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Vanessa Devereaux

When Maggie falls for Dr. Jon Gunderson, she not only loses her best friend’s trust but her life takes an unexpected turn.

Julie was Maggie’s mentor and has been her best friend for as long as she can remember. When she finally gets a chance to visit her on the island of Majorca, she falls for Julie’s son, Jon, and the two enjoy a week of sexual bliss. When Julie finds out about their affair, she tells Maggie she can never forgive her. However, Maggie carries a secret that will have life-altering changes not only for herself, but for Jon too.


For my ‘younger’ guy.

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Chapter One

How was this possible? She’d had eight months to prepare for this event, so reality should have set in by now. Hey, but why panic? There had to be plenty of other grandmothers who’d just turned forty-six years old out there. It wasn’t that unusual.

Maggie glanced in the mirror as she washed her hands in the hospital restroom. Nope, she couldn’t see any grey hairs, although she knew they were lurking somewhere among the dark brown ones.

Nick, her son-in-law, had called her earlier that day to let her know Katie was in labour and they were just about to head to the hospital. Maggie had arrived a few hours later to keep Katie company. Maggie had done her best to help her daughter deal with the labour pains and chatted with her. They’d watched TV for a while, but Katie had finally given in and asked for an epidural. Maggie had then run some errands and returned to the family lounge to find Nick pacing up and down, drinking coffee.

“The doctor said Katie can start pushing soon, so I thought I’d take a break, but I guess it’s time to head back in there.” Nick threw the coffee container in the bin and walked away.

Grandmotherhood was probably less than an hour away so she might as well get used to the idea. No turning back now.

Maggie took a drink of water from the fountain by the restrooms, then went to her daughter’s room. Katie’s eyes were closed as Nick held her hand.

“I guess that epidural really helped,” Maggie said, tapping Katie’s arm.

She opened her eyes. “I don’t think I could have got this far without it…or you.”

“Nick said it shouldn’t be much longer before the baby arrives.”

Until I’m officially a grandma.
Maggie sat in the chair by the bed.

“Did you get your vacation booked yet?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, all done. I still can’t believe I’m actually going there.”

“You deserve it. When’s the last time you took more than a week off? Plus, you’ll finally see where Julie lives.”

The doctor walked in. “You ready to be a mother?”

“I think I am.”

Wait. I don’t think I’m ready to be a grandma.

“Mom, do you want to stay in here and watch the birth? I forgot to ask if you’d like to see your first grandchild arrive.”

* * * *

Now it was official. Maggie uploaded the first photo she’d taken of Emily Marie, who’d arrived seven hours ago. She’d cried when she’d seen the doctor holding the baby in the air to reveal it was a girl. Poor Katie had looked like she’d stepped out of the shower, covered in perspiration, her hair sticking to her face.

What a relief Maggie didn’t have to face labour and delivery ever again. Yeah, leave that sort of thing to her three girls and just sit back and enjoy grandparenthood.

Maggie smiled as the photo of her first grandbaby appeared on the computer screen. Okay, she was biased, she knew that, but Emily Marie was a beauty. Now, who should be the first recipient of the photo?

She clicked through her address list in her email. Who better than her best friend?

* * * *

“I’m so jealous.”

Jon snatched an apple from the bowl and bit into it. His mother was working at her laptop at the kitchen table. She’d turned it around for him to see the photo of a baby that didn’t look more than a day old.

“Isn’t she cute?”

“Adorable. I know you like setting me up with women but don’t you think she’s a bit too young for me?” Jon leaned on the countertop and continued to nibble on the apple.

“Very amusing. This is Emily Marie, Maggie’s first grandchild. I’m so envious. I thought I’d be a grandma long before her and not just because I’m older and have a son who's older too.”

His mother adjusted her reading glasses so they settled midway down her nose and peered over them as she always did when she got started on this topic. The one about him being still unmarried at the ripe old age of thirty-one.

Jon pretended he hadn’t heard or seen her glancing his way and instead grabbed one of her design magazines sitting by the TV and paged through it. Boring stuff, but she might just think he wasn’t listening and quit saying what he knew would come next.

“Now you’re done with your studying and a fully-fledged doctor…”

He’d been right. In fact, he could have written the script. He cut in before she could continue.

“I’m thinking of looking at some houses next week. I know you’ll miss having me around but you really don’t want me living in the guest apartment forever. Especially now I’m a fully-fledged doctor.” He raised his eyebrows at her. Had she detected the sarcasm?

“Jon, doesn’t this photo get you thinking about settling down and having babies of your own?”

“Nope, just the opposite. They look cute on screen or paper but in person there’s the screaming, wetting…pooping.” He looked at his watch. “Jeez, is that the time? I need to get a move on, so I’ll let you ooh and aah over Emily Maria in peace.”

“It’s Marie,” said his mom, turning the screen back towards her. “I bet by the time Maggie arrives next month she’ll have a ton of photos to show me.”

Jon reached for another apple to take with him as he left. “Then remind me to be busy during those two weeks.”

“Did you say you had a date tonight?” his mom shouted after him.

“No, I didn’t. It’s just a bunch of us, yes, including some women, going to one of the clubs for a few drinks. And I’m already running late,” he called back.

* * * *

“Maggie, how is that adorable granddaughter of yours?”

Maggie had known she’d soon get a phone call from Julie after the photo had been emailed. Julie had wanted grandchildren for as long as Maggie could remember, but it seemed that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. She just hoped her dear friend didn’t think she’d sent the photo to rub in the fact that Maggie had achieved that milestone first.

“She’s wonderful and growing every day. I’ll hate leaving her.” Maggie looked at the framed photo of Emily that now sat on her desk at work. Maggie hadn’t thought she would, but she loved this whole grandma thing already.

“I hope that doesn’t mean you’re not coming on your trip?”

“Of course not. I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Maggie glanced at her appointment book. Wouldn’t be long now before she was heading off to the Spanish island, to sun, sand, wine…

“I have so much planned for us, sightseeing, dinner at some of the best restaurants so you can experience the local cuisine and, of course, the beaches too.”

“I can’t wait.” Maggie pulled out the three library books she’d borrowed to read up on Mallorca. She knew sometimes books made places look better than they actually were, but even if the island was half as good in real life, she was in for a treat.

“And I mentioned your visit to one of Miguel’s friends and he’s very interested in meeting you. I did the interior design for his house many years ago. He owns two yachts, also has a house on Ibiza and he’s not bad-looking either, so I think we should invite him over for drinks and dinner while you’re here. You know how great I am at pairing people up? If only I was more successful with Jon.”

Poor Julie. And poor Jon. Maggie knew how relentless her friend could be once she got her mind set about something. “He’ll settle down when he’s ready,” Maggie said. “You know how guys are these days. And I’m sure all that studying didn’t leave him much time for a social life.”

“I’d like to think you’re right.”

“I am. I bet one day he’ll waltz in and tell you he’s getting married without you even knowing he’s been seeing someone.” She wasn’t just saying that to make Julie feel good. She knew a few guys who’d done just that.

“Oh, Maggie, how I wish! Hey, speaking of which, I just heard his car pulling into the driveway and he’s giving me a ride into Inca so I can do some shopping, so I have to go.”

“Okay, and I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Maggie put the phone back in the cradle. So Julie had a man lined up for her. She leant back in her chair. A vacation romance wouldn’t be so bad
. Romance

Listen to me! Just some great sex would be good enough
. She’d gone without any of that, good or bad, for over a year, the longest dry spell since she’d lost her virginity.

Maybe her drought would end in Mallorca.

She glanced at her appointment calendar, still not believing she was going on her first real vacation since she’d launched her own business a decade ago. Sure, she’d been to see her mother in Florida every year, but this vacation actually required her to travel across water, step into a different time zone. And she needed a passport, too. Maggie peeked at the calendar again.

Two more weeks and she was off to paradise.

* * * *

Jon slid up on the stool in the kitchen. He’d stopped by the house when he’d heard about his step-grandpa being admitted to the hospital. “What’s wrong with Miguel’s dad?”

His mom poured a glass of orange juice and slid it towards him. “They’re not sure, but they think he might have had a heart attack. Looks like he’ll need surgery and both Miguel and I feel we need to be there for him so we’ve decided to go to the mainland for a week to be with him.”

“Sure, I think that’s a good idea too. So you want me to keep an eye on the house while you’re gone?” He reached for the chips in the bowl on the table and started eating them.

“I do, but in case you’ve forgotten, Maggie’s arriving tomorrow afternoon.”

Jon had forgotten all about his mom’s friend’s visit. “You mean you haven’t asked her to change her plans?”

“No, no, I don’t want her to do that. She’s so excited and we’ll still have the second week of her trip to spend together. However, I’ll need you to keep her company while I’m gone.”

Jon almost choked on the orange juice he’d been sipping. Shit, now he was stuck with entertaining his mom’s buddy. “Me? I have to entertain one of your friends? Come on, what do I have in common with her?”

His mom wiped down the countertop. “You don’t need to have similar interests to be a good host. Oh, and could you also pick her up from Palma airport? I’ll be too busy getting things ready and packing for our trip to Spain.”

Jeez, could anything more be thrown his way? “Doesn’t look like I have much choice. Just remember you’ll owe me big time for keeping your friend busy for a week.”

“Can you remember what she looks like? No, probably not, you were only a teenager the last time you saw her. I doubt she’ll recognise you, either so we’ll have to think of something so you don’t miss one another.”

“Shit, now I sound like I’m a chauffeur.”

“Oh, and I should email or text her to let her know you’ll be picking her up instead of me.”

This was getting more fun by the minute. “So any idea what I can do with her while you’re gone?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something. Maybe show her some of the local sights, take her to the beach, even be a perfect gentleman and take her out to dinner at least once. Oh, and you can drive her over to Rinaldo’s house. He’s very interested in meeting her.”

Jon slid off the stool. “Sounds perfect. I’ll make that a priority and maybe the two of them will hit it off and he can keep her entertained.”

* * * *

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to make our final approach into Palma so would you please make sure your seats are in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts.”

She leant back and closed her eyes. When her head hit the pillow tonight she was going to sleep like never before. She’d changed planes in London for a direct flight to Palma three hours later. Maggie had barely slept on the New York to Heathrow flight and was glad her flights were almost over.

BOOK: Forbidden
2.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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