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“This is for my pleasure Maggie. I’m going to fuck these beautiful lips of yours and you’re going to let me. Aren’t you Maggie?”

She nodded her head frantically afraid that he would take it away if she didn’t, afraid that he would make Patrick stop that slow torture between her thighs. Yes, this was just sex, dirty raunchy, nasty sex. This was just what she wanted.

Patrick took one hand up and used it to move one of her legs up so that they were both over one shoulder and thrust hard inside her. She cried out around Alex’s flesh and glanced at Patrick. He grinned at her and somehow she knew that he had done that to get her attention focussed on him for a bit. Hell, she had it bad if even Patrick knew that she was fixated on Alex. His smile softened and she knew that he must be reading some of the fear and anxiety in her. That slow southern boy charm hid a very sharp mind and she had best start remembering that. Now that he had her attention he increased his rhythm until he was moving like a piston each hard thrust dragging along her sheath and bringing her that much closer to orgasm. She closed her eyes and felt Alex wrap his long fingers in her hair using them to keep her face and mouth at just the angle he wanted them. But Patrick was finally giving her what she needed from him, a hard, deep fucking that helped her push Alex to the outskirts of her mind and had her focusing on her pussy and the pleasure it was receiving. Yes, this was just what she needed, what she wanted. She hummed her pleasure around Alex’s dick and felt him jerk as the vibrations moved along his shaft and down into his balls. She could actually feel the globes tightening against her chin and that made her feel triumphant, like she was pushing him toward the same pleasure she was reaching, like she was stealing his control. So she continued her humming while she undulated under Patrick trying desperately to push her hips up against him to intensify the invasion of his every thrust. This was pleasure, the bone deep kind that left you completely dazed and sated at the end. This was what she needed from them and what she needed to give them before she walked away. And she would walk away, no matter what was beginning between her and Alex. She would never give her father the pleasure of doing what he wanted. And God alone knew that her hatred for that man would far outweigh her love… Oh hell no was she using that word. Her lust for any other man. Yeah, lust. That was all sex was ever about and all that it ever would be about as far as she was concerned. Men were a dime a dozen and there would be plenty of others in her life after she walked away from Alex. And Patrick.

Patrick slammed her back into the present with a stroke hard enough to make her tighten her teeth around Alex which had him crying out as well. Hell, he seemed to like her teeth if the flex of his shaft meant anything. So she nipped again allowing her natural instinct to take over while Patrick became an animal between her thighs. He was moving so fast now, his jaw tightened with the pleasure he was feeling. The drag of his cock burned her flesh and when he reached down and pushed against her clit with his thumb she exploded. Black dots danced at the edges of her vision and she screamed her pleasure. Alex pulled out of her mouth and she was almost ashamed of the teeth marks that showed on his length. But Patrick kept thrusting and each one sent her spiralling further into oblivion. She was on the edge of unconsciousness when she heard the roar and felt the shudder going through Patrick’s body. His hips slammed into hers and held there with only small flexes as his cock thickened and burst inside her. His release triggered another one in her but it was only small waves and didn’t have the intensity of the first one. He stayed there for a moment lost in his own pleasure and then his chocolate brown eyes opened and for just a moment they looked sad.

He eased her legs off of his shoulders and bent down over her until his face was in front of hers. “Thanks Maggie. You’re incredible.” With that he kissed her lightly on the lips, just a touch from his to hers and then he was pulling away, pulling out and leaving the bed. “I’m hitting the shower,” he tossed over his shoulder to Alex and without a single look back he was gone.

“Maybe I should go to?” Maggie said and started to rise from the bed. But Alex was there and easily pushed her back to her back. He was strong but she knew that it was because she really didn’t want to leave. She knew what was coming and she wanted it more than anything.

Then he was there, back between her legs only this time he was above her instead of behind her. This time there would be no hiding the emotions flitting across her face as he took her body and gave it everything that it had been longing for. This time there would be no pretending it was meaningless sex with a stranger although that was exactly what it should be.

Alex thrust into her and she gasped at the feel of him wondering at how great he felt. The second thrust made her eyes flash wide as she realised what the sensation was. Skin on skin. Naked flesh inside naked flesh. He wasn’t wearing a condom and she had never had sex without protection in her life. She wanted to let him keep going, she was on the pill but that would only make it that much harder to walk away when the time came.

“You’re…You’re not wearing anything,” she whispered and heard his harsh expletive split the air. So he hadn’t realised it either. She heard the rip of a package and then he was back inside her the condom doing nothing to change the sensations of what he was doing but somehow managing to dull the emotions churning inside her. Her last coherent thought was that she would be okay as long as he didn’t kiss her. Then she locked eyes with him again and as his head lowered toward hers she knew that after this her entire life would be changed. Nothing would ever be the same for her after Alex.

Chapter Four

The only thing Alex knew in that moment was that he had to kiss Maggie. He rarely did that somehow feeling that a kiss was too intimate in his casual sexual affairs. But he needed Maggie’s kiss like he needed food, water, air. And then his lips were on hers and when she gasped against him he slipped his tongue inside the tender lips that had nursed his cock so well just moments before. He touched her teeth and remembered the feel of them nipping and biting at his shaft as he pumped between her plump lips. Then he was caressing her tongue with his and after a slight hesitation, almost as if she was as unused to kissing as he was, she was rubbing along his tongue as well. He held her close refusing to let her mouth go until they were both gasping for breath.

He moved his lips along her jaw and then down the arched column of her throat. He could taste the unique essence of her sweat on her skin, and the smell of their sex filled his nostrils. This was what it meant to make love to a woman. This was what it felt like when there was more than lust involved in the physical act. This was making love and it rocked him to his core. In all his life he had never made love to a woman. He’d had sex with numerous women, some who knew what he did and some who only guessed. It was the James Bond syndrome, or at least that’s what his buddies and he used to refer to it as. When you worked for MI6 you were often surrounded by beautiful women and rarely did they say no. Some of their cases took them to great places and some buried them in places that no man would ever willingly go.

Hell it was a woman that had him playing private eye with his buddy in Texas and no longer a member of MI6. He’d left it all behind when one of his friends and colleagues had been shot and killed on one of their cases. Shot and killed when he should have been with him. Instead Alex had been wrapped between the legs of a woman who was doing her job a lot better than he was. She’d kept him long enough to make him exactly ten minutes late, ten minutes that had cost his buddy his life. When he had arrived his buddy was the only one there and he had been lying in a pool of blood. It was a vision that haunted Alex’s dreams often. He had completed the case and made damn sure that those responsible had gotten just what the deserved. But he had crossed lines during the case and for him, there was no going back. And his superior had known it or at least considered it because he hadn’t been surprised when Alex has tendered his resignation. He would never be completely free of MI6, that was the nature of the agency. But for now he was on his own doing his best to deal with what he had done.

He glanced at the woman beneath him, the sheer beauty of her face, the feel of her warm flesh against his and for the first time in a long time Alex felt alive. And somehow it was all due to this woman. He may have just met her. Hell, he may know absolutely nothing about her but one thing he did know. He would do whatever it took to keep her in his life, in his bed because she was the only woman that had ever managed to find a way into his heart.

He took her lips again and invaded her mouth like a marauder searching for treasure. And she was full of treasure. Her taste, the feel of her hands on his shoulders and stroking up and down his spine, the rake of her nails, the rasp of her nipples, and the clasp of her thighs on his hips was his entire world right now. He was completely enmeshed in this moment, in this woman. And more than anything he didn’t want to let go.

It was more than sex between them this time and he wrapped himself in the moment. The slow glide of his dick deep inside her, so deep that he felt as if they were one person at times. The soft sighs that left her lips almost as if against her will. But mostly it was the warmth that filled him up and overflowed. The beat of his heart seemed to be in synch with hers and, God help him, but he didn’t want this to end, didn’t want them to find their pleasure and find release. He wanted to keep them right here, right now, for as long as possible. He pushed deep and held still enjoying the sheer feel of her capturing and holding him inside. Her gorgeous green eyes flicked open again and he locked on them as he took her mouth again. And when she responded immediately this time she sealed her own fate. That one unguarded moment let him know that she was feeling the same thing that he was.

This time when she tried to encourage him to move faster and harder he knew exactly what she was trying to do. She was trying to make him like every other un-emotional sexual encounter she had ever had. But this time he wasn’t complying. This time he was demanding everything from her and the more she fought it the more he wanted it. In the aftermath he held her close, something he had never done before with any other woman and wasn’t even surprised when he felt the wetness of her tears on his chest.

He glanced up as Patrick left the bathroom fully dressed and nodded as his friend headed to the door and left him alone with Maggie. His buddy knew that there was something more between him and Maggie and being the gentleman he was he left to give them some time alone. Oh, Patrick had enjoyed Maggie and if Alex and Maggie wanted, he was sure that Patrick would join them again. But for now he needed to make Maggie see that there had to be a next time. He had to make her believe that he was more than a casual encounter.

Her tears stopped and Maggie tried to pull away from him. Alex held her tight and refused to let her put physical distance between them when she was already doing a good job of putting emotional distance between them. He placed his fingers beneath her jaw and tilted her face so that he could see it. She refused to meet his eyes but the watery brilliance along with the tear tracks on her cheeks made him bend down to place kisses there. She was beauty in every way. The woman even looked gorgeous when she cried.

“Look at me Maggie,” Alex coaxed and took the shudder that rolled through her body into his as she finally met his eyes. He was shocked by the look in her eyes. She looked so sad and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out why. “What’s wrong baby? What’s bothering you?”

Maggie shook her head, her lips sealed.

“I know that you felt it too Maggie. I know that this was more than just sex for you and I’m not going to let you pretend otherwise.” Her eyes flicked up to his again and he didn’t check the impulse to bend down and take her mouth again. He could taste her tears and they humbled him as nothing else could. “I want to know you Maggie. I want to know everything about you. Your hopes and dreams. Your worries and fears. I want to know that you’re not just a dream. I want you.” He knew that he was revealing things that he shouldn’t but this woman made him give what he never had before.

“I can’t.” Maggie shuddered against him and her chin wobbled as a lone tear made its way down her cheek. “Don’t you see that I can’t let him win? I can’t let him get his way.”

“Who?” Alex demanded and he didn’t care that his voice was rough and hard at the moment. Some other man was causing Maggie’s anxiety and he would take care of that immediately. Maggie was his woman now, whether she realised it yet or not. “Who is going to win? What are you talking about Maggie?”

“He wants me to seduce one of you and marry you. He demanded that I put the company first and do what my duty was.” She looked as if her heart was breaking but she kept his gaze and didn’t look away. “I’ve spent my whole life trying to please him, trying to make him proud. But it was never enough. I was never enough. Because I was a woman. And now I find myself wanting to do this, wanting to be with you. But once again he’s the ghost in the room. And I can’t. I just can’t, Alex.”

“What are you talking about Maggie? Who wants you to seduce one of us and marry us? You’re not making any sense.” Alex was totally lost in this conversation except for the fact that she said that she wanted to marry him. Instead of scaring the hell out of him it made his heart beat faster and opened a place in his heart that he hadn’t been aware was empty.

“My father Alex. The man you met today. The man who ordered me from the room before he spoke with you and Patrick. He wants me to seduce you and marry you so that he can have the man he wants take over his company. And no matter what I think I might be feeling for you, I can’t do what he wants. I can’t.” Maggie was almost crying again and if the shaking of her body was any indication this was taking a lot out of her.

Alex lay there for a moment holding her close while he waded through what she was saying and where he had met her until everything clicked into place. Then he threw his head back and laughed and laughed. He felt Maggie stiffen up next to him and only squeezed her closer when she tried to pull away. This was sheer perfection.

BOOK: Maggie's Ménage
5.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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