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Authors: Michelle Marola

Tags: #Romance, #Contemporary, #Romantic Suspense, #Two Hours or More (65-100 Pages), #Mystery & Suspense, #Suspense

I'm in Love With a Stripper

I’m in L
ove with a Stripper

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rights reserved.

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Chapter 1

Alena quickened her pace as she glanced down at her watch,
I hope I’m not late or Royce will be furious

Alena exhaled a sigh of relief as she reached Royce’s apartment. She was immediately greeted by an adorable, curly haired little boy.

Aaaallleeeennaaa!” squealed Gavin. He ran to hug her. Alena was Gavin’s favorite nanny and he was always more outgoing when she was around.

Hi Gavin!” Alena replied warmly as she embraced him.

Are we going to color again today? Will you make me breakfast? Royce burnt mine! And can we...” Gavin began.

Oi runt, I need to talk to Alena. Grown up stuff, OK?” Royce interrupted.

Gavin—sweetie, why don’t you get your coloring book and colors and wait in the kitchen for me?” Alena said warmly.

Royce moved across the room towards Alena. She looked up at
him. His large, muscular frame made her a little nervous. She felt tiny compared to him. She could smell his cologne and the scent of shaving cream that lingered on his face. She studied him for a quick moment taking in his tan skin, dark hair, and hazel eyes. She had to admit that he was very handsome. Her thoughts immediately dissipated as soon as he opened his mouth.

Feh, you’re fucking late again,” Royce grumbled as he grabbed his briefcase and straightened his tie.

This langua
ge did not surprise her; she often scolded him for talking like this in front of Gavin.

Royce, I know and I apologize,” Alena replied softly.

Yeah, you wouldn’t be late all the time if you just stayed here!” Royce exclaimed.

I-I can’t! It wouldn’t be right,” she stuttered.

This wasn
’t the first time he had brought up her moving in.

Hell lots of other nannies stay with their families! Are you too good to stay here or something?” Royce replied sternly.

No Royce, you know that’s not true it’s just I can’t…” Alena trailed off.

Fine. Well, I can’t be late for my meeting. We’ll continue this when I get home,” Royce replied as he began walking out the door.


What should I d
She thought to herself. The question kept running through her head.

I can’t move in with Royce and Gavin. I have school, to dance at the club, and I can’t leave Jes out for half of the rent by moving out.

Alena put her thoughts aside and headed into the kitchen. She smiled as Gavin was sitting at the table with his coloring books.

So, what should we make for breakfast today?” Alena asked cheerfully.

Pancakes!” Gavin replied.

You got it! You want to help me?” Alena asked.

Gavin nodded eagerly.

The two made blueberry pancakes. She helped him get dressed and then they put on their coats and boots. The pair then made their way to the park down the street. They swung on the swings for awhile and after that Gavin played on the jungle gym and slides. Alena smiled to herself as she watched him play. She really loved Gavin and couldn’t believe someone like Royce had practically raised him. He was such a well-behaved child. In fact, he was probably the most well-behaved child she had ever watched. Although, she noticed that he was very shy and sometimes he threw big fits when she left for the evening. He definitely had some sort of attachment issues. She wasn’t sure how he ended up with Royce. She only knew that Royce was his uncle, but no details were given on what happened to Gavin’s parents. She didn’t want to anger Royce by asking; she could sense it was definitely something not to question. Yet, she often wondered as Gavin did have some rough days. She wished she knew more so that maybe she would be better able to help him.

As she watched Gavin
, she realized it had been a little over a year since she started to work for Royce. She remembered when she had just moved to the city and saw his ad in the newspaper for a part-time nanny. The part-time schedule worked well with her college schedule. She remembered how nervous she was when first meeting Royce. She was a bit taken aback when she arrived at his upscale apartment for the interview. His demeanor was rough and he was intimidating in the beginning. Slowly, he warmed up as she came to know him. He always treated her well despite his course language and boorish ways. She was thankful as she often overheard his business calls and he could be callous and crude. Surprisingly, he was gentle and patient with Gavin. She remembered how excited she was to have the job when she had just moved to the city to attend nursing school.

any changes had occurred in the last year. The biggest change was that she had to start dancing a few nights a week. It had been an extremely difficult decision to make. It was also a huge secret to hide from her family and from Royce and Gavin. Despite all of this she needed the extra money to send home to her family and to pay her tuition. Her dad had left her mom when she was thirteen and they had to move in with her grandparents. Her grandmother had passed away a few years ago. It was incredibly hard for everyone to deal with the loss of such a great woman. After a few months of moving to the city, her grandfather became ill and needed a lot of care. The medical bills started coming in and her mom couldn’t keep a job with all the care he needed. Her younger brother was working but she knew he dreamed of being able to go to school too. Her roommate, Jessica had been an exotic dancer for awhile and made plenty of money. Jessica had coaxed her into it and she knew how much the money would mean to her family. She didn’t really have another choice. She couldn’t quit school and move back home when she was incredibly close to graduation. Jessica said it was easy money and it was only a few nights a week.

She knew it was
wrong. However, she was able to provide for her family and that was one of the most amazing feelings you could ever have. She would also graduate without a mountain of debt like most others she was going to school with. Heck, she even had some money in savings.

She related to
her roommate, Jessica a lot. They had become extremely close. She had met Jessica at school and needed an inexpensive place to live. Jessica grew up poor and worked hard to get into school. Jessica decided she didn’t want to struggle financially any longer. She started dancing with no regrets. She had money for rent, groceries, school, to send home, and money to save. She had no debt and the work wasn’t as bad as she imagined.

I wonder if he gets lonely being the only kid around here
, Alena thought to herself as she snapped out of her flashback. She watched Gavin play on the jungle gym. Alena glanced down at her watch, it was getting late.

“Gav! You ready to go?” Alena called out.

“Yeah! Alena, watch this!” Gavin called out as he slid down the slide attached to the jungle gym.

“Awesome. Did you have fun?” Alena asked.

Gavin nodded.

“Maybe when we go back there will be some other
kids there for you to play with,” Alena said.

Gavin replied softly.

Alena and Gavin made their way back to Royce’s apartment so Alena could make dinner before she left.

Gavin watched cartoons as Alena started to make spaghetti.

“Alena, why don’t you stay here with me all the time? Do you not like me?” Gavin asked innocently as he slipped into the kitchen.

unlocked the front door and stepped inside of his apartment. He untied his tie and laid his briefcase on the coffee table. He then made his way to the kitchen. He stopped when he heard Alena and Gavin conversing. He listened to the sound of Alena’s soft, sweet voice.

Of course I like you Gavin. I just can’t stay here right now,” Alena replied.

Is it because of Royce? I know he is grumpy but it would be fun if you stayed here and you could make me breakfast everyday!” Gavin replied.

giggled, “Gavin, I really do wish I could stay here all the time and look after you.”

When you’re not here Royce only makes cereal for breakfast and he only knows how to make Ramen or peanut butter sandwiches and he’s in a much better mood when you are here,” he replied.

Why can’t you stay here with us all the time?” Gavin continued to whine.

Alena smiled
, “Oh, I suppose it’s complicated.”

Is it because you don’t like me?” Gavin pouted.

sighed, “Well Gavin… if I tell you, you can’t tell Royce, OK?”

I promise I won’t tell him!” Gavin eagerly replied.

I have another job— a night job and that’s why I can’t stay with you,” Alena said as she set the table for Royce and Gavin.

’s stomach rumbled.

smiled, “Good thing dinner is ready huh? I can hear your tummy.”

listened carefully to the conversation. He then fumbled with some things in the living room to make it sound as though he just came home. He made his way to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Alena quickly served Royce and Gavin dinner before she attempted to sneak off.

Alena!” Royce exclaimed from the kitchen. “Where do you think you’re going? I told you I wanted to talk to you when I got home!”


Um, I should really go Royce!” she replied quickly.

GRR, Alena!” Royce yelled.

Alena paused and turned around.

“Gavin, eat your spaghetti while I talk to Alena in the living room,” Royce said.

sat down on the couch and motioned for her to sit next to him.

Alena, I really think it would be best if you moved here. I’m always busy with work and Gavin needs you after you leave. Plus, I worry about you when you’re late. I always think something bad has happened,” Royce said coolly.

Yes, Royce but...” Alena began.

Because I don’t want to hear your fucking excuses I’m going to double your pay,” Royce stated.


Just as
Alena was about to say something the doorbell rang.

Feh, I’ll get it stay here,” Royce said.

Chapter 2

Royce opened the door to reveal a business associate that he really disliked.

Blake, what the fuck are you doing at my house?” Royce said unhappily revealing a tall, blonde man in a suit.

Nice, jerkwad. Are you always this rude to your guests? I need to talk to you about Derrick’s account,” Blake retorted.

Feh, come in,” Royce replied.

walked into Royce’s apartment and immediately made his way over to Alena.

He reached down and kissed her delicate hand.
Alena’s cheeks turned a rosy pink color.

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