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Half-Breeds: Krinza's Dragon

Half-Breeds: Krinza’s Dragon

By Kriss Wilt

Copyright 2012 Kriss Wilt

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781301678037



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Chapter One


Krinza reached out and wrapped her long slender tail
around her mug. She had a book in one hand and some berries she was
munching on in the other. Curled up near her fireplace, she
unconsciously shifted her leathered wings to allow her tail over
her shoulder to sip her tea. It was cold. Distracted from her book
by the cold beverage, she ate the rest of the berries, put down her
book and poured her tea back into the kettle set next to the fire’s
embers. She needed to add more wood; it was getting too low for the
nights chill.

Seeing how little wood remained indoors, Krinza went
outside her little cottage to restock her pile. She looked up into
the sky, noting the massive crescent of the planet with which her
little moon travelled. She could also see the faint glow from
several other moons. Her moon was named Varga, a home for the
lesser half-breeds. Pureblooded creatures lived on Onara. Long ago,
the strongest of the mages opened a portal to allow passage. The
Purists used this as an excuse to rid their home of lesser,
‘dirty-blooded creatures’.

Krinza, scowled at the sky, a low rumble reverberated
deep in her chest. She still remembered when she was taken from her
mother, who had protected her since she hatched. She was sent to
the main city to be judged. It was not a long ordeal, she was very
obviously not human nor dragon. Others were close enough to a
single race that it was possible to hide their mixed blood.
Possible, but it rarely lasted long. Krinza had no chance.

Her rather human face had bright yellow eyes that
resembled a feline, long black hair that looked blue from the right
angle. A few black scales marred her olive-skinned face and throat.
Her humanoid arms culminated in hands that were dragon-like claws;
scaled skin covered the four, clawed digits. At least her human
father’s genetics allowed her an opposable thumb, even though it
was clawed; it was still nice to have. Most pure-blooded dragons
had thumbs, though some did not. Her torso had areas of scales,
accenting her smooth, olive skin. Her exceptionally human breasts
settled nicely above a well-toned abdomen. Her shapely back was
hidden behind decidedly dragon wings in a deep black that shone
with the same blue undertones of her hair. The base of her spine
sported a tail that she became more and more thankful for every
day. Its uses seemed to be endless. At almost five feet in length,
she had finally mastered its dexterity as well as that of her own
hands. As the eye trailed down her legs, they seemed to morph from
human to dragon. Knee to hip was mostly skin with only a few
scales. Below the knee however, Krinza was mostly scales. She
walked on the large balls and claws of her dragon feet, her clawed
heel never touching the ground.

If her appearance and memory served, she understood
why her human father and dragon mother were so smitten to allow for
a child. For a filthy half-breed, she thought of herself as
extremely beautiful. And she was.

Rekindling the fire, pouring more hot tea and
retrieving her book, Krinza settled in her little nest near the
fire to enjoy the rest of her night.



Chapter Two


Terrian hesitated before the creature before him, a
dirty-blooded creature named Xil. It was his duty to explain the
lack of rights half-breeds had in the Pure-Blooded society of
Onara. It was his first day on exile duty at the portal. He was an
intelligent, handsome, and pureblooded dragon from the nearby
mountains of Ki’lara. He was smaller than most males because of the
altitude where he was hatched, so finding a way to make a living
was trying. He was too small to join the army, or any of the
defense and combat jobs on the small moon. Looking down on the
twitchy creature, he grimaced again before he continued his speech;
some half-breeds just weren’t lucky enough to get the better
genetics of their parents. Xil was supposedly a mixed mermaid,
obviously gone very wrong. He had no gills for water life. Instead
of just a tail, he had two scrawny twigs for legs and a rather
unbecoming tail protruding behind them. His arms and chest were
completely covered in scales with webbing between his fingers and
under his arms. He had no human ears, merely indented holes in the
side of his head. He had no hair, from all appearances, anywhere on
his body. Where he should have sported a nose on his rather human
face, he had just a bump. The constant rasping of breathing through
his mouth irritated Terrian.

He continued with his little speech, enumerating how
once sent to Varga, he would never be allowed to return to Onara.
If he ever returned to Varga, he would be executed instead of being
exiled. A “placement agent” would await him on the other side of
the portal to explain his new life on the other moon. Following
that, he went through the tiringly long explanation on why it was
wrong to be a half-breed, how it diluted the magic, and would
eventually lead to the end of the society. It had taken Terrian
almost a month to memorize the entire speech.

Trying not to look at the ugly, rasping child before
him, he explained that he would be allowed to say goodbye to his
parents, if they were present before being sent through the portal.
Xil turned around to point out a lovely human woman who he
explained was his mother. Terrian eyed the comely woman; she would
be gorgeous if her body wasn’t racked with sobbing heaves, her face
marred by the redness and streaks of tears from her crying. Since
the different species aged at different speeds, half-breeds
especially, the purity squads did not take children from their
rearing parent until they were deemed old enough to fend for
themselves, barely. Terrian could hear Xil’s mother explaining that
she had hoped to keep him longer, explaining to the purity squads
that he was not yet ready. She apologized over and over, hugging
him and raining down kisses upon him. Finally, Terrian loomed over
them, intent on getting the whole situation over with. His eight
foot long tail flicked in the breeze, wings twitching to take
advantage of it and soar. His deep red scales seemed to burn with
fire as the sun began to set. He flared his crest to imply his
impatience and a light rumble emanated from his chest to get the
woman’s attention.

“It is time for him to go.” He eyed her five and a
half foot frame, resting his clawed hand on her shoulder. Standing
on his hind legs, he was only about a foot taller than her. From
all fours, he would have had to look up at her. Not that he’d have
minded, she was a lovely specimen. He understood how she had
seduced a merman.

“Will you be alright, mother?” Xil managed between
ragged breaths and his own tears.

Shaking with new sobs, she muttered, “Yes, dear. Now
go.” Her bloodshot eyes never left her son as Terrian grabbed the
boy and ushered him to the portal. Flanked by Griffons on either
side, it was a swirling sheet of water-like light filling an ornate
archway. Supposedly, the gems and stones that decorated it had a
much more practical purpose in the magic of it than just making it
look nice.

After watching the boy, and prodding him along in a
less-than-gentle sort of way, he turned to see the boy’s mother as
she wailed with renewed sorrow.

Addressing her as sternly as he dared, not wanting to
upset her any more than he had too, he said, “Ma’am, if you do not
mind, the day is coming to a close. I would appreciate it if you
vacated the premises expeditiously in order for me to retire for
the day. I understand that you are upset, however, it has been a
long day and I require rest and food.” His irritation at the long
day was noticeable in his voice and he sighed, reminding himself
that he had almost two dozen cases to deal with over the next three
days. The purity squads tended to round up groups, sending them off
only once there were near twenty of them. Terrian was assured that
he would only have to work at the portal for approximately five
days out of every two hundred. It had initially sounded like an
easy job. Today had changed his mind.

Terrian returned to his apartment in the city that
night, exhausted and rather put out of sorts from the day. Exiling
children was apparently not his cup of tea. Most of the children
were sent off by their mothers, and Terrian had noticed several
that he wouldn’t have minded breeding with himself. As he settled
into his nest, he reminisced about the attractive dragon that had
to give up her son tomorrow as well as a phoenix that was losing
her daughter. Letting his thoughts drift and caress the different
females’ curves, he felt his chest rumble in approval. His eyes
burned with wanton need as he recalled how long it had been since
he had dominated a female, flaring his wings around her and pinning
her beneath him. He noted his phallus responding to his thoughts,
dismaying that he would go unsatisfied yet another night.

The following morning, Terrian found himself
contemplating the dragon mother he would encounter that day. His
dreams last night had involved her and he intended to finally
release his pent up desires, that is, if he could persuade her. As
much as his instincts screamed at him to be dominant, take what he
wanted, do as he wished, Terrian just couldn’t bring himself to be
like the alpha males. He preferred for his sexual encounters to be
consensual. He would be extra comforting to her when it was her
son’s turn to be sent off. He would save her son for last of the
day so that he could speak with her at length, show off his
exceptional physique and perfect wings. He would walk her of the
grounds and convince her to eat dinner with him. Maybe he would
offer an enticement of taking her to see her son someday. Visits
were rarely granted unless you knew the right official. He was
luckily, one of those officials.

It was another long and tedious day, Terrian ran on
autopilot, thinking only of his plan for the dragon at the end of
the day. As the boy, Bru’Nik by name, was sent through, Terrian
returned to the mother. He straightened his robe, squared his
shoulders, and kept his head high as he raised her eyes to his. She
had lovely violet eyes, tear-stained at the moment, but lovely,
nonetheless. He gently caressed her cheek with his claw as he
addressed her in soothing tones, “Your son is not dead. This is
simply a new beginning for him. Varga is as lovely of a moon as
Onara. The placement agents on the other side will assist him
greatly. Please, do not despair.”

A hint of smile curved the very edge of her mouth as
she sniffed a reply, “Thank you. I appreciate you being so gentle
with the procedure. I had heard horror stories of past officials
tearing children away and beating any who cried. I worried that I
would not be allowed to see him off. He would have made strong
alpha. If only he had been hatched with wings I may have passed him
as a pure blood dragon.” Her eyes dropped as she recalled her
despair at his hatching. His dragon snout had protruded from his
shell, followed by claws and very dragon scaled skin. Her hopes had
risen. Then he emerged fully from the shell and only his lack of
wings and slightly shorter tail marked him for his dirty blood.

“You may see him again someday. Perhaps I could buy
your dinner and you can tell me about him. He seemed like a very
fine boy.” He smiled at her as he gave his wings a slight

She accepted and they left the grounds for a nearby
feast hall. Settling onto plush cushions near the fire, they
ordered their meal and conversed. Terrian tried to let her talk as
much as possible, having learned that the females liked that. He
took in her unique scent, eyed her comely form, and mingled his
tail with hers. After their meal, she had begun to rub gently
against him. When he began to scent her rising arousal, he quickly
paid and invited her to his apartment for some bloodwine.

He had barely poured two glasses before he found her
nipping at his tail. He drank his glass in a quick gulp and eyed
her greedily. The scent of her womanhood was pouring off her in the
confined space of his apartment and it demanded that he dominate
her, as a male should. He removed his robe and helped her to remove
her garments as well. He circled her, rubbing his own aroused scent
onto her, rumbling in his chest. Flaring his wings, he nipped her
wings and tail as well. Finding her face, he nuzzled into her neck
and slowly ushered her towards his nest. She presented her neck to
him in submission and wrapped her wings tightly against her lithe
body. Pressing in on her, she raked her claws against his chest,
egging him on. Finally, between the scent of her and the pent up
frustrations of months without a lover, Terrian forced her onto her
back, biting her neck but not drawing blood. He growled in his
throat, pressing the tips of his wings to the ground on either side
of her.

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