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Authors: Charlotte Howard

Tags: #Erotic Romance Fiction

Taking Care Of Leah (6 page)

“Is this your other home?” she asked as they walked to the front door. Ty spoke into a box on the wall and the door was unlocked. He stepped to the side and allowed Leah in first. He nodded down a small corridor and took her to a ground floor apartment.

It was clean and traditional but with modern twists, as immaculate as his town house. Bare brick walls merged with cream paint and the off-white units of the kitchenette. Leah went to the sanded-down and unfinished wooden table in the center of the room, wondering how much of his time he devoted to making everything perfect. “It’s beautiful,” she said, moving around the room and taking it all in.

“You said you were house-hunting.”

“Pardon?” She turned around to face him, unsure that she’d heard him correctly.

“This place is empty, and it comes fully furnished. You said you were house-hunting, and I wondered if you’d be interested in taking it on.”

“I…” She laughed and looked up at a crystal lightshade. “I can’t afford to live here. I mean, look at this place!” Leah marched over to the small window that broke the far wall, casting light over the front room. “It must be at least…” She couldn’t even think about how much it would cost.

“About a grand a month.”

She twisted to look at him again. He was leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest, looking smug. His T-shirt stretched over his biceps, revealing the end of a tattoo she knew traced over his muscle and toward his shoulder.

“Why would you…?” She trailed the sentence away.

“Because I can,” he said. His arms dropped to his sides. He pushed away from the wall and began to saunter over to her. “You don’t have to stay here indefinitely. It sounded as if things were strained at home, and I thought that this might help.” He laid his hands on her shoulders, running them down her arms until he was holding her hands. “The last residents left a month ago, and I’ve struggled to find anyone new. It needs to be lived in.”

“Why haven’t you offered it to Jerry?”

The question caught him off guard. She could tell by the way he didn’t have an immediate response.

“It’s a trust thing. Under my roof, I… I can keep an eye on him.”

“Sounds like you need a teenage-free summer too.”

“It’s complicated with Jerry.”

“I’m sure it is.” She was beginning to wonder if Ty really was as perfect as he seemed.

“Anyway, I’m offering it to you.”

“I haven’t got a thousand pounds to give you each month.” She frowned. “I could never…” She took a breath and held it for a second before letting it out in a rush. “Don’t think I’m not grateful, because I am.”

“I’m not asking you for any money, Leah.” Putting a finger under her chin, he tilted her face to look at him and kissed her lips tenderly. “We both have time off, and I want to spend it with you. It’s not like we’re strangers who just had a one-night stand,” he said, letting her go.

“That’s exactly what we are!” she protested.

“We’ve been working together for nearly a year.”

“Ten months.”

“And it’s clear that we like each other,” he continued, ignoring her quiet correction. “More than like each other. I’ve finally got the chance to get to know you properly outside of being an English teacher, and it only took one night for me to realize that I want to do more than hump and dump.”

Leah tried to think, but her mind had fogged over. All she could hear was her own pulse battering her ears. The steady thump was increasing with every word he spoke. Each time he said her name, electricity sparked through her. She’d almost wanted to whimper when he let go of her. She gave a long, slow blink, and fought with rational reasoning.

“Look, Ty…” She lifted a hand and put it on his arm, desperate to feel him. “I like you too. But I’m not moving in here. I can’t afford the rent, and I’m not being kept like some mistress.”

“I want to see you,” he said, moving closer, wrapping his arms around her and resting his cheek on the top of her head. “As much as possible. You’re not comfortable around Jerry, I know that, and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable at your sister’s.”

“So this will be what? A fuck pad?” she said, sarcasm dripping off every word.

She felt him smile and his grip tightened.

“If you like.” He played with the waistband of her jeans, brushing his fingers over the lace of her knickers. “Want to start now?”


Chapter Nine




She felt the table connect with her legs as he walked her backward. He crushed his lips against hers, swiping his tongue when she opened her mouth to him, brushing away any hesitation she felt. The warmth of his kiss, the rush of his breath over her cheek, it all added to the excitement she already felt. His need, his want were evident in the way his mouth was over hers, possessing her. His hand was at the back of her head, fisting in her hair, holding her close so that she couldn’t escape him, not that she wanted to.

A murmur left her throat as he moved them around the table. She couldn’t tell where he was taking her, but soon her back was against a brick wall.

Ty put his mouth to her neck, lifting a hand to cup her breast, forcing it up as he gave a gentle squeeze. Leah gasped, everything inside her igniting with a fire that begged to be quelled by him. She parted her legs a little and he immediately placed his other hand between her thighs, palming her over her jeans.

She knew how damp her knickers were, could feel them becoming wetter with each movement he made. He tugged the vest over her head and threw it to the floor before massaging her breast again. Slipping his fingers inside the cup, he tweaked her nipple, eliciting another gasp and a groan from her

Leah reached for the hem of his T-shirt, struggling to pull it over his head as her arms began to shake. He stepped back to help her, and as he crossed his arms to strip out of his top, she reached out and ran her fingers over his abs, hovering at the buttons of his jeans.

Looking down, she saw the bulge of his erection and she pressed her hand over him. He moaned and gripped her wrist when she added a bit of pressure. She bit her bottom lip and fought him for access. He didn’t put up much of a fight, releasing his grasp after a few seconds.

His hard cock felt good in her hand, the soft velvet skin of his shaft a complete contrast to the firmness of his erection. She held him while he kissed her. He cupped her cheek with his hand while he fucked her mouth with his tongue. There was nothing gentle about this kiss. Moving his hands between them, he undid her jeans and swept a hand inside her knickers. She knew that he would find her soaking, warm and swollen for him.

“Fuck me,” he breathed, dipping a finger between her folds. “You are so wet.” Hearing him say it out loud made her relax more, and he let out a murmur of approval.

Circling her thumb over the tip of his cock, she wiped the pre-cum that oozed out. Shifting out of her reach, he removed his hand from between her legs and began to pull her jeans down, following them until he was level with her sodden knickers.

“And you smell divine.” He kissed where her pulsating clitoris hid behind its cotton veil. The kiss caught her as much by surprise as his admission. Tapping her ankles, he helped her out of the jeans and dumped them on top of the other clothes. Ty stood and stripped out of his jeans.

He looked amazing—toned, tan and fully erect. She hadn’t really studied him last time, but now it was almost as if he were modeling for her, wanting to show off for her.

His cock was thick and gave small nods as his muscles twitched in anticipation. She wrapped her hand around him, giving him long, slow strokes. Ty set a palm between her legs, sweeping her knickers to the side and resting his fingers at her entrance while she worked him.

Sparks shot through her veins. Her breath grew heavier as he pressed against her, crushing her breasts against him. She had to let him go, moving her hands to his firm backside and squeezing her fingers into his muscle.

He slipped a finger inside her, resting the base of his palm against her clit. Desire burned through her, setting her alight, sparking a fire that would not be put out easily. She could feel it weighing down in her pelvis until it was a dull ache—the need to feel his cock inside her.

Tilting her head back, she exposed her neck to him, and his mouth was on her before she could blink. Leah closed her eyes, inhaling as he kissed over the pulsing artery that traced down her throat and added another finger. He wasn’t fucking her now. Even standing against the wall, he was making love to her.

“Crap,” she exhaled as he held his hand in place, the tips of his fingers as deep as they would go. She squeezed her eyes shut, holding on to the orgasm that threatened to break her. Clenching her thighs around his hand, she stood onto her toes.

“Relax,” he breathed against her flesh, his hot breath sending prickles and shivers flowing down her. He rocked his hand from side to side, removing himself from her. Sweeping his hands around her hips, his gripped her buttocks, lifting her up.

Leah wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on to his neck as he held her in place, hovering over his cock. Crushing her against the wall, he used one hand to steady them both, and the other to guide himself. He slipped into her as if he were meant to be there, as if they were made for each other. They fit perfectly.

He stayed still for a moment. She tightened her walls around him, urging him as deep as he could go. He kissed her, fucking her mouth while he fucked her pussy, thrusting his tongue as he bucked his hips. She dug her nails into his back, raking over his shoulders as the ecstasy began to build. He filled her in every way.

Arm wrapped around her waist, he held on to her, driving into her, finding his rhythm. She could feel him swelling inside her, throbbing and pulsating as his own orgasm built. The knowledge that she turned him on so much was enough to throw her over the edge.

Leah pulled away from his mouth, pressing her skull into the wall and letting out a guttural shout as her clitoris pulsated and her pussy trembled around him, milking him until he shoved into her, spilling out.

She couldn’t hear his groans—the blood in her ears was thumping too loudly for her to hear anything. She blinked, her vision blurred and her world spun. She was glad of his strength holding her up while he pressed into her one more time, emptying himself.

Patting her hands on his shoulders, she signaled him to let her down. His skin was slick with sweat and she kissed small droplets off his neck as her feet hit the ground.

“Fuck me,” he panted, holding her head and forcing his tongue into her mouth. He swiped his tongue over hers, claiming her, and she let him. He tasted of salt and need, everything she wanted.

“I have to go clean up,” she said, pointing to a small hall she assumed led to the bathroom. He swatted at her backside as she walked past him and she jumped out of his reach.

The bathroom was as she had imagined it to be. White tiles led to cream units, everything polished and sparkling in the light that shone through a porthole window. The mirror above the sink had a frosted frame, blurring her reflection when she moved. She reached for the shower dials over the bath, twisting until water spurted out, splashing against the tub.

Tears pricked at her eyes. She had never cried after sex before, never out of sheer pleasure. The mix of emotions tumbled inside her—pleasure, joy, happiness all swirled with the guilt she felt from having given herself up so willingly. The accusations that had been spat at her before she moved, and recently, were still at the forefront of her mind.

“Damn you, Kyle,” she said to herself.

“You sure you don’t want to move in here?” Ty asked. Leah turned to face him and took a white towel from him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed her fears.

She nodded. “But it would make a great fuck pad.” She smiled, pushing her apprehension to the back of her thoughts.


Chapter Ten




Leah stepped into her knickers, pulling them up her thighs. She could feel his eyes on her. “You’re not having them,” she said, sliding them over her backside. “If you keep stealing my knickers every time we have sex, then I’m going to end up with an empty underwear drawer.”

Ty slid his hands over hips. “I don’t have a problem with that,” he said, swaying them both from side to side. He kissed the curve of her neck. “I have to go home for a bit.”

“Okay.” She stepped away from his touch and finished dressing.

“Come with me.”

She took a deep breath and blew out before twisting to face him. “I have to take my shopping home—”

“Bring it to mine. Perhaps you could model it for me. Did you buy any new underwear?”

“What is it with you and my knickers?” she laughed. “I’m not modeling anything for you.” Leah pressed her palms against his chest and looked into his eyes. They had darkened into a forest green, sparked with woody browns around his pupils. “Not yet,” she added, kissing his cheek.

Ty wrapped his fingers around hers, dragging them down his body. “Your car will be perfectly safe here. The car park is secure, code access only. You can move it there. Then…” He kissed her bottom lip. “You can come back to mine. We can pick up a few things…” Another kiss. “And then come back here for the night.”

“And what if I have plans tomorrow?”

“Wine…” His mouth went to her neck, his hands to her lower back. “Chinese…” He kissed her shoulder, inhaling her scent. “A movie…”

“It sounds…” She struggled out of his grip. “Very romantic. But not very me. I’m taking my car back home, I’m going to unpack my shopping and…” She didn’t know how to finish the sentence. The truth was she didn’t have any plans for the next few weeks. At some point she would have to go to the school to sort out her classroom, and there was a planning meeting at the end of the break, but unlike her colleagues, she hadn’t booked an exotic holiday. She had intended to spend the six weeks house-hunting. And now Ty Sinclair was ruining her plans.

“Fine,” she conceded, folding her arms across her chest. “I will take my stuff back to mine and pack an overnight bag. You can pick me up later.”

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