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Authors: Charlotte Howard

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Taking Care Of Leah (3 page)

The pad of his thumb circled her clitoris, taking in her heat. She closed her eyes, and as she tipped her head back, he rested his lips on her throat. “You feel so good,” he murmured against her skin, dipping a single digit inside and eliciting a small groan of pleasure from her. Her cheeks burned. She was embarrassed by his brazenness and her reaction to his touch.

He slipped his finger in and out, giving a small twist as he exited her. She whimpered in disappointment. Gripping her backside, he lifted her onto the desk, moving closer so that she had no choice but to spread her legs wider. Leah looked down and saw the bulge of his erection. She reached between them, pressing a palm against him. He was hot and more than ready, but there was something in his eye that told her he wasn’t about to whip it out and fuck her senseless.

Keeping her eyes on his, she fiddled with the button of his trousers, slipping her hand inside and curling her fingers around his shaft. His stare darkened with desire and he pulsed under her touch. All she wanted to do was guide him into her. Giving him long, languid strokes, she rolled her thumb over his head, smearing the pearly liquid that oozed from his tip. The sudden surge in confidence caught her by surprise, but she put it down to the vodka.

Placing his fingers over hers, he pulled her hand away. He lifted her fingers to her mouth and set her damp thumb along her bottom lip. She ran her tongue along it. The divine taste of his need swirled around her mouth—musky, salty, masculine.

“I want you,” she said, surprised by the vulnerability that came with the words.

“I know,” he replied, massaging her breasts. “But not here.” It was then that she realized that while she was naked apart from a pair of heels, he was still fully clothed.

“This is a little unfair,” Leah said, taking a deep breath, filling his hand.

“Not for me.” Ty circled his thumb around her nipple. He let out an exaggerated sigh, releasing her and bending down to pick up her bra and dress. “Arms,” he said, and she held them out for him. He turned her around and clipped the bra into place with one hand, which left her wondering how many women he’d had.

He reached in front of her, rearranging her breasts until they were nestled into their cups. After helping her dress, he stepped back and studied her. The frustration grew inside her, filling her belly with a pressure she needed to be released. Wanting him became a craving.

“And my underwear?” she asked, unable to hide the irritation in her voice.

He picked up the pair of Spanx and stuffed them into his pocket. “Mine,” he said and flashed a grin. “Can’t have you hiding your beauty in these.”

“So what happens now?” she asked with a frown. Her heart beat loudly and she could feel the lump of disappointment grow in her throat as she readied herself for his response.

Ty put his finger under her chin, tilting her face to look at him. “Well, I was thinking that we should go back in there and make sure Rainie gets home, and then perhaps I could cook you breakfast.” He pressed his mouth against hers with a gentle kiss. “How does that sound?”

“I don’t usually eat breakfast,” Leah confessed. A relieved smile crept over her lips.

He led her back down the corridor and into the club. The music leaped into Leah’s ears, along with the cheers and yells from the crowd, which was now singing along to a Guns ‘n’ Roses classic.

Rainie had left the VIP booth, and so had Jerry and Lance. Ty glared at the bouncer he’d left in charge. “Where are they?” he shouted, loud enough to be heard above the noise. The bouncer nodded to the dance floor. Leah followed their stares, and sure enough there was Rainie, crushed between the two men, gyrating and welcoming the jungle.

“I’ll get her,” Leah offered, seeing the concern in Ty’s frown.

She pushed and shoved her way over to the threesome, hooking her arm through Rainie’s and tugging her free.

“Leah!” she greeted, wrapping her arms around Leah’s neck. Her cardigan had been unbuttoned to reveal a white camisole beneath.

“Rainie, I’m going home. I think you should too.”

“No, no, no! I’m having waaaay too much fun.” She faced the two men who were trying to encourage both women back onto the floor.

“I really think we should go,” Leah urged. “Please.”

“Oh, okay.” Rainie landed a playful slap on Leah’s chest. “Lemme say goodbye…” She twisted and wandered back to the dancers, blowing kisses at Jerry and Lance. Jerry walked toward them.

“You don’t want to have any fun?” he asked, getting a bit closer than Leah felt comfortable with.

“No,” Ty said, stepping in between them. “They don’t. Not with you.”

“Whatever, man,” Jerry said, holding his hands up in defense. He went back to dancing with his friend, taking no time to find other prey.

“Spoilsport,” slurred Rainie.

“Come on, time for bed.” Ty wrapped his arm around Rainie’s waist, holding her up. She let out an excited squeal as he more or less carried her out of the club. Leah followed behind, smiling to herself.

There was something about him that she found intriguing. He looked and sounded like Ty Sinclair, the school’s handyman, but that wasn’t who he was, and she was about to have great fun discovering the true him. Still, something caught her, holding her back from revealing her own secrets.


Chapter Four




They all slid into the taxi, Rainie squeezing in between Ty and Leah.

“I think I’m a little bit drunk.” She giggled, her head rolling onto Leah’s shoulder.

“Give me your phone,” Leah said, holding her hand out. Rainie obliged the request. Leah took her own out, never able to remember her own number. She started adding herself to Rainie’s contacts. “I’ve put my number in your address book. Text me tomorrow morning so I know you’re alive, please.”

“Will do, captain.” Rainie saluted.

The car pulled up to the curb and Ty opened his door, getting out and waiting for Rainie. Leah watched as Ty acted the complete gentleman, guiding Miss Smith to her door, even helping to find her keys.

Lights were flicked on as they went from room to room. Silhouettes broke through the thin upstairs curtains. He was helping her into bed, making sure that she was safe before retracing his steps, locking the door and posting the keys through the letterbox.

“I left her a note,” he said when he was back, sitting next to Leah. “She’s going to have a sore head tomorrow.”

“I’ve never seen her like that… How’d you know where she lived?”

“You missed the Christmas party.”

“Oh really?” Leah teased, nudging him with her elbow.

“Nothing like that.” He nudged back. “Lorraine Smith is an enigma. She looks like she should belong in a museum or a library, but when she’s had a couple…” He turned to look at her. “You haven’t heard the rumors, have you?”

“Rumors?” Leah pressed, although it was obvious he was about to divulge in every detail. And he did. Miss Lorraine Smith, it turned out, was as dirty as they come, having slept her way around the teaching staff, including Phillip Rendell, who was also screwing Mrs. Davis.

“Not sure I believe you,” Leah said when he’d finished telling her who was sleeping with whom. “It all sounds very…”

“Sordid? It is. But it’s also only gossip and hearsay.”

“How do you get to hear all of this?”

“Caretakers and handymen are invisible. We’re useful, but people forget we’re there and happily talk. I’m a bit like a wall with ears. For instance, who do you think was in the room last week when you were telling Janice Lewiston how much you’d like to bite the new biology teacher’s arse?”

Her cheeks flushed, as she remembered that she’d also said the same about his. She frowned, though, trying to remember a time that she hadn’t noticed him around. Ty let out a laugh.

The car rolled to a stop. Ty’s home was in the Bristolian suburbs, situated on the main road, but set back by a short driveway and garden. Even in the dark of night, Leah could tell that the lawn and shrubs were well kept.

“Looks like we have the place to ourselves,” Ty said, helping Leah out of the car. He passed some notes to the taxi driver before walking them both up the path.

“You have a housemate?”

“Yeah…” Ty slipped the key into the lock, opening the door. “You could say that. More of an old friend who is homeless and needs somewhere to crash for a bit. Only a few weeks has turned into a year, and he comes with a friend of his own.”

“I know the feeling.” She stepped into the house. It was warm and cozy, and not at all what she’d expected. For some reason she’d thought his home would be unfinished with a smell of grease. But it wasn’t.

Magnolia-colored walls ran throughout, broken up every now and then with a splash of color. The living room had a deep red feature wall, with a fireplace and a mirror above the mantel. No TV, she noted, but a record player in the far corner, and a huge box that she suspected was full of old vinyls.

She sat on the sofa, almost afraid that she would put a crease in the smooth seat. It swept around in almost a semicircle and was padded with oversize cushions, some fabric, some leather, but all in either cream or the same red as the wall. Ty left her alone for a few moments before returning with two short tumblers.

“Double vodka, splash of Coke, no ice.”

It slipped down, the sugar of the Coke and heat of the vodka mixing with perfection.

“I should probably apologize,” Leah said, interrupting the unwanted silence. “I don’t usually… I’m not normally so…”

“Forward?” he offered.

Leah nodded and finished the rest of her drink. Ty laughed, leaning into the sofa and stretching his arm across the back, his fingers dangling over the edge so that they tickled her neck.

Leah wrinkled her nose as the faint smell of beer made its way to her nostrils. She’d almost forgotten about the spillage down her front. Leaning closer to her, Ty took the tumbler from her grip. “The shower is upstairs,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow, sure of his hidden meaning.

“I promise not to look,” he said, and she thought he meant it.


* * * *


The sound of water being forced into the glass cubicle seeped from under the door. It was tempting to take a peek, although he already knew what she looked like without any clothes on.

Shoving his hands into the pockets of his trousers, he brushed his knuckles against the soft fabric of her knickers. He’d told her they were his now, and with any other woman, he would have kept that promise, waiting for the right time before giving them back to their true owner. With Leah Beauchamp, though… She wore those big knickers that women wore to keep their stomachs flat. He’d yet to see any part of her that needed hiding.

He had thought about approaching her several times over the past year, but no time had seemed right. When she’d suggested the end-of-term meal, temptation had nagged at him. That wouldn’t have been any good either, though. The last thing he wanted was for Leah to be the center of the gossip that so freely got spread, nor did he want Hilary Davis citing the riot act either. He didn’t have many lifelines left where she was concerned.

After taking off his shoes and putting them back in one of two wardrobes, he removed his socks and shirt, dropping them into the laundry basket in the corner of his bedroom. He lay back on the bed, rubbing her knickers between his fingers as he imagined her soaping her body. He had always gotten hard at the mere thought of her. Actually seeing her had almost sent him into a frenzy.

From the loose waves of her blonde hair to the curves of her breasts, waist and hips to the naked mound of her pubis, there wasn’t one part of her he didn’t want to lick and kiss.

He slipped his hand into his trousers and gave himself one long, hard stroke, thinking about how she’d reacted to his touch. Shit, if he wasn’t careful, he was going to come before she’d even finished in the shower.

The sound of a door opening and closing caught his attention, and he took his hand out of his trousers, gripping his fingers together and placing his palms behind his head.

Leah stepped into his bedroom, wrapped in one of his towels, her long, wet hair showing its natural dark-honey coloring at the roots. He smiled as she went to him. Her expression was uneasy, unsure. It was obvious that she wanted him. It was also clear that this was not a game she was used to playing.

That would change, though.


Chapter Five




She straddled him, the towel still tied around her bust. Placing her palms on his naked chest, she raked her nails down to his navel.

“Fuck me, Miss Beauchamp,” he breathed, grasping her hips and rocking her back and forth. She could feel the firmness of his erection pressing against her clitoris. Ty lifted a hand and untucked the towel so that it dropped around her waist. Pulling her into him, he took one nipple in his mouth and gave it a hard suck. Leah tipped her head back and gasped as electricity sparked down to her core. To feel him against her was surreal. She still wasn’t convinced she wasn’t dreaming.

He used one hand to hold her breast in place, the other was planted against one butt cheek, squeezing as he sucked. She couldn’t have moved even if she wanted to.

Ty bucked his hips. He was straining against the zip of his trousers. Reaching between them, she tried to release him, but he stopped her, moving his fingers from her breast to her hand between her legs.

“Please,” she murmured. “I want to touch you.”

“And I’m glad that you do,” he said against her breast, his breath rushing over her sensitive flesh. “But right now, I want to pleasure you. I’ve been waiting a whole year for this, so let me have it.”

Leah nodded and Ty rolled them over so that he was lying between her thighs. She held on to his arms as he trailed his kisses down her cleavage, moving from one nipple to the other, making sure both were left wet and bare to the cold breeze that drifted through an open window. She shuddered as they became painful. She pinched her fingers into his biceps, nipping at the ink that spiraled down his left arm.

He reached her belly button, dipping his tongue in and out of the hollow, eliciting more twitches as she reacted to his touch. Ty gripped her hips, nipping at her skin as he drifted lower. He left a kiss on her inner thigh, inhaling as he nuzzled her. Instinctively, she lifted her hips to him, pushing her shoulders into the thick pillows. Her mind was all over the place. It was difficult to concentrate as she fought with the memories that nagged at her.

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