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The First Book in the Mind
Bending Series




Lynn Tincher





The First Book in the Mind
Bending Series

Copyright © 2013 by Lynn

Third Edition


All rights reserved. No part of this
book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic,
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This is a work of fiction. All of the
characters, names, incidents, organizations, and dialogue in this
novel are either the products of the author’s imagination or are
used fictitiously.


ISBN: 978-1-936593-39-2

ISBN: 978-1-936593-40-8




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Cover Art: John Tincher, Dark Palette
Productions, Copyright – 2013 Lynn Tincher


Story Consultant: Peyton Skelton,
Kilted Pictures


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For Emily, Aaron, Becca and


Without you, this would not
have been possible. I want to make you proud.


I love you all.




I would like to thank Terry, Laura,
Cara, Tammy and Eric for your advice and editing abilities. You’re
belief in me keeps me going. I’d also like to thank Dave Mattingly
from Blackwyrm Fiction for believing in me and publishing the Mind
Bending Series.

A great big, huge thanks goes to
Peyton Skelton for believing in me and this story. Thank you for
your advice and story line development. You’ve made this adventure
brand new.

For all the rest of my friends,
family, and the wonderful people I work with, thank you. I really
appreciate your passing the word along.



Detective Paige Aldridge pulled
into her parking spot at the Louisville Metro Police Station. She
turned off the car, closed her eyes and sighed. As she reached to
gather her things together, her cell phone rang. “Oh Aileen,” she
whispered as she let it ring one more time.

Finally, she pushed the button to
answer. “Hey girlfriend!”

Paige! How are you darlin’? Where
are you right now? Is today the day you’re going back in right?
Seems like it still maybe a little early for you to be back on the
job?” Aileen said without taking a breath.

Paige tried to find the
opportunity to answer. “Yep. I am back to work today. It
been nearly two
months since I was here full time. I need to be back here now. Get
back to something normal.” Paige looks at her fingernails in an
attempt to keep her hands busy

Well I guess you have to go back
sometime. Please take it easy today. Knowing how stubborn you are,
you are probably...”

Paige cut her off, “...going to
reopen Anthony’s case today? Yes, I am! You know as well as I do
that his son didn’t kill him.”

Honey calm down. I am on your
side here. But, your very own boss, the Chief of Police, has closed
the case. I loved your brother-in-law as much as you did, but,
wouldn’t it just be better to move on?”

Do you really think Richie killed
Anthony? The kid was troubled but he loved his family! And I
promised Sarah I would find the real killer! I... I wasn’t there
when she needed me... I know I could have done more!” Paige started
to sob a little as she fought hard to keep it together. She looked
around the outside of the car to be sure no one could see

Aileen tried to calm her down.
“Listen this has been rough on all of us. You have been there. None
of this is your fault. I think you should come over and we can get
you some tea and...”

Aileen thank you but no, I have
to get this started. I am the only one who can see this through. I
know you mean well but I have to go in now. They are expecting me
back on the job today. We will talk soon. I promise

Paige! I think...” Too late.
Paige hung up on her.



Chapter 1


A huge crowd was gathered in the
ballroom at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky. Banners of red,
white and blue were meticulously hung everywhere; on tables,
hanging from the ceiling. Nets full of balloons also hung overhead,
waiting to be dropped.

Detective Paige Aldridge slowly walked
toward the head table where her sister, Sarah, and her teenage
nephew stood. Sarah looked as glamorous as usual while Richie
looked like the suit would set him on fire. His gothic appearance
was completely out of sorts in the blue suit and red tie. Paige
smiled and hugged her sister while reaching for Richie’s hand. He
took it and half smiled. Paige swore he blushed a little. She
secretly wished that Richie had not dyed his hair black. She missed
his red mop.


A Wave 3 Newscaster stood to the side
with the camera man bustling around her, pulling at cords and
fidgeting with his lights.

Paige’s brother-in-law, Senator
Anthony Steckler, walked toward the head table as Sarah and Paige
joined him.

The cameraman finally was situated and
the light flashed on. The newscaster began. “And here's Senator
Steckler, awaiting the final results. His fight against the local
drug scene will probably be what carries him through according to
the exit polls. Beside him is his sister-in-law, Detective Paige
Aldridge. She's the youngest officer to be promoted to Detective in
Louisville history. Her uncanny ability to understand the criminal
mind will no doubt help the Senator's agenda. And to her right is
the wife of Senator Steckler, Sarah. Sarah is a lead surgeon at
University Hospital. Behind her is the Senator's son,


Paige spotted her boyfriend, David, as
he carefully made his way through the back of the room. She
squeezed Sarah’s arm as she left to meet him.

David kissed her cheek as she
approached and whispered in her ear. “Paige, let Jay handle the
stakeout tonight. You need to be here with the family.”

I am here with the
family. But, if my partner needs me I will be there as soon as it’s
over. Who knows, tonight may be the night that the shit hits the

You need more time,
Paige,” he said as he grabbed her hand.

Paige pulled it away. “Time for what?
To feel sorry for myself?” She stared back toward her


The Senator smiled at the crowd as he
turned his back toward them to address Richie.

Don’t make a scene. I
know you don’t want me to be re-elected, but I’m certain I will be.
You have to be on your best behavior.” He said under his breath
while leaning toward Richie.

Richie shuffled his feet then glared
at his father. “Whatever! Maybe you shouldn’t treat me like I’m

I mean it. You can take
your moody self right on home as soon as this is over. Until then,
put a damn smile on your face, will ya?”

You don’t care about me.
It’s all about the
family for the public. Well, I hate to tell you
this, but your family ain’t perfect.”


Suddenly the results are in and the
balloons cascade down into the ballroom. As Paige moved along to
try to get to the head table, her phone rang.

Jay, where are

Her partner was on the other line,
“You know where I am, I need you damn it!”


No, wait until the zombie
apocalypse. Of course now! It’s all coming apart…”

Okay I will be there as
soon as I can.”

Paige hung up and reached the group
just as Sarah also received a call.

Okay, I’ll be there as
soon as I can.” She hung up and put the phone in her

She turned to the family just before
they stepped up to the podium. “There’s an emergency surgery that I
need to get to. However, I have a few moments. They are prepping my
patient now.”

I need to leave as well.
There’s a break in the case.” Paige added.

Anthony nodded to them both as
balloons continue to fall from the ceiling. Before anyone could get
away, photographers force them all to bunch together for a family
photo. With a determined face, Paige made a break for it waving
good bye. As she headed for the door, she almost knocked over a
brunette woman who was watching from the sidelines.

Oh, I’m so sorry.” Paige
said to her.

The woman turned and walked away
without a word.

Sarah graciously excused herself from
the room as Anthony positioned himself behind the podium to give
his acceptance speech.

I’m overwhelmed with
being given the chance to continue the fight against Kentucky’s
growing drug problem…”

Chapter 2


Paige’s car screeched to a halt
outside of a downtown building. She reached into the glove box and
grabbed her gun. Exiting the car, she ran into the building like
she’s been there a hundred times before. She flipped the door open
and sprinted up the stairs. As she got to door number 32, she
paused to catch her breath then opened the door. She let out a
whistle and entered. The room was totally dark.

As she closed the door she heard a
gruff voice, “I am still not your dog!”

Yeah, I know that. My dog
actually listens to me, and I don’t want to get shot… What the hell
is happening now?”

Her partner of two years, Jay
Vittidini, smiled while looking through binoculars at a room across
the street. “Yeah you might have actually been on time for once… By
the way did he win?”

Yes he did. The results
came in then I bolted.”

Good that solves two
problems. Now you can get back to being a detective full time and
Senator Steckler can help clean up these asshole drug

Paige walked across the room and
stared at Jay as he was in full surveillance mode. He was all set
up in a comfy chair, a tripod with a used, but still impressive
zoom lensed camera on it and some sound equipment as well. Jay
didn’t stop watching through the binoculars.

What’s the sit rep?” she
asked him.

These guys are as good as
locked up. I got plenty on them while you were out on the town.
Rodriguez and Smith are on their way back with arrest warrants. You
should get ready to go arrest some people. The deal went down I
tell ya.”

Jay handed Paige some headphones and
the binoculars. “Here, you listen for a sec. I need to

Thanks for sharing,

Oh I am sorry! Did I
offend you delicate sensibilities?
y most sincere pardon, your
ladyship! I must go off to the powder room!”

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