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“Yes,” she murmured as he changed the angle of his head to place kisses along each inch of exposed flesh. “Oh, God, yes.”

Husky male chuckles sounded again and they were like foreplay along her skin. Her cheeks grew flushed, her breasts tingled, the nipples puckering more, and her sex grew damp, her channel pulsing with a need to be filled. She had dreamed of this, two men at the same time. Two men focusing on her pleasure, her needs and desires.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured again and allowed her body to relax into the man behind her, rubbing herself against his erection.

It was his turn to groan and his hands flexed once on her shoulders before moving down to cradle her hips and pull her even closer. He rubbed blatantly against her seeming to enjoy the sensation as much as she did.

“Do you want that Margaret? Do you want both of us at the same time?” Her shirt was tugged from her waist band and wide open to the lusty gazes of both men. Her full breasts were barely contained by the sheer lace of her bra, her nipples a proud display behind the white material. His voice was a warm breath of air on her skin and his knuckle was sheer fire as it brushed across her nipple.

“Just two things,” she panted roughly, “then I’m all yours.”

“What?” The British accent was thicker, his hands hard where they gripped her hips.

“Tell me your names.” It was a whisper but in her mind it was a demand.

“Alex,” Mr Brit spoke into her ear following it with a slow flick of his tongue along the lobe before nipping it softly with his teeth.

“Patrick,” South Texas said before closing his lips around one turgid nipple and sucking gently on it.

The cry left her mouth at the sheer pleasure of their touches, the torture as it wasn’t enough.

“And two?” Alex whispered.

“Maggie,” she managed. “Call me Maggie.”

Chapter Two

Alex knew he should be focusing on the investigation. The woman could be just the lead that he and Patrick had been looking for. And they both had a lot to prove. Patrick to his older brother Shawn O’Grady, who had left Pat in charge of the P. I. firm while he went off on some secret excursion with his best friend and business partner Tommy. Alex had something to prove to himself, mainly that he was still capable of doing the job he loved even if it was no longer for the MI6 unit that had once been like family to him. Yeah, they both had a lot to prove. Unfortunately neither of them seemed to be thinking with the right head at the moment.

He grabbed the material of her pink shirt at the shoulders and slid it slowly down her arms. Patrick was still rubbing his knuckle over her nipple but his other hand was already making its way down to the side closure on her calf length skirt. She helped him remove the shirt arching back into his chest and thrusting her breasts forwards with a rough sigh. Seconds later her skirt pooled around her feet and Alex groaned. She was wearing a garter belt under that skirt, an honest to God garter belt with real silk stockings attached to it. And they matched her white lace bra to perfection. He didn’t know what part of her he wanted to touch first. But Patrick had no such hesitation.

Patrick buried his nose in the Promised Land and inhaled like it was bliss. Alex was pretty sure that it probably was. He slid his hands from her hips, up along her stomach and cupped those tempting breasts in his palms giving them both a full squeeze. Her cry filled the air around them leaving no doubts of her pleasure in their actions. When her head hit his shoulder and the smooth column of her neck was exposed to him, Alex couldn’t resist. He bent down and buried his face there. He licked and sucked his way up to her earlobe and then worked his way back down along the tendon to the base of her neck. She tasted like the sweetest ambrosia. When he finally made the journey back up to her ear he gave it a sharp tug with his teeth before whispering to her.

“I want to fuck you. Can you feel how hard you make my dick?” Alex ground his erection against her only then realising how sheer the lace was on her ass. God, she was exquisite. His groan matched hers as he pushed forwards again, bending his knees so that his cock hit right between the cheeks of her lush ass. “I want to fuck your pussy, your ass, and that sweet little mouth of yours.” Her gasp let him know that she wanted it just as much.

There was a ripping sound and Alex knew that Patrick had torn the gusset out of her panties. He glanced down the length of her body and met Patrick’s eyes. Patrick’s eyes were almost black with lust and Alex envied him his current position. Patrick lifted Maggie’s right leg up and Alex hooked his elbow underneath it pulling it high and wide allowing Patrick the perfect access to the pussy they both wanted. Damn, Patrick looked like he was in heaven.

Patrick thought.
I’ve died and gone to heaven.
The seductress in front of him was a goddess built for sex. Her legs were long and lean, her breasts high and firm. And her pussy. It smelled sweet, looked divine and he couldn’t wait to taste it on his tongue, suck it and if he lasted long enough fuck it. It had been too damn long since he had been with a woman. And he never shared but there was something erotic about seeing her braced back against Alex. Something carnal in knowing that Alex was going to take her the same as him, that maybe they would both enjoy her at the same time.

Her blonde hair looked good along side of Alex’s black hue. Her skin a blanket of white next to Alex’s tan. Patrick loved the way her thighs trembled, the way her sex puffed up and blushed from pink to a tantalising shade of soft red. Moisture was already coating her and without thought he leaned forwards and ran his tongue along her slit. Her cry covered his moan but just barely. If Alex wasn’t holding her leg up she probably would have fallen the way that she was trembling. But none of that mattered as her taste coated his tongue, exploding on his taste buds and sending him delving for more.

He used one hand to separate the folds of her lips wider so that he could run his tongue all around, up one side and down the other glancing over the spots of interest in favour of collecting more of her unique nectar. On the second time around he stopped for barely a moment to play his tongue over and around her clit watching it swell tighter and seem to grow a little bigger at his touch. On the third pass he folded his tongue up seeking to make it smaller, firmer so that he could fuck her with it. And with the first two strokes of it inside her channel, she broke. Her lips puffed bigger, her clit seeming to pulse, and fluid flowed over his tongue and down his chin until he flattened his tongue out and tried to use it to lap up as much of her as he could. She was moving against him now pressing her sex harder to his face, her staccato cries filling the small room. He groaned and looked up, his eyes locking with Alex’s.

Alex had his hands filled with her breasts, the cups tugged down to reveal her turgid nipples and his fingers were busily working them, pinching and tugging. His face was buried in her neck which was red from the combination of bites, sucks, and whisker burn. His eyes were so dark a blue they were almost black and his voice was guttural when he spoke.

“We need to move to the bed unless you’re ready to fuck on the floor.”

Patrick nodded and stood but before he could do more than reach for Maggie, Alex had her up in his arms and was already heading to one of the queen size beds in the room. He set her on her feet beside the bed and with quick work removed both her bra and the frayed remains of her panties. When her hands reached for the belt of one of her garters he shooed it away, muttering, “leave them on.” Patrick stood back and started stripping, enjoying watching the byplay between Alex and Maggie.

“Get on the bed and lie back,” Alex ordered her as he picked his duffel up and snatched an unopened box of condoms out of it. “I want your hands up above your head,” he demanded and when she complied he added, “Higher.” He tore the box open scattering condom wrappers everywhere as he haphazardly tossed a few onto the bed before placing one between his lips. He reached down and with one tug popped the buttons on his button fly jeans. His cock bounced out and he caught it in his palm running his hand from balls to tip before shrugging out of his jeans and letting them fall to the floor. He was prepared to take things slow. It would be hard after the long dry spell he’d had, but he could try. That was his intention, but all that went out the window when he heard her moan and looked up in time to see her eyes transfixed on his cock. And when her pink tongue flicked out and wet her lips his cock pulsed and bobbed and the only question left was whether he would get the condom on in time.

Pat moaned and Alex glanced over to see his best friend totally naked, his cock being worked by the slow glide of a hand. He looked like he was ready to combust from the lust rushing through his veins and Alex understood perfectly. He glanced back to where Maggie was writhing with anticipation on the bed.

“Feeling hungry, baby?” he murmured as he continued stroking his rock hard cock.

Maggie’s eyes flew between Patrick’s thick cock and Alex’s longer length. She wanted them and she didn’t care where. She was her father’s daughter in more ways than one. She had dabbled in all kinds of sexual games and fantasies, some of which she was sure even her father would blanch at. Fact was that Maggie loved sex, loved the rock hard shaft that could deliver pleasure better than any toy on the market. In her pussy, her ass or down the back of her throat. She’d take it all and demand more. Hell yeah she was hungry.

“Yes,” she nodded locking her eyes over on Patrick’s cock. Yeah, she wanted that thick width stretching her mouth wide, wanted to feel it all along her tongue, nip it with her teeth. She lifted her eyes to his and asked as seductively as she could, “Want to feed me?”

Patrick groaned and once again it was Alex who gave the orders. “Get up on your hands and knees baby. Face toward the end of the bed. Hips right over here by me.” He watched with hooded eyes as she complied and he couldn’t help but think of how perfect she was for him. She was great with obeying his orders and not questioning. She’d let him fulfil his need to dominate and be the perfect foil for his dark side. Fuck! He wanted her so bad that he could spend the entire week locked in this room. Oh yeah, and he would take her every way imaginable and then some. He couldn’t wait to bury his dick so deep inside her pussy that she could feel it in her womb. And he wanted that ass as well. Hell the more he looked at the flair of her hips, the perfect curve of her buttocks, the hungrier he got. She was made to be mounted this way, she was perfection on her hands and knees. He didn’t even have to tell her to arch her back the way he liked. She was already doing it. He stood there for a moment just admiring the view, letting the anticipation build for both of them.

Patrick had other plans. He immediately headed closer to the bed, closer to the tongue slicked lips of the goddess on the bed. Damn his dick was dancing with the need to feel her tongue and teeth. As he approached she re-wet her lips, the slow glide of her pink tongue a torture all its own. He wanted to fuck her just as badly as Alex, but he wanted to feel that mouth all over his cock right now more than anything else.

He stopped before her and almost lost it when she leaned forward just enough to swipe her tongue over the head taking the drop of pre-cum with her. Her moan of pleasure at his taste was almost as loud as his was. He moved in closer and pressed the full head of his cock against her lips seeking entrance. But she surprised him by moving to the side and nuzzling it along her cheek while her lips spread kisses over his groin. Her tongue flicked out and stroked over his balls until they were so tight with need he wouldn’t be surprised if they burst. She moved underneath and sucked one globe gently into her mouth working it with her tongue until he didn’t know if he would feel her mouth before he came all over them both. But she seemed to read his body well and every time orgasm approached she backed off and moved to something else. He was ready to die when a sharp slap filled the air and her head jerked with a cry. He was ready to step back and knock Alex out until he focused on Maggie’s face and saw the flush of desire high on her cheeks, the way her eyes were so dark a green that they almost glowed. Oh, she liked what Alex was doing. She liked it a lot.

“You want this pussy fucked,” Alex said stroking his fingers along the flushed lips of her sex loving the red print left from the slap he’d given her there. She was dripping she was so excited and that jacked up the desire inside him as well. He dipped a finger inside and then two coating them in her juices before pulling out and slapping her flesh with them, right over the little bud that was blooming so beautifully for him. Yeah, he wanted to suck her clit between his lips ‘till she filled his mouth with a fountain of sweet cream.

“Oh, yeah. You want my cock buried up this tight pussy, don’t you baby?” Alex knew the answer even before her cries filled the room.

“Yes! God, yes! Please fuck me. Fuck me so good.” Maggie pushed her hips out more, deepened the arch of her back so her sex was even more exposed to him.

“Want it hard baby?”





“Yes!” She screamed it this time looking over her shoulder at him and pinning him with her fiery green orbs. “Hard, fast and so deep that I can feel you everywhere. Just fuck me. Please, fuck me.”

Alex brought the condom back up to his teeth and ripped the package open, tossing the wrapper to the floor then easily rolled it over his shaft. “I’m going to fuck you baby. And it will be harder, faster and deeper than you’ve ever had it before. I promise you that. But first you’re going to face him and suck that fat dick of his down into your throat and you’re going to keep doing it until he fills your mouth with his satisfaction. That okay with you?” He didn’t always remember to ask that but then Patrick would if he forgot. The southern boy wouldn’t cum anywhere without a woman’s okay. Alex wouldn’t either but he couldn’t remember ever being this worked up over a woman. Hell, some foreign entity seemed to be inside him and it wanted to lose the condom and ride her skin to skin, something he had never done in his life. He never played without a slicker. Rule number one.

BOOK: Maggie's Ménage
13.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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