Sweets for Sale: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story

BOOK: Sweets for Sale: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story

Sweets for Sale

A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story

By Amy Sanders

Copyright 2013 Erotic Escapades Publishing

Carrie sighed and shook her head. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this. It was a new low, really, for a twenty four year old woman to be pulling a wagon full of cookies along behind her as she walked around her neighborhood. She had done enough of this when she was younger, and now here she was doing it again. To be fair, it was for a good cause. Her little sister had broken her leg the week before, and she couldn’t go door to door to sell cookies for her school. The money was going to help them go on a trip to Florida, and Carrie remembered enough of her own trip at that age to want her sister to have the same thing.

So she’d driven over to her parents’ house and loaded up the wagon with the cookies, prepared to spend what could have been a relaxing afternoon of doing nothing trying to convince people to buy cookies.

It wasn’t as hard as she had expected it to be, actually. Plenty of people actually wanted to buy cookies, and her wagon was already more than half empty. Carrie whistled as she walked to the next house, going over her sales pitch in her head.

It helped, she thought, that she wasn’t a small child. Being adorable definitely moved cookies, but being sexy moved more. She had dressed up for the occasion in a pair of short cutoffs and a t-shirt that hugged her figure and showed off more than a few inches of her midriff. Her hair was pulled into pigtails, and she had her innocent but flirty smile down pat.

The men who had come to the doors at the last few houses had definitely been more interested in listening to her than they would have been otherwise.

She pulled the wagon up to the next house and rang the doorbell, twirling one of her pigtails around her finger.

When she saw a very masculine shadow head towards the door, she grinned, getting prepared to make a sale.

“Can I help you?” 
the man asked when he pulled the door open. He looked annoyed, but it didn’t escape Carrie’s notice that he was also very attractive. He looked like he could be several years older than she was, and he had a goatee and dark hair that made him looked distinguished. But he was still a man, and she knew what they liked.

“Hello, sir,
”  she said, putting a bit of husky seduction in her voice. “Do you like sweets?” 

He frowned and looked her up and down. The annoyance seemed to melt away as he took in her outfit, and she awarded herself a mental point. Who said short shorts weren’t useful?

“I suppose,”  he replied slowly. “You’re selling something, aren’t you?” 

Carrie smiled wider, leaning in just a bit. “I might be. But I promise it’s something you’re going to want. I mean, look at you. You’re a man who works hard, right?” 

“Yes,”  he said, arching an eyebrow. “I have bills to pay.” 

“Of course.
And who doesn’t love a nice treat at the end of the day? Something sweet and delicious to keep you from getting overwhelmed with work.”

“That does sound nice. Come in, won’t you?”  He stepped back, leaving enough room for Carrie to walk in, pulling her wagon behind her, as he shut the door. His house looked nice and well kept, and she figured that he probably did work very hard to keep up with this place. “Can I offer you something to drink?” 
he asked.

Carrie shook her head.
“Oh, no, sir. This isn’t about me. I’m here to help you.” 

  he asked, stepping closer to her. “Well, I could use a little help. I live alone, you see.” 

There was a strange gleam in his eye, but she ignored it in favor of pushing to close the sale. It seemed like she had him right where she wanted him.

“Cookies make good company,”  she said with a winning smile. “And they’re less judgmental than people. I think you should order a few boxes and see how it changes your life.” 

Hm...well, I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,”  he said.

”  she replied.

“Lovely name; I’m Brian. You see, Carrie, I don’t know if cookies can give me what I really need. There’s only so much comfort a man can get from a box of cookies, after all.” 

Carrie grinned as if she had prepared for that. “That’s why you buy more than one box,”  she said brightly. “A box for every occasion, even. Then you’ll never have to worry about it.”  She bent down to get her clipboard from the wagon. “How many should I put you down for?”

“I’m not sure yet,
”  Brian said, and suddenly he was very close, making Carrie take an instinctual step back.

Before she knew what was happening, Carrie was pushed back against the wood of the front door, Brian's hands on either side of her head, caging her in. He was much taller than she was, and there was something about that height difference combined with the predatory look in his eyes that made her shiver.

Wha-what are you doing?”  she asked, voice catching a bit as she swallowed hard and tried to increase the distance between their faces. He was so very close to her, and she could see the heat in his eyes as he looked at her. He licked his lips, and Carrie had to keep herself from leaning in and closing the distance. 

She didn't know what was wrong with her. She didn't even know this man, and there she was just about going weak at the knees when he made inappropriate advanced toward her.

“I'm testing out the product,” he said with a smirk. “Try before you buy and all that. You're a sales woman, surely you've heard all about that before.”

Carrie scowled at him. “I'm not for sale, though. I'm not some kind of hooker that you can just toy with and then pay off. That's not how this—mmph!”  Her rant was cut off by Brian pressing his lips to hers. She should have tried to push him away, but instead she tilted her head up more to get a better angle. 

It seemed that it was true what they said about older men being experienced and better at these kinds of things. Brian tested her lips with his own, nipping and licking as he went. Each pass of lips made Carrie want to whimper and press
herself against this man, feeling her body react to the desire that was coursing through her now. 

Brian moved one hand from where it had been pressed against the door and grabbed both of her wrists. His hands were much bigger than hers, and it was easy for him to press her wrists against the door above her head. Carrie squirmed a bit, trying to see how much leeway she had, and she moaned into his mouth when she found that he was holding her firmly.

He had overpowered her with very little effort, and there was something incredibly arousing about that.

“Tell you what,
”  he murmured as he pulled back just a bit, trailing kisses down her neck. “You let me have you for the next hour or so, and I'll buy whatever's left of the cookies in your little wagon.”

It was a patronizing offer, really, but Carrie wasn't really using her head anymore. “Okay,
”  she said, nodding and finally giving in. She pressed her lower body against his, rubbing slowly so that it was more than clear what she wanted. 

There was something primal inside of her that liked the idea of being taken against this door. She was confident that this man didn’t mean to hurt her, and it wasn’t like the whole neighborhood didn’t know that she had been walking around selling cookies all day. She was only nervous because she didn’t know this man, and she didn’t know if she was going to measure up to whatever standards he had. He was probably much more experienced than she was, even though she had been with her fair share of men.

But Carrie didn’t have too much time to dwell on that. Brian’s free hand came away from the door, and he slid it up her body, starting at her hip. His fingers were warm where they pressed against the strip of bare skin at her midriff, and they left a flood of pleasurable tingles in their wake.

Mmm,”  she hummed, arching into his touch as much as she could.

“You like that?”  Brian asked with a smirk, biting down on her neck and pushing his hand under her shirt. Heat seemed to spread through her body at his touch, and she panted softly, moaning louder when his fingers found her nipples through the lacy material of her bra.

He kept her wrists pinned, and used his free hand to explore, dipping into her bra’s cups to tease and pinch at her nipples.

As if spurred on by the pleased noises she was making, Brian pushed her shirt and bra up over her breasts, leaning down and capturing one in his mouth while his fingers pinched and pulled at the other. Warm lips, a clever tongue, and the flash of sharp teeth on her sensitive bud were making Carrie’s cries get louder, and she could feel herself getting wet in her panties.

Brian chuckled and lifted his head. “I’d say you do like it,”  he murmured. “Stay right here.”  He pressed on her wrists as if to emphasize the order, and then left the entrance way quickly.

It probably would have been smarter to leave, but Carrie’s clit was throbbing and she couldn’t deny that she wanted this. It would make a good story one day, and she was too turned on to resist. So she stayed where she was, pressed against the door.

It didn’t take Brian long to come back, and when he did, she could see that he had taken his cock out and rolled a condom onto it. It was long and thick, and Carrie swallowed hard at the thought of that ramming into her. It made her shiver agreeably, and she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Like what you see?”  Brian asked, confidence practically pouring off of him. And yes, Carrie did. She nodded eagerly, her fingers flying down to undo the button and zipper on her shorts so that she could push them and her panties down. She stepped out of them and stood there in front of the older man, her breasts bared and naked from the waist down.

It was late spring, so she had gotten a wax recently in preparation for going to the beach and wearing a bikini, and it took Brian less than five seconds to cross the rest of the way to her and stroke the smooth skin of her snatch.

He turned her around and Carrie braced herself against the door, pushing her ass out. She wanted him inside of her.

Instead of pushing into her wet pussy, he slapped her ass, and Carrie inhaled sharply. She had never been spanked before, not even by her parents when she was a child, and the sudden burst of pain caught her by surprise. But it also felt good in its own way, so she pushed her ass out for more.

“Naughty thing,
”  Brian said, smacking it again. “Coming in here all tarted up and teasing men who are much older than you. Someone needs to teach you a lesson.”  He continued to slap her ass, alternating cheeks and making the swats a bit harder every few seconds.

Carrie was moaning and arching into the pain, her pussy practically dripping at this point. “Please,
”  she gasped. “Want it.” 

“Want what?”  Brian replied, ending the spanking.

“Your cock. Please!” 

“You only had to ask,
”  he said, and then he lined himself up with her snatch, rubbing the latex covered head of his cock against her pussy. Even that felt amazing in her worked up state, and she pushed back on it, grinding and trying to get him to slide home inside of her.

He chuckled and obliged, sinking in slowly. Brian was bigger than most of the men she had been with, and she could feel him pushing and stretching her open as he slid inside. It was an intoxicating feeling, and Carrie cried out at the slow sensation of being impaled.

When he was fully seated inside of her, he didn’t even pause before drawing back out at a faster pace, and then shoving in, doing away with the slow gentleness from only seconds before. His hands were around her hips, keeping her from moving away as he pounding into her.

From this angle she could feel everything, and she didn’t bother to hold back the flurry of sounds that spilled from her lips as he fucked her. This was raw and filthy, and she didn’t even know this man, but he was sending pleasure spiraling through her body and making it hard for her to catch her breath.

He grabbed both her arms, on wrist in each of his hands and pulled them back behind her, using them as leverage as he slammed into her in short strokes. It wasn’t going to take her long to come with him fucking her like this, and her legs were already shaking with her pleasure and the need to come.

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