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Heather Leigh

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Burning Desire


Jeremy Moretti and Chase DeLuca have grown up together and into different MCs. Their lives were promised and destined to the Condemned Angels and Hell's Rebels. As they grew, so did Chase's feelings for Jeremy's younger sister, Roxanne.

Stemming from separate clubs, they have all the stakes against them. Michael Moretti, President of the Condemned Angels has forewarned Chase to stay away from his daughter. There is too much at risk and clubs stick to their own kind. No mixing whatsoever.

The years apart have done them good, however, Roxanne has finished school and is back home, and back in Chase's life. However, she isn't alone. Roxanne is dating the Treasurer of her father's club.

Things start to go wrong as their secret feelings grow stronger for one another. Will Chase fight for what has always been his, or will the MC stand in his way?

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Ride Hard



Jeremy Moretti, son the of the Condemned Angel’s President, has always had eyes for Nicole, his baby sister, Roxy’s best friend.

Nicole has eyes for both Jeremy and Hunter.

The Condemned Angels MC is the only family Nicole has left. After a series of events that almost cost Nicole to take her own life, Jeremy was the one to save her.

They have both struggled with sexual frustration for years, and have been holding back on each other. Being too stubborn and hard headed, Jeremy decides it’s best to push her away. When he doesn’t step up to the plate, Hunter is there to break her fall.

While Hunter and Nicole’s relationship blossoms, Jeremy tries to move on. But, yet, he can’t let her go. It always been here, and it always comes back to Nicole.

After the death of the rival MC’s President, Ryder, has the Devil’s MC in an uproar as Ryder’s surviving brother, Jax has come to seek revenge. With revenge, Jax brings unknown secrets that pertain to Nicole, which may risk everything, her safety, her MC family, and most importantly, Jeremy.

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Praise from Ride Hard

Team Jeremy. Team Hunter. Heartbreak, destruction, suspense, dirty passionate love.
Heather Leigh was serious with the title of this book - get ready to Ride Hard.-
Deliciously Wicked Books

Hunter, JESUS, is to die for (DO YOU HEAR ME – I WANT HUNTER – I CLAIM HIM HE IS MINE). Hunter is caring, sweet, alpha and a totally dirty talking biker (THAT DOES THINGS TO MY INSIDES).-
Lustful Literature

Is Jeremy ready to tuck his big ton salami between his legs and finally admit what everyone knows that he loves Nicole and wants her badly?  Will the truth that Nicole is smacked with ruin any and all relationships that she holds near and dear? And what the heck is that with Hunter, umm hello so did not see that in the walls…-
Sassy Girl Books

Heather Leigh does a good job creating drama and suspense to keep us entertained...well that's not all that kept me entertained...wink wink!-

I was feenin for this book as soon as Burning Desire cliffed me, now I am foaming at the mouth waiting for book 3...-
We stole your book boyfriend

A lot transpires in this book.  A lot of the story pulls together.  Shocking revelations will keep you literally on the edge of your seat. I have enjoyed reading this series more than I though possible.  I have been left wanting more after each book.  Heather has written an amazing story with equally amazing characters.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for book three
! -
Love Between the Sheets

After the way Burning Desire was left I was gunning for this book and again I was not disappointed! I love MC books and I loved this book. Heather has done an amazing job. –
Eye Candy Book Store

How long do I have to wait for the next one because I need it like yesterday? Great job keeping me interested and wanting, no wait strike that, NEEDING more!-
Twinsie Talk

Just like in the first book, this will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. My eyes were glued to the pages.  It was hot, sexy, packed with action and some sexy tough badass bikers! What a twist to the story and holy fucking cliffhanger! Again, well done Heather Leigh for another fantastic book and I can’t wait for the next one-
Jennifer’s Book Obsession








“I promise to

treat you as good as

my leather

and ride you

as much as my


Sons of Anarchy

Chapter 1


Nothing like having a fuckin’ gun pointed at your head. There we were, knelt on our knees with our hands on the back of our heads.

“Fuck!” I roared out loud, while I shook my head from side to side. I was really fucked up, seeing Eva…after all these years. I didn’t know what the fuck to think. I couldn’t get the image of her out of my mind, even with a loaded gun pointed at my head.

“Hands behind your fucking backs!” a man yelled at us. Jeremy, Derrick and myself followed orders. With clenched jaws, we gradually obeyed. Our wrists were immediately zip-tied and dark fabric bags were thrown over our heads. I had no fucking clue how we got from point A to point B. Somehow I ended up on a chair in a room. At least I was still alive, fuckin’- A.

The bag was pulled from my head; and I immediately took a deep breath of fresh air. That fucking thing was suffocating my ass. My eyes squinted under the bright light that hung over my head. I took in my surroundings, wood paneled walls, and a cement floor. The thing that stood out above the rest was the potent wave of chemicals or solvents that hung in the air. What the fuck? The door to the room that I resided in opened. Jax stood there, nodding to the Prospects to stand down as he entered.

“What the fuck were you three doing, spying on my fucking clubhouse? You boys have a death wish or some shit?” Jax said as he closed the door behind him. It was just the two of us. My hands were still tied behind my back, which fucking killed my shoulders. Being as built as I was and tied up didn’t exactly work together. I straightened my spine while I pulled my shoulders and neck back faintly. I looked him square in the eye.

“You have Condemned Angel’s property here that needs to be returned,” I stated. I thought back to right before we were caught. Jax had taken Nicole upstairs, to what must have been his bedroom. A woman was waiting for them; as soon as she laid eyes on Nicole, she had taken an interest in her. Fucking eyed her up like she would be her next meal to devour. I’m all for girl on girl action but shit, that’s when I took notice of the hair. It wasn’t a ginger red, it was a ‘hello, my hair is red as fuck’ color. Long, thick curls of endless bright red laid down that girl’s back. As soon as her face was visible, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was Eva, my Eva, my wife.



“Hunter!” Eva called out as she tossed her keys onto the ceramic dish that sat by the front door.

“Yeah, babe?” I answered her, yelling from the kitchen.

“Mmm, something smells good!” She walked barefoot into the kitchen, wearing high-rise cut off jean shorts and a black tank top, which set off her new bright ass red hair. Eva had an obsession with Jessica Rabbit from the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, which led to the va-va-voom hair. It was up in a messy bun thing that chicks do, and her young face was beautiful as ever. Eva was about five years, give or take, younger than me.

“Chinese tonight, baby.”

“My favorite!” She fished out a couple packets of duck sauce from drawer.

“I know.” I grinned up at her. Little did she know what I had waiting for her at the end of our meal.

After we sat in the living room and finished our food, Eva sat back after unbuttoning her shorts. God, she was so damn sexy.

“Oh God, look away, baby. You don’t want to see this.” She giggled as she exhaled and let her imaginary gut out. Her flat belly rounded out with air, the roundness similar to being pregnant. Pregnant. I couldn’t wait to see Eva waddling around with my baby inside of her.
Whoa man, one thing at a fuckin’ time.

“You know that shit just makes you even sexier? You giving me a hand with a head start on them shorts?” I crawled over to her with our favorite part of the meal, the fortune cookies.

“Oh, let me go first, baby?” Eva ignored my comment and immediately sat up and scurried herself to the edge of the couch. She sat perched there waiting. Like I was going to say otherwise to my girl? Fuck no.

“Always.” I held up her fortune cookie to her.

“I don’t get to pick?” She cocked her eyebrow.

“Fine, go for it.” I held open my fist, full of fortune cookies sealed in individual plastic baggies.

“That’s more like it!” Eva stuck out that little pink tongue, my fuckin’ dick is already twitching.
Easy, killer.

Our Chinese dinner traditions always ended with reading our fortunes out loud, and adding “in bed” at the end. This had made for some good memories, although, tonight’s fortune was far different than any other.

“Read yours first!”
Damn, bossy girl.

“Easy.” I laughed while I cracked open my cookie. I already knew what the fortune said…every single cookie in my hand all read the same message. Thank God, I was prepared for that shit.

“Your many hidden talents will become obvious to those around you….in bed.” I wiggled my eyebrows up at her, as she busted out laughing.

After she took a deep breath and wiped an escaping tear from her eye, Eva cracked open her cookie. She quickly read it to herself, and scrunched up her face.

“What’s wrong? What does it say, baby?” I sat up on my knees and started to move towards her.

“This makes no sense.”

“What? Let me see.” I put out my palm to her, curling my fingertips for her to hand it over.

“See?” Eva was getting pissed about her fortune, the one I specifically had created for her.

“How doesn’t it make sense?” I chuckled.

“Read it.”

“’Will you marry me?’” I peeked up at her.

“See? That doesn’t sound good with ‘in bed’ at the end of it!” Her small arms flailed about.

“Well, how about this? ‘Will you marry me, Eva… in bed, forever, until our dying day?’” Eva suddenly looked down at me, as I was holding out a ring while on bended knee.

“Oh my God!” Her hands flew to her mouth as realization hit her, my pansy ass was proposing to her. For once, in all the time that I knew her, she was speechless.

“You going to leave me hanging here, baby?”

“Oh God! Yes!!!” Eva squealed, giving me her hand as her feet danced in place. As soon as that bad boy was on, I rose to my feet; my hands guided up the back of her thighs, and cupped her firm ass. Immediately, she jumped on me, and I caught her. Long, lean legs wrapped around my waist as her mouth attacked mine. Fuck, I love this woman. Eva damn near mauled my ass with kisses.

“Yes.” Kiss “Yes.” Kiss “Oh God, yes.” Eva pushed her hot little cunt against my abs, and we were off to bed so I could lay claim on my Old Lady, the future Mrs. Sabatino.



“Why are you fucking smiling? You need to be fucking listening to me, mother fucker!” Jax’s voice brought me back to the current situation, just as he smacked me across the face with the butt of his gun.

“Yes, what the fuck do you want, pussy?” I groaned as I spit a mouthful of blood onto the floor, and licked my c

ut lip.

“I asked you a question. What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing. Here?” Jax shouted the words in my face.

“First off, back the fuck up. Second, get a fucking mint. Third, you have Condemned Angel's property here.”

“Jeremy and I already sorted that out. Nicole is a fair trade.”

“Well, then why don’t you talk to him about it?”

“Maybe a demonstration would be good for him,” Jax chuckled as he turned and left the room I was in.


BOOK: Reckless Abandon
9.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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