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Soul-Mates Forever

BOOK: Soul-Mates Forever
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Soul-Mates Forever

Vicki Green

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

“I really enjoyed this latest work by Vicki Green. The book moved along at a great pace and I could not stop reading it once I started. The characters are amazing and you cannot help but want to see them be happy and succeed in their desires. The story was great and kept me glued to the book from the very first word till the very last word. Awesome job Vicki!”

—Joy Whiteside

“Soul-Mates Forever! What a great book! I haven't read a ton of rocker guy books. But Tucker takes the cake! He has a band, designs tattoos and has the sweetest heart ever. Of course he is going to fall for a total ice queen princess. In some ways Tucker and Paxton are so different from each other. But the both have a great heart. They remind me of turtles, hard exteriors but soft on the inside. Let's talk about Vicki's-we really are on a first name basis- lol- selection of names, shall we? Paxton- I LOVE this name. This name could be a contender if I ever have a daughter, or another dog, whichever comes first. Dirk, Hulk, Thorn-I just love these names because the image that you get when you read them fits their descriptions.”

—Jasmine Cardi

“I absolutely loved Soul-Mates Forever! The way Vicki wrote the book you could feel all the emotions they were feeling! I loved how Tucker's character! He is a bad boy HOT rocker ;) but also so sweet and would do anything for Paxton. Paxton seems like a real spoiled bitch until you get to know her and realize her life isn't as great as it may seem. This book was written perfect! You did an amazing job Vicki<3 Mwah!”

—Ashley Grimes

“This is an amazing book! I absolutely love Pax and Tucker!! I enjoyed book 1&2, but this one is completely off the charts! Tucker is so sweet towards Pax even though she has an inner bitch all the time. He never gives up! He is hot hot hot!! :) I am super glad the story ended the way it did! There was tears of happiness and sadness! They went thru a journey but when it's meant to, it is! Vicki green does it again with her amazing talent! Love Vicki green! She kicks ass! Standing ovation!”

—Jessika Harper

“Yet again Vicki Green has written another amazing story for us to enjoy. I've read all her books so far and this one is exceptionally good.

Paxton is the rich girl with a lot of walls built around her. Tuck is the oh-so-sexy rocker who is going to try and break down these walls. There are also a lot more lovely characters in this story who will make you smile. Brilliant storyline had me reading this as much as I could.

Be warned there is a lot of sex and cursing in this book!! Although I'm certainly not complaining

I was so excited when I saw at the end of this book there will be a novella out this year about the band. I'm so looking forward to getting lost in that book too. Well done Vicki.”

—Philomena Callan

“I was asked to read and review this for the author. What can I say about a story that has love, sex and an explosive storyline. Tucker is what every woman dreams of in a man and Paxton is what every man dreams of in a woman. When they get together you can expect explosive things to happen.

You get to meet some of the previous characters from the last 2 books and more characters in this book. I loved every single minute of reading this wonderful and fulfilling book. Can't wait to read more from this wonderful author in the future.”

—Fiona Hunt

“I have read the previous books to this series which I loved.

Personally I took a bit of time adjusting to Tuckers bad language and rawness of words at the start. Then my head got in gear around the fact he was a Rocker so I had to get myself in the zone!

once I did that I was fine.

I’ve had a busy eventful weekend so reading has taken a back seat. I managed to read the rest after supper tonight taking myself off somewhere quiet.

Vicki is not a writer, Vicki is most definitely an author. Keep a close eye on her because she can’t half tell a story.

—Sue Ward

“Loving story of a strong and proud guy never catching a break, but making a life for himself, falling in love with his opposite. She has money and fame, but no love - she has walls built around her heart so high they are choking her... Can he tear them down? Will she ever see him as more than a long haired, motorcycle riding, tattoo artist bad boy. He is making progress with her, when their pasts come back to haunt them ... her parents and a drug dealer he put in prison. Can the beginning of their relationship handle all this stress? Give this book a try, you won't be disappointed!”

—Theresa Esterline


I’m back in L.A. after my baby girls, Allie, wedding. My modeling is soaring at an all-time high right now. I’m in the middle of arguing with my agent, again, about how I will not model in the nude. Shit! What’s it gonna take to make her understand the word ‘NO’. ‘N. O.’ I realize I’m only 21, but I know what I will do and what I won’t. I’m a virgin for Christ’s sake and have no sexual experience, at all. All the guys out there want me only for my body as it is. Yes, let’s pose in the nude because that will help them love me for my brain and my heart and not my kickass body. Maybe I need a new agent. I know I’m blonde, but I have a fucking brain!

After coming back from Florida all I can think about is Tucker Williams, the HOT and sexy rocker and Allie’s husband’s best friend. Tuck has been trying to get in my panties since I met him when visiting my baby girl in Kansas. Her husband owns Barton’s Bar, where Tuck and his band, Razers Edge, play. They are a great band, and I think they’ll go far. Allie’s brother, Jessie, owns a company that hosts charities for the mega rich companies and Razers Edge has been playing at a ton of them. They’re going to be playing at a charity event for my dad’s company. Shit! I need to go shopping to get a fabulous dress since I’ll be seeing Tuck again. I don’t have anything in my three closet wardrobe that will do.

Tuck can be a cocky motherfucker but damn he’s fucking hot! Seriously, at the age of 22, he’s an extremely talented tattoo artist, and he has the sexiest voice when he sings that it gives me goosebumps. The tattoo’s on his muscular arm, his shoulder length black hair that tends to fall over one eye at times and his fuck hot body makes me wet every time I see him. Damn, he’s fine. Unfortunately, every girl who is in a fifty foot radius of him thinks the same thing. Thing is, every time I see him, he keeps trying to come on to me, but I’ve built up very thick walls around my heart in my young life. I’ve had to due to all the asshat’s out there that won’t leave me alone. Seriously, I don’t know that anyone will be able to break through them. Ever. And I am not giving up my V-card to just anyone either. I know that’s unheard of nowadays, but I have my morals and high standards. The guy I finally give it to will love me, cherish me, protect me and be my soul-mate. Fuck no, that doesn’t just happen in romance books, like Allie wrote. He’s out there. Somewhere.

My parents are gone, again, which is pretty much a normal way of life for me. They decided that they were in need of a vacation. Really? They had just gotten back from two weeks in Hawaii. Not like it makes any difference to me, they never talk to me anyway. I found out they left on a cruise from Jonsey, the man who is more like a father to me than my own dad, and he runs our house for my parents. He’s always been there for me since my parents never were. He made sure I had everything I needed. Sigh. Sad, isn’t it? My parents didn’t even know that I had gone to Kansas, come home and then left again for Florida. Thank God I have my baby girl and all the new friends I made in Kansas. Hmmmm. Maybe I finally need to get out of my parents’ house and move there. I really need to think about that, in my very little spare time.

Chapter One

“Girl, your hair is da bomb! So blonde it’s almost white and natural. Everyone highlights or colors their hair, trying to make theirs look natural like yours.” My hair stylist, Marcus, is one of my best friends in L.A. Why you ask? Because he is gayer than gay, has the best sense of humor and is the best hair stylist in the fucking world. And he gets me.

It’s been three months since I returned to L.A. I’ve had so many modeling gigs, charities and other things going on. I am exhausted. My eyes close as he runs his fingers continually through my long hair.
Fuck that feels good.
I look in the mirror at his concentrating face. “Aw, Markie, you’re so fucking good to me and are by far my biggest fan,” I smirk. He laughs as he begins to style my hair.

“So, my lovely, what kickass outfit will you be wearing today? I love watching your shoots, your hot as fuck photographer makes my cock harder than shit.” I reach around and smack his hand as I laugh my ass off. He is truly one of a kind.

Rolling my eyes, I frown. “Shit, they have me wearing this fucking toga thing, barely covering my essentials. I tell ya, they are getting skimpier and skimpier with the things they make me wear. I know what they’re trying to do. I am so fucking sick of telling them I won’t model nude.” My eyes roll of their own accord this time. “I swear I’m gonna cunt punt the next one that asks me to do that!”

He laughs hysterically. “Girl, I don’t doubt that! You are the one to do it too! I’ve seen those that have tried to cross you before. You are one cunt punting bitch!”

We both start laughing until the dressing room door opens a crack. “Five minutes!” A voice yells.

An eyebrow goes up on my face as I smirk in the mirror at Markie. “Well, fuck. Let’s rock this shit.”

I’m bored as I lay on a white fluffy rug that’s on top of an air mattress. The hot lights are causing a light sheen of sweat to form over my half naked body. The turquoise, silky fabric draping around me is barely covering my ample breasts and is almost covering my pussy, and it’s starting to stick to me. Good thing I’m a California girl and can take the heat! I’m trying not to breathe and give my sexiest look as Jake snaps his pictures.
Fuck! Hurry up! I need my diet coke and now!

“Annnnddddd, that’s a wrap!” Jake yells.
About fucking time!
He leans down on one knee and smiles. “Great takes. We’ll send them to your agent as soon as I go through them and do some edits. You were awesome as always.” I smile, and he winks at me. He’s the only photographer I will use. Many others have tried to get me to pose for them, but Jake and I work well together, and he is fantastic at what he does. He then leaves me to go do his magic.

My head is down, tugging on the fabric unsuccessfully to cover up my body when I feel the presence of someone coming close. “Fuck that was HOT!” I look up quickly, wide eyed, to find Tuck standing in front of me. His muscular arms crossed over his broad chest and that all too familiar cockiness on his fucking gorgeous face.
Shit! I’m in trouble!

“Wha--? What the fuck are YOU doing here?” I ask sarcastically. He gives me his extremely sexy, cocky smile with his right eyebrow raised. It’s cruel to look that fucking hot. The black stubble he once had is now longer but well-trimmed, his long black eyelashes that any girl would give her right arm for, and his piercing black eyes.
Shit, he is sex on wheels.
Ok, where’s the fan, I’m freaking hotter than hell right now.

While getting to a standing position, I stumble, almost tripping over the silky fabric as I try to wrap it around me. Fuck, I’m such a klutz around him. Without saying a word or looking at him, I walk passed him and head quickly to my dressing room. When trying to close the door with my foot it doesn’t shut. I whip around to find Tuck standing in the open doorway. His tattooed muscular arm stretched against the door frame, his perfect body in a relaxed stance. My body is freaking overheating.

He smirks. “Don’t let me stop you, beauty.” He walks in, shuts the door and sits in one of the comfortable chairs in the room. Placing his right foot on top of his left knee, I get a great view of his hard cock pushing against his jeans.
I catch him looking where I am and then his smiles widens when he looks back at me. “Can’t help it, beauty. It kind of has a mind of its own when it’s around you.” Then he winks at me.

BOOK: Soul-Mates Forever
8.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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