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So here is book two and I have loved every moment of writing it. I want to start by thanking everyone who has read my first book and contacted me to ask for more! It is truly humbling to hear people love my work and it makes me happier than anyone could imagine!

I, of course want to again thank my amazing family and friends for their continued love and support and their understanding when I am too busy writing to see people. My amazing husband and son who have to put up with me in a daze while I think about my book or just write one last sentence before paying them attention.

I also want to thank Ana
from for her proof reading, editing and general support and availability to bounce ideas off no matter what time of day or night it is! She also interpreted my appalling handwriting to type up my book as she edited it for me and was the one who came up with the name. Without her this book would be still sitting in a notepad waiting to be typed and checked!

Thank you also to Erin from who had me constantly pestering her for my front cover when she was so busy!

To everyone who has supported me and read my book I love you all!


My name is Laura Lawrence. I live in Somerset with my husband and eighteen month old son

I have been writing since I was a small child but
until recently I would never finish a full book before getting distracted starting a new one. My third book which is the sequel to The Best Friend, Boyfriend Theory will be available shortly.             

To find out more about my writing and get updates from me please visit my Facebook page -

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Artwork by
Erin Dunn -

dited by Anastasia Bird -




This book is dedicated to my amazing best friend Sara who has had a really hard year; you are the Isabella to my Olivia!

The List


My name is Olivia Hope and this is the list my best friend Isabella Webber and I have made. We must complete the full list with no excuses. This is our dream list of 100 things to do before you die. Isabella's last request, so let's begin now.


100 Things To Do

1. Fall in love

2. Have amazing sex

3. Be the heroine of a book

4. Quit the job you hate

5. Travel the world

6. Visit all the ‘must see’ places in the UK

7. Hug a stranger

8. Don’t limit anything, do whatever you want

9. Kiss a girl

10. Ride a rollercoaster

11. Buy everyone in the pub a drink

12. Buy 100 scratch cards and scratch them all at the same times

13. Swim with dolphins

14. Climb a mountain

15. Take a really posh, expensive car for a test drive

16. See all the pyramids

17. Camp out and see the pyramids at night

18. Hold a tarantula

19. Take a candlelit bubble bath with someone

20. Say ‘I love you’ to a boyfriend

21. Do a striptease

22. Learn to pole dance

23. Do a bungee jump

24. Sky dive

25. Do a parachute jump alone

26. Visit Paris with a boyfriend

27. Watch a lightning storm at sea

28. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise

29. Ask honest questions you’d otherwise be embarrassed to ask

30. See the Northern Lights

31. Go to a massive sports game and cheer really loud

32. Have sex outside

33. Touch an iceberg

34. Have sex at work or in a public place

35. Sleep under the stars

36. Compromise

37. Ride in a hot air balloon

38. Get drunk on champagne

39. Get high

40. Start the day with alcohol without feeling guilty

41. Have sex in every room in the house

42. Give more than you can afford to charity

43. Give your last pound to a homeless person

44. Laugh uncontrollably whenever you feel like it

45. Have a food fight

46. Bet on a horse with the worst odds of winning

47. Take a sick day when you’re not ill

48. Have a threesome

49. Ask a stranger out

50. Have a snowball fight

51. Photocopy something you shouldn’t at work

52. Scream until you lose your voice

53. Help birth an animal

54. Live out one of your fantasies

55. Go skinny dipping

56. Have sex in the sea

57. Make time for people

58. Fly without panicking

59. Do something selfless like volunteer

60. Go on an elephant safari

61. Go to America

62. Visit Vegas

63. Gamble for 24 hours straight

64. Go to an ‘all you can eat’ in America

65. Go to Disney World in Florida

66. Go to a water park

67. Drive through the desert

68. Visit the Grand Canyon

69. See the Seven Wonders of the World

70. Shop ‘til we drop

71. Watch loads of shows

72. Go to Canada

73. Hike in Canada

74. Learn how to fish

75. Have a flying lesson

76. Go to a naturist beach

77. Have a long distance relationship and make it work

78. Sing karaoke

79. Sing loudly in a public place and not care if people stare

80. Change your image completely

81. Try on wedding dresses

82. Try on the worst outfit you can find in the shop

83. Get married

84. Do the tourist things at each place we visit

85. Talk to a stranger

86. Visit the space centre

87. Turn 21 in America

88. Go in a helicopter

89. Go on safari

90. Have a fake argument with someone in a public place

91. Walk in a straight line without moving to let people pass

92. Sunbathe until you change colour

93. Cry uncontrollably in a public place

94. Make every minute count

95. Go camping

96. Don’t be afraid

97. Find a knight in shining armour

98. Try and blag a free meal

99. Fly first class

100. Love every moment of life



'Are you sure you're up for this? It'll be a long time away from home.'

'Yes Isabella for the thousandth time I want to do this. I never thought I'd travel the world, but what better time than now while we're still young? We've spent the last month making your list and have finally agreed on one hundred things to do. So please can we just go for it before I change my mind!'

'You really are the best friend I could ever ask for Livs! I can't believe you're dropping everything to come travelling with me!'

The look on her face is enough to make me drop anything for her. I love my best friend so much that I'd do anything she asked me to; well within reason, there are some things on the list that I'm not thrilled about.

'Well I'm not really giving up much am I? I mean I'm giving up my temping job and my comfy bed, but really that's about it. It's not like I have a man to keep me here or any other friends as good as you to entertain me.'

'Oh right I see, so you're only coming along so you won't have to find a proper job and some new friends then?'

Isabella sounds disgusted but I know she's joking, even if she is glaring at me.

'Umm... yeah that's about right actually. Now what do we need to pack?'

'Charming! Well as we don't know how long we'll be staying anywhere we will need to try and pack light. So I guess if we take one hairdryer and straighteners to share and maybe one make up bag to share? Then enough clothes to keep us going for about a month? Only one outfit for each day and about five pairs of shoes?'

'Oh Izzy I don't think you understand the whole packing light thing! I was going to say one outfit should last about four days and we only need two pairs of shoes, flip flops and something more dressy. We'll be able to wash our clothes while we're away, so make sure you choose things that you like and want to wear over and over.'

'Eww, I'm not wearing something for four days! Maybe we should just go for a couple of weeks at a time? Or I could get my mum to send us fresh clothes?'

'Isabella this was your idea, now don't be such a princess. If you don't choose soon I'll pack for you!'

Isabella looks at me shrugging her shoulders before handing me her case and going to lie down on her bed. Looks like I will be packing for both of us again. It's just as well I enjoy packing. I look around Isabella's messy bedroom with clothes and make up all over the floor with smaller piles of stuff dotted around. To give her some credit she has started to pack, she just hasn't got very far. If she thinks she can live in this state while we are travelling she has got another thing coming.



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