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Authors: Mina Carter

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Santa's Naughty List (4 page)

BOOK: Santa's Naughty List

Don't Drink and Hex (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Milly Taiden

Lords of the Hill: (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter

Hex Gone Wild (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Milly Taiden

The Master's Woman: (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter

The Captain of the Guard (Alpha Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter

Hex and Kisses (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Milly Taiden

Mated to the Master: (BBW Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter

Submitting to the Captain (Alpha Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter

The Captain’s Challenge (Alpha Werewolf Erotica) by Mina Carter



Watch out for the next title in the Smut-shorties series
The Master’s Baby.


Do you like your zombies sexy?


There is life after death, unfortunately for them, it's the same one...


Brett Perkins was a soldier, until the Project killed him. Now he's finding that life after death isn't so hot. With the Project base destroyed, he and his team have been tasked with running down and destroying a group of rogue Bloods. Unfortunately the vampires always seem to be one step ahead. Then they start kidnapping women...


Thanks to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Julia Collier is despised and reviled in the small town of Greenwood. His stories have painted her as everything from an air-headed gold-digger to a nymphomaniac serial killer. She can't even shop in the local store without suffering abuse from her fellow townsfolk, and that's before the late night calls or her ex's bully-boys following her.


When her home is broken into, Julia assumes it's her husband making good on his threats to 'deal with her for good'. She never dreams that it will lead a descent into another, terrifying world. One inhabited by werewolves, vampires...and zombies. Or that zombies could be so damn hot. Especially one certain example who makes her heart pound and all her common sense disappear over the horizon. After all, what woman in her right mind would fall for the undead?


Unless the undead aren't dead at all, but something more than human, from a world she'll need all her wits and new abilities to survive the battle between the undead...and the dead.


Project Rebellion: They're not heroes, they're something else... They're SARAs and they're about to kick ass.


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Mina Carter is a USA Today bestselling author of romance in many genres. She lives in the UK with her husband, daughter and a bossy cat.


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