Acting On Temptation (Temptations)

BOOK: Acting On Temptation (Temptations)
Acting On Temptation (Temptations)
Donaldson, SM





S.M. Donaldson

Acting on Temptation



Acting on Temptation

S.M. Donaldson

by S.M. Donaldson





This book is a work of fiction.  Names, Characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.

To my Daddy


“If I tell you a piss ant can pull a wagon, you’d better hook’em to it.”  W.T. Morris

I know that never in a million years would you have read a book like this one
and you would’ve said that the f-bombs and sex scenes were too much.  But it helps me to know that you would’ve been proud of me for following my dreams and putting it out there no matter what.


First of all if you are reading this I want to say THANK YOU.  This is a wonderful experience in my life and one I hope to continue doing for a long time. 

Thank you to my Mother for always believing I can do anything and always encouraging me, to my sisters for standing behind me and always having my back. 

Thank you to my friends Ashley Barber and Amy “B” Rehberg for doing pre-reads and enjoying these characters as much as I do.

Thanks to Ginny Busby (Mom B.)
, Maggie, and Leigh for editing and loving my sarcasm. 

Thanks to my friends who continue to stay excited about what I’m writing and believe in me.

To my husband for always pushing me to succeed and being my best friend since we were young dumb kids.

To My Daddy…I miss you everyday and with every book I complete I know you are that much more proud of me.  Thank you for helping shape me into the person I am and instilling hard work in me



Anna Last Fall

              “Jack it’s over, I’m done.  I can’t stand you. Don’t you get that?”

“Whatever Anna.  You really are like you’re sister aren’t you? A freakin head case cock tease.”

“No I’m not because where I’ve let you shove me around, belittle me, and try to force me into having sex with you.  Gabby would’ve kicked your ass not just broke up with you.  So go screw yourself.”  I was about to press end on my phone, when I heard.

“Anna we’re still going out this weekend.”  It was more of a statement than a question.  So I went ahead and hung up.

I scrolled through my contacts to Gabby and hit call

Gabby answers sounding out of breath, “Hey”

“Hey Gab are you busy?”

“Yeah working out in the gym…what about you?” 

“Not much I just broke up with Jack.  Is it cool if I come up this weekend with the group from here, I have to get out of town?  If I don’t Jack will drive me crazy and Mom will be pissed at me for not talking to him.”

“Oh um yeah, I guess that’s cool, I mean are you sure you wanna ride up with them?” 

“Right now I wouldn’t care who I go up with as long as I’m not here, listening to Jack be an ass and Mom be a bitch.” 

, love you see you then and we’ll definitely talk more when you get here.” 

“Love you too.  I’ll call or text you when we get there.”


I jog downstairs, “Hey Mom, Dad?”

              I hear my Mom call from the kitchen, “We’re in here Anna.”

I’m dreading
this; I’ve always had to be the perfect one.  They expect me to be with the right guy, in the right clubs and have the right social group to hang out with.  So telling them I want to go to a SEC college with my sister the track star and our football star neighbor Cade isn’t going to go over well.  I walk into the kitchen and plop down on a stool next to my Dad.  “Hey, I was wondering if you guys would care if I rode up to Cade’s game this weekend to visit with Gabby and let her show me around some?  You know a group of people from here are going up, I could ride with Dylan and Stacy.”

My Mom looks up at me from her newspaper and rolls her eyes, “Why do you want to go up there?  You should be going to more prestigious colleges to visit.  I’m sure Jack’s sister could show you around her campus.”

“Mom, I’m not talking to Jack right now and I want to go to college with Gabby.  In case you haven’t noticed she goes to a very

She looks at me like I’ve grown another head, “What do you mean you’re not talking to Jack?”

“Just that, I. Am. Not. Talking. To. Him.  We are broken up.”

She wails, “Oh God your sister has gotten to you hasn’t she? I was always afraid she’d talk you into something stupid like dumping Jack and going to some sports college.”

My Dad looks over at her, “Honey, I think if she wants to go visit her sister it’s a great idea.  Besides she is too young to be settling on colleges due to boys.  Anna you can go provided you are staying with your sister.”

I smile, “Yes sir, I will be.”

My Mom lets out an exaggerated sigh, “Whatever go on up to that jock infested campus and hang out with your jock sister for the weekend.  I just hope Jack will speak to you when you get back.”

I stand up, “I don’t really give a damn if Jack wants to speak to me or not.  I don’t want to speak to him.”  Then I storm out of the kitchen….my Mom is such a bitch.



Russ Last Fall

              I look over at the girl hanging on me after class, she’s laughing like I’m the funniest guy on the planet.  I’ll admit I’m pretty damn funny, but not that funny.  Sure she has a nice ass and a great rack, but I’m sure that rack is fake.  Living with my roommates Daria and Gabby has really opened up my eyes as to how nice a decent non-psychotic girl could be.  I feel my phone buzz with a text from my cousin/best friend/roommate Linc:

Linc:  Hey Gabby and her sister are going to Gainer’s party with us tonight don’t bring skanks home with you.

Me:  I won’t Gabby has already warned me to be on my best behavior around her sister.  See you in a few.

Linc:  okay

I look over at the girl who is all but dry humping me now in the freaking school library, I grab her around the waist and set her on the chair next to me, “Sorry I have to go, I have a thing I have to get to.”

She looks up at me pouting, “I could go with you.”

I shake my head, “No you couldn’t.”

She pokes out her red lips further and wiggle her eyes, “We could have a little pre-party in your room.  You know with that awesome piece of equipment you carry around.”

I chuckle, “Thanks for the compliment, but ugh no thanks.”

I walk out of the library, jeez she was skanky.   I jog over to our dorm, when I walk in I look across the living room and see a younger version of Gabby
… just more of an innocent girl.  Shit my dick just twitched in my pants.  She’s fucking beautiful… like an angel.  She looks so delicate, she’s an innocent.  She’s too good for me.  Sitting on that couch with the perfect little khaki skirt and pink sweater set on.  Damn she could be the librarian in my dirtiest dreams.  DAMN I gotta get in the shower and take care of this.


              Here we are at Gainer’s party and I’ve turned down more sure things than ever. What is wrong with me?  I have to get Anna out of my head…now she’s dancing.  While I was in the shower she changed for the party.  She’s in a pair of ass hugging jeans that have sparkles all over the ass of them,
I don’t know what they are called but I know a bunch of girls have them
and a low cut white shirt that shows off her tanned cleavage.   I see all of the guys looking at her like they could eat her up.  I want to protect her from them, I feel like I have to.  Gabby leaves to go to the bathroom and we all step back outside.  If Gabby and Linc don’t get their shit together soon, they are both gonna explode, the two of them could set a house on fire with the amount of chemistry between them.  Once we are outside around the bonfire Anna and I sit down on a bench.  She looks over at me, “So how do you like the college? I plan on going here in the fall.”

I nod, “I like it.  Football keeps me pretty busy.”

“It looks like you must be pretty popular with the girls. I mean I’ve been getting death glares all night.  Well from everyone except Gabby and your roommate Daria.” 

I laugh, “Yeah, I guess.  It gets old though.  I mean these girls they just want… well I really don’t know what they want, but some of them are crazy as hell.”

She laughs, “Well, maybe you make them crazy.”

I laugh, “How do I make them crazy?”

“Well, maybe it’s your mad sex skills, the boy next door charm, I don’t know.”

“Yeah maybe.”

She laughs like I’ve just said the funniest thing on the planet, “A little full of yourself aren’t you?”

I laugh, “You said it.  Plus you know nothing about my mad sex skills.”

“Hmm…oh the possibilities.”

“Hey now, are you trying to get me killed or just give me a heart attack?”

“What do you mean?  I’m the one getting death glares.”  She laughs.

“Well, Cade and Gabby have already threatened to cut my balls off if I try anything with you.  Then I may have a heart attack if your beautiful face keeps saying shit like that.”

She laughs, “Okay…I get it…I was just teasing.”


              I woke up this morning thinking about Anna…well and how last night got crazy as hell.  Between the girls knocking the shit out of people (which the way Anna hit that girl was kinda hot) and then me telling off some strangers, then Gabby crying in the dark telling me secrets, it was just…wow.  Now the game is over and I have to tell Anna bye, I really don’t want to.  She walks around hugging everyone and when she gets to me she whispers in my ear, “It was nice to meet you. I hope you can come down sometime with Gabby and Cade.” 

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