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“Oh....Oh my!”  I exclaimed.  I didn't know what to say. 


Part of me was thrilled and part of me was terrified.  Facing your darkest desires is not easy, and facing them at the hands of two dangerous men was definitely not what I was expecting to happen when I opted to not head to the supermarket earlier!  I was in quite the predicament.


“Here's the thing, Dixie.  You made your own bed here, darling.  You're the one who decided to follow me thirty miles and peer into my bedroom window.  You are the one who fell down and hit your head.  I could have done anything to you in that moment, but I didn't.  So, while it may not appear that way on the surface, I am being very merciful to you.  And from now on, the decisions are all mine to make.  So, I'm going to sink my cock deep into your wet, curious pussy and Trigger here is going to watch every hard inch go in.  Now, I'm no rapist, so I am going to need you to tell me that you consent to all of this.  Go ahead.”


I was stunned.  I looked over at Trigger, his dark shadow staring imposingly at me from the corner.  I could barely make out his face and I wondered if all he was going to do was watch.  What if he decided to join in?  Did I have any say about that?  Probably not, I deducted, when I turned to look at Jackson again.  The determination on his face told me everything I needed to know.  And if I was honest with myself, I knew he was right.  He had looked right through me and exposed my innermost thoughts.  How could I deny that I wanted him, that I wanted everything he had to give me, and that yes, indeed, I wanted Trigger to watch, that I wanted Trigger to do more than watch?  I wanted everything they wanted to give me and I would have been a fool to deny it.


“You're right, Jackson.  I want it.  I want you, I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock between your legs.  And I want Trigger to watch,” I looked over at Trigger and tried to smile through my tears, “Thank you so much for that!  Thank you for seeing right through me, for seeing the parts of me that I was afraid to admit to myself.  I'm so sorry for spying on you, but I'm not sorry for getting caught.  Because I needed to get caught.  And I need you.  Please fuck me.  Fuck me as hard as you can.”


Jackson's eyes flashed as he nodded at me.  Sternly, he began barking orders at me.


“Stand up and take off your clothes.”  I did as instructed, my legs wobbling uncontrollably.  As I stood there, naked and trembling in front of him, I took in his youthful body again.  My body shivered in anticipation.  I wanted to throw myself at him, press my flesh against him unabashedly, but shyness and fear held me back.  Bravely, I stood in front of him, meeting his gaze with all the confidence I could muster, which wasn't much.


“Lay down.”  I was so thankful to hear him say that, knowing my pretense wouldn't have lasted long.  Lying back on the bed below him, I looked up and for the first time noticed the mirror hanging on the ceiling above his bed.  How ironic, I thought.  I would get to watch, too.  It was perfect.


Jackson took the bottle of whiskey from the table, and I watched, mesmerized, as he tipped the bottle over my naked breasts and poured the cold, amber liquid onto my bare skin.  I gasped and shivered with the coldness, but in one swift movement, Jackson put the bottle back on the table and then descended on my waiting body, his full lips and soft tongue working over my tender flesh, licking up every trace of the intoxicating concoction.  His mouth felt magnificent, and I shuddered against him, pushing my fingers into his soft hair, pulling his head and mouth and flesh against me. 


My legs wrapped around his torso as he kissed my nipples and chest, his tongue trailing up my neck and cheekbones, until his mouth demanded mine, his kiss flaming with heat and whiskey and passion as his tongue entered my mouth, seeking a connection.  My entire soul melted beneath him as I succumbed to his desire.  I softened below him, submitting to his kiss, his body, his fire.

His kisses turned rough and demanding as he sensed my submission.  The hardness between his legs pressed into my naked center, my juices bathing his throbbing cock as he ground his hips into me. 


Pulling my mouth from his, “please...” I whimpered quietly in his ear.


He pulled away from me, his eyes hungry and devilish.


“Please what?”


“Please fuck me, Jackson...I want you inside me.”  I whispered, barely getting the words out.


He pulled away farther, his hair falling around his face as he looked down at me.


“Say it louder, Dixie.  Say it loud enough for Trigger to hear.”


Trigger.  I hadn't forgotten about him, but I had been so overwhelmed by Jackson's delicious mouth that I simply hadn't been able to think about him.  But he had been right there watching the whole time.  My pussy spasmed at the sound of his name.


“Fuck me, Jackson! I need your cock.  I want you inside me while Trigger watches you fuck me.  Please.  Please!”  I said it loudly, looking at them both, the yearning filling my eyes.


Jackson smiled down at me and Trigger tipped his head to me.


“My pleasure, Dixie.  Fuck her hard, Jackson.”


Jackson pulled back, lining up his huge cock with my waiting, slick pussy and sank into me in one smooth thrust.  My head fell back, his fullness overtaking every ounce of my being as he began sliding into me, slowly at first, and then quickening his long, hard thrusts until he was hammering into me quickly and roughly.  I wrapped my legs around him tightly, holding on for the ride.  My hands clawed at his rippling back, and I thrust my hips to meet his powerful hardness. 


When I opened my eyes, I gasped in pleasure as I saw the mirror overhead.  Each time Jackson sunk his cock into me, his ass clenched and moved with such grace and deliberation, it was poetic.   The mirror only served to turn me on even more and my pussy clenched onto him, quivering around him tightly as I watched him fuck me.


My gaze traveled over to Trigger and I smiled when I saw that he had taken off his clothes and was now sitting in the chair stroking his massive hard cock.  His black eyes were intense and full of animalistic passion as he watched Jackson's cock disappear into my wet pussy.  I had a feeling it wouldn't be long before he was joining us on the bed.  I licked my lips as I watched his cock throb in his hand.


Jackson pushed into me roughly as he began kissing my neck.  I moaned against him, his flesh covered in a silky sheen of sweat as he pounded me from above.  He captured my lips in his as he kissed me deeply again. 


Pulling back, he pulled out of me, grabbed my curvy hips and turned me over, sinking his hard cock into me again from behind.  Holding on to my swaying hips, he began pounding me with raw abandon and strength, causing me to hold on to the wooden headboard of his bed and submit to his delicious assault.  His fingers dug into my soft flesh as he fucked me savagely.


My body was on fire with unbridled passion and I melted into the bed, opening myself up to his vicious and delightful needs, letting him use my flesh in whatever beastly ways he desired.  And I loved it. He brought me to the edge over and over, sensing with expert intuition when I was close to going over it and pulling back and stopping me every time.  I had almost given up trying to find any release, happy to enjoy the journey without any hope of a destination, when I felt movement beside me. 




His cock was a beautiful specimen of thick, throbbing manhood and when I looked next to me and saw it standing at attention inches from my face, I opened my mouth eagerly.   His soft flesh caressed my lips and traveled over my tongue, at once both hard and soft, rough and delicate.  I twirled my tongue around his shaft, his faint musk filling my senses as I tasted him.  Slowly fucking my mouth, his hands pulled my head into him, his hips thrusting against me. 


The moans of both men swirled above me as they used my body, filling me up with their masculinity, hammering into me faster and harder, showering me with their raw, savage desires.  Over and over they pushed and pulled at me, fucking me with a ferocious strength until the pain and the pleasure mingled together and became indistinguishable.  Passion flowed over us as we exploded together simultaneously.   Trigger pushed his cock deep into my mouth, his thick juices coating my throat with his warm deliciousness.  Jackson's cock swelled inside of me, his juices spilling into my spasming pussy, searing me with his scorching heat.


Spent and ravaged, the three of us fell onto the bed together, the two most sensual men I had ever seen lying on either side of me.  We looked up into the mirror together, smiles on our faces.


“So,”  I whispered, “that's what it feels like to be watched.  I liked it.”


Laughing, they pushed up against me, their hardening cocks wet against my thighs, ready to devour me once again.


***The End***







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The Outlaws

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BOOK: The Outlaws
4.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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