Harden My Heart (Club Release 3) Science Fiction Abduction Romance

BOOK: Harden My Heart (Club Release 3) Science Fiction Abduction Romance
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Harden My Heart


Club Release 3





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This is a work of fiction intended for adults age 18 and over. Minors need to stop here and close the book.

Harden My Heart

Club Release 3

Copyright © 2016 by Pixie Moon


First Publication: June 2016


Cover design by Pixie Moon

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To all the readers of Scifi Romance!

Those who love a juicy alien story—I’m with ya!



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Harden My Heart (Club Release 3) Science Fiction Futuristic Romance

Year: 5006

He is a shaft of light in the darkness my world has become. My body craves his so I’ll give it to him but I won’t give the giant alien my heart.

Kinsey Lea Walker ~ My fists clench. I stare at the aliens buying me. Food is payment. The humans who captured and sold me are digging through the crates. No remorse is on their faces. I’m nothing to them. Tears threaten. I blink them away. My heart grows heavy, like a stone. The hardening feels good. I was too soft. Luck is not on my side. It never has been. It’s time I learned that.


Din Tairin GyRol ~ I’m not here shopping for a seema. I don’t need a pleasure servant but when I see the little human on the sell-block my heart swells unnaturally. Desire whips through me as she captures my full attention. I have to be near her, smell her, touch her. I’ll take her to Zaphin. To my home, to my bed.


Warning: 18+ This book contains adult situations, hot sex, bad language, sexy alien bites, other planet adventures, and violence. If that’s for you, then maybe this story is too. This stand-alone story has an arc but there is also a series arc. So some things will be brought to light later.




Harden My Heart

Club Release 3


Pixie Moon






~ Kinsey Lea Walker ~




Earth 5006


The sound of footsteps has me jumping up from the couch and then smoothing my hands over my dress. Its simple but clean.


I glance down and see some flour spotting the front. I quickly brush it off. I have to start looking better and acting more loving. David has been acting even cooler lately. He may be selfish, but he is useful. The smell of bread filling his home should help him like me more. I worked on those loaves all morning.


I strain to hear. Was that an extra set of footsteps? Yes, I’m sure I hear more than one person heading toward our door. Who could David be bringing home? I pinch my cheeks to add some color to them. I have to look good. Just as the doorknob turns, I fluff my hair and plaster on a bright smile.


David is powerful. I’m not. I need him.


The door opens and David steps inside. The strange look on his face is cold in a different way than I’m used to.


A sour stone forms in my stomach. “What’s wrong, David? Are you all right?” Please don’t have a deadly sickness and his company be the area doctor.


His lips quirk up on one side. He looks over his shoulder. “Meredith, come in.”


I watch as a young woman boldly walks into our home. Relief washes over me. She’s not the doctor. I hurriedly scan her. She is younger than me, but the smirk on her face is filled with confidence. The look in her eyes holds a touch of cruelty.


Flipping fuck. My heart sinks all the way to my toes. I’ve seen that look before.


She inhales. “Thanks for cooking us some bread. It smells delicious. We’ll need it to keep our strength up.”


What the hell? I look back at David. His eyes are very revealing. No, this can’t be happening to me again.


I gesture toward Meredith but keep my gaze on David. “What’s going on? Who is she? Why is she talking that way?”


A poisonous gleam enters his eyes. “She’s your replacement. Grab your shit and get out.”


This can’t be happening to me again. I shake my head. “Don’t do this. We can work our issues out.”


I can become what he needs. To survive, I’ll do what’s necessary. I’m a survivor.


His brows hike up. “Issues? We don’t have issues. We don’t have anything. I’m done supporting you.” He points at the door. “Get out.”


A giggle comes from Meredith. My heart plummets and the stone in my stomach starts to ache.


“Where will I go? What will I do?”


He shrugs uncaringly. “Don’t know, don’t care.” A cruel smile transforms his face. “I hear old man Smithson is looking for a live-in maid. You can work for him.”


Black dots flash before my eyes. A knot starts to form in my throat. Smithson is a terrible old man who always talks about fucking. This has to be a joke. David wouldn’t send me to a perverted man.


I can’t be alone again. I need to have a family environment. Even a fake one. I grab his arm and stare up into his dark eyes. “Please. We can work it out. I can be what you need. Just tell me what you need.”


He snorts and pulls his arm from my grasp. “I need some wild pussy.” He snorts again. “We both know you’re lacking in bed. Smithson won’t care though. Get out.”


Meredith laughs out loud. It’s an ugly sound that rings through the room. A flush of heat rolls through my whole body.


What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be what people want me to be? When his laughter joins hers, I cringe and quickly head to his bedroom to gather my belongings.


It doesn’t take me long to put my clothes into a small cloth sack. I can hear them making out in the living room. Tears sting my eyes but I blink them away. My stomach churns. My hands tighten on the sack until they ache. I long to scream.


Flipping fuck it. I quietly make my way into the kitchen and gather up all of the bread I cooked and put it in my sack. That bitch can start cooking his bread. I hope she’s a terrible cook.


When I walk into the living room, I see them making out on the couch. He is touching her in a way he never touched me—with passion.


What is wrong with me? Shame balloons in my chest. I’m not good enough. My past flashes before my eyes. I try to shake it off but the images are too strong. I’ve never been good enough. Not even good enough to be touched with passion.


He stops and looks at me. He gives Meredith a love bite on the lip and then points at the door.


She giggles. “David, you are so bad. I love that about you.”


“Show me how much you love it,” he says. The desire in his voice is like a slap to the face.


My shoulders sag as I head out the door. I swallow hard and then look around. This is a small town but surely I can get a job. Hope flares in my chest. Maybe I can find a kind person who needs help. I straighten my shoulders. I can make it on my own. People do it all the time. My heart hurts at the thought of never having a loving family. I look back at the small house I shared with David. One more failed attempt at a family. Nothing new.


That doesn’t make the pain any less potent, even though it should. Why am I so slow, so foolishly optimistic? Life is terrible most of the time. Today is no different.


After giving myself a mental slap, I look around and decide to head toward the center of town. That’s where all the people doing business are. They are the ones who can help.


Wings flutter near me. I look over in time to see a bright red cardinal fly over me. I smile and it starts singing in its own funny way. I laugh when the bird lands on my arm and starts chirping at a fast rate. I love the colorful birds in our area. This one is brighter than most. My heart lightens with every step I take. Maybe everything will be better than ever.


Just as I pass Barb’s house, a cat jumps off the baker’s roof and scares my feathered friend away. I shoo the striped cat off as I watch the red bird fly away. Damn cat. If I could, I’d remove all threats to birds.


The closer I get to the shops, the faster I walk. This could be my chance to start over. I stop by the baker’s shop and walk inside. Several customers are talking merrily. When they see me, they stop.


My heart beats a little faster. I’ve never felt like I truly belonged anywhere in my life. This small town is no exception. Today seems worse than ever.


Knowing I need a job, I press on and go over to Barb. I plaster on a smile and say, “Hey, Barb. Could you use a helper?” Something passes over her features. Was it regret? I quickly add, “I’m real good at baking bread.”


Pity fills her light blue eyes. “No, I’ve got all the help I can afford.”


From the look on her face, I know I can’t convince her to give me a job. I nod and with a heavy heart, I go toward the door. Mike and his friend Carl are at a table near the exit. They’ve always given me the creeps.


Mike leans out. “I hear old man Smithson is looking for a maid.” I cringe and both men snigger.


Flipping assholes. I firm my lips and head over to, Terry, the butcher. He’s a good guy. Maybe he’ll help me out.


The second I enter his shop, pity enters his dark brown eyes. No, no, no. I firm up my resolve and ask for the job anyway. Weak people never live long. I can’t let them see me sweat. No tears either.


He shakes his head sadly. “No, I can’t help you out, little miss. Maybe you should think about heading to the next town over. There’s one to the east that I hear is growing. You may find a good place there.”


I thank Terry and then head out the door. Tears threaten but I don’t let them fall. That town he told me about would have to be miles away. I’d rather stay here if I can. Although moving on may not be so bad. But I’d rather go with someone else. The woods can be dangerous. I can fight if I have to but damn.


If I can stay here for a while longer, I’m sure someone passing through could use some company. Right now I need a job until that person comes through town. I square my shoulders and head on to the next shop. I can do this.


Three shops later, tears well in my eyes. This time a tear escapes, I wipe it away and press my lips together. David must have threatened everyone in town, except old man Smithson. I will not be his maid. Not even until a traveler passes this way.


My stomach twists as I head into the woods. I’ll take Terry’s advice and move on. I kick a small rock. It’s not like I really have a choice. That bastard.


My heart grows colder. I relish the feeling. I’ve been a fool to trust anyone. I have to try to keep my heart cold. In this world, it’s the safest way to live.


On the edge of town, I stop. I actually have two options. One town to the east and another I’ve heard of to the south. Which path should I choose? Which one has a better chance of leading me to a happier more fulfilling life? I look to the sky. A flock of birds flying high in the sky chirp as they head south. South it is.


A few steps into the thin woods I hear the familiar flutter of wings. The flutter gets closer and closer. A moment later, a little bird lands on my arm. Hope flares through my chest. Some of the chill leaves my heart. The lively chatter of the bird makes me happy. I wish I could speak bird. I just know my feathered friends would be a thousand times better than any human friend I could possibly find.


As I move on, the bird keeps me company. With each step I take my heart gets lighter and lighter. Yes, I can have a better future. All I have to do is find a nice town that welcomes strangers. I can do this. My life can’t suck forever. I can make a better future for myself.


Another bird comes along and lands on my head. The feel of its tiny feet pressing into my head doesn’t bother me at all. I like all of my feathered friends. They are so beautiful and they never judge me.


A strange rustling in the woods has me looking around and the birds chattering loudly. I feel like they are warning me but I don’t speak bird so I have no idea what the danger is.


When they fly off, my heart starts pounding. I walk a little quieter as I look around. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. I’m on my way to a better life. One that is full of people who will love me and never abandon me.


Maybe not full of loving people but loving birds and a good job.


Doubt starts creeping back in. I shake off the negative feelings and remain positive. Life is going to be good. I just have to keep believing that. I can
things happen. Good things.


The sound of feet running through the woods makes me jump. I have no reason to fear. It could be a very nice person who knows where a lovely village or town is. That’s it. I’m about to get a lead on where to go to find happiness.


My good thoughts sour when I see a rough looking male step from behind a tree. I’ll kick his ass if I have to.


I try to smile at him but doubt it’s convincing. He is a rough sight. Looks can be deceiving though. He may be a great guy who is scared of water. Or he likes to conserve it even more than I do. Rain is scarce.


“Well, look what we have here,” he says.


I don’t like the way he’s looking at me. When he takes a step closer to me the hairs on my arms jump up in alarm.


“I’m not looking for trouble. I…I have some bread I can share but that’s it.” I hope he takes it and leaves.


Crude laughter rings through the trees. I whip around and see another rough and dirty male come toward me. I start to tremble. No, I won’t be easy prey. I look around and then rush to the left. I refuse to let them hurt me. With my heart hammering out a wild beat, I run.

BOOK: Harden My Heart (Club Release 3) Science Fiction Abduction Romance
5.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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