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Vanilla With Extra Nuts

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Vanilla with Extra


Victoria Blisse


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28 Days of Heart Series

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“Nothing’s better than a healthy heart, which helps

women endure the ailments of life—physical or romantic—and

come out on top of it all. This anthology, with stories by some

of the most talented romance writers in the market, will benefit

hearts everywhere. It’s not often you can contribute to a worthy

cause, one that may well affect you in your lifetime, and at the

same time assure yourself of some excellent entertainment.

Have a good time, and let your heart be your guide.”

Charlaine Harris

Chapter One

“Oh, how I’ve missed you,” Adam moaned as my lips

wrapped around his cock.

I smiled then pulled away from his crotch. “Well, you do

insist on going off to Happy Mart 3 so often, dear. I can’t be

chasing half way across the country just to fuck you as much as

I’d like to.”

“I know, darling.” He brushed my hair with his hand as I

lazily lapped at the head of his red, eager cock, “But they have

no manager there right now. The assistant is doing his best, but

until I appoint a new manager, I’m going to have to be there a

lot. I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right, baby. I understand, but I do like to tease you

sometimes.” I ran my tongue down from the tip to the base of

his dick and licked across his balls. I traced my fingers down

his thighs and back up again. He lifted his hips and I slipped a

hand beneath his bottom and squeezed.

“Butt slut,” I hissed as he moaned, then I slipped my lips

down over his straining erection. I’d missed my lover greatly

over the past week, but school had kept me busy. Being a

teacher is not as easy as many people like to think it is. I was

glad to have him back, though, as my fingers were beginning to

tire and I needed some real sexual satisfaction.

As I slid my mouth up and down his tasty rod, I insinuated

a finger between his buttocks. He eagerly gasped as his cock

disappeared into my mouth and my finger slipped to his anus

Victoria Blisse

and began pressing inwards. I continued to suck on him as my

finger slid deeper. His cock throbbed and he whimpered. His

hips bucked up and down, working himself onto my finger and

into my mouth.

I had to pull my lips away because I knew he was close

and I was not ready for him to come yet.

“You like having my finger in your arse, don’t you?” I

whispered, excited by this newly discovered kink.

“Yes, I do,” he panted, thrusting onto my finger, desperate

for stimulation.

“I bet you’d love it if I fucked your arse wouldn’t you?

Maybe I should buy myself a strap-on cock. Maybe next time

you come home I’ll fuck you?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” he groaned and I slipped my finger from

his butt.

“Well, right now, you’re going to fuck me. I need your

dick in my cunt.”

He loved it when I talked dirty. I loved it too. It made me

feel sexy and as far from being a prissy school ma’am as it is

possible to be. I lifted myself to my knees and straddled one

over one hip, then as he brought his legs together I slipped the

other soft, rounded thigh over the other hip. I was hovering just

above his hardness, my plump, juicy pussy just a slight hip

thrust above him.

“Fuck me,” he begged and lifted his hips. Our eyes locked

and I smiled wickedly at his erotically pained look.

“With pleasure,” I whispered and as he held his cock in

place I slid down. We gasped, then moaned, then closed our

eyes in sync with each other and let the rhythm of lust enfold

us in its sexual embrace. I moved as if in a trance. Hypnotically

I lifted and pushed down my bum to push him in and pull him

out of my pussy, the friction making me mewl with delight and

my pussy muscles clench with pleasure.

Dropping my arms next to his shoulders, I leaned forward

briefly for a hot, urgent kiss before slamming back down on his


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

thick dick. My sex pulsed with mini orgasms as I moaned and

cursed and thrust all the harder. He gripped my hips and his

nails dug in as he got closer and closer to coming.

“Yes,” he growled as he filled me, “Yes.” He thrust again,

his cock spurting inside of me. “Oh fuck, yes,” He groaned as

he stilled and I stopped thrusting.

“Mmm, I do love it when you fill me with your come,” I

gasped and lifted myself over to fall back on the bed beside

him. “I love how it all slips and slides around my fingers when

I slip them inside my used cunt.” He rolled onto his side and

faced me and I showed him what I meant. With two fingers I

pressed inside myself. I could hear the sticky squelch as I

moved them and enjoyed the creamy caress of our juices

mixing together inside of me. I pulled my fingers out with a

groan and moved the sticky slick digits to my clit. I buzzed

with pre-orgasmic energy and as he trailed his fingers up the

inside of my thigh each tickle was magnified and the journey

they took up to the juncture of my thighs was exquisite torture.

He slid two fingers inside of me and I moaned. He hooked

his leg over mine and buried his face in my neck where his lips

traced patterns over my shoulder and up my throat. The

combination of his tickling kisses on my favorite erogenous

zone, his body pressed against me, and his fingers within me

brought me quickly to my peak. I rubbed harder, my legs

vibrating as my orgasm built then erupted powerfully from my

body. He clung onto me as I bucked and cursed and thrashed in

my ecstasy. When I calmed, he pulled out of me and, taking his

fingers to his mouth, he licked them clean.

“Mm, we taste good together,” he whispered.

“We feel bloody good together as well,” I exclaimed and

he nodded. Our laughter mingled as we cuddled up together.

“You know, men I’ve been with before have been really weird

about touching or tasting their own come, even when mixed

with my juices. I dunno, I guess they thought it made ’em gay

or something.”


Victoria Blisse

“Men are weird,” Adam said with an emphatic nod of the

head. “I don’t mind it at all, but then maybe I’m not typical as

I’m bi. I like the taste of come as much as I love the taste of

pussy juice.”

“You’re bi?” I asked, a little surprised but not particularly


“Yes,” he replied, “didn’t you know?”

“No,” I said. “It’s not really come up in conversation, has


“No, it hasn’t.”

There was a moment of awkward silence. I didn’t know

what to say. Everything I could think of sounded sarcastic or

twee in my own head.

“You’re all right with it, though, right?” he asked after a

moment of waiting for me to talk.

“Oh yeah. Least I think so. I mean, it’s not like you’re

going to go off and cheat on me with some bloke just ‘cause

you fancy guys as well as girls, is it?”

And we had only been together for three months. It wasn’t

as if we were man and wife or something.

“Ah, well, maybe I should confess something to you while

we’re on the subject,” he said, his posh shop manager voice

coming into play. I began to worry. It was the voice he used to

deliver bad news to customers and staff. “I’ve been seeing a

man as well as you.”

“Oh,” I said, a stab of intense pain ripped through my

stomach. I pulled my arm off his body and pushed it down in

front of mine to create a barrier between us.

“I should have told you, Megan. I’m sorry. It’s just I

didn’t know how to broach the subject and I didn’t want to ruin

what we had.”

“You should have told me,” I said, still in shock. “I

thought I meant more to you than that.”


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

“You do, Megan, oh you do. I love spending time with

you, I love fucking you, being with you.”

“But you were still off fucking a man behind my back. Is

it better with him? Am I just your token girlfriend or


I moved from shocked to angry. He’d lied to me. I thought

we had the start of something special, but he’d been fucking

someone else all along.

I rolled over and put my back to him, I didn’t want him to

see the scalding tears that rolled down my cheeks unbidden.

“Oh, it’s not like that,” he sighed, and I felt him shift onto

his side, the bed creaked a little as he moved. “Please, Megan, I

didn’t mean to upset you. Damn, I should have told you

upfront, I’m sorry about that. You are the most beautiful

woman I know. Your curves are divine. The moment I saw you

in the club that night I was intoxicated. I couldn’t keep my eyes

off you. You are all woman and that is what drives me crazy

with desire. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Are you going to stop fucking around behind my back?”

I hissed, trying hard to lie still, my unladylike sobs made it

difficult to stop my abundant body wobbling.

“I’m not fucking around,” Adam sighed, “but I don’t see

why I can’t be with you both.”

“Well, in that case you can see yourself out. I can’t share

you with anyone else.”

“Not even if I tell you he’s bi too and he thinks you’re


“No. You betrayed me Adam. You need to go.” I sniffled.

I needed him out of my space so I could cry in peace.

“Okay, I’m sorry, Megan. You know where I am if you

want me. I still want you, think I always will.” He moved

across the bed and I heard the ruffle and scrape of clothes and

zips as he dressed. I tried not to think of his lithe body, his

smooth hands, his plump lips. I tried to hold onto the anger that

had burned so brightly minutes earlier, but as he whispered a


Victoria Blisse

goodbye and I heard the door of my flat clunk shut behind him,

I sobbed so hard I thought I would break.


Chapter Two

For a few days after I just walked around in a daze. I was

on autopilot and thanked Heaven that I didn’t have any of the

more difficult year groups to teach ‘til the other end of the

week. I’d be more myself by then, I was sure.

I’d not gotten much sleep either. I was tired, but as soon

as I tried to sleep, questions started to haunt me. Had I done the

right thing? Had I been too hasty? Was it really cheating? And

the most annoying thing was that I didn’t have an answer.

I picked up my post as I walked into my flat after another

long day of teaching. Tucked between the livid green junk mail

and the credit card bill was a white, handwritten envelope. I so

rarely get mail of such a nature that I got quite giddy as I tried

to work out who it was from. I ripped open the envelope and

BOOK: Vanilla With Extra Nuts
4.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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