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The Lost Trucker


Rose Dewallvin

Text Copyright © 2013 Rose



Well, first and foremost I would like to thank the academy! Oh wait wrong speech!

Well, I would really like to thank my Hubs for being the inspiration behind Ryder and for your ability to support me no matter what the situation. I could have never imagined when I was 14 years old and was dating him at the time that I would marry him 16 years later! You’re my best friend and MY soul mate! Love you babe!

Bonnie Hardman.. Girl, how am I ever going to sum up how much you helped with this book, I wouldn’t be here writing you in my book if it wasn’t for a conversation that we had that started with. “Hey! Let’s write a book together!” We brain stormed for about an hour and that is when Ryder & Faith were born. This is just as much your baby as it is mine!

My amazing and wonderful PA; Miss Kate Wilson! I don’t know where I would be without you. Ryder and Faith probably would have never of made it this far! You’re defiantly my personality soul mate and I am so glad you’re my assistant! I don’t think anyone else could handle me like you can ;-)

Annme Spiby… You were the first one to read this book after it fell out of my head. Look at what our baby turned into.
;-) <3

My wonderful and amazing cousin Danielle! You rock my socks at proofreading!!

My amazing team behind the scenes, every single one of you girls that hang out with me in R & F’s Hideout and listens to me babble about things that make no sense. I love you all so very much!! <3

To all my beta readers & ARC readers, the bloggers, the reviewers and all my fans on Facebook! You all have given me the inspiration and courage to take the stories out of my head and put them in writing.

My family who has been so supportive of me on something that I just decided to do because I felt like it and look at me now!

A huge and amazing thank you to Danny who did the cover for TLT!! It still makes me cry when I look at it!

I would also like to thank each and every one of you that has purchased this book! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! <3

And lastly, I would like to just let everyone know that, as long as you put your mind to it and push yourself in everything you try to do that you WILL
be successful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t be better or do better, just brush your shoulders off and be the one to rise above.

Don’t be afraid to dream! Don’t be afraid to set goals! Live it like it’s your last!

Thank you!! <3 Rose D.


    My name is Faith and I am 21 years old; a firecracker redhead with a fierce attitude out of Mobile, Alabama. I grew up on our family farm with my daddy and my two no good brothers; Will was the oldest of us kids and then my brother
is 18 months older than me. Momma passed away when I was young; I have heard stories over the years that she was sick for a long time after
came into the world but she died 6 months after giving birth to me. I recall asking my daddy about it once and he just told me straight he doesn’t want to talk about it. When we were younger the boys told me momma went crazy and killed herself.

I tended to believe that I got my momma’s crazy gene; my mind was always all over the place. I was the prom queen and one of the most popular kids at school and I was
marry my high school sweetheart; Beau. He was the best boyfriend and best friend that I could have asked for.

But my world, as I knew it, stopped one afternoon… I don’t like talking about it neither
then nor now, not ever - it is, however the reason that I had to leave Mobile, if I didn’t I would surely end up like my momma. I needed to find myself without my daddy or my brothers around; I packed a weeks’ worth of clothes in my backpack and tossed in some other items that I couldn’t live without. Last thing I grabbed was a pen and piece of paper…




I can’t do it anymore! This town is going to eat me alive and I feel like I am
end up like momma if I stay. Please, don’t try & find me but know that I will be in touch.

Always Yours-

Faith Anne


The guys always called me by my full name, Faith Anne. I was named after my momma and great grams so the name had some meaning to me. But daddy’s pet name for me was ‘Squirt’. Now that I have the note written I leave it on the kitchen table and I wander around my house one last time, taking all the memories with me that I want to carry:

The smell of stale smoke from daddy’s pipe, and I will never forget the old farmhouse kitchen dresser with my na
me on it, daddy really should have hidden the crayons better. Every now and then a breeze comes through the open window that reminded me of my momma too. This is where I grew up, this will always be my home. This is where I was with Beau the first time. I sighed and picked up my bag, had one last look around and set out on my journey of finding myself, becoming my own person. First I needed to stop at the ATM and get some money to last me for a little while. I think $300 should last me until I get where I am going to, plus the few hundred for a deposit if needed.

No more expectations, no more broken promises and no more broken hearts.

Chapter 1 –

Life’s a bitch sweetie!

2 Months later


   “Are you fucking kidding me? What do you mean I can’t take cash out of my account?” I ask the teller at the bank in Calvert City, Kentucky, with a huge groan following as I study his face. “Well, Miss. Landon. It looks like your account has been frozen; by looking at our records it seems here that a Mr. Jaxon Landon went into our branch in Mobile and froze the account and any access that you had to it.” The teller responds with a look in his eye like he hopes that I am not about to jump over the counter and rip his head off.

“That’s my brother. But how does he have access to my trust fund? I thought that we all had separate accounts.” My parents took out life insurance policies when Will was born. Since daddy was a coal miner they wanted to make sure that
us kids were financially secure in case anything happened to them.

When momma died of some kind of illness we still got the life insurance but it was split up between us three kids. We weren’t supposed to be able to touch it till we turned 18.

  “Well, it looks like your father came in with him and changed the account details making someone else trustee of this account.  I am afraid I can’t give you any more information on this account without breaching confidentiality.  From now on you’re going to need his permission in our system for us to be able to release money to you. I am so sorry for this inconvenience, Miss Landon. I do hope you can enjoy the rest of your day.” The snotty teller tells me.

  What the hell was I going to do now? I couldn’t fight him anymore on this, even though I wanted to tell him that he was wrong, that there was a mistake somehow. But right now my onl
y concern was that I was in a shit hole some people might call a motel, my rent for the week was due tomorrow by noon and to top it all off I only had $100 to my name!

Just fucking great there Faith! What are you going to do for an encore, huh??
  I think to myself as I walk away from the teller behind the desk who says I can’t have MY money.



    I walk out of the bank and down the highway trying to collect my thoughts on what I was going to do next. I have never been without money and right now I am without it or any ideas where to get it. I slip my ear buds into my ears put on some
Awolnation – Sail
and carry on walking down the highway towards the motel.

I start to think about my daddy and brothers. Daddy was a coal miner, all he really cared about was that his house was tidy, his clothes were clean and his kids well behaved. He liked his food on the table every night at 6pm too. Once we hit the age that we could work and do stuff around the farm, we were out there busting our asses.


  “Here Squirt, I’m
show you how to run this backhoe today. It’s a lot of fun but they are also dangerous so you have to be very aware of everything around you. Got it?” Daddy asked me while I was sitting on his lap.

Daddy always smelled like coal and dirt; no matter how much he showered it would never go away. So it became a smell that I learned to love.

“Yeah, daddy.
I got this. Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t run this equipment just as good as Will or

He starts to lightly chuckle and reaches around my body and squeezes me. “And this is why you’re my Squirt and nothing will ever change that.”





  I am instantly pulled out of my daydream when I hear and feel the honk go right through me. Then I hear a squeal, but I am not sure if it was from the truck’s brakes being slammed on, or from me.

I realize then that I haven’t stopped for a crosswalk. I just walked right out in the middle of it. I jump back onto the curb and grab my chest and make sure that my whole body is there. As the truck goes past it lets out the air and hisses.

Holy shit! That could have been bad, really bad.

“Okay Faith, get your shit together!”
I tell myself as I catch my breath. I steady myself and cautiously start my walk again to the motel but this time I just slip my iPod and ear buds back into my purse.

  So I have been in Calvert City for about 2 months and I have really started to like it here. I have been looking for work but this town is pretty smallish and there isn’t much here.  There is a
I think I burnt my bridge with that one
, a small corner shop which is only open when the owner feels like it and a truck stop.

At night its' parkin
g lot always has a lot of girls wandering around in it; almost like a night club but outdoors and the only lights going on and off are of those from the trucks. I see them getting in and out of trucks all the damn time. I’m convinced that they must be hookers. But why would you want to sleep with a truck driver? The ones I have seen in person or on TV have always been overweight, hairy and down-right nasty looking. I get the creeps just thinking about them. Yuck!

I guess I can walk over to the truck stop tomorrow and see if they have any openings for day shift only. I need something quickly to pay the rent and to keep my pride intact by not having to take an ear bashing from my brothers or daddy by calling for help.

I have called my family once to let them know that I am safe and tell them not to worry about me. Jax answered the phone and just hurled abuse at me, pelting me with questions one after the other and not giving me chance to explain or even answer.

I managed to tell him that everything was fine and just repeated pretty much what I had written in my note. He asked if I was pregnant and then fired off a list of other reasons he thought I had left town for.  It was totally a one sided conversation, a bit l
ike with a mother in law.

I shouted no to everything, than faked a
bad signal and ended the call. I switched the phone off so that he had to leave a message that I wouldn’t ever listen to. Of course I didn’t tell them what Beau did, my guys looked up to Beau. We all thought that I was going to marry him.




   “Faith, are you sure that you want to do this? Babe, I can wait. I want you to be ready, to feel ready.  I want this to be perfect for you, for ‘us’. Beau said while he was caressing my cheek while running his hand up the inside of my thigh. I clenched my thighs together as he grew closer to the apex between my legs. It’s not that I am scared to do the deed with Beau, I am just worried. We are sophomores in high
we’ve known each other our whole lives. I used to make Beau mud pies when we were kids for Christ sakes!

My breath is
racy and erratic as I look right into Beau’s eyes; “Beau, I have wanted to do this for a long time but I am just worried that things are going to change between us and I don’t know if I can handle us changing.”

   He caressed my cheek lightly with his thumb “Faith, nothing is going to change besides the fact that you will be mine and only mine. And I will be yours and only yours. I love you so much Faith, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. After we graduate and go to college of course, I would like to marry you.” H
e confessed with a confidence about him that seemed like he had been practicing that speech in his head for days.

I start to giggle a little bit, which makes my breasts jiggle and wobble slightly underneath him. I can feel him turn rock solid against my leg.

He growls and kisses the side of my neck, “
, Faith! Do you realize what your jiggling does to me?”

I lift an eyebrow. “If it has anything to do with your man sword poking me in my thigh then I think I know. And I think that you need to shut the hell up and come make love to me. Because I love you Beau and I would do anything to prove to you how much I do. So, come and take me.”




*Ring, Ring Ring*


  I reach over on the nightstand next to the bed and grab my phone. I must have fallen asleep when I got back to the motel from the bank this afternoon. Looking at my phone and yawning, holy hell I had 10 missed phone calls from the same number. But they wouldn’t leave a message, so it
can’t be that important, and seeing as they had my number why didn’t they just text?

Man, why do I have to be plagued by dreams of Beau like that? Ugh, it was hard enough to think about what he did to me. I’m out here busting my ass to make it because I couldn’t stand to be in the small town with him and the mistake that he made.

   My best friend at the time Peggy Sue; she’s the one that talked me into ever telling Beau that I had feelings for him.

“Faith, sweetie!
You have to tell Beau. If you don’t tell him or make it obvious you want to date him, our time in high school will come
and  go
.  You might miss the opportunity.”  Peggy Sue says one day while we are at the local watering hole for a quick swim and we see Beau with some of the other guys from the football team.

“Hey girls!
How ya doing today?”
Beau says from across the watering hole.

“Fine…We are just….fine… Came to do a….umm
Bit of swimming.” I finally spit out.


  For some reason at the age of 14 I had a really hard time talking to the guy that I was convinced that I would marry someday, I have seen him eat worms before, so why am I so blasted nervous.

Duh, dummy! You love him and want to be with him. I tell myself. 




*Ring, Ring, Ring*


  I jump out of my daydream again and grab my phone and look at my cellphone screen, it’s the number that has been calling me all day.

I answer the phone and hesitate a second before I slowly say "Hello?"

“Hey Squirt!
How ya doin’?” I hear Jax on the other end of the phone. Just the fucker that I wanna talk to!

  “What the fuck
Jax? You have no right to call me ‘Squirt’, it’s not your nickname to use, and where in the hell do you get off thinking you can freeze MY trust fund?!? That’s some bullshit, it’s mine and I want it back.” I half scream into the phone and almost hang up on him because I am just so pissed.

“Well, if you would shut your sassy mouth up for a moment I would tell you why I froze ‘your’ trust fund.” He says with just as much attitude as I gave him. We both take after our momma in that
respect, as I have been told on many an occasion.

And being only 18 months apart we were so much alike anyways but then Jax likes to think that he is mister high and mighty. I’m thinking about saying eat shit, asshole. But I don’t.

“I’m listening.” I say back to him.

“Okay, PRINCESS. Daddy is sick; he has been coughing up a storm but the old man won’t stop working. He thinks that our family is going to fall apart if he stops working or some shit and with you going and all he feels he has done something wrong. But we need the money from the trust funds left from momma to pay for these tests and whatever daddy needs. But the big thing is that we need you to come home Sissy.” I hear the raw emotion in Jax’s voices as he calls me Sissy, it is what he and Will used to call me growing up.

Jax, you froze my account. I have no money to get home with. I am about to lose my place to sleep because of you freezing my account. So I don’t know how you expect me to get home, besides I don’t really want to come home right now anyways.” I say with a matter of fact attitude. I know he said that daddy was sick but if daddy is still working then it’s not like he is going to die tomorrow. I just can’t face my hometown yet. I feel like everyone will point and stare and god only knows what rumors are flying around!

  “God damn it Faith! Life’s a bitch sweetie. I don’t know what to tell
ya, but I think it would be wise if ya came home for a little spell and then you can go back to whatever in the hell you’re doing now. But you need to figure out how to get back here on your own. You left on your own and you can get home on your own.” Jax says just before hanging up abruptly on me.

Well, what a douche waffle.
How dare he hang up on me
! Well now I have his number I am saving it to my phone just in case, of what I don’t know. Jackass, what good were brothers if they didn’t do shit to help me.

BOOK: The Lost Trucker (The Trucker Saga)
12.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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