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Authors: Erica Storm

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Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural)

BOOK: Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural)
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Forever Mine Box Set

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By Erica Storm

Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm


Copyright © 2015 by Erica Storm

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Copyright Page

Books by Erica Storm

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Matthew

Chapter 5: Amanda

Chapter 1

Books by Erica Storm | Forever Mine | Part 2 | By Erica Storm | Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Matthew

Chapter 4: Amanda

Forever Mine | Part 3 | By Erica Storm | Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm

Books by Erica Storm

Chapter 2: Matthew

Chapter 3: Amanda

Chapter 4: Matthew

Chapter 5: Amanda

Books by Erica Storm

Chapter 1: Raven

Forever Mine | Part 4 | By Erica Storm | Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm

Books by Erica Storm

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Forever Mine 5 | By Erica Storm | Copyright 2015 by Erica Storm

Books by Erica Storm

Chapter 2: Amanda

Chapter 3: Matthew

Chapter 4: Amanda

One Night

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Books by Erica Storm

Forever Mine Part 1

Chapter 1: Amanda

was nine years old when I went to stay with Mr. Cross and his wife Alecia. My mother was hired on as a maid in his large estate on Long Island. I remember seeing this large home that sat on the edge of a lake with sail boats and yachts nearby. Mr. Cross would take me for a ride on his sailboat with him and his wife whenever he was home, which wasn’t often. When I became fifteen my mother died suddenly, and he and his wife argued on what to do with me.

As a young black girl with no family, and they were the only family I knew, “it would be heartless to send Amanda away,” I heard Mr. Cross say to his wife Alecia. 

Matthew Cross said to Alecia Cross that I was like family and because I didn’t have any known family members from what he knew, then I should stay at their home. They had more rooms than they knew what to do with. A compromise was reached and I was sent off to boarding school and each holiday and summer I looked forward to going home and enjoying boating with Mr. and Mrs. Cross.

When I turned eighteen and had graduated from high school, I went back to the Cross estates that summer. Mr. Cross picked me up from the airport. I was relieved that he was home. When he wasn’t there, I never saw Alecia and she always had the servants collect me, and I would disappear into my room reading and come out only for dinner where I found a place setting for one. But he was home now and I felt a sense of relief and security. 

He met me at the baggage terminal. There stood Mr. Cross anxious, looking around holding a teddy bear in one hand and my bags in the other. He looked around as if not recognizing me. I hadn’t seen him since last year. I thought I hadn’t changed much, but clearly I had changed because he didn’t recognize me.

Matthew Cross stood tall, over six feet with dark curly hair and green eyes. His body firm wearing an off white silk V-neck sweater, which displayed the most enticing muscled body. His dark slacks covering the ruggedness of his strong legs, which sent a tingle through me. His face compelling with classical features that emphasized his handsome reserved face. I gazed at this impossible gorgeous man and I became riveted to the spot. When our eyes met he called my name in disbelief. “Amanda?” My heart lurched at the sound of his voice.

“Mister Cross.” He rushed to me, dropped my bag and grabbed me in his arms. He almost kissed me as he held me. He gently pulled away, but too late. I felt his erection and my body reacted, my pulsed quickened, my knees weakened, and a quick shiver of arousal covered me. 

“Don’t call me Mr. Cross. You can call me Matthew. You are almost a woman.”

“I am a woman...Mr..... I mean Matthew,” I said capturing his gaze and holding it.

“I was so worried. I thought something had happened to the plane. Your luggage got here before you did,” he said walking beside me.

“It was just a few minutes late, I stopped in the restroom to freshen up.” His limo was waiting and I climbed in the back with him. At first there was a silence and he watched at me in a curious way. “Are you hungry? Do you want to stop for a hamburger or something? Tell me what you want and I’ll get it,” he said still looking at me. Then he said, “You are so beautiful. I haven’t been around and it appears you grew up overnight.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I’ve been studying day and night to get good grades. I wanted to make you and Mrs. Cross proud of me.” He took a breath as if it was a breath of relief when I made the comment about not having a boyfriend. He reached touching my hair, placing a stray behind my ear. “You are straightening your hair.”

“I needed a change.”

“It’s pretty like that, but I like all those curls you used to have.” Then his steeple hands settled in front of his mouth, but still his green eyes raked across my body, making me nervous wondering what he was thinking. The look he gave me felt like a soft caress. It was unbearable being in his presence and I couldn’t touch him the way I wanted to. The way a woman touches a man she is attracted to.

I dreamed of kissing him and lying in his strong muscular arms. Have him take me in the limo or where ever he wanted. How could I tell this to him, a man who has been nothing but good to me? Maybe he doesn’t feel the same as I do? But his eyes say something different.


e finally reached Matthew’s mansion and it was more beautiful than I imagined with the fountain setting directly in the middle of the stone driveway. Alecia wasn’t there to greet me, I expected that. Matthew went to his office to work, and I had my dinner in my room. I checked my email on my IPhone, read a book and went off to sleep with the book in my hand. 

I woke from my sleep by a heated argument between Matthew and Alecia, and I heard doors slam and Alecia saying that she would leave. The next day she didn’t return and I discovered that she had moved out. Naturally, I thought it was because I had gotten too old to live with them, and I should be on my own. Fear had consumed me and I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to leave Matthew.

Matthew strolled into my room when he heard me cry the following night. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over me. I could smell his fresh scent. He had just shaved and taken a shower. I wanted to kiss the side of his handsome face. I wanted to touch his skin. I looked up at him with tears pooling in my eyes.

“What is the matter, Amanda?” He bent down and kissed my forehead. When I was a girl he had always tucked me in whenever I was there, but as I grew older, he came in less and less, and perhaps he knew that I was too old for him to pay that much attention to me.

“Where is Mrs. Cross? I haven’t seen her,” I said not letting on that I knew what had happened.

“We have decided to separate.”

“Was it because of me?” I said rubbing my tear stained eyes. 

“No. This has nothing to do with you. It has been brewing for some time. Since you are part of the family and my only family now, I’m going to tell you that my marriage broke up because we weren’t compatible.” His eyes bore into me as if they could see my moist clit.  “And because she didn’t want to leave Long Island.”

“I’m moving to San Francisco in a month.” I began to shake and tremble. He grabbed me in his arms and hugged me. He locked eyes with me, and I felt a desire I had felt the day I laid eyes on this handsome man when he was just twenty-seven, and I wasn’t quite a teen.

I wanted him when he would come to my bed and tuck me in at night when my mother died. I held on to him and he held me in his arms and rocked me and that is when I knew that one day I wanted to be with him. I just didn’t think that he looked at me in the same way, even now that I’ve become a woman.

“Alecia said she didn’t want to move to San Francisco,” he said to me. “I’ve been offered the position of CEO of this tech company where I would no longer have to travel. I can be home every night.”

I fell asleep in his arms and when I woke he was gone. I waited all evening for him to come home.

When I heard his door to his bedroom close, I hurried down the stairs. I didn’t want Matthew to know that I was ease dropping and waiting for him to decide my fate and that I was afraid. Afraid that he would send me away again. “Amanda I have something to discuss with you. Meet me in the library in ten minutes.”

I hurried down the stairs and entered the library. I wanted to practice what I would say to him to keep him from sending me away again. I wanted to be with him, I wanted him to be my dad. He had no children and he could be my dad, I thought. But in truth I wanted much more.

Matthew strode into the library dressed in expensive gray slacks and a white shirt with the cuffs rolled up. I had never seen him look so handsome. His dark brown hair longer than I remember, his eyes greener than I remember, and his handsome face just as I remember. His smile could light up any room and my heart which it did on every occasion. But his handsome face wore no smile. His brow knitted as in deep thought. 

He stood near the fire and stoked it warming the room. “I have decided to send you off to college. You are a fine student and I want you to meet some fine young men who will fall in love with you and ask you to marry them.”

“Is that what you want?” I asked angry and hurt but not surprised. He studied my face for a few moments.

“It’s what has to be done. I’m not your father but I feel as if I am. I want the best for you.”

“Do you really?” My eyes appraised critically.

“Of course I do.”

“Then let me go with you to San Francisco. I can go to college there. They have some fine colleges in California. You have taken care of me for so long, I want to take care of you.” I walked and sat on his lap. He glanced at me curious and his eyes gave him away. He wanted me and he could no longer deny it. I felt the hard thump of his penis as it hit my bare leg.

Then I brushed my lips across his. And he held me tight taking one of my breasts from my bra. He pulled it out and his head went straight to my dark nipple. His trembling fingers trailed down my legs, and up under my skirt and then passes through the edge of my thong and settles on my pubic hair and folds. He massages my mound for a second.

He’s breathing heavy as his fingers enter my pussy. He’s turning his fingers slowly in my opening. He’s looking at me, reading my face and holding my gaze as his fingers travels deep inside touching nerves, which is filling me with want and need. I want to come when he thrusts his fingers in and out. But I want him in me.

He sucks my nipple hard once more, and kisses my lips. I slip between his legs and as he watches me, and I unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

“Oh god Amanda. You shouldn’t do this. I won’t be able to control myself.”

“I don’t want you to control yourself, I want you for once to enjoy me making you happy as you have done with me.

I reach for his penis and swirl my tongue around the head. It is a delicious salty taste with his pre-come oozing on my lips, heating me between my legs. Looking up, Matthew appears so much younger than his thirty-five years. His face smooth and his eyes closed. He begins to relax and enjoy the pleasure I’m giving him.

Chapter 2

atthew raised his hands slowly in hesitation and then softly placed them on my hair gently running his hands down the length of my long course hair. “You are so good to me,” he said with his eyes shut and his head resting back against the sofa.

BOOK: Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural)
6.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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