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Love for Sale

Michelle Hughes

Tears of Crimson Publishing

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Tears of Crimson Publishing


Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Locales and public names are sometimes used for atmospheric purposes. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or to businesses, companies, events, institutions, or locales is completely coincidental.


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2nd/Michelle Hughes. -- 1st ed.





"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful."

Oscar Wilde



Chapter One


A month without Seth taught me what it was like to want.  Before him, I hadn’t known what I was missing. Now I craved sexual fulfillment.  Working for him didn’t help the fantasies I’d built up about the two of us.  I imagined him calling me into his office, taking me over his desk repeatedly without consent.  That one really confused me because I should have hated the idea.  No means, no!  But the truth was it turned me on the most.

Other nights, I’d pretend my battery operated boyfriend was his stand-in, and although the orgasm was okay it was nothing like the real thing.  Being without him was making me more of a pervert than I’d have been staying with him!  I wish I could say I was disgusted with myself for the thoughts, but I wasn’t.  Truth was I was horny!

I started reading books on sexual positions, and imagined us trying each one.  My libido was on overdrive and it was starting to affect my work.  Even food made me think of the things we could do in bed, and since I worked as a caterer, I never stopped thinking about having sex. 

“Hey, Cat, did you order those champagne cases for tonight?  I’ve looked through the stockroom and can’t find them anywhere.” 

Damn it!  Another thing that had slipped my mind.  “I forgot.” I couldn’t offer any other excuse and since McKayla was my best friend I wouldn’t have, anyway.

“I love you, babe, but whatever is going on with you, get it under control.  We’re serving two hundred tonight and there’s no way what we have is going to hold.”  I watched her mentally rack her brain for a solution and felt like the horrible person I was. 

“Let me run down to the liquor store and see what I can pull together.”  This was my screw up and I needed to make good on it.

She shook her head, and I could see the disappointment on her face.  “One store isn’t going to cut it, you take the one on Main, and I’ll get three of our workers to hit the others.  I just hope we have time.” McKayla left me to go off and make plans, which made me more like shit.

The party started in two hours, and thankfully the food was prepped and ready to be cooked on site.  Grabbing my keys, I hurried to my car, hoping the store had what I needed.  These ritzy mega-money-types loved their champagne.  Personally, I don’t know how they drank the stuff.

I had plenty of time to kick myself in the ass while driving, because traffic was a real bitch.  By the time I finally pulled up, I was ready to hang myself from a light pole.  I managed to buy a case, but that’s all they had in stock.  Making a quick call to McKayla, I learned the others had managed to find only one more case.  After telling her I’d fix the issue, I called the man responsible for my memory lapse lately.  I ended the call by telling her I’d meet her at the mansion later.

Seth, of course, had his answering machine on, so a personal visit was my only hope in fixing this.  We hadn’t done a party at his house since McKayla and I took over the catering side of the business.  I wasn’t looking forward to the memories when I drove up through his security gate.  Reminding myself I wasn’t there for him, I turned my head back to the business at hand and pulled up in front of the monstrosity of his house.

Greeted by his servant, I was informed that Seth was with a guest, but I could wait in the living room.  After twenty minutes, I was ready to scream in frustration.  Deciding I had no time to wait, I took it upon myself to find him. 

I only knew where the kitchen and the bedroom were, and I doubted seriously Seth would be in the former. Walking up to his bedroom there was no denying what he, and his guest, were doing.  Sounds of pleasure escaped through the wall, and the open door.  I guess I was a glutton for punishment, because I couldn’t stop myself from peeking into the room and getting a glimpse.

Even screwing another woman, Seth was beautiful and I was entranced by the vision of him pounding into the supermodels flesh.  Her cries of delight had my body craving another taste of the magic he wielded, and I quickly averted my eyes.  What was the tactical thing to do here?

I wanted to interrupt his fun, but who was I to break in on someone else enjoying what I could only dream about?  Like a stalker, I waited until his grunt of pleasure filled the room before knocking on the door.  I remembered vividly what it sounded like and wished I’d been the one he’d used to get there.  I guess that makes me pretty pathetic.

“Unless you’re joining in, come back later.” 

I knew he had no idea I was on the other side of that door, but the urge to walk through had never been so tempting.  “Sorry, but this can’t wait.” 

“Caitlin?” Shock resonated in his voice, and I heard the rustle of clothing.  “Give me a minute.”  He murmured something in a low voice, the sound of which weakened my knees weak.  What was it about that man that made me unable to think?

He opened the door with his pants still unbuttoned and the most adorable bed head I’d ever seen.  Even covered with a light sheen of sweat the man was a walking Adonis.  “Everything all right?”

That molasses smooth voice of his went straight to my sex, and I clenched my thighs together involuntarily.  “No.  I wouldn’t have bothered you, but I didn’t order enough champagne for the party tonight.  I’ve already hit up the liquor stores, but I’m still short.”  The words fell out of my mouth in a nervous waterfall. 

“I’m sure we can cover it.  Walk downstairs and tell the help to show you the cellar.  I’ll join you there when I clean up.” He gave a small smirk and seemed embarrassed at being caught in his current situation.  It made no sense to me when I was the one intruding.

“Um.  Okay, thanks.” I turned to walk off, feeling like I was taking a walk of shame.  My face was probably the color of a ripe tomato, I was so embarrassed.  I hurried downstairs to find his servant and he walked me over to the cellar door, leaving me alone. 

When I finally reached the bottom of the stairs, I was shocked by the rows of wine and alcohol.  Seth could have easily stocked every event we’d have for the next year!  Looking around, my eyes fell on the area that held champagne and I knew I had no reason to worry.  Pulling out my phone, I called McKayla and explained that we’d be fine tonight.

I’d just ended the call when Seth joined me.  His hair was wet, and he’d pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  “Find everything you need?” His gaze wondered to the boxes at my feet then back to me.

“Yes.  Sorry about this, I can’t apologize enough.”  I wondered if he planned on sliding back into the arms of that woman again. For some reason, that put a horrible sinking feeling in my gut.

“No problem.”

He ran his hand through his damp hair, and I unconsciously licked my lips.  I couldn’t stop from lifting and pushing a strand of that thick mane out of his eyes.  It was like time stood still as our eyes met, and the confusion in his was almost funny.  I say almost because I’m pretty certain that the last thing I was thinking about in that moment was humor. 

“Something else you needed, sweetheart?” That small smirk that told me he knew just how sexy he was, broke through my unbridled libido.

“What?  No.  Just the champagne.” It physically hurt me to deny my desire for something more.  My core clenched, and even in my verbal refusal, the dampness between my thighs was unmistakable. I desperately wanted to lower to my knees and finish undressing him.

“Why do you keep lying to yourself?” He chuckled softly, bringing his hand up so that his knuckles could gently graze my cheek.  “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fuck. It’s what you were made for.”  He dropped his hand and bent down to lift one of the boxes.

“You are such a chauvinistic pig.  Women were not put on this earth to fuck!” Picking up a box, I walked past him and began climbing the steps.  I wanted to hit him in the head with the champagne for being such a prick!  By the time I made it to the top I was breathless from the weight of the crate, and my own rising agitation.

“Call me what you will, sweetheart, but at least I don’t lie to myself.  I know what I want to do with you, and have no qualms about doing it.  When you stop being such a prude, come find me, and I’ll take care of your needs.” 

He walked off, carrying the box like it was a paperweight, and I struggled to not sit my own down.  I fumed the entire way back to the kitchen, telling myself that I wasn’t some dog that just needed to hump someone.  I deserved better, more than fulfilling some demented man’s fantasies.  I wanted it all, love, marriage, and the happily ever after that went along with it.

By the time I made it to the kitchen, he had dropped off his box and left.  If I had to guess, he was probably back upstairs doing the gorgeous blonde I caught him with earlier.  Some of the team was already arriving, not that I planned on catching up with Seth again, anyway.  Staying away from him was the best thing I could do for myself.  So why did I feel like I was missing out on the greatest experience of my life?








Chapter two


The next hour was spent in prep, and left me little time to think about anything other than sending out food.  McKayla and I both prided ourselves on our culinary perfection, and not even Seth would prevent me from giving this event one hundred percent.  None of us knew what to expect at one of these gigs, but they usually turned pretty steamy before the night ended.

We no longer hired high school kids to help out because who knew what we’d be walking into next.  Both McKayla and I had attempted to speak with Seth about the adult themes he set up, but even when he refused to stop booking them we couldn’t deny the pay was better.  Our servers were given very nice bonuses and understood it was the rights of privacy that paid them so well.

After discovering what type of clientele Seth wanted serviced, we incorporated contracts that prohibited our staff from speaking publicly about what they witnessed.  We became the catering company of the rich and elite, just the way he promised, and business had never been better.  The fact that most of these events turned into sex parties was probably as responsible for my fantasies as Seth was.  I’d seen more action in two months than I had in my entire life.  Shockingly enough, it no longer freaked me out.

“So, what do you think the perverts will have us witnessing tonight?” McKayla had just put the last of the appetizers on trays, and rolled her eyes as she looked my way. 

“Orgy, bondage, a sex show?  Who knows?  As long as they pay us well, I don’t really care.”  The truth was I had a secret fascination from watching some of the acts, and I guess that really made me as much as a pervert as the people doing the deed.

“What I want to know is how he gets all these beautiful people to act out these things?  I mean seriously, don’t they have any morals?”  McKayla had never been shy in her talk about sex or her experience with it, so her inquiry hit my funny bone and I had to laugh.

“Sorry, but weren’t you the one telling me that you and your prom date made it in the school office?  If memory serves, the entire auditorium heard how much pleasure he gave you.” 

She smacked me playfully while glaring.  “How was I supposed to know that he’d switched on the PA system?  It was supposed to be private.”  She grinned, and I could only guess that she didn’t exactly regret the memory of that night. McKayla had no lack of offers to date after prom, but we both lived very different lives then, and money was more important than finding love in those days. 

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but it’s kind of hot watching other people get it on.”  She was my best friend, and the only person I’d admit something like that to.

“I knew you were a closet perv.” We both got a good laugh out of that, but the music began and it was time to get back to reality.  We began sending the servers out with trays of hors d'oeuvres, knowing that the food table would be impeccable.  All we had to do now was make sure the guests were served, and clean up later.

“I’ve heard of a buffet table, but you guys won’t believe what they are using as a serving platter.”  One of our new workers walked into the kitchen, her eyes wide.

“I’m afraid to ask.” McKayla grabbed my arm, leading me out into the main room.  I had no desire to see what type of kinky games Seth and his friends were playing tonight, but decided arguing wasn’t worth the questions she’d ask if I didn’t let her lead.

The gorgeous blonde that Seth had been screwing earlier was laid out on an empty buffet table like a human sacrifice.  Her arms were bound with a red ribbon and stretched taught over her head.  A man was binding her legs wide apart with the same type of ribbon, and a group of twenty men and women stood around her with different condiments.

She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and my first thought was, how unhygienic!  When several hands started smearing her body with whip cream, honey, a variety of jams, and chocolate syrup, I decided the desert for tonight would have to be dismissed.  The woman seemed to be enjoying the attention immensely, if the soft moans of pleasure escaping her full lips were any indication.  I wondered what it would feel like to have all those hands touching me that way.  I was appalled and turned on at the same time!

“If they start licking her clean, I think I’ll be sick.”  McKayla’s face showed the disgust in her words, and I wondered if there was something wrong with me for being intrigued by the scenario.

“I hear you, but you don’t think it’s a little sexy?” A part of me wanted validation for the sudden desire to change places with her.

“Uh.  No.  I think it’s disgusting that a woman would let all those people just rub their hands all over her.  Where’s her sense of self-respect?” McKayla was whispering now, too, but not out of embarrassment.  We both knew that keeping our clients happy was our first responsibility.

I nodded at her answer, feeling like I was two-faced.  The truth was I understood why she felt the need to let those people touch her, and even though it frightened me somewhat that I wanted that, I couldn’t lie to myself.  Maybe Seth was right, I wasn’t being honest.  Turning away from the scene, my eyes roamed the room landing on Seth standing in the back corner watching me. 

The intensity on his face made me catch my breath, and I wondered if he somehow knew what I was thinking.  Lowering my eyes, I all but ran back into the kitchen.  My heart pounding in my chest, I invented work to do, when in truth everything was done until service was over.  Was there a part of me that wanted to play in his world?  Obviously there was because I was aching in all the wrong places for someone completely disinterested.

The staff returned to the kitchen and started carrying out the boxes of champagne Seth and I had brought upstairs.  I knew I couldn’t hide all night, so I forced myself to walk back out to the room, and instantly wished I hadn’t.  The beautiful blonde on the table was being screwed by one man, while another rode her mouth in a way that had to be painful.  Scores of hands still caressed her body from each side as they fucked her, and I stood there in shock, drinking in every movement.

The sounds of her orgasm bounced loudly off the walls, and reverberated in my own sex.  I had no idea until that moment that you could find release by simply watching and listening to other people have sex.  When one man finished, another took his place. I envied the pleasure they seemed to be giving her.  How incredible it must feel to be filled that way, over and over again.

Without even thinking, I walked closer, needing to see the look on her face.  Somehow I thought if I could read her expressions, I’d understand why this scene which should have disgusted me made me long to feel what she must have felt.  Her eyes opened and she smiled at me with all the contentment of a woman who was having her every need fulfilled.

I would have stayed there watching, but I felt a strong hand on my upper arm, pulling me back.  “If you don’t want to take her place, you need to back away.”  Seth’s voice brought reality crashing down on my head, and it was only then I noticed the interested looks some of the men were sending my way. 

Horrified, I turned and ran.  Those men thought I was next?  Biting back a sob, I continued to run through the kitchen and out into the cool night air.  Stopping only when my breathing caused pain in my chest, I rested my hands on my legs and took long, deep breaths.  What the hell was wrong with me? 

“Still running, Caitlin?” Seth’s voice moved like warm molasses over my skin, and I forced myself to stand.  “I knew the first time you were meant for this.” 

“Have you been drinking?  What is it you think I was meant for?” Turning to face him, I gave my haughtiest look, hoping it was convincing.

“Still lying to yourself?  Fine.  But only a blind fool wouldn’t recognize how turned on you are right now.  Hell, your nipples are poking through your shirt.”  His soft chuckle was my undoing, bringing forth all the shame I should have felt watching that scene tonight.

Like a crazy woman, I ran at him. My hand lifted and struck his face before I even knew what I was doing.  It took him less than five seconds, to pin my hands by my sides, and not even that long before he delivered several sharp slaps to my ass.  “Hit me again, little girl, and your ass will be so red you won’t sit down for a week.”

His words were calm, but the way he held me in his steely grip told me he was serious.  “Fuck you, Seth.”  Struggling in his hold, I attempted to bring my knee back to his groin, managing only to hit his thigh.

My skirt was lifted and he had me on the ground over his lap, lighting my backside up until I cried out for mercy.  “Please, stop!”

His hand stilled, and he massaged the heated flesh, but still he held me in place.  “If you were mine, I’d fuck that virgin ass for what you tried to do.”  His fingers slid under the elastic of my panties stroking my tender folds, until I whimpered.

“So wet.  Tell me, Caitlin, was it my spanking or watching her get fucked that caused this?”  Two fingers slid inside of me beginning a slow ride, and I couldn’t think of anything but the pleasure they gave.

He pressed those fingers deep, stilling and I wanted to scream out for him to continue.  Instead I rotated my hips trying to get that friction back.  “No, sweetheart.  You don’t get off until you tell me the truth.”

“Both.”  I don’t know why I answered him.  A better person would have pulled away and left him sitting there.  The truth was I wanted what those delicious digits were offering.

“My bad, bad, girl.”  He slowly began riding me, scissoring those magical wands until I was right on the edge.  Stomach clenching, core clamping, I wanted his touch more than anything in the world in that moment.  When fulfillment came I screamed out his name like a prayer. 

“I’m not done with you yet.”  Those fingers slid free and he pressed against my other entry.  Immediately I tensed.  “You deserve this. What’s more, you want it. Now relax for me.”

I was trembling as I fought the need to fight the invasion of his finger, but he was right, I wanted this.  I don’t know what that said about me, but I needed to have him dominate me, even if it was just his touch.  Still covered with my release, it was easy for him to ride me that way until he added another finger, stretching me deliciously.

I attempted to escape then, but his free hand landed over my back, holding me in place.  “Don’t you dare!  Lift that sweet little ass up and take what’s coming.”

Like an animated object, I did just what he asked, and he fucked me gently with those fingers until I felt another orgasm begin to build.  Another first. Actually, I didn’t know it was possible for a woman to come that way.  When the pleasure flooded free, I gasped in wonder at the sensation.

“That’s good, kitten, real good.”  Sliding free, he lifted me from his lap, helping me stand.  “I won’t let you lie to yourself or me again, Caitlin.  Go clean up, and before you leave tonight, we are going to have a talk.”

He climbed to his feet, walked away and left me standing there in complete shock.  I couldn’t stand outside all night.  McKayla was probably already looking for me.  Luckily, she hadn’t walked outside and caught me in the act.  I’m not sure how I could have explained what I was doing.

Straightening my clothes, I hoped I didn’t look like I’d been doing anything close to what I had been.  I walked back through the kitchen, into the staff bathroom, and washed away the evidence.  Two incredible orgasms, and I still wanted more.  Seth had turned me into someone I didn’t even know.

I wanted to stay in there all night, but that was the cowardly thing to do.  Pulling up my big girl panties, I walked out with my head held high, and finished my job.  Thankfully, McKayla was busy with work, and since she didn’t give me any strange looks, I doubted she had even noticed I was missing. 

It was well after midnight when all the menial tasks were done, and the van was loaded to return to the shop.  Our staff took care of the cleanup once it arrived safely, so technically we were done for the night.  Now all I had to do was figure out a way to get McKayla home without me.

“Sometimes I swear, I’m getting to old for this shit.” We had changed back into our street clothes, and taking a last look around the kitchen before leaving for the night.

“I hate to break it to you, bestie, but you’ve got many years left to go.” Nibbling on my lower lip, I tried to joke, but I was so nervous about speaking with Seth I’m sure it came out stilted.

“Don’t remind me.  You ready to blow this joint?” She had her purse, and her bagged uniform and I knew it was time to either lie or come clean.

“I need to speak with Seth, I’ll meet you at home later.”  I technically wasn’t lying, but still it felt wrong.

“Something I need to know about?” She went from exhausted to concerned instantly, and I felt like crap.

“No, just an idea I had that I wanted to run past him.  I’ll tell you about it later.  Seriously, go home and get off your feet, you look beat.”  My acting skills needed serious improvement.

“Gee.  Thanks.  Well if you’re sure, I’m heading out. I’ve had enough of this place tonight.”  She walked over, kissed me on my cheek, and left me standing there in nervous anticipation.

Maybe he’d forgotten about our little talk?  That’s what I told myself as I walked back into the main room.  His servants were cleaning up the aftermath of the party in the event room, and our eyes met.  Any thought I had about him forgetting disappeared.  The gleam in his beautiful bedroom eyes told me everything I needed to know.

BOOK: 2nd: Love for Sale
13.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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