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Guarded Heart



*~Guarded Heart~*

By C.A.Harms


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The Wedding




I placed my hand on his toned stomach tracing little circles
until I found his hip and lightly squeezed. I softly begin to kiss his jaw…Tony
rolled over so he was now on top of me. He wouldn’t kiss me back but he slid my
nighty up and pulled my panties down. He used his knee to guide my legs open placing
his hardness into his fist stroking himself once then twice before finding my
wetness with the tip. “Oh yeah…mmm” I moaned as he slid into me slowly. He
buried his face into my neck and began to move. He was so quiet but I did wake
him up so maybe he just needed a minute to get into it. I wrapped my legs
around his waist using them to let him know I wanted him to go faster. Knowing
right away what I wanted from him he began pumping his hips. He let out a small
grunt and I was building getting so close I could feel it. He continued to move
aggressively when all at once he tensed and after one more thrust he stilled.
WHAT! You have got to be kidding me. Um hello I wasn’t finished! He rolled off
of me and I just continued to look up at the ceiling trying to figure out what
just happened it was like two minutes total and that included the tiny bit of
foreplay I provided. I think that he just set a new record. Tony has never been
a minute man. One thing I can definitely say is I never went unsatisfied with
this man. I always finished too…until now!



“Is everything okay? You just seem really distant.” I was
feeling a little concerned. He wasn’t saying much and by the expression on his
face I felt like he was hiding something. “No Babe I’m just tired and with all
the wedding stuff getting closer it just seems really stressful…sorry.” He
leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before getting up from bed and
going into the connecting bathroom to take a shower. I heard the water start
and felt no better about his mood. He is usually so into making love he is
always so vocal but this morning I felt as if he did it to just get it over
with. I mean a couple minutes and a few grunts later it was as if I blinked and
boom it was done. I felt very uneasy about it lately it seemed he was always in
some far off place and it just made me feel as if he would rather be anywhere
else but here with me. I decided to get up and go start coffee. I had taken the
day off today to finish up some last minute things for the wedding which was
fast approaching. I hadn’t been able to discuss it with Tony and with his
current mood I decided now to just keep it to myself and avoid stressing him
out any more with any details.

“I may be a little late this evening, I have a meeting at
five and then I will be home shortly after.” Tony was fully dressed in his suit
and seemed to be in a big hurry. “I made coffee. Do you want anything to eat?”
He rushed passed me quickly pressing a kiss to my temple, “No I’ll just grab some
coffee and a bite at the office.” He was at the door and exiting before I could
respond. “Oh okay honey have a wonderful day…I love you too.” I said aloud to
no one as I stood at the kitchen island looking out toward Tony’s truck which
was now backing down the driveway to leave.

I had planned to spend the day getting some cleaning done
along with going to the bridal store to do my final fitting for my dress. I had
to check on the flowers and also verify that our travel plans for our honeymoon
were all in order. Tony and I were only a week actually less than a week from
our big day. We have been together for four years and engaged for a little over
a year. I was so excited for Saturday and ready to become Mrs. Anthony Marcus.
I just wish he could relax. It seems over the last few weeks he has been so
busy at work and irritable. Tony is an architect and works for his uncle. He
has been working long hours and I was so looking forward to getting him on our
plane to Jamaica where he can relax.

After my shower I gathered all my things and decided to
begin my day of catch up.



“Hello sweetheart, how is the lovely bride to be doing
this morning?” Vera greeted me as I walked into the Bridal Boutique. Vera is a
kind woman with silver hair and extremely talented at what she does. “Good
morning Vera, I’m doing wonderful just here for my final fitting.” Her smile
was so bright, “Well darling let’s get you in your gown.”

It was perfect we were having an outdoor wedding and I
went with a strapless Lace over Charmeuse Gown with Soutache Detail. It was
Beautiful and fit perfectly. I was so extremely happy with the alterations. I
felt amazing and couldn’t wait for everyone to see it. The veil completed it as
Vera brought it in the room and carefully slid it into place. I couldn’t help
the tear that escaped down my cheek. “It’s perfect Vera…perfect. You are so
amazing.” She placed her hand onto my shoulder leaning in, “No Darling you are
perfect and a very beautiful bride to be.” Looking into the mirror admiring my
dream gown and knew I would change nothing more it was absolutely the perfect
wedding gown.

After I made arrangements to have the gown delivered on
Saturday morning to me I made my way down the street to the floral shop and checked
on all the flowers. I was meeting my best friend Allison for a quick lunch.
While I was waiting at the café I had decided to go ahead and wipe out my next
item on the list and check on the travel arrangements for our honeymoon. I was
just finishing up my call when Allison came in and flopped down into the seat
across from me. Ending my call I let out a little laugh at her expression,
“What’s going on you look frustrated?” She just rolled her eyes in return, “I
hate my mother in law she is a pain in my ass. I just spent the last hour on
the phone with her listening to her tell me how Mitch likes his socks folded…I
shit you not. This is my life!” She let out a huff blowing her bangs out of her
eyes. I laughed at her…Mitch and Allison have only been married eight months
and he is an only child which means he is a total mommy’s boy. Allison has to
try to convince his mom on a daily basis that she can take care of him now.
Poor girl! “I had to hear last night that I was not vacuuming the floor
correctly and I was fighting the urge to tell her to bend over so I could show
her exactly what I really wanted to do with the damn vacuum. I might seriously
have to super glue her lips shut…she is driving me insane!” I laughed into my
hand. My best friend was a very outspoken girl but had to control herself when
it came to Mitch’s mother. “Okay so let me buy you a very well deserved
strawberry Margarita for the shit you deal with from your Monster in law…sound
good?” Of course Allison accepted and we placed our orders.

I decided after lunch I would stop by work and visit with
a few of my favorite patients. I am a physical therapist at Easter Seals and
when I am off I always miss my little people. I have Monday, Wednesday and
Friday with Ethan who is a little guy with cerebral palsy. He is six years old
and as sweet as can be. “Hey buddy how are things going?” I knelt down next to
him as he sat in the chair awaiting his therapy to begin. When he turned toward
me his face lit up and he had to hug me. “I missed you…I am ready.” I had
explained to him on Friday that I would not be helping him today but after I
explained it again he seemed sad but understood. After getting Ethan into the
room and helping to get him set up with Katie the therapist taking my place for
the day I said my good byes and decided to make a stop at the grocery store.

I wanted to make a special dinner for Tony and maybe
cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. I was hoping his mood was better than it
was this morning. I was still revved up from the fact that he left me hanging
on the edge and I had every intention of attacking him this evening and this
time I would get to finish. After getting all I needed and checking out I
loaded the car and drove toward our home to get things done before he got



I was surprised when I turned the corner and our driveway
came into view Tony’s Ford Truck was there. He never came home early unless he
was sick and even then you had to be really sick. Being concerned that he may
be ill I decided to go in and check on him before carrying in the grocery bags.
I only grabbed the two smaller ones in the passenger seat and made my way to
the front door. He had left the door unlocked and I slowly entered just in case
he was asleep I didn’t want to disturb him. “Fuck yeah…oh yeah baby damn!
Fucking hell! Cum yes come on cum for me!” I turned the corner and I saw Tony
from behind…his pants were around his ankles and he was screwing some girl who at
this time I could only see her legs. The air in my lungs felt as if it had all
been sucked out and my knees were shaking. “Fuck me Tony…Yes!” At that moment
the voice that had just shouted to my fiancée to fuck her was too familiar. I
had to pull it together and now I was seeing red. “Fuck ya…Heather…I am so
close baby I’m gonna cum!” Heather…my cousin I’d felt as if the next few
minutes went in slow motion.

“Well who am I to stop you from cumming Tony. I mean
wasn’t it just this morning that you fucked me and finished before I came? So
by all means go ahead and finish…” They both scrambled as I stood in the
doorway still clutching on to my purse and the bags of vegetables. “Sam honey
let me explain.” Tony was frantic as Heather had made her way to the island and
was now getting her clothes back on. “Oh yes Tony please I would love to hear
your excuse for fucking my cousin on our kitchen table.” I would not allow
myself to cry. He was not worth my tears not now. How could he do this to me?
“I am sorry babe I just…” he was searching for something to say and I lost it.
I walked over passing him and going straight to my twenty one year old cousin
grabbing her by the hair. She was half dressed but I didn’t care I pulled her
to the front door and shoved her out. She was screaming sorry the entire
way…sorry yeah I would have to agree she was a sorry excuse of a person.

Tony had his pants back on now and his belt done up. I
turned back to face him, “How long? How long have you been cheating on me…fucking
her?” Tony just looked at me with a lost look. Hell no I refused to care at
this point. His feelings were absolutely no concern to me. “HOW LONG!” I
screamed at him making him flinch. After he took a deep breath and ran his hand
through his hair he looked up at me, “A few weeks…maybe a month.” I don’t know
why hearing that he had been fucking my cousin for the last month made a
difference I mean would I have felt better if he said this was the first time.
No it didn’t matter he was a piece of shit.

He took a step in my direction and I raised my hands up
for him to stop. I was barely controlling the tears that were pooling in my
eyes. I wanted to hit him, to throw things and scream. I felt like my world had
just been ripped out of my hands. I had just found the man that I was supposed
to marry in five days fucking someone on my kitchen table. “I love you
Sammy…you know I do. I screwed up I am so sorry” he pleaded to me as he reached
out his hand toward me. I stepped toward him and brought my hand up quickly
smacking him across his face. “Get. The. Fuck. Out…NOW!” I screamed at him. He
stayed looking at me for a few seconds and then he turned and walked out the
door. When it closed I collapsed to the floor and cried so hard…gut wrenching sobbing
cries. I heard his truck as he pulled out and drove away.

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