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Teflon Mafia

BOOK: Teflon Mafia

Chapter One


Domiano Ruse was pacing the floor of his study back and forth, a habit birthed by nervousness and karma. He acquired unfinished business all over town with rivals ever since his father Rodger Ruse passed on. Domiano did great work wiping out each and every competitor, but ultimately he had stepped on the wrong toes. He didn’t have fear in his heart for himself, it was mostly for his family.


He continued pacing the floor, smoking on a His Majesty’s Reserve cigar dipped in Louis XIII Cognac, a smell so strong he was supposed to wear a smoking jacket, but Domiano’s nerves were on edge he didn’t bother putting it on. He sipped on a Sam Adams Utopia a drink he labeled “Rich Man’s Candy”, and while hitting it straight from the bottle he felt eyes on him. He knew his security was tight and not many knew about his home, but he felt he was being watched.


Domiano never smoked in his house it was forbidden-- so much like a sin because his furniture cost a gwap to be scented with cigar. His daughter Tiffany watched him pace the floor, she was the only child and knew something wasn’t right with her Papi—at an hour like this they would all be in bed. She had wealth at a young age from her father who owned real estate, strip clubs, and brothels; he would tell her whatever is his is hers. Tiffany was his entire world far beyond words he couldn’t show or tell her enough. The Ruse’s had been through three street bosses and they all lived expensive lifestyles one that made doctors and lawyers seem poor.


The Ruse Estate was passed down to the next street boss as if they were presidents who ran their own country. It began as a four bedroom home that expanded today to a one hundred and twenty three room estate, gym, spa and tan room, fifteen car garage, fifty seat theatre, library, sunroom, huge chef style kitchen, conference room and office, two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, smoking lounge and bar and a helipad with a private jet. The family always sported the finest and played the part of wealthy citizens every day.


“Daddy why are you smoking in the house?” Tiffany asked in her sweet voice with eyes of innocence. Domiano knew he couldn’t lie to his daughter. He never lied to her because he always wanted her to know the truth from him than to hear it from somewhere else. Tiffany was his little queen in the making and he would give his life right on the spot for her with no question or pleas.


“Problems with business, Papi is sorry for breaking house rules,” he apologized. “why are you up so late?” He asked putting the cigar out and holding his hands out for his daughter.


“I couldn’t sleep,” she replied looking in her father’s eyes. Tiffany had plenty of sense to know that something was wrong and the problem was speaking volumes that something was not right about her father. She never felt uneasy in her life around her father.


“Well go on to bed Papi will be up to kiss you good night,” he said, and she kissed him and went to her room like he told her to.


Domiano remained in his study, he knew it was his time it was like a sixth sense he could smell his own blood. He had done all he could in his run as boss and it was time to call it what it was—over. His father had taught him a great deal; never quit, just run the race. Domiano had a beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter and that alone weakened him and brought tears to his eyes. No amount of money could buy his family from a grave if they were killed before him, he wouldn’t have the heart to fight back because he would kill himself. When Domiano heard the door open to his study he knew the inevitable would take place he knew his turn had finally come. He only prayed that his wife and daughter’s lives were spared.


The next morning little Tiffany woke up, she instantly felt sick to her stomach and had been profusely sweating in her sleep. She walked to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, her face was pale. Tiffany went into her mother’s room to wake her up so she could nurse her back to health, but upon entering she thought she walked into a nightmare. Her mother laid across the bed eyes wide open and her throat slit from ear to ear. Her feet were cut off, blood leaked like a faucet unto the carpet. It was fresh. Tiffany clutched her stomach and threw up like rain fell from the sky. She felt herself becoming empty as she walked to the stairs passing the elevator up and ran down to her father’s study. When she reached the door her father’s chair was facing the window with his back turned to her- the typical. Scared shitless to find out what state he was in, she called out “Papi”, but no reply.


“Papi,” she called out again, and heard a grunting noise indicating that he was alive. She ran over to him and noticed his face had been slashed open with a sharp object. Tiffany gasped at the sight of her once handsome clean-cut father. She noticed one of his hands was cut off and he was still breathing faintly.


Tiffany screamed and shouted until the housekeeper arrived and seen the gruesome sight where she pulled Tiffany away and called the emergency team and police. When the police arrived they asked Tiffany a bunch of questions that she had no answers to. The police released Tiffany to Veelah the housekeeper since she had been in her life since she was born. Tiffany’s life had changed and after going through what she had been through in just hours-- she would never
be the same.


Chapter Two


15 years later


Tiffany sat in the hotel lobby with her beautiful long legs crossed, meditating about how the ocean water would feel crawling up her legs on an exotic beach. She pretended to smell the fresh water and acted as if she was blocking the sun with a pair of Prada’s. The beach is one place her man Messiah refused to take her and Tiffany’s been some places and back, but not the beach. Money wasn’t an issue if she wanted to buy an island or a beach she simply could. Tiffany opened her eyes after the minute and a half daydream session to notice her target walking inside of the four star hotel. She stood to her feet and walked in his direction giving him a whiff of her latest D&G perfume.


Louis “Luke” Dervin worked as a construction site manager and met Tiffany when she brought their order of uniforms that were dry cleaned by her company. Tiffany is every man’s dream, she possessed beauty, booty, and brains. Luke loved to watch her hips swing from left to right when she walk. He had to shake his head like she should be ashamed at her own physique and wonder how God could bless him with such a big fine brown and round woman. Luke didn’t know he was coming into contact with one of the most skilled and untouchable creatures to ever walk the Earth.


Tiffany led the way down the hall with Luke following like a puppy toward the elevator. Luke put his hand on her lower back and bit his bottom lip while they waited. “I can’t wait to chill with you ma!” he told her.


Tiffany and Luke courted for a month while she was out of town on business making promises to link up once she touchdown. When her flight landed he made sure to have someone pick her up and bring her to the hotel. Tiffany smiled shyly as he peeped the short black dress she wore and damn near drew blood from his lip holding his composure. Once the elevator opened,
the two entered and Tiffany pushed the number three and watched the doors closed. Once they were on their floor Tiffany noticed the ice machine and made a right off the elevator heading to their room.


“Could you get some ice,” she said, rather than ask. Tiffany entered the room and without saying a word Luke hurried off to fetch it. Tiffany cut the air conditioner on high, she hated to be hot and the room was stuffy. She walked over to the window and smiled at the view. It was alright,
but not what she would rather be looking at. The door opened and Luke had ice in a bag she clapped her hands like a kid in a candy store.
She dug in the bag pulling out a few cubes and putting them in her mouth. “I want to see that big old dick you been texting to my phone!” Tiffany stated boldly. Her shy gal routine had been thrown out the window, it was time to get down to the business.


Luke smiled and took off his work pants
and then pulled his shirt off revealing his small pudgy stomach. Tiffany rubbed her fingertips across his chest, pushed him back on the bed, and then helped him remove his boxers. She placed a kiss on his lips and wiped it away with her thumb.


“That’s enough T!” Messiah stated with an aggressive tone. Luke tried to jump up, but Tiffany punched him back down on the bed causing an instant nosebleed.


“What the fuck?” Luke yelled holding his nose. “Denise, who the fuck is this? Why is he calling you T?” Luke continued to ask questions. Messiah used the butt of his chrome 4.5 to smack Luke on side of his head. He didn’t like questions.


“Arggggggh!” Luke screamed.


“Tape his mouth!” Messiah ordered in a calmer tone. Tiffany obliged and tied Luke’s mouth and hands who was already defeated. When they first agreed to knock Luke’s head off Tiffany already said he would be an easy and soft hit. Tiffany pulled her dress up and pulled one of her favorite toys from in between her ass cheeks. It was a sharp pocketknife with TM engraved on it.


“Ya’ boss tell me ya’ like to steal copper wire and sell it not even giving him a dime,” Messiah stated with a smug look on his face. Tiffany sat the knife on the nightstand next to Luke and smiled at him. He tried to say something but the duct tape muffled his cries. Messiah dug in his pocket and threw the syringe to Tiffany. She pumped up the poisonous concoction and jumped on top of Luke. He tried to squirm away from her, but her firm grip was stronger than his. All those extra workouts she’d done weren’t going to waste.


Tiffany jerked his neck to the side and stabbed the syringe into it and immediately he began to have a seizure. She cut the duct tape from around his wrist and strategically cut both his hands off in less than seven minutes. Messiah removed a bleach wipe from Tiffany’s clutch and wiped the door handles down and Tiffany rinsed her hands making sure not to trail blood around. She looked in the mirror into her own eyes where she breathed in and out.
On to the next,
she told herself.


“See you later!” Messiah told her. He planted a big wet kiss on her lips and then left the room.


Tiffany searched Luke’s pants for his phone and then stumped on it crushing it into a few pieces. She gathered the pieces and then put them into her purse. Five minutes later, Tiffany stuffed the sheets and Luke’s hands into her duffle. She then changed out of her seductive wear into some skinny jeans and a tank top. Tiffany pulled out her Polaroid camera and snapped a few pictures of Luke in the bed writing down the date and time they executed the hit. She left the room heading for the stairs and once she got in the ride, she turned the radio on and drove toward the construction site where the CEO would be waiting to pay her.


Tiffany jumped on the highway feeling good about the job that her and her boo had pulled off. She loved the killer life she lived unlike Messiah. He wasn’t into the job as much as Tiffany was and only solely did it for the money. Whereas Tiffany could have stopped this shit at any time being she had money falling out her ass. Messiah didn’t know about the money she had and hell if he did he would probably find out where she was keeping it, kill her ass, and get out the business. So Tiffany just let him think she was into to this shit for the hustle and Messiah kind of knew that because he could see the thrill in her eyes when she killed.


Before Tiffany knew it, she was whipping into the lot of Thomas Construction site. The owner Big Tom was the one that contacted Tiffany. He got their contact from the last person; their previous hit, and hoped they were as clean as they were bragged upon.


Teflon Mafia was the name of Tiffany and Messiah’s company; they were hired killers that only took jobs that paid the reasonable amount for a good reason. They weren’t into knocking off a husband or a wife for committing adultery, they murked thieves, dope pushing competitors, and also other killers all for the lavish life and for Tiffany the thrill.


Tom spotted Tiffany, hell it was hard to miss a stallion like her standing in the middle of a construction site full of sweaty men. All the workers thought Tom was the shit due to this Goddess visiting him at his job. They witnessed several mistresses come and go through Tom’s office to handle dirty business and thought Tiffany was no exception. Little did they know he wasn’t hitting Tiffany and long as they did right by his company they would never find out who she was.

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