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Again, he didn't react.  He just stood there at the foot of the bed, still naked, the concern gone from his face, and nothing but anger left.  His blue eyes raged down at me, his body tense and rigid. 


Clearly, I was in deep trouble.   He could do anything to me.  I was completely at his mercy, and I had gotten myself into this awful situation.  What the hell had I been thinking following him all the way out here and looking into this very dangerous man's windows?  I must have been insane.


He turned and left the room.


“Wait! Oh, please don't leave me here!  Please let me go, please!”  I pleaded.


He rounded the corner and I heard him shuffling around in another room.  When he walked back in, he was holding a bandage, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.   He sat down on the bed next to me, looked angrily into my eyes and leaned forward towards me.  He removed the bloody curls from my forehead and looked closer at the cut on my head.  Saturating a cotton ball in alcohol he rubbed the cut roughly.  Wincing, I tried to turn my head away but I couldn't move.


“Be still.”  He spoke, finally.


The stinging was excruciating, but I obeyed him and let him wipe the blood away.  When he was done, he applied the bandage and left the room again.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  If he was bandaging my wound, then maybe he wouldn't kill me.


When he returned he sat down next to me again.  Looking at me somberly for a few moments, I gazed back silently, unsure what to do.


“Thank you.”  I managed to mumble.


“Who do you work for?” he asked.


“What?  I don't work for anyone.  What do you mean?” I stammered.


“You must work for someone or you wouldn't be here looking in my window.” 


“No, I don't.  I swear.  I work for myself.”


“Oh yeah?  Then what is your business that you are out here looking in my window?”


“Oh, no, no!  That's not what I meant.  I meant, I work for myself.  I'm a business owner.  I own a salon, a hair salon....I'm not here because I...well...I don't have any business here.  I'm so sorry...”  My voice trailed off when I realized I was going to have a very hard time explaining myself.


“What the fuck are you talking about?  What's your name?”  He was getting angrier by the moment.


“Dixie.  My name is Dixie.”


“Dixie?  Dixie??  Where have I heard that...wait – Dixie's Cut and Curl?”


“Y-yes...that's my business.”


“Across the street from my shop?  Why the fuck are you thirty miles away and peeking in my fucking window?  What the fuck is wrong with you?”  He stood up, his imposing figure taking my breath away.


“I know., it's really hard to explain.  But I promise I didn't mean any harm, please will you let me go? Will you please untie me and then I'll just leave?”


“Fuck no.  You aren't going anywhere.  Not until you explain yourself, and then I’ll decide if I let you go or not.”


Oh, no.  Oh no, oh no, oh no! 


“Um....listen, it's harmless really.  It's just a simple thing I do sometimes.  I'm a writer.  It's research.”


“What?  Are you a fucking reporter?”


“Oh, no, not a reporter.  A writer.  I write fiction.  And's just that...well, sometimes I watch people, just to see what they're doing, so that I have something to write about.  That's all.  It's completely innocent.”


“You were watching me masturbate.  Through my bedroom window!  How did you even get here?  Did you follow me all the way from town?”


“Y-yes...I didn't mean to.  It just happened.  I pulled out after you drove by and I was following you before I knew it.  I'm so sorry.  Seriously, Jackson, I didn't mean any harm.”


“How the fuck do you know my name?”
“Oh.  Um....well.  Your shop is across the street from mine and I've seen your name on your jacket.”


“You've been watching us for a while, have you?”


“I haven't seen anything!  I mean, seriously, it's all harmless.  My life is just really boring, so I watch other people.  Sometimes I follow people to see if I can discover some secret about them that I can write about, but I have never followed you before tonight – I swear!  And then I just got carried away.  I never imagined you would start masturbating and then when you started, I couldn't look away...” 


“I just got so turned on and I couldn't help but do it, too. And then I tripped and hit my head.”  The blush that crept across my skin started at the top of my head and spread throughout my entire body.  Thankfully, I still had my clothes on, which was more than I could say about his amazingly distracting nakedness. 


It was impossible to meet his eyes after that confession and my gaze fell, landing squarely on his huge cock.  I jumped when I saw his cock twitch as he stared hard at me.


“Is that so?”  He said, his voice full of ice and danger.


“Again, I am so sorry.”


“I bet you are.  I bet you are sorry you got caught, but I'm not so sure you are sorry for doing it.  How many people have you spied on like this?  Did you think you would never get caught?  Do you think people like having their most private moments intruded upon and then written about by a stranger?”


“N-n-no of course not, of course they don't.  But they don't know.  Nobody has ever seen me before – I mean, um....nobody has ever caught me before.  Before now.  Before you...before caught me.” 


He was watching me intently.  His electric blue eyes bore into mine, his anger subsiding and slowly being replaced by something just as dangerous but his eyes scraped across my body, my limbs still wiggling against his skillful knots, and a hunger filled his eyes, a savage desire that I could almost touch.  If only he would release my hands, that is.


My pussy quivered when I realized I might not get out of this situation unscathed. 


“Please let me go.”


“No,” he said, taking a step closer to the bed.


“No?  But I didn't do anything, and I promise not to tell anyone what I saw.”


His laughter filled the room as he sat on the bed next to me again.


“What you saw?  You saw me stroking my cock, do you really think anyone is going to be interested in hearing about that?”  His finger trailed along my cheekbone as he peered into my eyes, lowering his voice to a deep growl.  “The only person interested in that seems to be you, Dixie.  Did you find that...interesting?  Did you enjoy watching me pleasure myself?  Did you get something out of watching me cum?”


He was so close to my face now that I could feel the heat of his breath.  My skin bristled as he brought his lips to my ear, whispering the words I had longed to hear without even knowing I wanted to hear them.


“I think I want to watch you, Dixie. You are always the one doing the watching, but what I want to know is this - do you like being watched?”


My mind reeled when he said that.  I would have run out of the room at his words, but I was bound and helpless, unable to do anything but admit to the dark truth of my reality.  I was a voyeur, but only because I wanted so badly to have someone watch me, to have someone look at me, to have someone see me.  I hated being so invisible, and now here I was, exposed for who I was really was, for what I really wanted.  And what I really wanted was him.


My pussy spasmed at his words, at his closeness, at his heat.  I couldn't form any words, I just stared up at him, wide-eyed and full of wonder at the effortless way he saw right through me.


“I think you only watch people because there isn't enough going on in your own life, is that right?”  His finger trailed down to my rumpled silk blouse, and one by one he began slowly unbuttoning it. 


“You want to expose everyone else's secrets, but you are the one with the biggest secret of them all, aren't you, Dixie?”  My breasts heaved as he reached the bottom button and pulled my shirt open.  My black lace bra did little to hide my exposed breasts and he quickly reached down and undid the front clasp.  My creamy breasts fell out, exposing my helplessness as he gazed down at me.


“Look at those beautiful tits.  Look how exposed they are, lying there completely uncovered.  You have spectacular nipples, Dixie.”  He reached down, pinching my right nipple until I cried out in pain.  “Are they tender?  When's the last time anyone touched you, Dixie?”
“It's's been a very long time.”


“That's what I thought.”  He descended on me, his mouth sucking my nipple into his hot, wet mouth as I cried out and arched my back.  Sucking and gently biting me, my body responded violently.  My juices began flowing out of me as his blonde hair tickled my skin. 


When he pulled away, I looked up at him in surprise and anguish.


“Oh, please don't stop!”  The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them.  What was I saying?  I was tied up against my will, and I was beginning this dangerous man not to stop devouring my tits!


Standing above me once again, Jackson looked down at me and laughed.


“You don't know what you are asking for, little lady.” 


He turned and walked out the door and down the hall, his naked muscular ass flexing with every step.


I bit my tongue before I could begin begging him to return.  It felt like hours before he came back. I had dozed off.  I felt the restraints loosening around my wrists and I opened my eyes.


“Thank you.”  I said quietly.


I couldn't help but notice he was still naked, his cock hard and erect between his legs, as he finished untying my hands, leaving my ankles tied to the bedposts below. 


“Sit up.”  I watched as he poured a shot from a bottle of whiskey on the table.


“Drink this.”  He handed me the glass and I took a tentative sip.  Shaking his head in disappointment, he looked at me sternly.  “Drink it all.  Now.”


I did as he instructed, the fiery liquid burning my throat before it traveled through me, warming my belly and relaxing me immediately.  I gave the glass back to him, and he poured another, downed it himself, and then poured another one for me.  He watched as I drank it and gave the glass back to him again.  He sat it on the side table.


“Good girl.  Now – I'm going to untie your legs and you are going to stay right where you are, understand?”


“Yes.” I replied obediently, watching his biceps ripple as he unknotted the ropes around my ankles.


When he was finished, I sat there unmoving and silent, staring at him for some sort of clue of what was coming next.


He smiled at me for the first time, slowly, seductively and mischievously before he spoke.


“Dixie, you know I can't just let you walk away.  What kind of man would I be if I did that?”


“Oh, please, I'm so sorry...”  I didn't know what else to say, but now I was even more terrified.  Was he going to kill me or what?


“Well, we have a problem here.  I can't just let you leave without some sort of punishment.  You were being a common peeping tom and stalking me!  But, now that we know your real issue, I'm going to be merciful today and help you out with that.”


“What do you mean?  I don't understand.  Please don't hurt me, Jackson, please!”


“Oh, I'm not going to hurt you.  You can stop blubbering about that.  You need to be taught a lesson.  I am going to fuck you.  I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before.  Hard, fast, rough and very, very thoroughly.  But that's not all.”


“It's not?”


“Oh, no.  Like I said, you need to learn a lesson.  You need to learn what it feels like to be watched.  That's what this is all about, you said it yourself, didn't you?  You aren't so difficult to figure out, Dixie.   So, I'm going to fuck you hard and my friend Trigger here is going to watch.”  He motioned to the corner and I turned and saw that Trigger was sitting in a dark chair in the corner. 

BOOK: The Outlaws
11.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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