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“You have to leave her alone,” Annais warned him.

“I can feel her pain. She needs me right now.”

“What she needs is time alone to think.”

“Okay.” Didac half-heartedly agreed. His friends were looking at him with sympathy in their eyes. They understood the power of the mating fever, but at the same time aware of the circumstances that had brought them together and how Vivian felt. Nobody spoke.

Chapter 8

Solitude, as it turned out was underrated. Champagne and her on her wedding night and boom, it transformed into
Instant Private Party
. Her day was getting better and better with each sip. She felt all warm and bubbly inside. Vivian sat on the twin bed in Didac’s room with nothing on except her underwear and veil with a bottle of champagne in her hand.

What was going to happen now?

Her eyes quickly scanned the contents of Didac’s room. It was beautiful in its simplicity. It was one big room with a large computer screen embedded in the wall and a sink, a fridge and what appeared to be stove was just beside it. And just less than a foot away there was a small circular counter with at least three red bar stools and right on the counter, there appeared to be a control console. On the left, there was a small contemporary couch and behind it, on the wall, there was a bed she was sitting on. She glanced at the bed a second time. It looked big enough for both of them, but small by all standards with legs made of metal that were embedded with the ship just like the bar stools and the counter.

The door opened, and Didac stepped in. As if sensing her mood, he just turned around, removed his shirt to place it on the chair. As he unbuckled his leather pants, Vivian took a tentative glance at his broad back, her eyes sweeping over the golden expanse of his smooth and flawless skin. To her disappointment, he left his underwear on and moved towards the bed and sat next to her. “You need to rest.”

Just hearing Didac talk made her emotional, she started crying, the gravity of the day’s events finally sinking in.” "I don’t know what's wrong with me; I just can’t stop crying."

Didac took in Vivian’s appearance. The veil she had on was askew, and her cheeks were flushed. He tried to keep his eyes away from her ample breasts. He took the bottle of champagne from her hand and put it on the nightstand. Spirits made people emotional. ”You are inebriated.”

Didac was all too familiar with drinking spirits. Obviously, she did it to improve her mood. Now that the ship had taken off, and new people and culture surrounded her, she realized the immensity of the logistics before her. The logistics of being uprooted from one’s home was a challenge as much as it was an adventure.

“Just a little, I wanted to feel good.” Vivian stood up and straddled him. “I wanted to forget. I don’t want to think about anything tonight.”

Didac tensed, surprised and his body awakening, triggered by her warm flesh pressed against him. Her arms were placed around his neck to keep her balanced. This is not how he imagined his first mating to be. Didac didn’t want to take advantage of her and have her regret tomorrow, but how he wanted to.

“Vivian…” Didac’s quiet whisper danced to her ears. His eyes squeezed shut as he begged himself not to sink this low. ”When we mate, I want it to mean something.”

She watched the contours of his face, every expression and move tantalizing her. She was not as drunk as he thought. What she saw was a man who wanted to take what was given and a man who wanted to refuse it even if he wanted to because his principles would not allow him.

Vivian licked her lips. She stared at him as if a trance, reaching out her hand to touch his face. He truly was a good man. Most men would have taken advantage of her vulnerability.

“It will mean something; I feel this connection to you. When I saw you, it felt like my soul somehow knew you, but my experiences have taught me that I could be wrong.”

Didac soothed her neck, his hands moving lower to rub her back. ”I want it to be more than a connection.” His hands moved lower to her derriere pulling her to feel his erection through their underwear.

Vivian instinctively rubbed back and forth on him tightening her legs around his waist, feeling him harden further. ”You would deny me relief?”

This would have been comical if he hadn’t found himself wanting. He denied himself relief too.

“I don’t want you to hate me tomorrow.”

They just stared at each other, his perfect noble face, blinding her, his sparkling green eyes petted in her thoughts; everything about him resonated masculinity. Vivian flushed red when she realized she was relishing this image. Her stomach rumbled. Her face turned beet red in embarrassment.

“I’m hungry…”, Hungry for food and so much more.

Didac lips curved, his one hand remained on her butt to steady her while the other massaged her scalp and moved downward to trace the back of her neck. “I have food, let me feed you.”

That was a double entendre if she ever heard one.

Didac sensed her hesitation, and immediately she tried to stand up roughly and almost got away when she was suddenly turned over on her back, and his body covered his. His hand bent her leg higher so she could feel more of him. It trailed higher, around her kneecap and the outside of her thigh.

“Even if you don’t know it yet, you are mine.” Didac’s lips stringed along her knee to her leg.

Her body wasn’t lying even if his mouth was. ”What makes you think that?”

“You have no idea what I am prepared to do for you.” His lips continued to explore and closed on her toes.

Vivian’s breathing jerked. This was worship. It was gross, but it felt so good.

The sincerity and conviction in which he said, the words made her eyes swell with tears. Her father, the one male figure who was supposed to protect her did horrible things to her instead for her. ”I don’t place too much trust in words. They come and go like the wind.”

He just wanted to love her, to take the pain and hurt away. He wanted this woman. ”I just want you to know and show you in time, that it’s okay to care for and trust me.”

His hair was disheveled from her playing with it, his measuring endless green eyes intensified, making her uncomfortable. His eyes felt like they were boring into her soul. Like he knew what she needed even if she didn’t. The effects of the champagne had already started to fade away.

Vivian ran her hand over her hair, watching him looming over her. It was hard to describe what she felt, but she knew if she took the next step everything would be different, different from her past experiences and emotions. She hated him for the abrupt marriage yet the attraction she felt for him was undeniable. She wanted to slap him so hard and yet brush his cheek at the same time. It was hard to ignore. The determination not to give into those feelings, slowly fading and a pleasurable feeling snaked up into her heart. She reached out and touched his hair, delighted by the pure luxurious softness of it. Regardless of how she got the desire, maybe this was something she needed to get out her system. Maybe some indulgence would satisfy her and end this burn once and for all.

A chill engulfed her.

‘What’s wrong?” Didac asked when he felt her shudder.

“I am afraid of the feelings you evoke in me. It’s the things you say, the way you look at me and the way you touch me. I have never had a man touch me with a gentle hand. You make me dream.”

“Your dreams are within reach if you only allow me to show you. I promise you this. I will do everything in my power not to hurt you.”

“I have been hurt by those who claimed to love me, and you are nothing but a stranger to me.”

“You cannot put me in the same category with the men you have known.”

Didac watched his new bride. Her face betrayed what she was feeling. She was like an open book. She was confused by the intense attraction she felt for him. Her arousal heightened her fragrance; she was valiantly fighting but failing. A sudden intense drumming echoed within the walls of the room. His enhanced sense of hearing rejoiced at the sound. The unnerving sound from her heart filled him with lust. He would have given anything he had to hear her heart beat like that for him every time he touched her.

His breath caught, “Just tell me; it’s okay.’

Vivian pulled his head down and locked their lips together. His hand continued from under her thigh and trailed from her crevice to her heat over her underwear. He felt the warmth coming from her with his finger. He rubbed her clit. Her moan widened her lips to his probing lips exchanging fluids, a prelude to the mating ritual.

It was as if she couldn’t reign herself in. She imagined doing things to him. Vivian needed to come desperately, and so did he. ”Please?” Her voice echoed in the room, mingling with their heavy breathing.

”If I do this there will be no going back.”

“I want this. I want you.” Vivian arched her back when his lips latched onto her breast.

The anticipation of being deeply embedded in her made him harder than he already was if that were possible. He pushed her panties aside and thrust into her hard. Didac control snapped, and his eyes transformed. Vivian looked into his glowing eyes and started to struggle against him. ”Don’t panic, it's normal when we have sex.”

Of course, how could she forget? He was an alien.

Didac strong arms held her down with her knees bent to her chest, pressed down and his hands below her shoulder blades. Her arms were lying down her side. The position left her helpless. She closed her eyes.

”Look at me.” He commanded. He started moving within her, and his movements were slow and profound.

“Harder” Vivian opened her eyes and looked into his deep eyes.

He raised himself up on his knees and let go of her shoulders, her hips raised, her upper back, thighs on his, with his hands on her hips and angled himself to go deeper into her softness. He battered her mercilessly as he felt his tip touching her womb.

”Oh, God.” She cried out as she uncontrollably spasmed in his arms. That is when she felt it; his soul was prompting her into a oneness that made her sensitive to him, blending their energies. Panic set in but was overpowered by the most beautiful and mind-blowing orgasm she had ever felt. Her mind became one with his. She tried to resist the pervasion.

“Don’t fight it.” Didac thrusts intensified in speed and deepness willing her to let him in.  ”Please just let me in. “He pleaded with her., His mind touching hers.

“What are you doing to me?” Vivian barely audible voice penetrated his certifiable mind.

Didac bent over and infused their lips together, defusing any perturbation or doubt materializing in her mind. The demand to complete the mating dazzling him, causing him to be selfish, camouflaging the knowledge of the involvement of what it might mean to both of them.

”What you do to me.” His whisper felt loud in the room as he brushed her hair away from her face.

” Please let me in.” He pleaded with her again.

Vivian didn’t know why, but she trusted him not to hurt her. She let go of everything and wrapped her legs around his waist as he assaulted her to reach his climax. Everything he had ever felt, experienced and seen smashed into her vulnerable mind. Happiness, fear, hopelessness. Pain. Didac’s memories of his parents, as a child, playing with his brother, running in the mountains.

The sensations felt as if they were her own.
So intense. Too hard and too real.
A tear dribbled out and slid down to her cheek.

Didac heart swelled with love at the ferocity of her aura. Her small child like a face with an uncontained smile flashed in her memories. The expression of horror that followed made Didac want to hold her tighter and show her what it meant to be safe protected and loved.

Vivian’s eyes filled with tears as warm feelings coupled with her arousal from the turmoil she was feeling. A scent of pure bliss and warmth engulfed them as they exploded together their minds and souls merging into an unfathomable peace.  They clung and ran their hands on each other, Didac raining kisses all over her face and mouth. Words didn’t seem necessary.

Vivian did not want to question what she had just experienced. It felt so good. When their minds and souls had blended, everything about mating materialized in her mind.

The flow of the moisture slipping between her thighs brought her back to reality. This was wrong on so many levels. She barely knew him less than a few hours, and here she was having unprotected sex with him.

“My kind does not contract any diseases,” Didac answered her thoughts.

Vivian lost her nerve. Doubt surfaced in her mind. Did she think that out loud?

“No, you didn’t. We are mated now, I can feel what you feel and can hear your thoughts. You have to block me out, or I have to stop reading you.”

What was this shit? She didn’t like this one bit. ”What the fuck? I do not want anybody in my head. Just stop ok.”

Didac felt her feelings bouncing all over the place. “It’s hard right now, with your feeling so potent and mine too. It will happen every time we have sex.”

The love-making had left him shaken to the core, but he wasn’t going to allow her to withdraw into herself. Whatever the feelings, they were going to work it out together. He covered her small hands with his.

“I need to use the bathroom,” Vivian said with a calmness she didn’t feel. God, who wanted their thoughts and feelings exhibited like this. Privacy was precious to her.

“I know this feels weird right now, but you will get used to it and with time and practice you will be able to hear my thoughts and feel what I feel.”

He stood up with her in his arms. Her body slid along his to the floor and once he was satisfied she was steady. He let her go and pointed to the door on his left. Didac was staggered by Vivian’s memories and experiences. Bradford deserved to die for treating his family with a callousness that he would never even bestow on an outsider.

BOOK: Just A Bit Of Trust (Constel·lación #1)
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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