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watching what happened between my thighs. I found it hard to

hold my eyes open as the pleasure grew in intensity but I did

not want to miss one moment of this amazing experience.

Eventually my eyes did close as the sensations became too

much and the ecstasy shot through me with such power my

eyelids rattled shut as the orgasmic scream ripped from me.

When I had more control over my body, I managed to

open my eyes again. Simon rocked gently in and out of my

cunt, making me twitch and dance with the stimulation. Adam

had his cock in his hand and stroked himself leisurely, his gaze

locked with Simon’s.

Suddenly I realized how selfish I had been. How could I

demand that Adam stop his relationship with Simon? That look

showed me that he meant a lot to Adam, and as much as I

might want him all to myself, I couldn’t deny him this. Just as I

began to think that maybe I should subtly bow out now, their

gazes shifted to rest on me. I smiled and my heart flooded with

relief. I wasn’t sure how we’d make this work but I was


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

determined that we would give it a go. The other option was

just too depressing to think about.

Adam reached over my body and fished a condom out of

the bedside table drawer. I watched as he rolled it over his long

erection and waited to see what he’d do next. First he kissed

me, then untangled his limbs from mine. I think Simon

anticipated what Adam was going to do as he leaned forward

and pressed his chest to mine. I wrapped my legs around him

and was delighted to feel his soft lips against mine. He was a

fantastic kisser, and although I’d come so hard already, I was

ready for more. His cock stilled.

I felt extra weight press down on me. I suddenly worked

out where Adam was and my cunt clenched with delight.

Simon groaned and buried his head in my shoulder. He kissed

my neck and his teeth nipped at my skin but he stayed stock

still within me. I rocked my hips gently against him but I

couldn’t move much, what with all the pressure on top of me. I

looked up past Simon’s shoulder and could see Adam’s face

and the lust etched there. He was clearly fucking Simon. I

could feel the impact in my cunt every time Adam sank into his

boyfriends arse. It was delightfully wicked.

“Fuck, yes,” I hissed and Adam smiled down at me. I

grinned back and gasped as his pace quickened and my eyes

snapped shut to concentrate on the pleasure that flowed

through me.

I was amazed by how much I could feel while Simon held

so still. I felt his cock throbbing inside me and the impact of

Adam against Simon’s arse transferred through Simon to my

clit. It was a teasing contact and I wanted to feel more of it. I

was so alive with desire I wondered why I’d ever been worried

about Adam’s relationship with Simon.

“I’m so close,” Simon gasped, loud enough for both of us,

his lovers, to hear.

“So am I,” I groaned.

“And me,” Adam added.


Victoria Blisse

His body shifted away and I heard the snap of a condom

being removed. Simon pulled back from me too and I fought

the instinct to pout at the loss of his body against mine. I sat up

and the most delightful sight greeted my eyes. Adam and

Simon were kneeling beside each other and stroking their hard


I leaned closer as I watched until my breasts were just in

front of them.

“Fuck, this is so hot,” I gasped, then licked my lips. “Are

you going to come all over me, boys?”

“Oh, yes, I am, baby,” Adam groaned, the strain showed

in his face and I knew he would come soon.

“I am too,” Simon moaned. “You have the most gorgeous

curves, Megan. Fuck.”

I smiled gleefully and waited. I watched them

masturbating together both frantic but using differing strokes.

Simon came first. His come was unctuous and landed right

between my breasts. I took one finger and traced patterns in it,

trailing down to my nipples and rubbing it into my chest. As I

lifted the finger to my mouth and sucked some of the salty

liquid, Adam came. His come blasted against my chest next to

the spot Simon had hit. I trailed my finger through it again and

mixed it with Simon’s that was already drying over my breasts,

then sucked my finger clean.

The lads looked at each other with a wicked twinkle in

their eyes, then pushed me back. I yelped as I impacted into the

soft mattress and the pillows exploded around me. Before I

could shout at them for scaring me like that, they were on top

of me. Adam licked and sucked at my left breast and Simon

was on my right. They licked their combined juices from my

skin and drove me wild with their sucking and tickling tongues.

I was on fire and ready to come again. I needed to come again

in fact.

At almost the same moment, the two mouths began to sink

south. I forgot how much I hated the curve of my full stomach


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

as their kisses dropped lower and lower and covered every inch

of it. I loved my tummy right then as their lips covered me and

the slight roughness of their chins stimulated me. Lower they

dropped and strong hands split my thighs and two bodies

jockeyed for position between them.

My cheeks flamed with embarrassment as they both knelt

there and just looked at me. I was wet and aroused and I

needed some relief. They stayed there, staring down at my cunt

and I felt as if I would cry if they didn’t touch me soon.

“Please,” I begged with a breathless tone and Adam was

the first to react. He lowered his face to my pussy and licked.

Simon held my thigh back and traced kisses up and down the

sensitive inner skin as Adam feasted on my juicy lips and

plumped up clit. His quick and eager lapping soon brought me

to the brink but as I tightened, ready for release, he moved

away to kiss along my left thigh and was replaced by Simon’s

just as eager mouth. They toyed with me like that for what

seemed like forever.

“We want to watch you come,” Adam panted.

“Yes, like you watched us. Come for us, Megan, please?”

Simon begged.

I quickly ran my hand down to my cunt and began to flick

at my clit. I needed to come and I wanted to come for them.

They were there, right between my thighs, watching my fingers

strum over my wet and aching pussy and as I exploded, my

mind consumed with ecstasy, my body shaking and quivering

from the blast, they began to lick at my juices. Both tongues

jousted between my folds to lick up the sweet juices that

trickled down, and with each flick and prod my orgasm

continued on until I was satisfied. When I stopped shaking,

they crawled up either side of me to cuddle me tightly between

their hard bodies. My curves felt perfectly at home nestled

there between two hot and incredibly handsome men.


Chapter Four

I fell asleep snuggled between two bodies and woke up

alone. On the bedside table was a note.

We’ve had to go in to work, didn’t want to wake you. Will

ring you later.


Adam and Simon x

I smiled as I remembered the events of last night. I

couldn’t believe I had been so wanton! I took a shower in

Adam’s room and got dressed, then headed back to my own

hotel. I was happy and sated at first, but the farther I got away

from Adam’s room, the more worries popped into my mind.

It had been a hot experience, a fantasy come true even, but

what if I was just a willing female body? They were two bi lads

who were obviously very into each other. I had seen more than

lust in their eyes as they’d looked at each other. But what about

me? As much as I’d enjoyed my role as the female jam in their

testosterone sandwich last night, that wasn’t all I wanted to be.

I did want a traditional relationship. Love, marriage, kids,

but I didn’t see how that could work with a gay lover in the

mix. Simon was handsome enough and incredibly sexy, but I

wasn’t sure I’d ever feel for him the same way I felt about

Adam. What worried me was that Adam didn’t feel the same

Vanilla with Extra Nuts

about me. He’d missed me, yes, but was I just the sexual final

ingredient in his mix of lovers?

I have never had great self confidence and I started to

doubt that they even fancied me that much. I was just the easy,

eager target. They knew I’d fuck the both of them because I

was so desperate. So I went from triumphant, sexy, and ecstatic

to defeated, frumpy, and dejected in a matter of a few hours.

When my mobile rang, I answered it without looking.


“Hey, Megan, it’s Simon.” His deep, silky voice set off

sparks in the pit of my stomach.

“Oh, hey,” I replied, “you all right?”

“Yeah, just ringing to pass on a message. Adam says he’ll

be finished here by three and he’ll meet you back at his hotel.”

“Oh, okay. Will you not be coming?” There was a slightly

bitter note to my voice, but I’m not sure he picked up on it.

“No, I’m afraid not. I don’t finish ‘til four. Hopefully I’ll

see you again soon, though.”

“Yeah, okay. See you,” I said and hung up my phone. I

sighed. I’d have to ask Adam exactly what was happening and

I had to face the truth that last night may well have been my

last with Adam if he didn’t love me as much as I loved him.

Because I certainly did love him, last night had proven that to


I got to his room at four o’clock and he answered with a

big smile and a deep kiss.

“I’m a lucky man to have such a gorgeous woman in my

life,” he winked as he closed the door behind us, “and such a

sexy one too.”

I blushed. I didn’t know what to say, but I was saved

having to think of something by Adam’s insistent lips teasing

mine to life. He pushed me back with each kiss until I felt the

bed behind my legs. I sat down and he followed me down. He

pushed my body back and pressed hard against my chest.


Victoria Blisse

I bent to his desire, lost myself in lust, and before another

thought passed through my mind, I was half naked with

Adam’s cock in my mouth. I realize I had serious questions to

ask and a whole pile of emotional baggage to sort and order,

but sometimes sex just takes over. Adam was gorgeous and I

was convinced that this would be the last weekend I’d spend

with him, so I lost myself, determined to enjoy Adam’s body

one last time.

I shut off my mind, or at least the part inclined to worry,

and just enjoyed the sensations flowing through my body. It

was not a long, lingering lovemaking session. It was a fast,

furious fuck that left me dizzy and eager for more. I didn’t

need kisses and caresses. I was wet from the sight of him and

the taste of his cock. He didn’t have to whisper soft words of

comfort and love; he just fucked me as I balanced on hands and

knees, and I was his, my body on fire with desire.

Raw, brutal sex is a great instant fix for lust, but it does

not fill your soul with calm. It leaves you aching and wanting

more and as we lay entangled together, chests heaving, skin

sweaty, all the worries and fears I’d felt before rose to the

forefront of my mind and I knew I couldn’t ignore them any


“Adam,” I turned slightly to look up at him. “I think I

need to ask you something serious.”

“Oh, I thought we’d covered all that last night.” He looked

surprised and a little worried. I couldn’t blame him.

“So did I, but I’ve been thinking today and there are still

things I need to know.”

“Well, go on then, shoot.”

“I’m not sure how to phrase this. Just bear with me a

second.” I took a deep breath and tried to think of the right

words. “I guess what it all boils down to is this. If you had to

choose, who would you pick, Simon or me?”


Vanilla with Extra Nuts

“Megan, that’s not fair and you know it.” He shook his

head and pulled away from me slightly. I’d upset him and I

reacted with anger.

“No, it isn’t fair, but it’s also not fair if you’re just using

me for my female parts. It’s not fair if all along this is just

BOOK: Vanilla With Extra Nuts
12.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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