus. “You are gorgeous down here.” He spread her labia before leaning towards her, his face soon disappearing between her legs. His tongue met with her entrance.

“Jon, this isn’t touchy feely anymore.”

Maggie let her head rest back on the couch as Jon slipped his tongue deep inside her. That wasn’t the same as doing it with his cock, right? Okay, just this once, she’d let him do it his way.

Jon was just as talented with his mouth as he was with those fingers. She bit on a lock of her hair as he took her closer to the edge. She sucked in her breath. How many women had he done this to? It had to be dozens because how else would he be so skilled?

She held the cushions of the couch as another orgasm built. Her nipples grew taut and hard. Maggie had a tingling sensation building in her womb, even in her butt. The sensation was breathtaking. She wanted to get to the good part but at the same time she wanted this to go on and on. He flicked, plunged, sucked in quick succession. She screamed out when she finally climaxed, actually feeling her own juices sliding down her ass cheeks.

She looked down at Jon who was now smiling up at her. “You taste so good. I could do that all night to you.” He sat on the couch beside her. He rubbed his hand over her cheek as she turned to look at him.

“How many women have you done that to?”

“Not as many as you’d think and none of them have climaxed as fast as you did.”

“So now it’s my turn to do some touchy feely on you,” she said.

“I almost can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.”

Maggie pushed him down until his back was flat on the couch and unzipped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear so his cock sprang up and sat up on his belly.

She pulled the jeans down his legs so she could get a clearer view. Shit, he was bigger and longer than she’d expected. She circled each of his balls with her fingers before letting her hand rest on his cock. She traced each vein with her finger, before circling the tip and feeling some pre-cum on it.

“Are you getting tempted to have my dick inside you?”

“Jon, this is just touchy feely, okay?”

Who was she kidding? If she had her way, she’d part her legs and plunge his cock inside her right now. But she’d made a promise to herself.

Maggie ran her finger up his shaft again, getting more turned on when it pulsated. “Stand up.”

Now she was in control, and to make up for not allowing him to have sex she was going to give him the next best thing.

Jon stood. Maggie got on her knees, lifted his cock towards her mouth and started to lick it. He moaned, and she took the tip into her mouth and started to suck. Inch by inch she took more of Jon’s cock. Each time she did so, his hips rocked towards her and a moan escaped from his lips. She grabbed both his ass cheeks and devoured him more.

“Maggie, you know how to drive me crazy. Fuck, where did you learn to do this? Don’t tell me you’re a hooker on the side?”

She didn’t answer, instead concentrating on bringing Jon closer to the edge of paradise. His feet were getting restless, and his hips were starting to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. She was almost tempted to touch herself as she played with him, but this was all Jon’s pleasure, not hers. She’d had her turn.

“Oh my God, Maggie, I don’t know if you like to swallow or what you do at this point of the game but I should warn you that you’re taking me closer, so you better decide soon.”

Maggie had never enjoyed doing this before. When she’d been married it had been more of a chore or necessity, but with Jon it was a turn-on for her too. Right now, she really wanted to take his cock from her mouth and plunge it inside her but knew that was a no-no.

Maggie gave one last hard suck and released his cock from her mouth just before he ejaculated across her breasts.

He threw his head back, panting hard, and after a few moments he looked down at her. “I think you need some tissues.” He went to the bathroom and returned with a wad of them. Sitting beside her, he cleaned her up.

Jon pushed his hands through his hair. Watching this beautiful younger man, she felt sexy, dirty, naughty. If he hadn’t been her best friend’s son, she’d fuck him all night. Right now her pussy was on fire and she needed more but she couldn’t let him know she was on the verge of giving in to full-blown intercourse.

“Most of the girls I’ve been with… Well, ninety-nine per cent haven’t wanted to give me oral sex and the two who did were never good enough to bring me to climax. How come you’re such an expert?”

“I’m self-taught. I had my kids one after the other. After my third, I was so worried I’d get pregnant again, even on the Pill, that I had to find some way to keep my ex-husband happy without having sex. I bought some tapes on oral sex and then practised on Mike…that’s my ex.”

“Fuck, Maggie, I think I’m still feeling something wonderful in my dick.”

“So was that good enough touchy feely for you?”

Maggie ran her hand down Jon’s chest. He grabbed it and pulled her into him so he could kiss her.

“It was fantastic, and as a way of saying thank you for that great blowjob, have dinner with me tomorrow night? I know the most romantic place in the whole of Alcudia. Great food, live music, dancing.”

Chapter Five

She’d said yes.

He’d been sure she’d say no.

It was going to be a date.

Wow, dating an older woman. Well, dating…sort of.

Not just any older woman, but one that drove him crazy and less than an hour ago had given him a first-rate blowjob, but sadly wouldn’t let him have sex with her.

Still he had plenty of time to change her mind about that and tomorrow night she might see things differently. His cock would really enjoy being inside her pussy. His fingers and tongue had already had a pretty good time there. She’d been hot, wet and surprisingly tight for a woman who’d given birth to three kids.

When he’d parted her legs and labia and been rewarded with his first look at her pussy, he’d almost ejaculated in his jeans. And he was usually the king of self-control. Tasting her had really sent his dick into a panic.

Jon looked at the alarm clock on the night stand. It was nearly two a.m. He’d opted to do an early shift at the clinic covering another doctor, but he could spend the afternoon and evening with Maggie. If he didn’t stop thinking about her, he’d oversleep and that would ruin everything. He plumped the pillow with his fist, turned on his side and drifted into a sleep filled with dreams of Maggie and what was to come.

* * * *


They’d opted to head to the beach again. Jon had gone swimming while Maggie had managed to read four chapters of the new mystery she’d brought along on the trip. Jon had told her he’d booked the table at the restaurant for eight p.m. If they left early enough he could give her a quick walking tour and show her some of the stores she might like to check out later in the week.

It was still hot but the humidity had decreased somewhat so Maggie had opted for one of the dresses she’d brought with her just in case she dined out somewhere fancy with Julie and Miguel. Jon had also dressed up in navy dress pants and a white shirt that was unbuttoned, partially revealing his tanned and hair-covered upper chest.

BOOK: Forbidden
6.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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