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force a laugh. “I know you wouldn't.”

nostrils huff as he jerks me to a stop, turning me to face him. “You don't know
anything about me, little girl.”

lock onto his glare with a fiery one of my own. “You're right, I don't. Yet I'm
standing here naked in your arms. And I'm far from a little girl.” I run my
hands over my plump breasts, tweaking each nipple. His gaze follows my
movements, the coldness in them melting into desire. “So tell me, Marcus, why
do you live alone in a tiny cottage in the middle of the haunted woods? And
more importantly, why are you stalking me?”

get away from people,” he says, his voice wavering between a growl and a moan.
“You're invading my homestead.”

seem to enjoy hunting me like prey.” I let a fingertip graze his tip, finding a
dribble of arousal. My fingers dance in it, and his chest quickens its rise and
fall through each breath.

seem to have a fondness for my woods.” His fists clench and unclench at his

his distraction, I drop my hand and dash for the door. My head jerks as he
grips the back of my long hair, yet momentum causes my legs to continue on and
slide out from under me. I fall against his chest, raking my nails along the
front of his thighs. Growls rumble in his throat and he tightens his grip on my
hair, tugging at the scalp. The pull sends a tingle from my head to my toes.
This game heats my arousal even more and an ache wells inside me.

stare at his handsome face, graced with days-old stubble against his chiseled
jawline. Dark, tousled hair frames his angular features and my fingers long to
run through it, grip it tight like he is mine.

are you going to do to me, Marcus?” I ask between panting breaths.

grips my head tighter, forcing my face inches from his lips. “That all depends.
What do you want me to do to you, Red?”

me home,” I say, but my heart longs for the opposite. I ache for him to ravage
me with his large hands, paw at me and consume every inch of my aroused flesh.

eyes narrow and a wicked grin
over his lips.
“Something tells me
not true.”

shoot him a mock glare and jerk from his grasp. “It is true. Take me home!”

“Not until
Neither you nor I will be
' anywhere tonight in this storm.
to ensure that, you've earned yourself a night in bindings.”
He yanks me
up to a stance and guides me back to the bed, still gripping my head.

can't wait to see what you have in mind.” I force the words to sound less
excited than I feel. It takes everything in me to reel back the smile itching
to curl over my mouth.

pushes me onto the bed and removes a belt from the closet around the corner. My
eyes widen as he slips it over my wrists and locks it in place against the bed
rails. I tug at it, unable to rip myself free.

is ludicrous!” I shout over my thundering heart which beats an exhilarating
rhythm against my ribcage.

or I'll gag you as well. Now get some sleep,” he says, wrapping the towel back
before easing into the chair next to
the bed.

you're just going to leave me here?” No, he can't. My loins ache for release,
drenched in an arousal that all but seeps from my lower lips. I arch my hips,
writhing against the blankets.

folds his arms, watching me. “Is there something you want, Red?”

know what I want,” I growl and glare at him.

to leave. We've been over that part.”
quirks a
brow. “Goodnight.”

wrestle with the ties that bind me and purposely arch my hips toward him. “I
can't sleep like this.”

right.” He reaches back into the closet and pulls out a black scarf. “Here, let
me help.” Wrapping it over my eyes, he feathers his fingertips along my face.
My pulse races at his touch and a shiver claws at my spine. “There. Now you'll
be able to sleep without the light from the fire

That asshole.
I have to have him. Fire burns
within me and I crave his touch. “Marcus,” I grunt.

he asks, coyness lacing his response.

you at least cover me up?” I say through clenched teeth. If only he could see
my eyes beneath the blindfold burning a hole through it.

if I like the view?” His soft words float on the air and a tingle shoots over
my skin.

heart flickers at the thought of him enjoying the view of my body. He wants me
like I want him. But I don't know why.
Maybe because he
risked his life to save me.
Maybe because he's the most handsome man
I've ever seen. Our paths first crossed tonight, and I know nothing of this man
other than that everything inside me burns for him.

fair if I can't see you now, is it?” I reply with an ache in my words.

but, Rose, this is my house.
My rules.”
His chair
creaks as he rises from it. Heat from his body rushes my skin as he nears, and
the blankets tug out from under me. “But I'll be nice, just this once.”

don't want nice,” I say as my legs wrap around his torso and flip him onto the
bed. His face lands on top of my breasts and he sucks one into his mouth. The
hot, wet flesh of his tongue laps at my pebbled nipple as he works it between
his teeth. Desire burns like fire in my veins, and I can only respond in a

a man I want to make me his.


soft body flinches beneath my touch. My heart hammers to a hum, full of shock
and excitement at her turn of play. I can no longer hold back, and my fingers
curl into her hips as they lock around my body. Steeped in arousal, her scent
lures me in, and I crave to dive into her head first. But her powerful thighs
lock me in place, forcing me to make love to her breasts with my mouth.

moans fill my ears as I flick my tongue over her hard nipple. “You like
' hard and rough, don't you?”

don't think you have it in you to play rough, Marcus.” Her words come out
convincing, but her panting gasps between them tell me
already liking
my moves. And she has no idea who she's dealing with. I'm
not so sure she'll like my version of rough.

thrust out of her glorious hips, shove my arms over them and re-clench them
around my waist, gripping her outer thighs. My fingers press into her flesh,
and she stills beneath me. “Are you sure you want to see me rough?”

that mean you'll remove my blindfold?” A laugh follows her words.

tonight,” I whisper, hoping there'll be more nights to follow.

hands shove her legs apart and I'm swallowed by the beauty of her perfect pink
pussy. Cream slicks her in a sensual sheen. She's stunning and it takes all my
resolve not to slam my stone-hard cock right into her. But if I want more
nights with her, I must make her come back. I must make her beg for more.

slap my hand across her mound. The sting of my strike ripples through my
fingers and her hips arch in response. Loud moans echo through the tiny room
followed by short, labored breaths. My fingers drag across her, starting at her
swollen clit and slipping down into the wide open channel where I plunge them
in and out of her bucking hips.

this what you want, Red?” I growl as I work them faster in and out of her with
one hand while the other flicks across her swelling bud.

she whispers in more of a moan than a word.

it like you mean it,” I demand and shove my fingers in further, bumping against
her most sensitive spot.

yes, Marcus. More please,” she gasps, rocking her hips in rhythm with my hands.

slam her hips to the bed and nuzzle my face between her legs. Her juices slick
my lips as I work my tongue along her cleft. My hands grip tight to her ass,
squeezing her flesh between them. The animal part of me roars inside as it
sniffs her delicious scent and my cock throbs against the blankets. I rock my
own hips, aching for release. My tongue laps at her, spreading her sheen over
her swollen hard clit. Shudders rocket through her thighs.

fill my ears, and I know I'm pleasing her. But I want her to scream my name. I
need her to break for me, to beg for me to be the only one to fill her. I press
my tongue against her button and roll over it in slow, tender strokes as I ease
my fingers back into her channel. Her walls clamp down around them and rock
with each thrust.

God, Marcus,” she whimpers as I clench her bud in my teeth and flick the tip of
my tongue over it, quickening the pace of my fingers. “I can't take it.”

breaths pant in and out of her lungs in quick bursts, carrying a guttural groan
each time. I glance up her body, keeping my lips tight on her. Hard nipples
wave at me as her breasts sway across her chest.

lips release my name once more. “Marcus, I beg you, I need you inside me.”

wish comes true and I crawl up her body, dragging my hard cock across her skin.
I unleash her from the bed and she grabs for me. Clutching her by the neck, I
force her back down.

“No, Red, not yet.”
The smile over my lips reaches
my ears as I flip her body over.

gasps send a shudder through me and I work in a fury to get her hands tied
behind her back.

you doing?” she whispers between pants.

you come some more, my beautiful Rose.” I slap her ass with a forceful strike,
and she thrusts forward with a gasp.

eyes train over her backside, drinking in the beauty of her rounded hips and
curvy bottom. Clutching my fingers in her channel, I cover them with more of
her slick arousal. Dragging them upward, I work my fingertips along the insides
of her cheeks, pressing them deeper with each pass. I continue stroking her,
each time steeping my fingers in her thick cream before sliding one into the
tightness of her ass. As I work it further in, I surprise her and slam my cock
deep inside her pussy.

sound rings in my ears I've never heard before, her voice deep like a groan,
yet airy like a gasp. It drives an insane pleasure through my body and I thrust
deeper inside her. Her warm walls surround me, so wet with arousal, and I slide
with such ease that I lose myself. My fingers work her ass in rhythm with the
strides of my cock buried deep inside her.

own thighs struggle to remain upright as my balls slam against her. Our moans
echo each other through the room until my name leaves her lips in a primal

she cries out as her pussy convulses around my cock.

voice and tightening walls send me over the edge, and my seed shoots deep
inside her. With one final thrust I slam into her, releasing my finger from her
ass. Her body collapses beneath me and I fall against her.

work to untie her binding and blindfold, and when free, I cradle her in my
arms. Shudders still claim her as she trembles against me, clinging for dear
life. A ping of fear that I’ve hurt her stabs at my heart. Worry floods my
stomach, and I caress her back in tender strokes to calm her.

I whisper against her ear. “Are you all right?”

nods. Soft red tendrils tickle my bare skin as she burrows further against my
chest. I hold her tight, not sure of my next move as I've never let myself be
with such a creature as her. Years I've kept the animal side of myself hidden,
but tonight she ripped open that wound and pulled out of me what lay buried
deep. I fear I will bleed all my secrets to her just to hear her cry out my
name once more.

must sleep now,” I say, letting my fingers fall through her long locks.

with me, Marcus.” Her lips hum against my chest as she whispers.

you wish, my Rose,” I whisper into her ear, pressing my lips to her head in a
soft kiss.

fingernail drags along my chest. “

you wish to be my Rose?” The words tumble from my lips before I can stop them
and regret punches me in the stomach. I cannot get attached to her, but my body
and soul crave her like air to breathe.

must see to my sister tomorrow.” Her voice warbles as if filled with

swallow hard over the lump in my throat. “You are free to go tomorrow. If you
wish to come back, I leave that up to you.”

about what you want?” She lifts her head and for the first time her green eyes
pool into a glassy sheen, yet none of the liquid falls. Her strength is part of
her beauty. But I have yet to determine who she has to be strong for, this
sister of hers, me, or herself.

tuck a finger under her chin and look deep into her eyes. “I want your safety,
Rose. You are to go home during the day and if you wish to come back, you do so
at dusk.”

BOOK: Unbearable
12.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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