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Lacey Thorn


To family and friends both new and old for never allowing me to stop believing in myself.

I am because of you! Thank you.

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Chapter One

“You want me to play the whore for you? For the good of the company?”

“Watch your mouth Margaret Rose. Twenty five is not too old for a spanking young lady.” She turned to look her father in the eye, saw the rising colour on his face and couldn’t resist.

“Oh. You think that will make the men you have waiting hot for me. Show them a little kink to get them revved up?”

“Damn it Margaret. That is enough.” That vein was really throbbing in his head now. And the colour was slowly going from red to purple.

“Does the business mean that much to you, Daddy? More than me?” She already knew the answer but some inner demon forced the question out of her mouth.

“I’ve spent my whole life building this company and I’ll be damned if it dies out after I’m gone. The name Houston will count for something long after I’m gone.”

That demon was still there whispering in her ear. “I could run it. I know the ins and outs of the business. I thought you were grooming me for just that.”

He laughed. Her father threw his head back and laughed and that last bit of the needy girl searching for the crumbs of her father’s love disappeared. In her place was a woman he would regret creating.

“Like I would ever leave my baby to a woman. Your mother proved to be one failure after another. Only one child and even that was second rate. The damn woman couldn’t even stay healthy. It was a blessing when she died.”

Yeah, it probably was. For her mother. But for the four year old girl left behind it had been hell. She had always known that her father only let her work for him because he didn’t know what else to do with her. But that tiny spot had remained, unwilling to give up hope that she was wrong.

There was a knock at the door and her father Dom Alexander Houston turned from her. Dismissing her without a second thought. And the anger began to grow inside her.

“The gentlemen that you’ve been expecting are here Mr. Houston.” Her father’s personal assistant said from the doorway. The woman was young, blonde and built. And most certainly sleeping with the boss. Maggie felt sorry for her. She wouldn’t last any longer than the rest and when her father was done that was it. The poor girl didn’t have a chance.

“Send them in.”

Maggie stayed her ground refusing to leave without him coming right out and telling her to. If he forgot she was still here long enough then she would stay. Appearances meant everything to him and he would do nothing to seem more than a doting father.

Two men stepped into the room. Both were tall with dark hair. One was maybe six feet even with broad shoulders and a stocky build. His body rippled with muscles beneath the suit that was obviously tailored just for him. His hair was clean cut, almost military short. What there was of it was a dark brown, almost a mocha shade. His eyes when he glanced her way were a dark chocolate brown with what looked like flecks of gold in them but she would have to get a closer look to be sure.

The other one was taller, maybe six-foot-two or so with a much slimmer build. His clothes were just as tapered but revealed longer, leaner muscles. His hair was longer touching the top of his collar in back and dark as night. His eyes were a startling shade of blue that made one think of a perfect sky.

Testosterone oozed from them and filled the room. A shiver went down Maggie’s spine and she wondered which one her father wanted her to marry. She had to think that they must want it as much as the old man did or they wouldn’t be here. Neither seemed like the type that would be easily manipulated. No these were definitely alpha males. What she was planning for them might be more fun than she anticipated. But best of all it would destroy her father’s plans to marry her off to the man of his choice. She couldn’t contain the grin of triumph that tugged at her lips. Let the fun begin.

Alex looked at Patrick and read his mind as if it was his own. It would take a dead man not to notice the woman standing behind Dom Houston and they were both very much alive. She was a cool drink of water in a calf length skirt that hugged her body from her lush hips down. Her shirt was a soft shade of pink that buttoned all the way up to her throat but was fitted to showcase the tantalising mounds of her breasts. Her hair was a multitude of different shades of blonde, at least from the bit that was showing where she had it piled on top of her head. The face was classic, one that would only grow better with age. Her eyes a delicate shade of hazel, more green than blue at the moment.

By the expression on Patrick’s face, they were both thinking the same thing. Getting her naked and fucking her. One at a time, together. It wouldn’t matter as long as she was naked and willing. Damn, Alex wondered who she was.

Mr. Houston followed their gazes and seemed startled that the woman was in the room.

“Margaret. You’ll excuse us now,” was all he said before turning back to them and dismissing the woman, Margaret once again. He missed the emotion that flashed through her eyes but Alex and Patrick saw it. She quickly contained it and giving a nod left the room pulling the door shut behind her. And releasing the two of them to get down to the business they had come here for.

“Those weren’t the men I was expecting you little idiot!” Dom thundered at the twit who was good for nothing unless she was on her knees. “Next time you send someone into my office you better make damn sure of who they are and what their business is first! You could have just cost me a lot with your stupidity.”

He watched as tears filled her eyes saw them tremble on her lashes for a moment before slipping down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry. So sorry. I promise that it won’t happen again.” Her eyes were pleading with him and her chest was starting to rise and fall with her effort to control her anxiety.

His eyes slipped to those beautiful breasts that he knew so well. “Lock the door.” He never moved from his position behind the desk as he delivered his order. He knew without a doubt that she knew what was coming, and that she would do whatever he told her to. Money and power could buy a lot of obedience.

The lock clicked and she slowly turned back to him, her hands already on the hem of her shirt. He nodded and watched as she pulled it over her head revealing the low cut white lace bra underneath that he knew would match her panties exactly. He should know since he bought them. She reached back and released the catch letting the bra slide down her shoulders to land on top of the shirt at her feet. Her breasts were high and firm, the nipples a rosy pink that flushed darker as the cooler air hit them and caused them to tighten further. They would blush red before he was done with them.

She moved her hands to the waist of her skirt until he stopped her. “Leave it. You won’t be receiving pleasure now. Only good girls get pleasured. Do you want to be a good girl?”

She nodded, her eyes still luminescent with tears.

“Then come over here and show me how sorry you are.” He pushed his chair back from the desk spreading his knees and making room for her to kneel before him. He stopped her when she stood between his thighs and leaning forwards took a nipple into his mouth sucking fiercely and biting the tip several times before moving across to the other one. He loved breasts, always had. Nipples were made to be sucked hard, to be nipped and even bitten when the mood struck just right. And hers were perfection, the reason why he still had her around. Well that and the fact that she could suck a cock like no other woman he had ever had. And that was saying something since he had been with more than his fair share of women.

She moaned softly though he knew she wanted to cry out several times from what he was doing. But she was good, the best whore he had ever had and she only rested her hands lightly on his shoulders and moaned just the way he liked.

When he finally released her, her nipples were flushed bright red and swollen from his mouth. They were beautiful. He reached his hands out and pinched them both between his fingers using them to tug her down to her knees. She reached for his pants, releasing his cock and pulling it out to bob in front of her mouth while he continued to tug and pinch at her over sensitised nipples. Yes, she was a very good whore. He groaned as she took him immediately to the back of her throat and began to milk him, her tongue reaching out to lave at his balls while she swallowed along his shaft. Almost good enough to make him forget about the two private investigators she had allowed into his office.

Maggie had followed the two men back to a hotel on the outskirts of the city. It wasn’t where she had expected them to stay but still at least it seemed clean. It was one of those places where the doors to the rooms opened on the outside of the building with one floor of rooms stacked on top of the other. At least the two men were in the same room at the moment. That would make what she had in mind easier. She just had to work up her courage a bit.

She’d never been a seductress before. She’d had sex, plenty of sex. But even the most risqué acts came off feeling like vanilla sex. Perhaps it was because most of her partners were boring, mundane, vanilla men outside of the bedroom, and sometimes inside as well. But that was all going to end as soon as she stepped from the car and put her plan into action. Her father wanted her to marry one of the two men in the room she kept staring at. Expected her to do whatever it took to ensure that happened. Instead she was going to ensure that they thought of her as a wild promiscuous woman, definitely not the type a man would want to marry.

She took another deep breath and opened the car door, easing her frame out and shutting the door behind her. She stood there for a moment smoothing her hands down the grey pencil skirt she wore before reaching up to make sure her hair was still up. She tilted her chin up reminding herself just what was at stake. Everything.

Resolve filled her, giving her the courage to walk up to the door the two men had entered more than an hour before. An hour she had spent sitting in the car watching. It was now or never. Maggie took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock, but she didn’t need to. The door opened and the taller, leaner of the two men stood before her in nothing but a pair of jeans which rode low on his hips. His chest was covered with a smattering of dark hair that encircled each nipple and trailed down over his abdomen disappearing into his waistband. He was sexy enough to have her mouth and more intimate places filling with fluid. But when he parted his lips and spoke in a husky British accent she could actually feel herself melting like butter.

“We were wondering how long it would take you to head this way love.” His voice slipped down her spine leaving a fiery warmth coursing through her. She was more than ready for her plan, more than ready to do anything he asked of her.

“You knew I was here?” It was a whisper, all she could manage with her heart galloping in her chest.

“We’ve been watching you since you arrived.” It was the other who spoke this time and he had the sweet southern tones of a Texas man. You could hear the “aw, shucks” in his voice and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that these two must work well together. What one couldn’t get the other would definitely be able to. He was still dressed in the suit from earlier and looked just as heavenly now. Though he was a few inches shorter than the other man he was more muscular and filled the suit out like it was custom made for him. If he moved in the same circles as her father then it probably was.

Thinking about her father was enough of a jolt to snap her out of the lust induced haze and remember that she was there for a reason. A reason that would take care of her itch just fine. Maggie casually moved around the man in front of her entering the motel room as if they had invited her in. She focused on the more dressed of the two and said the first thing that popped into her mind, a habit that she really needed to work on.

“So you like to watch, do you?”

Husky laughter filled the room as both men found her comment amusing. Her own smile trembled on her lips when she heard the door snap shut behind her and the click of the lock being turned.

“Watching is fine,” Mr. Brit said as he moved up close behind her. “But participating is even better.” His hands cupped over her shoulders and as he moved closer into her, there was no mistaking the heavy length of his erection where it touched along her spine.

“Both of you?” It was a question, an invitation, a wish, uttered from her lips as she did all she could to keep from rubbing wantonly back against him.

“Both of us,” South Texas said. He stepped in front of her and when all she did was blink at him he reached out and began to slowly unbutton the top buttons on her shirt. “You want both of us don’t you? Isn’t that why you came?”

BOOK: Maggie's Ménage
2.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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