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2015 Kelsie Belle



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To the love of my life, the
man who inspired me to push my limits and live life outside of my comfort zone.
Thank you for your constant love and support, this one is for you.




Affairs, 1


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Chapter One


The life of an elementary school teacher was certainly not an easy one.
Julianne Matthews had learned that lesson the hard way five years ago after
completing her internship and snagging a job as a third grade teacher at Barker
Wood Elementary. She loved her job, the kids and all the wonderful experiences
of the classroom, but at the end of the day, she was always happy to escape its
confines and run to the peaceful sanctuary of home.

Today was definitely no different. Actually, the feeling was even more
pronounced today because it was Friday and she was eager to begin the weekend.
This weekend promised to be an interesting one, too. Her husband of over a
year, Jared, had been working on opening his own computer software development
company. He’d come up with an excellent business plan and had been seeking
investors for months now. But his breakthrough hadn’t come until one of his old
college buddies, Cole Richardson, finally expressed an interest in providing
financial backing for his project. They’d shared extensive dialogue for the
past couple of weeks about it, and this weekend, Cole would be flying in from
New York to meet with Jared face to face so they could iron out the final

Julie knew how much this meant to Jared and she wanted to help him make
it work in any way she could. To that end, she’d planned a series of activities
for the weekend in which the two men could sit and talk and become more
comfortable with each other.
Jared could
showcase his expertise properly and Cole would see exactly what his money would
be used for. Now she just had to get home and out of this horrid navy skirt
suit, so she could prepare herself for showing her husband’s prospective
business partner a good time.

“Bye, Mrs. Matthews!” a young voice called out as she made her way
across the schoolyard to her small economy car, waiting in the parking lot.

“Take care now, Charlie,” she called back, waving to the little girl
that was already skipping away.

“Rushing home to that hunk of a husband, Julie?” This question came
from someone in the car parked beside hers and she quickly noticed that it was Clair
Beechwood, one of her good friends on staff.

“You betcha!” she said, winking at the other woman as she yanked the
car door open and threw the load she was carrying onto the backseat.

Clair sighed. “Can’t say I blame you, honey. If I had a man like that
waiting for me, I’d definitely rush home too.”

Julie chuckled. This was a perpetual conversation between her and
Clair, the woman never wasted an opportunity to remind her of how lucky she
was. She was actually only a few years older than Julie’s twenty-seven, but
she’d been pretty unlucky in love up to this point and seemed to have given up
of the idea altogether. But Julie was far from pessimistic for her. After all, Clair
was a gorgeous red head with a lovely body and an outgoing personality. Julie
had no doubt she’d find that someone special soon enough.

“Don’t worry your pretty little
head, Clair. One day you’ll be the one rushing home to Mr. Right, I guarantee
it.” She got behind the wheel and settled into the driver’s seat to start the

“Oh, I sure hope so. Though I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near as
fine as your Jared.”

Julie laughed, though she couldn’t quite disagree with Clair—not many
men were as fine as her Jared, that was for sure. “Have a great weekend,
Clair,” she said as she shifted the car into gear.

“You too, sweetie. See you on Monday.”

Julie pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward the main road
that would take her home. The drive wasn’t a long one, only about twenty
minutes, give or take a few depending on traffic. She made a quick stop at the
store to pick up some wine to go along with dinner and a strawberry cheesecake
for dessert, but soon she was pulling into the driveway of her modest townhouse
on Cambridge Parkway. Jared’s Jeep was sitting in the driveway as she’d
expected since he’d taken the day off from work to prepare for the weekend. As
she exited car, the aroma wafting from the house told her he hadn’t wasted the
day—dinner was already underway.

Making her way up the short
flight of steps leading to the front porch she quickly let herself into the
quiet house. After discarding her jacket and bag, she found Jared in the kitchen.
He was wearing an apron marked ‘Too Hot for Sauce’ while stirring a pot of beef
stew on the stovetop. She leaned against the doorjamb for a moment and took him
in as he worked. No matter that they’d been together almost four years and
married close to two, she was still in awe at the sight of him. He was tall and
muscular, with broad shoulders and a face that could melt the panties off even
the strictest of prudes. Overlong, sandy blond hair and deep-set green eyes
completed the package of his extremely hot maleness. To top it all off, the man
was a mighty fine cook and had no qualms about displaying that skill on a
regular basis—which made him a little more perfect in Julie’s book.

As if sensing her presence, he glanced over his shoulder to throw a devastating
smile her way. “Hey gorgeous,” he said.

A little shiver ran up her spine. His gritty baritone never ceased to
have that effect on her. She hoped it never would.

“Hey you,” she replied, pushing off the doorjamb and walking further
into the room. “Something smells real good in here.”

“Oh yeah, we’re in the homestretch now. Stew’s almost done, chicken’s
in the oven, potatoes good and ready. Just need to toss the salad and we’re

“Mmm, perfect. I picked up a bottle of wine and some cheesecake on my
way home.”

He smiled, turning off the flame under the pot before removing his
apron and putting it away. “Great, thank you. Looks like we’re all set then.”
He sauntered over to where she was still standing after she’d placed her bounty
on the countertop. Slipping his arms around her waist, he pulled her to him and
placed a tender kiss on her forehead. “How was your day, angel? Kids didn’t
give you too much of a hard time, did they?”

She smiled up at him, snaking her arms around his neck to return his embrace.
“Never. They know better.”

“Good.” Bending his head, he captured her lips with his in a slow,
sweet kiss. His tongue delved into her mouth, plundering gently before he
sucked on her bottom lip. When he pulled his lips off hers, they were both
panting slightly, their need for each other swiftly mounting as always.

“What time are you expecting our guest?” she whispered, leaning her
head to the side to allow him better access to kiss and lick her neck.

“Six,” he mumbled against her soft flesh. “But knowing Cole, it’ll probably
be more like six thirty, seven.”

“Hmm … it’s four thirty now,” she said, whimpering as his hands brushed
over her beaded nipples on their way down to the hem of her camisole.

“Yeah, that gives us just enough time.” Lifting his hands, he dragged
the camisole over her head. He tossed it on the floor and reached for his own
shirt in the same breath.

“Just barely.” Julie unhooked the waistband of her skirt, pushing it
over her hips and down to the floor. She was already trembling with
anticipation of what was to come. “What about the chicken?”

“It’s on a timer, don’t worry about it. Come here.” He reached for her,
pulling her to him again. He’d already discarded his jeans and underwear,
allowing his ramrod cock to stand between them like a raging bullock. Julie simply
adored that beautiful organ—she loved to feel its ridges in the palm of her
hand, enjoyed the pleasure it brought her when it was seated deep inside her
pussy, but most of all, she relished taking it into her mouth and returning the
pleasure only it could give her.

Her pussy ached just looking at it, but even more than that, her mouth
watered at the sight. Resisting his hold on her, she fell to her knees in front
of him. She wrapped her hand around the massive shaft, gasping in awe at the
way her fingers could scarcely meet around the thing. Her tongue darted out to
lick his broad cockhead and she elicited a low moan from him. “Shit angel, do
that again.” He groaned.

She obeyed instantly, swiping her tongue across the tip of his cock,
once, twice, three times. Then she opened her mouth over it, sucking it in a
few inches before pulling back then repeating the action. Jared’s hands found her
long hair, sinking into it, wrapping it around his hands. As she sucked on his
cock, he held her head firmly in place, urging her head down and easing it back
as her mouth worked.

Soon he was pumping into her mouth, plunging his cock as far down to
her throat as she could take it. She gagged a little, but didn’t back off because
she could tell that the sounds she made as she tried to accept what he was
giving her were driving him crazy. “Jesus Christ, angel, no more. You’re gonna
make me come,” he cried.

He slowly pulled her head back until his cock slipped out of her mouth
with a little pop. Then he pulled her up to her feet, before he spun her around
to brace against the counter. “Spread for me,” he said.

Pressing her belly to the counter, Julie flattened her chest against
the cool surface, pushing her ass into his strong, steady hands. Then she
spread her legs wide to accommodate his hips between them. Her excitement was
beyond fever pitch now. She was so ready for him, ready to feel his hard cock
inside her throbbing cunt. She could feel him line it up at her entrance. Moisture
seeped down her leg as the head began forcing its way between the folds of her
labia to stretch up inside her.

“Hold on angel, it’s gonna be a rough ride.” Jared’s voice mimicked the
sound of metal grating against concrete. In one swift plunge, he seated his
cock to the hilt in her body. He moved inside her, holding her shoulders with
both hands as he pumped in and out of her pussy at a maddening pace. This was
no lovemaking, this was a quick fuck, but that didn’t matter to Julie. Whatever
Jared gave her, however he gave it to her, it was always utterly satisfying.

“Oh baby, yes! Fuck me, just like that.” She gripped the sides of the
counter, moaning and writhing as he worked his thick cock inside her tight
channel. She pushed back on him and rotated her ass to increase the friction.
She was pleased to hear the ragged hiss that was pulled from him in response.
Still, he plunged deeper and she cried out as his cock shafted into her hot
box, sliding against her sweet spot over and over again. Just when she thought
she would go mad with the overwhelming pleasure, her pussy clamped down on his
cock and her body began to shudder in the grip of her release.

!” The choked cry
escaped her when his hands tightened on her shoulders and his body stiffened.
In the next instant, he came inside her, his thick, warm cum spewing into her
belly like a tidal wave. He slumped against her back, both of them spent but
completely sated.

It took them a long moment to settle down again after that wild ride,
but soon Jared pushed himself up and off her, pulling her up with him. “You
okay?” he asked, brushing a lock of damp hair out of her eyes as he peered into
her face.

“Oh yeah, more than okay,” she said, giving him a saucy smile. Reaching
up on her tip toes, she placed a peck on his lips before stepping out of his
embrace. “I think I only have like an hour to make myself decent now.”

He gave her ass a gentle swat. “You don’t even need half of that.
You’re already perfect, just as you are right now. You know that.”

Julie chuckled as she bent to retrieve her clothes that were strewn all
over the floor. “Ha! I should just turn up to dinner to meet your buddy exactly
like this then—in all my naked perfection.”

He joined in her laughter as he gathered his own clothing. “You know,
that could probably work. No better way to get a man to invest his money in a
business plan than giving him an eyeful of your wife’s sexy body.”

It was her turn to slap him. “You’re incorrigible! I’m going to shower
and get dressed. Be right back okay?”

“Take your time. There’s no rush.”

“Alright.” She blew him a kiss over her shoulder as she hurriedly left
the kitchen and headed upstairs to clean up.


Cole Richardson keyed the Matthews’ address into the GPS of the luxury
rental car before pulling out of the hotel’s driveway. He’d only gotten into
Barker Wood, Pennsylvania a few hours before, but even so, he found the roadways
easy enough to maneuver due to the relatively minimal traffic. It was quite a
contrast to a large, congested city such as New York. He sure could get used to
this less hurried pace, though—the breakneck routine of big city living was
getting a bit old for him now. Ten years after leaving the university with a
Master’s degree in Business Finance and Management, then stepping into his
father’s shoes at one of the city’s leading investment banks, Richardson,
Caldwell and Bent, the novelty of that fast-paced lifestyle had finally worn

His desire to shake things up in his life was one of the reason’s he’d
agreed to come out here and meet with Jared Matthews regarding his business
proposal this week. It would give him a chance to get away from the grueling
schedule he usually kept, even on the weekends, and simply relax a little. In
addition, he genuinely wanted to help Jared turn his plan into a successful
business. Though Jared was brilliant and had attended the same Ivy League
university as he had, the other man was not from a wealthy background. He’d
needed financial aid and scholarships to help make his tuition payments
throughout his tenure at Columbia. Also, unlike Cole, there’d been no
ready-made job waiting for him when he completed his studies and returned home.
However, his degree in software engineering was well sought after and he’d been
able to snag a job almost immediately.

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