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Not Dead & Not For Sale

BOOK: Not Dead & Not For Sale
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Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye

Faith in Time: The Life of Jimmy Scott


Ray Charles:
Brother Ray

Smokey Robinson:
Inside My Life

B.B. King:
Blues All Around Me

Etta James:
Rage to Survive

The Neville Brothers:
The Brothers

Jerry Wexler:
Rhythm & the Blues

Aretha Franklin:
From These Roots

Walter Yetnikoff:
Howling at the Moon

Robert Guillaume:
Guillaume: A Life

Laila Ali:

Gary Sheffield:
Inside Power

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson:
Grace After Midnight

Lang Lang:
Journey of a Thousand Miles

Don Rickles:
Rickles’ Book

Don Rickles:
Rickles’ Letters

Leiber and Stoller:
Hound Dog

Paul Shaffer:
We’ll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives

Grandmaster Flash:
The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash: My Life, My Beats

Tavis Smiley:
What I Know for Sure

Cornel West:
Brother West

Archbishop Carl Bean:
I Was Born This Way

Natalie Cole:
Love Brought Me Back

Janet Jackson:
True You


Search for Happiness

The Man Who Brought the Dodgers
Back to Brooklyn

Blue Notes Under a Green Felt Hat

Barbells and Saxophones

Family Blood

Take It Off! Take It All Off!

Passion Flowers

Sanctified Blues
(cowritten with Mable John)

Stay Out of the Kitchen!
(cowritten with Mable John)

Love Tornado
(cowritten with Mable John)


Messengers: Portraits of African American

Ministers, Evangelists, Gospel Singers,
and Other Messengers of “the Word”

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1. Weiland, Scott, 1967– 2. Rock musicians—United States—Biography. 3. Stone Temple Pilots (Musical group). I. Ritz, David. II. Title. III.
Title: Not dead and not for sale.
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All photographs are courtesy of the author unless noted otherwise.

“Fall To Pieces” © 2004; “For A Brother”; “The Last Fight”; “Mary Mary” © 2007 Chrysalis Music/Ready Set Go Publishing/Dracsorum Music/Pimp Music/DTK Music. By Scott Weiland/Matt Sorum/Duff McKagan/David Kushner/Saul Hudson. All Rights Administered by Chrysalis Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured. All other lyrics by Scott Weiland used by permission, courtesy of the author; Foxy Dead Girl Music; Triple Kauf Noplate; and Bug Music, Inc.


A Tale of Two Fathers
A Tale of Two States
“Trippin as I’m Thinkin’” —from “Crackerman”
Former Movie Star Ronald Reagan is President of The United States
What the Fuck Does “Soi-Disant” Mean? (We really never knew. Fuck art, let’s fart.)
The Tale of the Pork Chop
New Kid in Town
Art School Girl
High as the Sun
Summer of Mary
Summer of Music
“I See the These are Lies to Come” —from “Plush”
Winter of our Discontent
Summer Kiss
Purple Wounds They Ease The Pain
“What’s Real What’s for Sale?” —from “Vasoline”
Breathing is The Hardest Thing—from “Interstate Love Song”
“Confusion Is My Illusion” —from “Unglued”
“I’m a Selfish Piece of Shit —from “Barbarella”
“Wanna Make a Rock Record?”
“The Painted Clown” —from “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down”
“Falling Further with a Flaming Hand” —from “Pruno”
Positive Soul Regeneration
The Devil’s in the Sun
I Was Back There
Wind and Rock
“Journal of Memories, Feeling Lonely Can’t; Breathe” —from “Fall to Pieces”
“I Wanna Know Why You Have to Go”
The Day We Lost Our Lives
The Smoking Gun
Parisian Nightmare
Shoes of a Dark Clown
Cleaning Jimmy Choos with Holy Water

I dedicate this book to my beautiful children, Noah and Lucy


The Earthling Papers

As a baby, I was a dead-ringer for my son, Noah. Here I am, already interested in music and, as you can see, a believer that one should own one’s own albums.

BOOK: Not Dead & Not For Sale
3.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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