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Authors: Marie Coleman

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The Irish Revolution, 1916-1923

The Irish Revolution, 1916—1923

This Seminar Studies volume is a concise study of the Irish revolution of 1916 to 1923, during which Ireland changed from a unified island that was an integral part of the United Kingdom to an island divided into an effectively independent 26-county Free State and a devolved government in Northern Ireland which remained within the UK.

Marie Coleman covers the key events from the Easter Rising to the Irish Civil War and incorporates the most recent historiography on the subject. The book treats key themes such as labour, gender, sectarianism, the nature of revolutionary violence and the social background and motivation of revolutionaries.

Irish Revolution
includes a document section that will introduce students to the principal primary sources relating to the events and themes covered in the text and further reading sections, all of which makes this the ideal introduction to the subject.

Marie Coleman
is a Lecturer in the School of History and Anthropology at the Queen's University of Belfast. She teaches on aspects of Irish history and the Irish revolution at second- and third-year undergraduate level, and is the author of two books,
The Irish Sweep: A History of the Irish Hospitals Sweepstake, 1930–1987
(2009) and
County Longford and the Irish Revolution, 1910–1923

Introduction to the series

History is narrative constructed by historians from traces left by the past. Historical enquiry is often driven by contemporary issues and, in consequence, historical narratives are constantly reconsidered, reconstructed and reshaped. The fact that different historians have different perspectives on issues means that there is also often controversy and no universally agreed version of past events. Seminar Studies was designed to bridge the gap between current research and debate, and the broad, popular general surveys that often date rapidly.

The volumes in the series are written by historians who are not only familiar with the latest research and current debates concerning their topic, but who have themselves contributed to our understanding of the subject. The books are intended to provide the reader with a clear introduction to a major topic in history. They provide both a narrative of events and a critical analysis of contemporary interpretations. They include the kinds of tools generally omitted from specialist monographs: a chronology of events, a glossary of terms and brief biographies of ‘who's who'. They also include bibliographical essays in order to guide students to the literature on various aspects of the subject. Students and teachers alike will find that the selection of documents will stimulate discussion and offer insight into the raw materials used by historians in their attempt to understand the past.

Clive Emsley and Gordon Martel

Series Editors

The Irish Revolution, 1916—1923

Marie Coleman






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Who’s who
List of plates
General reading

The Irish Question, 1870–1916 
Home Rule, 1870–1912 
The Ulster Crisis, 1912–14 
Ireland and the First World War 
Guide to further reading 

The Easter Rising, 1916 
England’s difficulty and Ireland’s opportunity 
Easter Week 
The Proclamation 
Guide to further reading 

The Republican Resurgence, 1917–19 
The 1917 and 1918 by-elections 
The post-Rising Volunteers 
The Irish Convention 
The conscription crisis 
The 1918 general election 
Guide to further reading 

The Political Campaign for Independence, 1919–21 
The first Dáil Éireann 
Foreign policy 
Domestic policy 
Social conflict in revolutionary Ireland 
Guide to further reading 

The Military Campaign for Independence, 1919–21 
The Irish War of Independence 
The social composition and motivation of the IRA 
The geography of war 
Guerrilla warfare and violence 
Gender in the Irish revolution 
Guide to further reading 

Peace and civil war, 1921–3 
British policy in Ireland, 1919–21 
The partition of Ireland, 1920–1 
The truce and the treaty 
The treaty split 
The Irish Civil War, 1922–3 
Epilogue: The consolidation of the two Irelands, 1923–5 
Guide to further reading 
1 The third home rule bill 
2 The Ulster Solemn League and Covenant and the women’s Declaration 
3 John Redmond’s Woodenbridge speech 
4 Fianna Éireann and the Rising 
5 The 1916 Proclamation 
6 The Democratic Programme 
7 John Dillon criticises the British response to the Rising 
8 The extension of conscription to Ireland 
9 Irish Roman Catholic bishops oppose conscription 
10 Extracts from Sinn Féin’s manifesto for the 1918 general election 
11 The constitution of Dáil Éireann 
12 The Declaration of Independence 
13 The Message to the Free Nations of the World 
14 Excerpts from the  
Irish Bulletin
15 Arthur Griffith on national courts of law 
16 Extracts from Kevin O’Shiel’s memoir of the Dáil land courts 
17 The munitions strike, 1920 
18 The Restoration of Order in Ireland Act 
19 Extracts from the diaries of Mark Sturgis 
20 Extracts from  
An tÓglach
on guerrilla warfare
21 Violence against women during the War of Independence 
22 Unionist acceptance of the Government of Ireland Act 
23 The Government of Ireland Act (1920) 
24 The Anglo-Irish Treaty 
25 Extracts from the Dáil Treaty debate 
26 Document No. 2 
27 The Army Emergency Powers Resolution 


  American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic

  Bureau of Military History

  Christian Brothers school

  Criminal Investigation Department

  Dublin Metropolitan Police

  Friends of Irish Freedom

  General Headquarters

  General Post Office

  Irish Citizen Army

  Irish Parliamentary Party

  Irish Republican Army

  Irish Republican Brotherhood

  Irish Transport and General Workers Union

  Irish Volunteer Force

  Local Government Board

  Member of Parliament

  Proportional representation (by single transferable vote)

  Royal Irish Constabulary

  Royal Ulster Constabulary

  Restoration of Order in Ireland Act

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